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      ODD Lucid Dream

      I cant recal a dream in which I didnt know I was dreaming, which seems rather odd in itself I guess. Due to my PTSD and bi polar disorder I sleep intermittently so it seems like Im always remembering my dreams whenever I wake up. Last night was in no way an exception to my list of strange dreams. As with all dreams people have, it didnt have a beginning and I was crouched over a dead body with my wife(im not currently married so it was odd) the woman who was my wife was an african tribes woman of some sort, she was black skinned and holding a spear. She was covered in a dry clay which had some sort of red markings. She was also wearing some sort of clay head mask, I couldnt see her face or eyes. I dont know how I knew she was my wife, I just knew, just like I knew I was dreaming. I kept looking around and knew there were other people looking down at the dead body with me. The woman, my wife, looked at me and said one word, "melEnite" could also have been "melAnite" or "melOnite". i'll explain. After she said that word I woke up, and began searching for the word and came up with two spellings. One, melenite is a honey colored chemical explosive in crystal form. Its also used in the treatment of psoriasis and other serious skin conditions. Earliest I could find of its use was a New Zealand newspaper called Hawkesbay Herald in 1897. MelAnite is a type of garnet and one of the rarest forms in the world. Mali in Africa is just ONE of the places it can be found. MelOnite is one of two things, a metal coating which decreases friction most commonly used on gun barrels, and its also apparently a telluride of nickel. Now, whats odd is I have no memory of EVER knowing any of these things. As for the woman, my wife, her description almost exactly matches that of the Asaro mudmen of papua new guinea off the coast of Australia and I have never been there. I of course have seen documentaries on them and seen pictures. But as for the dream itself Im at a loss.

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      Are you saying this is some kind of postcognitive or retrocognitive dream? If so that's cool. I could say that almost every sensible word that you can think of, even if you don't know it's meaning or that it actually exists, does exist. But then the words and variants of the one you heard don't only exist, they tie into your dream as well. So that's why I'm thinking postcognition or something similar. I could also say that your dream was formulated from the documentaries you watched and perhaps the word you heard could've been said in the documentary and you just didn't consciously pick it up or remember. I'm not shooting you down, I'm just exploring the possiblities. But what I'd really like to know is what do you think it means or is?
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      Thats just it, because of the different spellings of the word "melenite" it could mean anything. The native woman doesnt come from the area of africa where the garnet is mined, from what i gather only people that wear clay like that are from papua new guinea and as i said thousands of miles away. The part of africa it can be found is Mali, a predominately muslim country of roughly 14 million people. Ive never had psoriasis so never had a medication that had melOnite in it, and I dont have a hand gun or rifle so no "melAinte" barrel and I dont have any "melAnite: which is a teluride of nickle. Ive never seen a murdered body, and i dont know if the body was male or female as i couldnt see the face. I also dont know where I was but I knew the EDNTIRE time I was dreaming, I ALWAYS do. Never had a dream in which I didnt know I was dreaming. None of it makes sense, and other than the native had I any concious recollection of. And I even remember things from when I was 5, and Im 45 now. If I knew what she was referring to when she said melenite, it might make sense but thats all i remember from the dream, her, her being my wife, and the dead body and that word. So unless she was referring to the body being shot by a weapon with a melOnite barrel, or being killed by a melEnite bomb I have no clue

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