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    1. Flying Carpets, Pudding Pools and, Finally, the TotY!

      by , 02-14-2014 at 03:10 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Well, I haven't been here in a while! I pretty much stopped with my whole online DJ, aside from the tasks, but maybe I'll have to change that But for this entry, it's still a TotY one, specifically Aladdin! Off to it, then

      The dream started off in a large, traditional Japanese house, with multiple rooms and corridors, but only one floor. I was in a big dining area with a good size table and about a dozen elderly women kneeling around it drinking something out of mugs, likely tea. I stood in the doorway looking at them and could see outside behind them -- there was a large gap in the wall where sliding doors should've been. It was sunny and summertime, everyone was in light clothing and I think I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt -- the women were dressed in kimonos, but they were thinner and more breathable than more traditional ones.

      I walked past them and into another room where there were some end tables and a couple lamps, but nothing out of the ordinary. I continued to walk around the building, from room to room, just looking around, not really having anything in mind. I came full circle back to the room I was just in, but the women had gone out back and were suddenly having a barbeque. One was cooking hot dogs on a grill, a group were talking, and others were playing Frisbee. It was summer after all. I poked my head outside to see what exactly was going on, but just sort of stared for a little bit, zoning out at these elderly women dressed in kimonos and having a cookout.

      I came out of it and turned away, walking back the other way through the house. I came to a room that has a small swimming pool in it with a small ladder in the corner. There was tile around it amidst the hardwood flooring that normally covered the floor, and luckily I noticed something was amiss.
      I thought to myself, "Am I dreaming?" and plugged my nose to do a RC. I breathed in, and after a second, I could definitely breathe! It was a relief; I had been having a dry spell for a while which was broken recently with a really short, low vividness lucid which wasn't very satisfying. Being able to do a complete reality check with actual substance behind it was liberating. I looked around the room I was in, getting a full sense of what it felt like, and rubbed my hands for some stabilization. The walls were all vertical wood paneling but the ceiling didn't really look like anything; the room just sort of stopped and there was a roof, but no distinct ceiling.

      Either way, I was lucid! So I didn't really care too much. I looked around the room, thinking of all the things to do, when I noticed a lamp in the next room over sitting on one of the end tables. I had remembered the TotY, but couldn't really remember what the specific tasks were. Luckily, the lamp reminded me of the Aladdin one: wish for a magic carpet, then whatever for the other two. I walked over to it, picked it up, and rubbed it. It wasn't what you'd expect a magic lamp to look like, but it was smooth and shiny, so I figured it'd work. Of all things to pop out, a DC from a couple previous dreams I had (my Hindenburg (TotY from 2012) DJ entry described him well) appeared right behind me. "Hey, what's up!? he said, startling me. I turned around and couldn't recognize him at first. Seeing my confused expression he told me, "Don't you remember? I kicked your ass a while back! For the task?"

      Then it hit me, "Ooohhhhhh!... it's you. You didn't kick my ass, you kicked me in the head!" I retorted sarcastically. He had, in fact, kicked me in my head to wake me up. "It's just a saying, geez. You don't have to get so worked up about it," he retorted. "Anyway, you need a carpet, right?" That's true, I did have to take a magic carpet for a spin. "Uh yeah, you got one?" I asked. He nodded his head behind him and, sure enough, there it was. It wasn't magnificent looking at all like it was in the movie. It looked like a standard rug you would put a coffee table on over hardwood. But hey, if it's "magic" then I don't really care what it looked like.

      "Thanks," I said halfheartedly. I walked past him and hopped on the carpet. I floated up above the floor a couple inches, and I turned around to say goodbye to him, but he had disappeared. Figures, he never did stick around for a while. I look back at the room with the pool in it, lean forward, and start flying quickly towards the wall on the other side. I put my arms up in front of me and break through the wall, nearly losing my balance and being blinded by the sun. I hadn't done too much dream control in a while, so I was a bit rusty. I basically rode the carpet like a snowboard, since that's something I was used to in real life.

      I leaned right to turn around and take a look back behind the house to see the women still there, having their cookout. There were some guys there now, and the women were younger, much closer to the age you'd expect to have a random cookout and play Frisbee with. I got a good look at the house and the surrounding area and it was just as big as I had thought it would be. It was completely secluded with forest all around it and a small path leading out to a road a couple hundred yards out. I looked around me -- I was about 100 feet up at this point -- and could see a fairly large mountain in the distance. I circled a house for a bit a decided that this was probably good enough for the task and headed back to wish for two other things. After all, I could fly whenever.

      I dropped straight down through the roof approximately where I thought the room with the lamp in it was. Something about the roof must've been off, because when I went through it I got thrown off the carpet and hit the ground hard. I could feel the dream about to be fading. "No! Not now, dammit!" I thought loudly, and as I tried to spin and save the dream, I unfortunately
      woke up. However! I laid still and kept my eyes closed and tried to jump right back into the dream. I'm continuing this! I won't be defeated by some roof!

      And I was back in the room with the lamp, completely lucid! I did another RC just to be sure, and sure enough I was good . "Welcome back," I heard a voice say. It was him again. "Have a nice trip?" Wow, I didn't know he made bad puns too. "Oh yeah, lovely," I told back. "Can I just have two more wishes?" I wasn't sure if I could still complete the task (Ophelia tells me now that yes, a DEILD is fine) but I wanted to be safe. "Sure! But what're ya gonna wish fer?" He said colloquially. "Give me some ideas!"

      "Why not another task? Or... oo! I know! A Hindenburg blimp!" Wow, he just loves making fun of me, doesn't he . "Well then, Mr. Sarcasm, how about that pool over there becomes filled with chocolate pudding?" I pointed my finger at the pool. Why pudding? I don't know, I couldn't think of anything. Why chocolate? Because chocolate pudding is best pudding. Period. "Uh, sure, whatever," he spoke lazily. I watched intently as a small portion of the pool in the middle began to turn thick and chocolatey. It slowly expanded across the water and down to the bottom, just like supercooled water freezing.

      'Damn, that's a lot of pudding' I thought, and I walked over towards it. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a spoon (sometimes things are just where they need to be in dreams) and bent over. I scooped some up and right as I'm about to taste it I get kicked in by the aforementioned asshole. I fell in face first into the weird, chocolatey concoction, which was not at all like water, but I managed to right myself and breathe. He was standing there laughing, "Just be glad I didn't wake you up again!" He spouted rudely. I just spit some pudding from my mouth angrily
      I just now realize my lucids are often like little sitcoms/cartoons xD) "Well? What's number three going to be!?" He asked triumphantly. I thought about just wishing to be out of this mess and cleaned up, but that wouldn't be entertaining to do, let alone read .

      "How about you let me kick you in the head!" I shouted. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, part of the TotY and a little revenge . "Well..." he pondered, "I suppose I am playing the role of the genie, so I guess I kinda have to." He rubbed his chin while he spoke. "Alright then!" I yelled, jumping out of the pudding pool. No clue how I jumped, but I also didn't have any pudding on me anymore. Yay dreams! He turned his back to me, "Have fun!" He shouted. Right as he finished I sung my right leg around and roundhoused him right in the head, just like he had done to me.
      I blinked and was laying in my bed, awake. GOD. DAMMIT. That asshole got me again. By the end of this task I better beat him. Perhaps it'll be some good motivation!
    2. Pyramid Parkour and the Task of the Year

      by , 01-10-2013 at 06:42 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was driving in a car, I'm not sure what kind, down a large hill on a long, winding road. There were a few cars coming from the other direction and for some reason I thought there wasn't many for this time of day, it must've been rush hour or something. As I came to a bend in the road I looked over the guard rail overlooking a large cliff with a huge city in the valley below. I turned to my sister who was in the passenger seat and said, "We're almost there." We must've been going to whatever city that was. As we turned the corner I noticed temporary dividers in the middle of the road, like they would put down for construction, but nobody was working on the road. There weren't even any vehicles. As we continued down the road I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of police cars, the majority of whom were pulling people over. I wasn't speeding so I thought I was fine.

      I distinctly remember passing a small, deep purple sedan with a cop standing next to the door. He was leaning into the car trying to reach something in the passenger seat. I didn't know what it was or why he was doing it but I continued on driving glad it wasn't me pulled over. Right as I thought this I saw blinking lights in my rear-view mirror; Damn, why me!? I continued around the next curve and pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of his car and had a very large hat on, much like troopers often wear but much bigger. He started walking towards our car and I began to get nervous. When he got to our car he didn't stop, he just kept on walking past us. He went around the next bend and when I looked behind me the cop car was gone. I looked over the edge of the cliff that the road weaved down and could see the officer standing at the bottom looking up at me. He winked.

