I just woke up from a lucid dream where I had an interesting experience using dream stabilization.

It started off with me in my bed trying to sleep, I was thinking to myself "if I keep my eyes slightly open it might make me fall asleep quicker" and then I thought to myself "I wonder if I'm asleep already and this is just a dream" sure enough it was and I became lucid.

I decided to start off using verbal commands to ground me in the dream such as "stabilize lucidity" "Increase stability" "Increase vividness", etc. Usually voice commands work but they didn't do anything this time. Although I think I wasn't saying them loud enough, I didn't want to wake any DC's that might interrupt my experience. Before I even got out of bed the dream started to fade, my vision was going black. I remembered from the night before the podcast I watched said something about "making out with the bed" as a dream stabilization technique. Well I didn't exactly make out with the bed just created movement and felt the sheets to get the sensation of touch going. I kept my eyes open and the blackness went away and the dream returned.

I got out of bed and walked around inside the house to explore and then it started fading again. My vision being the first thing to go I quickly started rubbing my hands together and kept my eyes open and the dream returned. My dog suddenly appeared and I gave it a pat, I'm not sure but I think the dream may have faded again and returned after rubbing hands. I decided it was time to explore further and go outside. I saw a good sized window that I could fly out of. I noticed that I wasn't wearing a shirt and thought I might put one on first so I don't get cold. Normally, in a dream I have a rule where if I'm naked or semi-naked I don't bother with clothes because they magically reappear on me later on anyway. It's just a time waster, but I felt like I had the time to do it so I looked for a shirt but the one I picked was too small.

The dream started fading again quite strong this time, I actually had to sit down whilst rubbing my hands to stop it. When I sat down I placed my hand on the floor and felt the cold tiles. They were really cold and felt really nice. I decided to lay down on the tiles with my back feeling the coldness. Then I made myself slide along the tiles on my back almost like flying back and forth across the length of the tiles. It was quite fun and enjoyable. I decided to get up and find another shirt that would fit but when I got to the wardrobe there was a loud noise in real life that woke me up.

I'm quite pleased with this lucid dream because it means my dream stabilizing works and I know what to do for next time if it happens.