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      Yep, thanks for noticing my 2 year DV anniversary
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      Of course.
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      I am back xD?
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      Haven't a clue.
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      Yup, I remember you. How you doing?
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      Yeah but back when we were going to take over DV was two years ago. You used to be one here every hour on the hour.
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      You think you can show your face here after two years and treat me like that? I am a respected... Oh wait, no I'm not.

      What you doin on ma profile boy.
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      I miss your art
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      Glad to see you active.
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      WOOHOO welcome back
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    Death of a Friend

    by bored2tears on 12-09-2017 at 10:34 AM
    I do not remember how it started, but a few of us had a mission. On this mission included Matthew, Andersson, Josefine, Jack, and myself. We started off in a local park like area, but there were not many trees. Some of the pathways were concrete, while others were dirt paths. The dirt paths were quite muddy, and many of us did not want to ruin our shoes, so we tried to stick to the concrete paths. Andersson ran off somewhere, and Matthew ran ahead of us to scout the area. It already was becoming a bit dark, so me, Jack, and Josefine ran besides each other, with Jack in the center. Jack was the slowest, so we all stayed at his pace. The run took us a lot longer than expected, though, as we had to take many detours to stay on the concrete path.

    We were all of a sudden in some desert like area, with huge sand dunes. I vaguely remember a tour being given to some children, but it was just myself and Matthew at this point. I do not remember having any regard to where the others were. Matthew and I began to scale one of the dunes. It felt like we were getting nowhere, and then all of a sudden, the scene changed.

    I was now in some dark sewer, and I had a sword with me. I was on a walkie talkie with Josefine, although I still did not know where she was. The sewer had a green like tint to it. There was a pipe ahead that I had to crawl through, and I hit this barrier three times. There were these sheets of flesh blocking my path, and when I touched them, they injured me. I had learned that hitting them with my sword makes them temporarily retreat out of sight. I came across a turn in the pipe, with a set up similar to before: some barrier, followed by some fleshy sheets. As I passed that, I came across some fleshy protrusion that was glowing. Hitting it did nothing, but it all of a sudden transformed into this floating plant monster. It used range attacks, but I also somehow had a bow, so I began firing arrows at it until it died. I had to pass one more barrier/sheet combo, which led me to an open area filled with these bats that began to attack me. I quickly crawled back through the area and tried to access my inventory to get a shock trap, but my "controls" weren't working and I ended up losing all of my health.

    I appeared in some prison cell area, and Matthew was there as well. He did not seem to be bothered by this. Jack, Josefine, and Andersson were all nowhere to be seen. This creature, that was about 2 meters tall, and looked like a cross between an orc and Jason Vorhees, talked to us in an oddly seductive way, and told us that we were able to go. I had questioned where everyone else was, and he just laughed. I noticed a door beside him, and I felt a presence behind it, so I opened it. Andersson was there, and so I told the creature that we were taking him back. The orc creature just shrugged, and allowed it. I pulled up a map, which looked like a Terraria map but for some reason was a map for Runescape, and I planned our best route to leave without running into more of these creatures in the forest. It involved walking south along the gate, and then just continuing eastwards until we reached Draynor Village. The scene changed.

    We were in some sort of futuristic sky bar restaurant. A view of some city was down below, and we were all sitting at a table. Some noteable people there were Matthew, Andersson, Dominik, Sue, this guy with a strange haircut, and this black woman. There was no table, and we were all sitting on folding chairs that we had arranged in a way that would make you guess a table was there. Matthew's coworkers were also there, and so he left the table to go and talk to them. I began telling some of the things that I remembered before I went in the sewer. "After the forest, we somehow found ourselves in this desert on the outskirts of it. It did have some people there, though, as it seemed as if they gave tours of the area. Then all of a sudden I was knocked unconscious. I remember having to complete a word search that consisted of 12 words. When I completed that, I was in these sewers."