      For some reason this bumped me into lucidity. I'm not quite sure why but I didn't really question it; I was glad to have ended my dry spell and did a quick clock check for a RC. At first it said 3:17, pretty normal. I looked away and turned back to it. This time it said 9:62. Perfect, this was definitely a dream. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together, not wanting to waste my first LD in a couple weeks. I asked my sister who was still sitting in the passenger seat and had been silent the whole time what I should do. She looked at me and said, "Weren't you asked to do some tasks or something?" Ah-ha! The TotY! The first one that came to mind was the Colosseum one but for whatever reason I decided against it. The next one that popped into my head was Africa, riding the great sphinx and fixing its nose.

      I got back into the car and decided I would try a different way of getting there instead of just teleporting. I pushed a button that just appeared on the console and the car began to hover above the ground. I pulled back on the steering wheel which could now move like the controls of a plane and pushed the gas pedal. Away we went. I flew over the city, going quite fast since I figured we were in America and had to fly over the Atlantic. I looked down and couldn't quite tell what city it was but it was surrounded by desert and mountains beyond that. I figured either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. It only took a few seconds to reach the mountain range and when we crossed it I could see the great pyramids over the other side. I opened the console of the car and found a staples button. Cheesy, I know, but I pressed it and a loud and, for some reason, female voice said, "that was easy."

      I pushed down on the steering wheel and eased on the breaks. We landed about 200 yards from the sphinx and I knew I had to ride it up the pyramids but felt like something else was missing. Of course, the nose! As I looked it over I realized that its nose was completely intact; the whole thing looked like it had been completed just days earlier! What the heck, I was supposed to fix it . I figured since I had to fix it I might as well break it first. I flew up to its face and pulled my arm back, taking a good, solid swing at the nose. The tip fell off but I needed more, granted the whole thing was twice the size of me. I ran my hand along the bridge of the nose and then hovered over it and kicked down. The whole thing slowly slid down the face of the sphinx and it looked just like it did in the history books.

      Now I had to undo what I just did. I was a little annoyed at it but hey, I want to get this done! I floated back to the ground and picked up the nose. Even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around it I was still able to somehow lift it. I flew back up to its face and set the nose in place. I then pushed it into the face and the whole thing fit like a key. Apparently this was indeed some sort of key, for the sphinx immediately began to move. Slowly but surely the whole thing stood up, looked around, and gave a long stretch and yawn. It then proceeded to lick itself, damn cat.

      I hopped on its back and tried to get it to move, granted the thing's back was 25 feet wide, it wasn't a horse. I squeezed my legs like one would to get a horse to move but the sphinx just looked around and then laid back down. What the hell, this was supposed to be fairly straightforward! I thought for a moment while it started to drift off to sleep and then remember seeing cats chasing the little red dots that laser pointers create. I reached into my pocket and, sure enough, there was a laser pointer! I pointed it at the pyramid and could faintly see a little red dot, not nearly enough to get this thing's attention. I figured that, if it were a little bit darker out the light would be easier to see. I looked down at my wrist and found a watch. It said 4:00 P.M. so I pulled out the little time-set thing and changed it to 8:00. As the hands moved forward the sun went down and the moon came up. This was pretty cool, given that I had never really changed the time of day before.

      As the sun went down I could feel the dream begin to fade. Damn, I haven't done this in a while! I quickly rubbed my hands together which stopped the fading and brought back some clarity but I knew that I didn't have much time left. I patted the sphinx on its back, which was still quietly laying there. It began to stir and I pointed the laser pointer at the ground in front of it; it was easy to see now! The sphinx's ears twitched and its head perked up, clearly noticing the little dot. I pointed at the pyramids which were about 400 yards away. The sphinx jumped up and immediately began to bound towards that light. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could just to stay on.

      When it got close to the pyramid, the sphinx jumped, trying to pounce on the light. I quickly moved it up about halfway to the top of the pyramid, but it still ended up hitting the base and knocking some blocks off. C'mon, kitty, don't knock the thing down! It regained its awareness and found the dot again and immediately jumped up, running up the pyramid. This thing was steeper than I thought, it had to be at least a 40 degree angle
      (after googling it, the actual angle is almost 52 degrees). The sphinx stuttered on a few steps as blocks fell out from under it but it continued to climb up the top.

      I pointed the light right at the very peak and, right as we got close to the top, the sphinx jumped again, this time overestimating the height and clearing the entire pyramid. We both fell down for a few hundred feet and when the sphinx finally landed it began to slide down the side of the pyramid. The ride was quite bumpy and I could feel the dream beginning to fade. We reached the bottom just a couple seconds afterwards and I immediately jumped off, rubbing my hands to try and stabilize but to no avail. I decided that, since the dream was pretty much over and I had accomplished what I wanted to do, I would give the sphinx a treat. I waved towards the distance, motioning for something to come towards me. While doing this I envisioned a giant fish coming out of the horizon towards the sphinx. I tried to reward it for its hard work but just as I though I saw the fish come over the horizon
      I woke up in my bed, my arm over my head in the same position I was waving in. The entertainment isn't confined to just the dreams

      One down, six to go. Hopefully the next one won't take three weeks just to get lucid
    3. Possible Shared Dream and the TotY

      by , 02-10-2012 at 07:07 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      (This entry was actually this morning, the last one was from two nights ago but I wasn't able to get on my computer yesterday)

      I was in a classroom of some sort which I couldn't recognize as any I had ever been in before. It did look like one I had seen on t.v. though, but I wasn't sure from where. I was sitting in a desk in the front left corner right by the door and there were about 15 other people in there with me. My history teacher walked in and set his stuff down on the table in front of the class. He looked at me and said, "Do you have your wings?" I didn't know what he was talking about but I instantly got up and ran out of the classroom. I burst through the door and ended up in a narrow corridor which was high above the ground. It didn't have walls or anything, just guard rails. I looked over the edge and could see that I was about 30 feet in the air.

      I ran down this path and at the end there was a small, sqaure room with an opening on the right. I turned and jumped right off the edge which at this point was only about 8 feet. This brief section of the dream turned into a fixed view point from about 20 feet in front of the room which I had just jumped out of and was facing me. I saw myself round the corner and jump off, then continue on off to the right. The dream then returned to a first person point of view and I continued to run through this strange complex. It resembled a plant store, like the gardening section of home depot, with some parts outside and others indoors.

      I ran into the building again and turned right into another hallway but this one was completely enclosed. I ran down the hallway and got to the end which was just a dead end with a small rope. I was on the second floor again somehow. I looked over the edge of the rope and could see a small cliff drop off into a rain forest type landscape. Off in the distance it looked like a hawaiin rain forest which are very mountainous. I turned around and dashed back down the hall. About halfway through I saw an opening on the left and dashed through it. This led me to another outdoor area which was filled with various plants and tables. There was a middle-age women standing there and turned at me saying, "You haven't gotten your wings yet?"

      I still had no clue what she was saying and ran around to one of the tables. I looked on it and saw two metal cups/bowls. They resembled a harmon mute for a trumpet. I grabbed two of them and went over to the end of another table. I took one of them and started to tear it up into little pieces. I spread those pieces on the table and when I put them down they all proceeded to melt. The liquid covered the end of the table and for some reason I felt like I had accomplished what I wanted to. I turned to my left and did the same thing only to a wall which had seperated this side from the other side I had ran through. For some reason I got very suspicious of things and preformed a couple RCs.
      They all passed! I was in another dream .

      I quickly calmed down and rubbed my hands together to stabalize it. There were a ton of kids running in, all about late teens in age, and I recognized a few of them. One of them who I had previously mentioned lucid dreaming to, walked over to me. "Hey burke," She said. I grabbed her shoulders and looked into her eyes, "Liz, calm down, don't get too excited, but we're in a dream right now." Her eyes got really big and she gave me a funny look as if she was saying are you joking. I told her to follow me and we crouched around the tables and gathered with the crowd. We were all surrounding this middle aged women who had a top hat in her hands. "Okay, lets see who won their wings!" She said. It must be some sort of raffle!

