Pre-lucid, I was in a retail store near the check-out counter when I spotted a wooden toy that enthralled me in my youth. It was a wooden propeller on a stick that you could spin in between your palms and then release, whereupon it would fly into the air then gracefully descend. Just before leaving the store, I put it back and did not buy it.

I leave the store in the company of others. We arrive at the crossing light on Old Country Road in my ancestral home town. When the light changes so we can cross, I run into the street. Mid-way across I half-skip, half-jump into the air more out of happiness and youthful exuberance than any other reason. When I do so, I am shocked when I unexpectedly fly into the air! I immediately realize I am dreaming and go 100% lucid. Holy cow! This is a dream! I'm dreaming!

I am thrilled at seeing my old neighborhood from the air! I can see down the block about five houses, just enough to spy my mother standing on the stoop of our home as she is walking down the driveway away from me. My forward motion while flying is quite slow. I feel like I'm moving through jello. I ascend up to a power line and lean back against it, intending to slingshot myself forwards so I can get close enough to hail my mother. This works, but I eventually slow down again to about twice walking speed measured across the ground.

When I am close enough, I yell "Look Ma, I'm flying!!" The first time she does not hear me. The second time I yell, she and several others do hear me and look up, and I'm thrilled that people have actually seen me fly like I'd told them so many times I could.

I am aware that this is all a dream and that my real life body is home in bed. Unfortunately, as I focus on this thought it causes me to wake. Wake time = 4:09am