    I continued. "We wouldn't have escaped without the help of Sue (an Asian DC I had never seen before, nor had she appeared earlier in the dream) and this guy (the guy with the weird hair that I had never seen before)." Then all of a sudden, things began to hit me. It took a while, but I got everyone to be quiet, and then I began to tell a more detailed account of what had happened. "There were 6 of us. Me, Matthew..." I began to cry, but I forced back the tears so I could continue talking. "Jack, Andersson, Sue, and the guy I still don't know the name of." I told them about how Jack had died, and the loss of a friend had really shaken us up. Matthew came back in the room, with some girl from his work, and was confused as to why we were getting emotional. He told us that everyone is going to play this big game, and that they were waiting for us. It seemed as if he had forgotten the events already, and so I told him we will come down in two minutes.

    Andersson finally spoke, and clearly was shaken. He told me he was thankful that the both of us came back to look for him, and that Matthew and I are great friends to him. He gave me a hug, and then someone suggested we do a group hug. I told them that we should have a group hug only including those of us who have went through this experience together. The random guy, Andersson, the black woman, and two other guys joined in a group hug (it seems somehow our party is growing?). Sue was reluctant to join in a group hug, so I told her to just put her hands on the shoulders of the two people closest to her if she was more comfortable than that, and she was.

    The scene changed, and everyone who took part in the group hug all of a sudden appeared in the sewers: the same sewers that I was in before, right before I reached the tunnel filled with the barriers and fleshy sheets. And this time, we were unarmed. All of the memories flooded back to me, and then I woke up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Do as Much as You Can in a LD!

    by bored2tears on 08-05-2011 at 04:18 PM
    Do as Much as You Can! (DEILD)


    I was in my bedroom lying down. For some reason, I knew the dream was ending. I was awake, kept my eyes closed, and visualized the dream scene that I just saw. The dream was still in my bedroom, so I plugged my nose. I was still able to breathe! I knew I was dreaming. I got up from my bed slowly and I walked through my living room. Some blonde girl was on my couch, but I ignored her. I had a goal that I wanted to accomplish for once, and that was to be able to fly. Before I went outside, I said that there will be a trampoline next to my pool. I figured this would help me with gaining height and momentum, which will make flying easier.

    I went outside, and there the trampoline was. I stepped on the trampoline, and I started to jump. This is when I realized how small this trampoline, with red lining, was. I almost couldn't fit on it. Still, I jumped as high as I can and... nothing. I couldn't fly. I wasn't going to give up on this, since I was able to spawn a trampoline. Instead of jumping, I thought to myself, "no gravity". All of a sudden, I was floating/flying! I flew up so high that I was able to see most of the world. It looked pretty cartoony. I flew to the north, where South America was oddly located. I got back onto the land, and I was in some mountains. They looked like the mountains near Bruma in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I think there was a man there, but I am not sure.

    Now that I was able to fly, I wanted to try something I heard some people have trouble with, which is getting to the moon. I shot up into the air like a rocket, and in front of me I saw the moon. I made a space helmet appear on my head, just in case. It was still a long way to get there, and I didn't want to risk flying there just for the dream to end. Instead, I decided to try another skill: teleportation. I imagined that I was on the moon, and I was on some mountains found on the moon. The moon looked really weird, though, as there were a lot of green spots all over it. I decided that I would try to go to another spot on the moon, but instead of thinking of a crater on the moon, I thought of a crater on Jupiter. I started falling down towards Jupiter, so I imagined I was on the moon again. I appeared on Jupiter's moon instead. It actually was just a tiny asteroid that I had to hold on to to stay on it. I had enough of space, so I teleported again.

    This time, I teleported underwater. It was pretty green and murky under the water I was in, and I thought about fighting underwater ninja fish, but then I stopped myself since I thought I read it before on DV. There were these fish with huge jaws that were wearing helmets, though, but they ignored me. I swam to the surface, and there I saw a beautiful waterfall, and there was land nearby. I went on the land and imagined little monsters around me. They appeared, and they had a slug body, but the face of a triceratops. They were green and blue, but they were also really cute, so I did not kill them. After that, I went up a step and decided I will make something more creative. I created a new pokemon, and it looked really cool. It was like a Pokey from Mario, except there were all of these crazy shapes, Pokey faces, and a cat head at the top. It was sort of like a totem pole. All of the little monsters I spawned earlier surrounded it.