      She reached in to pull a piece of paper out and ended up pulling a large card out which was about 10x20 inches. She looked at it and smiled, then turned it around to show us. All it said was "You Won." I felt excited for some reason and just tried to calm down. Then, the TotY popped into my head. I only needed one more: Titanic. I turned to my friend and asked her, "Is it alright if I head out now?" She gave me another funny look and said, "Yeah sure, see ya." I imagined being on the deck of the Titanic right as it was about to hit the iceberg. "Bye," I told her, waving my left hand and snapped my right. In an instant I was on the titanic but in the back of it, not the front where I had wanted .

      I was walking around along the edge of the ship when there was a very loud bang, accompanied by the ship shaking violently. I figured this had to be the iceberg. I ran around to the bow and could see eveyrbody on the deck panicking and running towards the life boats. Just like I had learned in history class the boats were being deployed with only about half occupency. I got to the very tip of the boat where the famous scene from the movie had occured. (You know, "I'm king of the world!") Right as I got to the railing I heard a veyr loud creaking sound like metal being forcefully bent. The nose slowly started to rise up into the air and I looked back. I could see the ship tearing in half just like in the movie.

      I climbed over the railing and got on the very tip of it and planted my feet on the railing which had become the ground. Everybody who was on the ship and didn't make it into a lifeboat was falling into the water. The half of the boat that I was on was slowly making it's way down to the botton of the sea and about a couple feet a second. At this rate it was taking some time for the ship to go down but I remembered I had to "experience" the sinking so I just waited it out. I looked around and could see the various people in the lifeboats and a lot of people clinging to wreckage in the water. After a good 2-3 minutes of slowly sinking the ship was finally about to go completely under.

      I climbed up as high as I could until I was at the very highest point of the ship and the water was coming up faster then I had thought. My feet dipped into the water and wow, it was cold! I jumped up out of the water and just levitated a few feet above the surface but not before the water had gotten up to my waist. Wow, it was seriously cold. I felt bad for those people . I felt very satisfied, knowing that I had completed the TotY and figured I could have my own little celebration. I snapped my fingers and teleported myself to a room with a large bed. I proceeded to have quite some fun with a few pretty ladies (thanks sexy hawt females thread ). I'll leave the details to your imagination.

      I talked to the person in my dream whom I had told was dreaming about what had happened and asked her if she remember any of her dreams. She said yes and I then asked her if any of them involved me. She said she didn't think so but she wasn't sure. It could've been a shared dream but I'm not 100% sure.

      EDIT: I get it now! My "wings" from the non-lucid part were for completeing the TotY

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    4. Hotel Fights, School Killings, and the TotY

      by , 02-10-2012 at 06:33 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was standing in some type of room next to a table holding my new ipod (nano). I was just flicking through it looking at stuff when a large crack suddenly appeared. I tried to slide the page again despite the crack but the glass of the cover just brushed off in a hundred little pieces. Beneath the screen was just a dull gray square

      Dream 2: I also remember a dream in which people were telling me that I have nice teeth

      Dream 3: I was in some sort of hotel room which was very small while half-lucid (aware but not in control) There was a small closet to the right of the door, a large air matress for a bed, and a small desk in the corner with a computer on it. I just sat on the air matress over the cuvers and leaned my back up against the wall. Suddenly, there was a loud commotion outside the door and about a half doezen people burst into my room. I knew some of them but there were 3 I didn't recognize. The few I knew waved at me in a "join us" motion as if they wanted me to help. Then, everybody just burst into a fight.

      I jumped right up just as one of them tackled me. We were fighting without any weapons and unfortunately I couldn't remember much of the details. At one point he had gotten behind me and I snapped my fingers/teleported behind him and kicked him in the back. The next thing I knew we were on the ground and I had a hammer in my hand trying to hit him on the head. He had his back up against the wall and fell down to a sitting position. I slowly moved towards him and he put his hand behind his back, pulling out a machine gun! It looked like a tommy gun but I'm not completely sure. He told me to get back and drop the hammer. I took a few steps back but I refused to let go of the hammer.

      Then, one of my friends lept behind him and tackled him to the ground, knocking the gun out of his hand. I jumped at him, swinging the hammer down right on his face. Right as I was about to hit him I was teleported into my school band room somehow.
      I had no memory of what had happened, I believe I lost lucidity. I was sitting in a seat with a bunch of other kids with me. Then, somebody game in through the back doors with a large metal object, what looked like supports. He set them down right next to the podium and went back outside. He made several more trips and kept bringing in more stuff. After a couple minutes he had everything inside and assembled it.

      When it was finally built it looked like some sort of cannon. The top part started rotating back and forth and the person who had built it was just standing there laughing. Suddenly, the cannon fired and a massive metal ball flew out and hit one of the kids, killing him instantly. Nobody else seemed to notice and just carried on with their individual conversations. The cannon continued to fire and kids were falling left and right. Suddenly,
      I became lucid but I did not have very much control, similar to the first part of the dream but I did have some. For some reason this scene really freaked me out and I tried to wake myself up. I closed my eyes tight and opened them as hard and fast as I could but I was still in the dream. I then tried imagining my self falling back into my bed. I closed my eyes and pushed myself back and could feel myself falling though it was very slow, like sinking into water with some weights.

      After a few seconds of this wierd sensation I had a false awakening into another dream,
      but I wasn't lucid. This time, I was still in the band room and there was still a bunch of people, but there was no cannon. A different person came in through the back doors carrying a large rope and made a couple more trips just like the person before him. He assembled it in only a few seconds and this one ended up being a guilotine! He took out a remote and pressed a button on it. The guilloting, which was really just a large axe hanging from the ceiling, sung back and then sped forward. It hit a person only 2 seats to the right of me and sliced right through his head. His head just sort of peeled open very slowly and it looked like a red glob inside.

      This bumped me into another semi-lucid state and I, for some reason, only wanted to wake up. I shut my eyes as tight as I could and opened them with as much force as I could imagining myself waking up. This time it worked the first time and I woke up, but it was yet another false awakening. It was just like last time onlt this time I didn't lose lucidity and I had complete control now. Another person walked in through the door and I decided to wait and see what this person would do. He pulled out a small note book and wrote a couple words down in it, but I couldn't see it. I got up from my seat and walked towards the back room right where this new person was standing.

      As I walked past him I looked closer at his note book. I realized that he was using the note book from the anime "Death Note" and had written somebody's name in it. I didn't recognize the name and when I looked up at this person he gave me a puzzled look like he didn't know my name. Lucky me . Finally and idea popped into my head for the TotY. I had two left, the Titanic and Sputnik. I decided to save the Titanic for last since I figured that would be an interesting way to finish this. I walked towards one of the back rooms and thought to myself, "When I walk through this door I will be at Sputnik." I opened the door and could see the base of a rocket shit of sorts but it looked a little wierd. I didn't think much of it and just thought it was because it was russian.

      I stepped through the door and walked towards the space shuttle. I could hear a voice off in the distance coming from a loudspeaker talking in what I presume was russian, or at least what my mind though russian sounded like. He said a new word about every second so I figured it was the countdown for launch. I ran up to the shuttle and jumped up as high as I could which was perfect for getting on the sattelite. There was a little outcrop on the shuttle right beneath sputnik itself so I landed on that. I stood on this little ledge until the countdown had stopped and the bottom of the rockets ignited. The shuttle slowly lifted up into the air and it gained more and more speed. Unlike in my last space dream there was no force in this one pulling me down from the acceleration.

      I just stood on this ledge holding on to the sattelite while we flew up into space. After a minute or so the main body of the shuttle had fallen off and it was now just me and sputnik. Suddenly, my feet started to float up off this ledge I was on and I figured I was in space. Sweet, got one down and now there just one left, the Titanic. I looked around and could see the earth right below me, not nearly as small as it was from the moon, but still not that large. I looked up and could see countless stars and various planets and also an asteroid. The asteroid gave me the idea of dive-bombing to the earth into the ocean to finish the last task.

      And took a small step back and rubbed my hands together for a little extra stability. I took one step forward and just leaped off the edge. For some reason, at this moment gravity kicked back in and I started to fall down to the earth. I always wanted to go sky diving so I figured this would be pretty close. I dove straight down, head first, and tried to go as fast as possible. Man this was a hell of a lot of fun! After about 30 seconds my head started to get a little warm. I looked up (or down, in this case) and everything had a reddish tint to it; I figured I must be on fire! I must look awesome doing this . I put my head back down and just tried to go as fast as possible. After only about 10 more seconds I looked up and could see North America. I tried to picture it in the 1910's for the task and looked in the north atlantic where the titanic had hit the iceberg.

