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    Thread: Weird Lucid Dream I had a few months ago

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      Weird Lucid Dream I had a few months ago

      I was walking home with a pole attached to my side.I crossed the street and the pole started hitting a bunch of trees. I then thought "There isn't this many trees around my house".I looked ahead of me and saw a path leading into a dark Forest. I was scared and wondered how I got there. So I ran in the opposite direction when a bunch of tree stumps appeared in front of me.I stopped and thought "tree stumps can't appear right in front of me, I must be dreaming. I thought it was a little hard to see in the dark, so I looked up in the sky and saw a solar eclipse. From the ground,I moved the sun from out behind the moon to light up the sky. I then randomly appeared at a fountain filled with lava. I scooped up a handful and it didn't burn me. It felt warm instead. This is honestly my most eventful Lucid dream.
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      thanks LodeRunner! That is a cool one. Moving the sun and scooping up some lava are great ideas. If I get the chance I will try moving the sun or the moon or whatever's up there And if I see lava I'm definitely getting a spoon and eating some!!!
      Here is what I am up to in the dream world!

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