    The dream slipped away from me, as I felt it was. I kept my eyes closed, and imagined the dream again. I was back in the dream, but I was in the mountains that I saw before. I knew I was dreaming right away. I thought I would fly to Australia, since a man told me I should fly the other way this time. I said "no gravity", was high in the air, and started plummeting to my doom. I said "no gravity" once more, and this time, I was fine and started floating up. I went so high that I could see the whole view of earth, just so I can be sure about where Australia was. It was right under North America, oddly. I flew towards Australia and dropped down right in the water next to it. For some reason, Australia was really small. No, it wasn't small. I was really big! The people were the size of ants, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. I walked north, and I came into a cave, where I was normal sized again. People were river rafting in the cave.

    The dream ended.
    lucid , memorable

    Hey, Hey, Cruising with iJ!

    by bored2tears on 07-31-2011 at 02:10 PM
    Hey, Hey, Cruising with iJ! (Non-lucid)


    I was on a cruise, but I don't remember a lot about the beginning of the dream, but I do remember somehow meeting iJustine from Youtube. We talked for a bit, and then I went into her cabin, although she wasn't in there. I looked around, and then I heard a knock on the door. I looked out of the peephole, and a kid that I hate, Steve, was there. He looked really angry, so I didn't open the door. Someone knocked on the door again, and this time it was a really angry girl, but she was with iJustine. The girl left, so I opened the door. iJustine said she told people that I thought I was better then them, but she only did this on her floor, which was the 9th floor. I told her she had to help me get down to my cabin now.

    We went to look for the stairs, but we couldn't find them, so I think we either teleported or took the elevator. We got to my hallway, and there were notes on the doors. There was one on the door next to mine, but I forgot whose room it was. There was one on my door, and one on the door on the other side of my room. I realized we were supposed to put those notes on the doors on the 9th floor. iJustine disappeared, but my cousins, TJ and Lauren, were with me. We thought we were on the 9th floor because of the notes. We knocked on a door to get iJustine back out, when an angry man came from his room across the hall. I finally realized we were on floor 8. The man complained about all of the noise we make knocking on the door. I told him it's not us, and I agreed with him because of all the kids making noise and running around at night. He left angry.

    The rest of my family came out of the rooms, and we all stood in the small hallway. My aunt Lexi all of a sudden cried, and told my aunt Donna that she ruined the whole trip, which caused my aunt Lexi to storm off crying. This caused my cousin TJ to almost cry. My aunt Donna started to laugh, which got me angry. I wanted to cuss her out, but I didn't. I stormed off and went into my cabin. Things started to blur out.

    I appeared outside on the ship, and there was a dance party going on. My dad and sister were dancing with everyone, and my mom was relaxing on a lounge chair. The dream ended.

    2. I was with some girl and we went on a snow tube. It went down my driveway and almost went all the way down my street because of all of the ice.

    Cruises, Music, and Ristar

    by bored2tears on 07-31-2011 at 02:09 PM
    Cruises, Dancing, and Ristar (Non-lucid)


    1. I was on a cruise ship with my mom. Everyone else on the ship was a stranger to me. When the dream started, I assumed we were on the Lido deck, as there were a lot of pools there. The pools were made to look exactly like beaches, though, as the water would gradually get deeper, and there was a lot of sand and beach chairs. I think my mom said she wanted to go swimming, and then two guys approached us. I started talking with one, and then they left. I think he told me about a worker who had a premonition about something.

    I somehow teleported into an elevator, lying on the floor. An employee was in the elevator, and he helped me up. When we got to the bottom floor, a lot of employees were there. They told me to leave, so I did.

    2. I was on another cruise with all of my family that went on a real life cruise with me. It started out with me and all of my cousins on an excursion. We all were on some log thing, and I sat in the front. First we were racing on water, then we were hitting patches of land. I really thought that we were going to crash. Then instead of little patches of land, we were racing on the land. I covered my face so that all of the plants wouldn't scratch up my face. Huge plants were all around us, and all of a sudden, my cousin TJ was in front of me. I ducked still, so nothing would hit me. I appeared in front again, and we were in a cave. Bats were flying everywhere!