      I was probably about 20 miles above the surface now and could easily make out cape cod and long island. I looked just north of there to where I remembered the ship had sunk. It only took about 5 seconds for me to get a mile or two above the ground and I opened myself up trying to slow down. I kept thinking "brake, brake, brake!" to slow myself down. I could see a large ship on the water which I assumed was the titanic. I was slowing down a little bit but not enough. Only a few seconds after I had tried to slow down I smashed into the water going extremely fast. I pretty much did the biggest belly-flop ever. The force was so great that I
      woke up. Damn, I wanted to get two done in one night. I looked over at my clock and could see that it was 5:09, I still had a little over an hour.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember anymore dreams that night
    5. Old Fashioned Televisions, Big Bands, and the TotY

      by , 02-08-2012 at 04:13 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was sitting on my bed in my room and it was dark outside yet light in my room. I got up and walked out the door into the bathroom. I looked at the clock and it said that it was 6:30AM, right on time that I normally wake up. I turned on the shower and brushed my teeth while waiting for the water to heat up. Once it was warm I got in and went through my usual shower, nothing out of the ordinary. I got out of the shower and when I stepped on the ground I slipped and hit my head right on the ground. I had forgotten to put the mat down . My head didn't hurt at all and I got right up as if nothing had happened. I continued on with my morning as usual. I walked down the stairs and it led right into the gym locker room at out school

      I walked outside the locker room into the gym where my classmates were playing this game called jugball. It's a game in which you have to get a tennis ball to your "goalie" on the opposite side of the gym using milk jugs with the bottom cut off (you can't run). Anyway, when I had walked out I grabbed a jug and got right into the action. I casually walked down to the end of the gym and saw two of my friends just standing there, not doing anything. "Hey guys, having fun?" I asked in a casual, sarcastic way. "Tons," they replied, equally as sarcastic. I turned around to look at the other side of the gym where the ball had gone and saw one of the more sports-oriented kids down there getting the ball. I turned around, looked at me and chucked it as hard as he could
      (this part actually happened a few days ago)

      The ball flew at me and I quickly moved my hand over my stomach to stop the ball and actually ended up catching it!
      (This happened too only it just bounced off my hand, I didn't catch it ) For some reason, this made me start to question whether or not I was awake. I looked around more carefully and didn't see anything wrong with the dream. All my friends looked normal and there were no irregularities. I looked down at my hands and noticed nothing was wrong with them, all 10 fingers and no differences. "Hey, Burke, pass it over here!" One of my friends yelled. I tossed it over and proceeded to do a nose-plug RC. To my surprise, It worked! I was lucid! Quite an interesting way to get lucid .

      I hadn't had a lucid in a while so I didn't want to waste this one. I thought of what to do and decided I would do the TotY. The first one that came to mind was the first television broadcast so I imagined a room back in the ealy 1900s and a small T.V. sitting in the corner. I snapped my fingers and I was brought to a small room where everything was in black and white, except me. The room was completely empty, no doors or anything except for one small end table with a modern-day t.v. on it, only it as really small about 6 inches across. I walked over to it (the room was only like 10' by 10') and there was one knob on the side. I turned it towards the part that said "on" and waited for something to happen.

      I stared at the screen and could see a very static-y screen like when you don't have a signal. I waited for about 10 seconds for something to happen and after nothing did, I looked around the t.v. for an answer to my problems. Coming out of the back of the t.v. was a power cord but it only had one prong, similar to an auxiliary cable. I looked around the room again and tried to find an outlet but there was nothing to be seen. I figured I could just summon one so I turned around and thought to myself, "when I turn around, there will be an outlet for this thing right behind it." When I turned around there was indeed an outlet, but it was a modern day, 3-pronged one. This wouldn't work but I figured I might as well try. I stuck the jack into the round hole where the 3rd prong would normall go.

      It fit right in and there a couple sparks but no flames or anything. I looked at the t.v. screen and it was now a faint blue, almost gray, color. I reached behind the t.v. expecting there to be a remote and there was! Man, I'm really getting the hang of summoning stuff . The remote only had a few buttons: power, channel, and menu. I clicked the channel one and saw the screen change to a faint green and a small number appeared in the corner saying "02." It makes sense since the first one would've been one, and this one was two. I continued to flip through the channels but there was nothing broadcasting, only various colors, some brighter than others while a few were so faded they almost were just a shade.

      Around channel 8 when the t.v. had turned to a faint red, almost pink, color I noticed that the room had changed color too, the same color as the screen. I turned it back to 7, which was a deep purple, and the room changed accordingly. Getting a little frustrated I just yelled at the t.v. "Just show me a damn show!" I waited a second and after a brief moment the screen started to flicker. On the screen a group of people started to form with what looked like big blocks of wood in from of them. After another few seconds I saw that is was a band! A stereotypical big band from the 1920s and 1930s. There was about 20 of them in total and on the front of their music stands I saw a circle with some sort of letters around it and a clarinet lilted to the side in the middle.

      The entire broadcast was in black and white and thus the room changed accordingly. The conductor up in from raised his hands and all the musicians raised their instruments. I started to waive his hands and all the players took a big breath. I could tell they were playing some sort of music but, this being the first t.v, there was no sound. What's the point of a concer on t.v. if there's no sound? I was a little disappointed and wanted to hear what they were saying so I decided to try something new. I walked up to the t.v. and kicked it with my left foot. As I had expected, my leg went right through the screen but it didn't break it, my leg actually went through the screen and into the scene that had been filmed. I squeezed the wrest of my body through and ended up in some sort of concert hall with a large dance floor and tables surrounding it.

      Once there I could hear some music and it seemed very familiar. I looked around and could see a lot of people in the room, some dancing, talking, and others just sitting at the tables eating some food. I walked over to one of them and asked what song this was. They responded in a stereotypical New Yorker accent which I found rather humorous saying, "Eh? Oh yeah, thems guys. They's the Glen Miller Band or sometin' with this new fangled doo-hickey called 'jazz.' It's not too bad. I actually like it, personally and it seems like a lot of others do to. So, whad'ya say? You wanna dance or somethin'?" Wow, he had a really heavy accent but it amused me nonetheless. "No, that's not what I asked. What is the name of this song?" I asked him again. "The song? Uh... I ain't got a clue, but that Firo ova there, he knows what new and fancy and whatnot." He pointed to a younger person, probably about 16 with a brown suit and tan fedora on. "Thanks." I told him.

      I walked over to this kid and tapped him on the shoulder. He immediately spun around and tried to hit me in the face! I quickly ducked down to avoid it. "What the hell'd ya do that for!?" I yelled at him. "You're pretty quick." he said, "I don't see many people with moves like that. What's ya name?" He had a slightly less pronounced accent but it was still noticible. "I'm Burke," I told him. "This man over there said that this guy named Firo knew what this song was called. Is that you? Do you know?" I asked him. "Yea, I'm him, and this song here these guys is playin's called 'In the Mood' or somethin'. It's not bad, I like it." He told me. Ah-ha! That's what it was! We had played this in our local jazz bad a couple years ago. It's actually a pretty good song.

      "Now, since I did somethin' for you, you gotta do somethin' for me." He said suddenly. "What's that you want?" I asked him. He smirked and brought his fist back as if he was about to punch something. "Ye see, I'm kinda a jerk, so I just want one thing. I want you... to wake up!" He quickly brought his fist forward and it slammed right into my face. It pushed me back a few feet and I could feel the dream start to fade, but it didn't immediately wake me up. The dream was very unstable though so I quickly rubbed my hands together and focused on my surroundings. The band had changed songs! I dind't recognize this new song but I wasn't really very curious. "Ya quite the sturdy one," He told me, "But I ain't never not woken someone up before when I say I'm gonna!" In an instant,
      I was lying in my bed, eyes open, completely awake. Damn. Did he really wake me up or was it just time for the dream to end?

