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    Thread: Does this count as a first LD?

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      Does this count as a first LD?

      I woke up and went into sleep paralysis and I just went with it. (DEILD) I saw a couple of faces, things like that but I stuck with it.
      {I entered the dream which to me seemed right after sleep paralysis, almost instant. When I arrived there I met this guy, I can't quite remember his name, but he showed me around this place which was called "The Throne." I believe this was a place for lucid dreamers to first start out at, because he was showing me all around the place, and it was awesome. It reminded me a lot of buildings like at the Renaissance Fair, but bigger. I remember on the left side after walking down a bit was this snack bar with Burger King, and to the right of Burger King was another snack place, but healthier. Before the snack bar I met this kid, he told me you can cut the line by hopping up these wooden crates which were outside about fifty feet straight out from BK, and behind the seats. So I hopped up the crates, and at the top one you can jump down to a crate about 10 feet below you. So I did that and boom I was within the line . I remember looking at the sign looking at something to eat, but the sign was incomplete, i was looking for the calories for the meals but they only had carbs, and only for half of the stuff. So, I didn't eat anything. I remember seeing my friends Marisa and Jimmy from the previous dream. Marisa was eating down at the snack bar with a dream character I met in the dream before this one. Same with my friend Jimmy. I remember there were a lot of people outside sitting down so I didn't have the opportunity to sit down with them a lot. The next place I went to was in this house with the guy showing me around. It was a building with public showers and a toothbrush holder for people. There were at least 5 in there. The guy was singing when brushing his teeth and then asked me how it sounded. Jimmy was also with me. I said it sounded good lol. The gentleman showing me around told me that the next stage I will arrive to is basically the next step. I forget of this name of the place. I tried so hard to remember it but it was just my memory was fading. I remember trying to jump on top of the highest crate outside of the snack shop, raise my hand like superman and fly, but it was actually hard to do. I couldn't do it.}

      Now, I am not sure if I was actually "Lucid" or not, am i am very confused. It is very weird and i have this really confused feeling looking back on it. Does this count as a first LD?

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      I would say it does count as your first ld. I believe you had a low level of lucidity until after you lost it right after jumping the crates.
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      Woohoo, first lucid! I agree with dolphin: worrying about dream calories is a no-no But seriously, congrats!
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      nice its mostly lucid like dolphin said... BUT i suggest try Dreamscaping first (Changing the scenery little by little) Or Dream Stabilizing ie. spinning around in a circle a few times
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