    We all got back onto the ship, and we were told that four of us had to learn a dance. Every move in the dance we had to learn was the same, but each person had a different ending. The dancing instructor first took Melissa, my sister, away to teach her the dance. I waited with my cousins Adriana and Jeannine, and we got some ice cream. My sister finally came baack, and the dance instructor was nowhere to be found! My cousin Lauren then started to eat dinner.

    3. I was at my house, and there was a giant dance floor in my living room. Everyone had to pair up, so I paired up with a girl I don't know. Music started, so we began to dance the tango, just as everyone else was, but we added in some of our own moves. The first song was done, but I saw my friend Kailey leave with her family. I passed by the bathroom, and some old, fat woman was in there, talking about who knows what. I went outside and saw that they were taking a family picture, with the old, fat woman! All of a sudden, my aunt Michelle, uncle Matt, and little cousin Michael arrived at my house.

    4. I was in the room that I had on my cruise with two strangers. This room was also positioned in the living room of my house, as it had a door to the backyard. All of a sudden, some dragon thing appeared, but then it disappeared. They told me to check under the bed, but I was too afraid to do that. I think a cyclops appeared, so I ran outside. Outside, I saw my dog, Champ, and my neighbor's dog, Scooby. They were running around and talking to each other. Some monsters appeared, and I defeated them. They acted like the bosses in Ristar, where they change colors after each hit. I remember there was a giant squid enemy.

    Animal Crossing and a Haunted House

    by bored2tears on 07-27-2011 at 04:05 PM
    Animal Crossing in a Haunted House (Non-lucid)


    1. I was at my grandma's house with my mom, my aunt, my grandma, and I think two other people. All of a sudden, a man knocked on the door, or maybe he appeared in the house. Anyway, he told us that he was going to take us on a haunted house tour. The tour would involve us going into two bedrooms of the house, and then we all will sit together in the living room in the dark, with video cameras rolling. I guess we all thought it was going to be fun, so we all got into a taxi cab and went to the house.

    The house looked normal, but that's when everything started to look cartoony. Instead of being with my family, I was with some of the characters from "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated". You could tell that the house had a creepy vibe to it. The guy who brought us here told us first we have to go by ourselves to see the haunted bedrooms upstairs. We walked upstairs, and we saw the first room. We went into it, and it was mostly pink. There was a pink queen or king sized bed in there, and there was a picture at the head of the bed.

    This is when the haunting started for us. The picture changed from a picture of four girls to a picture of one girl only. The door, which was wooden, all of a sudden closed itself, and I think the girl appeared. She was very angry, so she started to cause everything to fly around the room, including the picture frame. She disappeared, but the picture kept changing, so we left the room as soon as possible. We ran across the hall to the next room, which was the blue room.

    Somehow, I went downstairs instead of into the blue room. There was a bed downstairs, and Velma's parents were sleeping in it. All of a sudden, a fire ghost appeared. The fire ghost started to chase me. All of a sudden, I appeared in my grandma's house. Everyone was talking about going into the living room in the dark. Some people had sound recorders, some had video cameras. I suggested that I stay in some room, and we use a live webcam to tape what happens in there, but people did not like my idea.

    2. I had the view of only a television screen. I was playing Animal Crossing, but I guess I was starting a new game. This dream version of Animal Crossing was very different, however. If you are starting a new game, you get to play on the title screen, which was a small island with a character and a fishing pole. I thought it would be a good way to make money, if I fished before playing, so I started to go fishing. There were a lot of small fish, but it led me to catching a hammerhead shark and an octopus, which were really rare. Some of the fish were huge.

    Suddenly, my mom came into my room. I didn't want to play Animal Crossing with her there, so I got my DS and went on the internet. I brought my DS into the bathroom, however. I sat on the toilet, and then I saw how dark the room is. I forgot to turn on the first light. I got up to turn it on, and then I realized that I didn't close the door. I quickly closed and locked the door, just so it wouldn't be embarassing. I turned on the shower, and then I sat on the toilet, sideways. It was really weird, but it was comfortable. Then I turned off the shower and the dream ended.

    3. There was something about statues that never change.