      Oh well, I got part of the TotY done and had a dream which had quite a few real-life elements in it. A "sport" we played in gym class, music by a band I knew, and a character from an anime I had recently watched (Firo from Baccano!). Not a bad dream
    6. Club Trips and Going Into Space

      by , 01-24-2012 at 04:18 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was on some sort of trip with my school and it was filled with people from our ski club, so I assume it was a ski club trip. We arrived at some sort of field and pulled over on the left side of the road for some reason (in America, mind you). Then, suddenly, my mom pulls up in our car alongside the bus as we're all getting out and tells me I can take it if I want. Not being one to pass up a good offer I accepted. I took the car and drove a short distance through a casual neighborhood with a few friends accompanying me. We got the house, got out of the car and brought our stuff inside. The dream then skipped to an upstairs bedroom with a lot of electronics and stuff sprawled out on the floor. I was sitting on the floor using my laptop when somebody came in and asked me if I wanted to go to the store with them. I agreed, got up and went outside.

      Once there I could see a large group of about a dozen people. We were all going to go together. I decided to take the car but for some reason I drove very slowly and with the window down so I could listen/talk with them. I drove along a back road with everybody else walking in the middle of the road making conversation. Then, we got to a corner with a stop sign. I stopped, looked both ways and saw a car coming from the left. I started to pull out a bit but stopped thinking I wouldn't have any time. Then, realizing that I had just enough, I pulled out as fast as I could. The other car proceeded to turn down the road I had just pulled away from ...

      We got to the store which was just a small convenient store on the corner, similar to a 7-11 or something of the type. Once we got there I got out of the car and everybody else that had been walking along side me had caught up. One of them said, "Hey, smooth move back there. You almodt killed yourself." in a rather sarcastic tone. "Hey, I had plenty of time," I told him. "Oh well, doesn't really matter since you're asleep." He replied. "Wait, what? Are you serious?" I asked him, skeptical at first. "Oh yeah, its like 5:00 AM, go ahead, do a RC." I plugged my nose and tried to breathe in and
      I could! Awesome! A DC made me get lucid!

      "Well what do ya know, you're right! Thanks, man." I told him. "No problem, just don't waste it." He replied. Not wanting to waste it myself I rubbed my hands a little bit and focused on my surroundings. I thought of the TotY and the first one that came to mind was the hubble telescope. Alright, I have to fix it, I think. "To Cape Canavaral (or however its spelt)" I said as I snapped my fingers, picturing the space shuttle launch station. In an instant I was standing in front of a space shuttle and there was some odd looking thing on the tip of it, what I presumed was the telescope. I jumped up to the top and sat down right on the tip. The mirror was a perfect seat

      "Launch it!" I yelled. After a short moment I falt a large shaking and could hear a low rumbling. I looked down and saw fire and smoke coming from beneath the space shuttle. I sat back, relaxed and got ready for a ride. I could feel a slight force pushing me down towards the ground that slowly grew as it flew higher and higher. After about 10 seconds the force got to the point where it was hard for me to move. I leaned back, tried to relax and waited for the shuttle to get into space. After about 25 seconds the force was completely gone and I felt what I think was weightlessness and started to float up a little bit.

      Once we had gotten into space completely and started to orbit I got up and started to look around the telescope. The bottom part of the space shuttle which had contained all the fuel had fallen off by now and it was just the telescope. I couldn't see anything wrong with it and had forgotten which part was broken in reality. I pulled out a walkie-talkie from my back pocket (no idea how it got there) and radioed down to earth, "Hey, uh, guys? Isn't there supposed to be something wrong with this thing?" I asked. Aftera few seconds I got a reply, "Uh, well, by the look of the take-off I would say you're damn right there's something wrong. The mirror is all fucked up!" It said. "Okay, where?" I asked. "Well wouldn't you like to know, you're the one who sat on it and bent it all out of shape you fatass." Hey, I'm not fat

      "Okay, well... how do I fix it?" I asked them. "All you have to do is bend it back! I should look almost flat but a tiny bit concave." The voice said. I looked at the mirrors again and noticed that one of them was bent way out of shape, the opposite way they were supposed to be shaped. I floated over to it and pushed down on the mirror. Forgetting I was in space I just pushed it without anchoring myself to it at all. I ended up just floating back a bit and the telescope didn't move, at least from my perspective. I floated back to the telescope to give it another try. Floating in space was a lot like flying in a dream in general. I just thought of where I wanted to go and I went there.

      This time I put both my hands around the edge of the mirror and used my knees to push the glass. I started off gently, not wanting to break it, and then pushed harder and harder as it refused to move. I had to push extremely hard just to get it to bend. I'm glad we didn't have to break it . I looked over at the other mirror and tried to match its angle. Once I thought I had gotten it right I radioed back down to earth, "There, is that better?" I asked. "One second, we're taking a picture of the moon." They said. After a few seconds I got a reply, "Alright, it looks good. Good job fixing your own mistake." Jeez, they're mean .

      I had figured that, since I had already gotten one of them, why not go for another? I got it the last time so I could this time as well. The first one to come to my mind was the titanic one. I have to survive the sinking, got it. This should be easy. I decided to have a little fun with this one and, instead of teleporting back down to earth, I dove down, head first, like a meteor. I could tell that I had entered earth's atmosphere by the time I was on fire. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just warm, like being in the bright sun. It took about 5 seconds but when I felt like I was getting closer to the surface I looked up, or down in this case, and saw all blue, what I assume was the ocean.

      It came up extremely fast and before I knew it I was underwater. I must've gone down about 200 feet. I suddenly felt very heavy, as if I had weights on myself. No matter what I did I couldn't get up to the surface. I tried snapping my fingers to simply teleport to the surface, but nothing as happening. I tried the same technique I use to fly but this wasn't working either. Freaking out, I closed my eyes and pictured being on the deck of the Titanic. I snapped my fingers and, when I opened my eyes,
      I was awake in my bed, slightly out of breath. Looking back on it I should've stayed in the dream, given that you can never not breathe in a dream, hence the nose plug RC. If I had just relaxed maybe I could've stayed in the dream and done more. Oh well, I still got another one of them done. 7 down, 3 to go.
    7. Mount St. Helens Erupting, Taking Pictures and a False False Awakening?

      by , 01-18-2012 at 03:32 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was upstairs in my house in my parents' room. I was sitting on the bed watching T.V. when I looked over into my sister's room. I notices that she had a friend over, one who I hadn't seen in like 10 years. I got up and walked over and saw that my sister was sitting at her desk and her friend was sitting on the ground, both of them looking at a computer screen. They were looking at some sort of video. I stepped a little closer to my sister and just stood there for a second. Nobody said anything. Then I left and headed into my room.

      I sat down on my bed for a quick second and did a random RC. I plugged my nose and nothing happenes, I couldn't breathe. Disappointed with the result I checked my hands, all 10 fingers, none missing and no extras. Then, since I really wanted it to be a dream I plugged my nose again and tried to breathe in.
      It slightly worked, and I thought I was in some sort of dream but didn't know for sure. I kept plugging my nose, trying to breathe in, and, eventually, it worked great! I was fully lucid

      I immediately thought of the TotY and, once again, couldn't decide on which one to do. I summoned yet another dart board with all the dates on it I hadn't done yet. I summon a dart, closed my eyes and threw it. It landed on the '80s. Awesome, Mt. St. Helens, this should be fun! I walked over to my door, closed it, and thought to myself, "Mt. St. Helens is on the other side of this door," and when I opened it, I was a couple miles from the base of the volcano. I walked over to a log cabin I saw and knocked on the door. A rather "woodsy" looking man, with beard and everything, opened the door. "Yes? Who are you and what are you doing at my cabin?" He asked. He seemed a little irritated but not enough to make someone angry. "I was wondering if you could tell me when that volcano erupts," I told him.

      "What volcano? You mean ol' St. Helens over there? She ain't no volcano, just another pile of dirt and rocks." He told me. "But there has been some low rumblin' goin' on late at night in case you were wondering." Just then, there was a very loud, low rumbling noise. "Alright, thanks. See ya, gotta go!" I quickly flew up to the peak of the mountain and got ready for the eruption. Wanting to make it fun, I summoned a sled, like you would use on snow. I sat down and said, "Whenever you're ready!" At that moment, the entire ground beneath me started to move. I slowly started to slide down when I saw gysers of rock and dust popping up all over the place in front of me.

      I leaned back and forth, left and right avoiding these mini eruptions. I was about halfway down the mountain and suddenly I was pushed up straight into the air, about 50 feet. A hole had opened up right below me! I started falling to the ground when I pulled up on the tip of the sled, trying to make it fly. I leaned back, trying to lift up, and when I was about 10 feet off the ground it finally started to rise. At this point I just made a B-line for the bottom hovering several feet above the ground, still trying to avoid the gysers. It was much easer in the air, slicing through air instead of dirt and rocks. It took me a minute, but I finally made it to the bottom.

      I didn't want to miss the show so I dropped the sled and flew up to about 200 feet and just hovered there, watching the eruption. A huge chunk of the side of the mountain was missing and massive amounts of ash and soot were pouring out of the hole. The cloud was enormous, thousands of feet high, maybe even miles. It stretched well into the clouds. I looked down at the ground behind me and saw a pyrocalstic flow blowing through the forest. It was heading right towards the cabin I had stopped at! Not wanting to let the guy die, I headed down there to try and help. I had actually started to like him . I thought as hard as I could and snapped my fingers. In an instant, the cabin was gone. I hoped it had worked and it was someplace where the eruption wasn't.

      Well, that task was done, and I figured it would be in my best interest to try and do another one. I decided I would to the brownie camera and take a picture, since that one seemed more simple. I snapped my fingers imagining myself in an old house and a camera on an end table. In the blink of an eye, I was in an old house, but there was no camera. I searched for it a little bit and headed into a room next to the one I was in. I saw somebody holding up a camera and one of those bulbs or whatever they used for a flash. I then saw a family standing in front of a white wall. I ran into the family and photo bombed it . I was an ass, but I didn't really care, it was a dream

      The flash happened right as I got into the group, and I was eager to see what the picture looked like. Obviously annoyed, the person whom I assume was the father of the family stepped over to me. "Hey, what the devil do you think you're doing? This is meant to be a nice family photograph. Not many people get these you know!" He seemed really angry. "Hey calm down pops. Would you like me to take another one?" I figured I might as well, since I couldn't remember whether I had to be in one or take one. "Why yes, that would be alright." He replied.

      I got behind the camera where the photographer had been. I asked him to move out of my way so I could take a picture and he reluctantly agreed. "Okay, now how do you work this thing?" I asked him. There was no obvious "picture" button, and I had to cause the flash manually, I believe. "Well, first of all you have to hold this contraption here to created enough light for the photo. You pour the powder in here," he said, as he did it for me, "and then press this button to make it go off. Then, right as you create the flash you hold this button here," he pointed to a large button on the side of the camera, "and count to 10. Once you're done, you pull this lever and the photo comes out here," he said, pointing to a large slot on the front of the camera.

      "Okay, I think I got it," I told him. "Smile!" I told the family. They didn't make any facial expression, and I pressed the button for the flash while also pressing the large button on the camera. I counted in my head, "1, 2, 3..." and when I got to 10 I let go. "Okay, now I pull this lever?" I asked the man. He nodded and I pushed down on the lever. A small piece of paper came out with a faded image on it. "How do I get the picture to look clearer?" I asked the man. "Oh, you have to soak it in a special solution, here, give it to me." I handed it over to him and he placed it in a small pool of an orange liquid. The family whom I had just taken a picture of leaned over my shoulder as I leaned over the photographers, trying to see what he was doing. After about 12 seconds he took the picture out and placed it in a towel.

      He rubbed off all the excess residue and handed me the photo. I looked at it, and could see it clear as day. It looked just like the family, only as clear as a modern digital picture. It was still in black and white, however. "Oh, how lovely," the woman said. I assume she was the mother. "Here," I said, giving it to them. "I hope this makes up for the other one." I told them. "Oh, it certainly does," said the woman. "Hey, if you don't mind could I see the other one?" I asked the photographer. "Sure, let me just wash this one as well," he said, as he took the other piece of paper and placed it in the solution. After a bit he took it out and cleaned it off. "Hmm, that's odd," he said, rather concerned which made me very intrigued. "Can I take a look?" I asked. He handed me the picture and I studied it. I could see the family just fine, and saw that they were surprised, looking at me jumping in front of them, but I wasn't there. I found this extremely strange but, before I could think any more about it,
      I woke up.

      Woo! I got two done in one dream! This is awesome The photo one still makes me think, but hey, I got the task finished and that's all that matters in the end

      Second dream: I was having some sort of sexual encounter, though I can't comepletely recall it. All I remember is feeling as if I was achieving orgasm and ejaculation, but at the same time I woke up. It felt almost exactly as if I had a wet dream, only it had actually happened after I woke up. I slowly got up, not wanting to make any more of a mess than was already there, and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Before I left my room I checked the clock. Only 2:00? I had only been asleep for about 2 1/2 hours. Just as a quick RC I looked away then looked back, still 2:00. Alright, not a FA. I walked into the bathroom and checked my underwear, but it was completely dry. No jizz or anything. I did 2 more RCs, checking my hands and plugging my nose, but they both failed, I was still awake.

      I didn't want to lose any more sleep since I had school in the morning so I went straight back to bed.

      (There were two more fragments but they were just remembering a certain place/a person, no specific information)
    8. Jumping Off the World Trade Center and Some Little Punk Messing With Stuff

      by , 01-15-2012 at 10:35 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Finally, after several days of nothing I finally remembered a couple dreams, and one of them was lucid!

      I was in what looked like a computer lab with several rows of desks/chairs and computers. I was on one all the way in the back only it wasn't a school computer or anything, it was my laptop. Everybody else had the same desktop computer but mine was the same as the one I'm on right now. I didn't really think anything of it and was just staring at my background typing stuff even though nothing was happening on the screen. Then, some kid in front of me turned around and smiled really creepily at me. I just sort of looked at him a little odd witha "what?" look on my face. He just chuckled a bit and turned back around.

      I went back to my computer and noticed that some of the icons were missing. I then tried to get on the internet but nothing was happening, no matter how much I pressed the button. Then, I tried to open up microsoft word but that didn't work either. After a minute or so of trying to get this to a work a little pop up appeared saying something like, "haha, you've got a virus ." I looked up and the kid in front of me was staring at me again with a malicious little grin on his face. "Is this your doing?" I asked him. He just laughed and turned back around.

      The next thing I knew I was standing in the doorway to the same room I was just in, facing all the computers. That kid was right in front of me just smiling again. Then, suddenly, he tried to punch me in the face! I quickly put my hand up and stopped his attack, fist in hand. He then tried to jap me in the stomach with his other hand but I deflected it again with my other forearm. At this point I found things a little fishy. I started to question reality and needed to do a RC but I was stopping this kid from hitting me. I looked around for something to do a RC with and noticed a digital clock in the corner of the computer right in front of me. It said 15:81. I figured this was enough to know I was dreaming, but just to be sure I looked away and then back. It now said 0:02.5. What? Decimals? Okay, it's definitely a dream.

      At this point I realized I still had this kid's fists in my hands. Remembering what he did to my computer I twisted his left arm (the one he tried to hit me with first) until he started to exhibit pain. "What do you say?" I asked him in the same tone parents would when they're annoyed with their child. "Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Please! Stop! That hurts!" I let go and he immediately ran out the door. Suddenly, the dream started to get very unstable and it felt as if an earthquake was happening. I quickly rubbed my hands together and focused on my surrounding, trying to become hyper-aware. The shaking stopped and I proceeded to walk over to where I was sitting and grabbed my laptop. Didn't want to forget this!

      I thought of what to do and remembered the TotY. I couldn't think of any to do, so I walked over to a DC sitting at one of the computers. "Hey, can you check or tell me what some of the TotYs are that I haven't done?" I asked him. "Uh, yeah sure. Dreamviews.com right?" He replied. "Yep, thanks." He typed away on the keyboard and after only about 5 seconds he told me, "Let's see, there's the first picture ever taken, first t.v. broadcast, fix that telescope in space, and base jumping off the world trade center."

      "Awesome, thanks." I told him. I decided I would jump off the twin towers in NY. Haven't jumped from high places in a while so I might as well. I headed to the door of the room and thought to myself, "This door leads to the roof of the twin towers in NY." When I opened the door I was suddenly outside, hundreds of feet in the air on the roof of a building. Hey, it worked! I walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was so breezy that I almost fell off when a gust of wind blew over me. On the bottom I could see a bunch of people crowded around the doors and a big ribbon. This must be that cliche ribbon cutting ceremony they always do. Was there even one for the world trade center? I figured I might as well add a bit more challenge and try to get down before the ribbon was cut, and maybe even do it myself.

      I took a few steps back, gathered my breath, and sprinted right over the edge. I did a few acrobatic flips and such, until I leveled out into a normal sky diving position. The only problem was, I had only gone down a few feet. "C'mon gravity! I'm not gonna make it!" But I just floated there, nothing happening. I started getting a little annoyed and yelled as loud as I could, "Gravity on please!!" After a couple seconds I started falling straight down, like some body should when they jump off of anything. "Thank you!" I yelled. It took me about 15 seconds to reach the halfway point, at which time I heard people screaming down at the ground. I looked down trying to see something with the wind blowing into my eyes like this. I noticed they were all looking and pointing straight up at me! Well, they're going to be in for a treat!

      I dove down, head first, into a full on dive. I waited until I was about 50 feet from the ground and quickly flattened out into a normal sky diving position again. I wanted to make a big crater in the ground since that seems to keep happening in all the fights I've been in recently. After only a split second since I had flattened out I hit the ground going full speed. It didn't hurt at all and felt like one of those big coushions used in movies where somebody jumps out of a building. Once I came to a complete stop I looked up and noticed I was in about a 25 feet deep crater. New personal record! I say everybody lined around the edge looking down at me with disbelief that I was still alive.

      I got up, dusted my self off all nonchalant as if nothing had happened. I jumped up and out of the crater in one big burst. I landed on the ground in the middle of the crowd and just stood there for a few seconds while everybody stared. Then, one of them started clapping, followed by another, and another. After only a short moment it turned into a full on applause as if I had just preformed some amazing trick (which I pretty much did ). I just smiled and walked over to the podium where somebody whom I assume was the mayor was standing, as well as a guy holding those big, oversized scissors. I asked them if I could cut the ribbon. The man with the scissors replied, "Well, the mayor was supposed to do it," while motioning towards the man at the podium. "No, no," he said, "let this guy do it. He did just survive an incredible fall without even a scratch."

      "Thanks!" I told him. I walked over to the guy with the scissors who gave the right to me. Wow, these were really light. They must've only weighed 5 pounds! The crowd gathered around waiting anxiously for me to cut it. I held them up to the ribbon and closed the scissors, which was pretty awkward given how big they were. However, the ribbon didn't cut! The crowd gave a sigh as if they were disappointed, while I took a closer look at this "ribbon." I found out that it was actually some type of steel cable! "Hey, whats the big idea having these scissors try and cut a metal cable?" I asked. "What are you talking about? It's just a paper rib--" The man who had given me them said, but was interrupted when he took a closer look.

      "Oh, nope. You're right, this isn't the ribbon at all. It looks like it's rebarb from the buildings." It was at this moment that I could hear a few snickers and laughs coming from around the corner of the building. "Who's back there?" I demanded. "Nobody!" the voice replied. "Go away!" I walked over to the corner of the building only to find the same kid who had messed with my laptop back in the computer lab. "What the... what the hell are you doing here?" I asked him. "Nothing, go away!" He replied. "Seriously, who do you think you are messing with something as harmless as a ribbon cutting ceremony?" I demanded. I don't get why somebody would sabatoge something as meaningless as this. "Pfft, it was still funny." He said. "Besides, I bet you can't catch me!" He yelled as he sprinted off as fast as he could.

      I snapped my fingers and teleported right in front of him. "Oh really?" I asked him. "I can't catch you?" He turned back, obviously surprised and started running back towards the crowd. I casually walked back following him. I could see him just enough so that I could tell he tripped right over and into the crater. Idiot . I strolled over to the edge where the entire crowd had encircled again. "Wow, how dumb are you?" I asked him. He sat in the bottom of the crater in a ball and just stayed there. I decided he was embarassed enough and I walked back over to the rib--metal wire-- and asked them if they had any sharper scissors. "No, sorry," they replied.

      "Hold on," I said, "I have an idea." I took a step back and swung my hand back and around, karate chopping the wire. My hand sliced right through it as if it were butter. Everybody stood there for a second again, and then cheered... again. "Wow, nice hit!" the mayor said. "Thanks!" I replied. "Now what?" I asked them. "Now, we go inside!" he said. I followed both of them inside and, right as I walked through the doors,
      I woke up. Damnet, everything that used to help me in lucids are now waking me up Oh well, got one more of the TotY done .

      Second dream:

      I remember sitting in my bed and seeing a large figure of words that spelled out something along the lines of FREIDEAY. Friday, maybe? I couldn't tell, but there were lines going through parts of it, so it looked like FR//EI//DE//AY. I had no clue that this meant and just layed down and went back to sleep.
    9. Walking on the Moon and an Interesting conversation

      by , 01-12-2012 at 01:59 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was sitting in my living room watching some T.V. with a girl who I seemed to be rather intimate with. We were sitting next to each other "cuddling" while watching something on T.V. After a couple minutes we headed up stairs for some reason and went into my room. Once inside we stood at the foot of my bed talking with each other. "So... do you want to?" I asked hesitantly. I could tell I was blushing a little bit. She just smiled at me and slightly nodded her head.

      At this point things started to get a little fishy. I walked into the other room for a second and thought to myself, "Wait a minute, that's my ex-girlfriend! We broke up last year!" It was true, I was with my ex with whom I was no longer with. I did a checked my hands real quick and my right hand had 6 fingers while my left hand was missing a pinky.
      My suspicions were correct, I was dreaming! Just to be safe I preformed a nose plug RC and it worked! I could breathe through me nose.

      Immediately the TotY popped into my head but I couldn't think of which one to do. I summoned a dart board with 8 spots for each task that wasn't done. I grabbed a dart from the dresser next to me, closed my eyes and threw it. It had landed on the '60s. Awesome, to the moon! Knowing that I had to beat Neil Armstrong down the ladder I couldn't just teleport to the moon, I had to go up with the space ship and everything. I snapped my fingers while picturing the rocket about to take off in Florida.

      In the blink of an eye I was standing in front of a massive space shuttle. It was even bigger in person! I started to walk over towards it when I heard "T-minus 10, 9..." I knew it was about to take off so I ran as fast as I could towards it. Right as I was about to get on the platform the rockets ignited and massive billow of smoke and fire came over me. It felt just like the last TotY dream. I immediately jumped up as high as I could and was out of the fire. I looked down at the space shuttle and aimed right for the window. I dove down feet first this time and crashed right through it into a small holding tank type room. There were 4 other people in the room with me. Neil, Buzz (Aldrin), the third guy nobody really cared about, and then there was one more. The pilot from my last lucid.

      WTF! I thought I had gotten rid of him! "Long time no see, eh Burke?" He said, sarcastic as always. "Well look who it is. I thought you left after the hindenburg dream." I said back, equally as sarcastic. "Now now, this is no place for fighting. We have a job to do." He sounded just like he did last time. "What do you mean we?" I asked. "Hey, we're one in the same, remember? Now be quiet, the shuttle's about to take off and we have to let these three do their jobs." "Hold on--" But before I could finish my sentence the shuttle lifted off from the ground with immense force, pushing me down to the floor (which was really the wall).

      I couldn't really breathe nor talk due to the force from the take off, but after about 10 seconds we were floating in space. "Wow, that was fast," I said. Normally these things took several minutes just to leave the atmosphere. "We'll be there in only a few minutes," The person whom I assume is Neil said. "Now, in order to see who goes first, I say we draw from a hat." "No, no, no, you'll cheat! You always cheat!" Buzz said. "I vote the new guy holds a number behind his back and we guess it." "Doesn't matter to me," I replied. "That sounds good," The third guy chimed in. This whole time the pilot from my last lucid just sat there, silently, staring out the window.

      "Alright, I'm thinking of a number between 1 and infinity. Neil, you go first." I said. "Umm, zero." He said. "You dumbass, zero isn't between 1 and infinity." Buzz chimed in. "It's my choice and I'll make it however I want." He replied. "Guys calm down, just pick a different number," the third guy said. "Oh, a wise guy, eh?" Neil said. At this point it escalated into a 3 stooges type fight where they kept smacking each other on the back of the head and poking each other's eyes. "Hey guys," the pilot said a little nervously. "Not now, we're in the middle of some--" Neil said, interrupted by a smack from Buzz. "Seriously, you might want to stop." He persisted, but they paid no attention to him. I looked out the window and noticed that the moon was coming up fast. Really fast.

      There were bits and pieces of arguement flying all over the place until finally a huge force knocked us all up against the ceiling. "What the hell was that!?" Neil demanded. "I warned you guys," the pilot said. I looked out the window and noticed we were on the surface of the moon, the shuttle still in one piece. "Me first!" "No, me!" "I called it, move out of my way!" They kept bickering even after crashed. "Hey! Idiots!" The piloted shouted. "You're not going anywhere unless you put your space suits on." After hearing this they all ran as fast as they could to the corner where the suits were kept. However, there were only two. One person was meant to stay back and moniter everything. They started fighting again, arguing over who should go out.

      Getting rather annoyed by this I snapped my fingers and summoned another space suit so they could all go out at once. The pilot then looked at me as if he was expecting something. I had no clue what he was thinking and just stared at him while the other were putting their suits on. *Snap!* "Oh! The TotY! Thanks man, you're the best!" I said. I had to beat Neil down, why would I help them out? I walked over to the door, opened it up and jumped right out. The others, who had just finished putting their space suits on, saw me get out and all sprinted towards the door to be the 2nd man out. If they weren't first, they sure as hell weren't going to be last.

      Once I stepped out I looked over my shoulder and saw the earth rotating slowly, just like in the pictures. The three astronauts got out and, once they finally shut up, looked up and around in amazement. "Wow... it's... beautiful..." One of them said. "Yep, quite the sight, isn't it?" I replied. "Hey buddy, how come you don't have a suit on, yet you're just fine out here?" One oft hem asked me. "Oh, umm. Well, you see..." I stuttered, trying not to tell them I was a dreamer for some reason. "Wait I know why. It's 'cause you're one of those alien thing-a-ma-jigs I've heard about!"

      Wait, what? He thought I was an alien? The pilot at this point burst out laughing, obviously humoured by the comment. "What's so funny?" I looked over at him. "Hey now, don't be asking obvious questions!" I was a little irritated, but knew to keep my cool around him after flipping out for a tiny little insult before. "Yeah yeah, I know... Say, isn't this where that one guy from the forum had a base or something?" "Oh, you mean Nomad and Raven, yeah, but I don't think it's open right now." He replied. "What do you mean by 'not open'?" "Don't worry about it. Now, shouldn't you try another TotY?"

      "I guess... but where are you getting at by saying 'don't worry about it'?" I asked. "Seriously, I said don't worry about it, yet here you are, worrying." He sounded a little annoyed, oh jeez . "Alright alright, I'm sorry." I tried convincing him. "No you aren't, don't try and lie to me." "I wasn't lying--" "Yes," he interrupted, "you are. Do you not learn anything? What did I say last time?" I thought for a second, "Umm... as I recall you said 'it's time you learn your place' and then proceeded to kill me." It was true, he did say that. "No you dumbass, about you, and me? Us?" "Umm... that we share the same-" then it hit me. We both share the same mind. He knew what I knew and what I meant.

      "Exactly. God, sometimes I swear I have to beat the sense into you!" He disappeared. Next thing I knew
      I woke up. Damnet, he woke me up again. He didn't even give me a chance

      Oh well, it's all in my head, right? *Braces for him to pop up out of nowhere and hit me* At least I got one of the tasks done.
    10. Surviving the Hindenburg, A Massive Fight, and My Possible DG

      by , 01-07-2012 at 02:26 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Longest. Dream. Ever. So vivid, so much detail, and much more dialogue than I normally have in my dreams. The whole thing must've lasted 10-15 minutes (in dream time)

      I was in a very large city, what I assumed was Tokyo at the time on some sort of school trip. I was on a pathway with some friends and we were walking towards a large deck/patio area that was overlooking a river and the city. When we got to the deck I looked up in the sky and saw the moon was much larger than usual. It seemed to be growing too. I squinted a little bit to try and see it better, and I noticed it was hurtling at us! I didn't move (don't know if I couldn't or just didn't) and just stood there. Nobody else seemed to be paying any attention and I didn't say anything, I just started at the moon flying at us. It crashed into the city beyond the river and there was a huge explosion with massive amounts of debris flying everywhere.

      The next thing I knew I was standing on the pathway again, like nothing had ever happened. I looked around, and noticed it was just like before. I didn't really think anything of it and continued to walk with my friends towards the deck again. When we got there I asked my friend Tyler about what happened. He said, "What are you talking about? Nothing happened, and the moon difinitely didn't fall out of the sky. Look," he pointed up, "it's right there." I looked up where he was pointing and sure enough there was the moon, siting in the sky, certainly not hurtling towards us. I found this very odd, and started to quesiton things. I figured I might as well to a RC. I plugged my nose, tried to breath in and
      it worked! I was in a dream, the third one in a row

      I imediately felt the dream start to fade and quickly started to rub my hands together to no success. I decided to try spinning to prolong the dream and kept spinning around and around. I didn't want to open my eyes, thinking that I would wake up, but after I had spun for about 30 seconds and wasn't lying down, I figured I could stop and I would be alright. I opened my eyes and I was still on the deck, but nobody was there. I thought of what to do, and I immediately thought of the TotY. The first one that came to mind was the first camera, but I didn't really feel like doing that one for some reason. Instead, I decided to survive the hindenburg disaster.

      I pictured the large baloon floating over an airfield (like I remember seeing in old videos) and snapped my fingers, thinking to myself, "take me there." In a flash I was inside a small room, what looked like a cockpit. There were two people in the room with me and I noticed they had modern pilot uniforms on. I didn't think much of it and leaned over them to look out the window. I proceeded to accidently knock over one of their coffees, "Hey! Watch it!" he yelled. I back away quickly, surprised at his sudden activity. I noticed that the cup was full, and it had gotten all over the controls. A few sparks appeared and I started to get nervous, as did the pilots.

      I rubbed my hands some more, making sure I had a good hold on the dream. I had a feeling this would be the cause of the crash, and I was right. The blimp immediately started diving forward, and the pilots pulled back on the controls as hard as they could, trying to get the blimp to rise. I could hear passengers screaming in the back when a flight attendant came in. "What's going on!? Why are we falling out of the sky!?" She sounded surprisingly calm for being in an aircraft that was about to crash. "This dumbass spilled coffee all over the controls!" One of them yelled. I backed away a little bit and put my arms up like I was innocent, "It was an accident! I didn't mean to!" I claimed.

      Then, one of the pilots must've had a light bulb go off over his head, because in an instant, he shouted, "Wait! I have an idea!" He then took his coffee, and poured it all over the controls! "What the hell are you doing!?" I demanded. "Just wait," he replied. After only a few seconds, we levelled out, and were at a safe trajectory again. "What the... how did you know that would work?" I asked. "We are in a dream, you know." He replied, quite sarcastically. I shrugged it off and walked back into the main room where all the passengers were. Then I noticed a guy with a cigarette in his mouth and some matches in his hand. "NO!! Don't do that!" I yelled, but it was too late. He struck the match and the entire vessel instantly burst into flames.

      There was tons of flames in the passenger area and I ran back into the cockpit where there wasn't any fire yet. "What the hell was that!?" One of the pilots demanded. "Some idiot just lit a match and now the entire things burst into flames!" I replied. "Then light another match! You know, dreams?" It did make sense, given that he fixed the earlier problem by pouring more coffee onto it. I went back into the other room with the other passengers who were all freaking out. This time it was actually very hot and I started to sweat. I felt like I just ran a marathon and got thrown into a sauna, minus the steam. I pulled a matchbook out of my back pocket (no idea how they got there). To my dismay, as I opened them they immediately burst into flames from the already roaring fire. I guess that plan's out .

      I went back into the cockpit where it was starting to get warm, but there still weren't flames. "So? Did it work?" The same pilot asked. "Not exactly..." I replied, "they burst into flames before I could light them." "Damn," he said, obviously discouraged, "that was our only plan. Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy death." Jeez, that seemed a little dark. "Doesn't really matter to me," I said calmly, "I just need to ride this out so I can finish the TotY." It was true after all, if I had saved the blimp then I would've failed my task. "That is such a dreamer's additude." The other pilot added in. "How do you know I'm dreaming?" I asked. "Duh," he said sarcastically, "I'm part of your subconscious. You know, your brain? I know everything you know, and things you don't know you know."

      "Like what?" I asked, equally sarcastic. "Now then," he said, "this is no place to have an intelectual discussion. We're all-most of us are going to die here." Damn... I actually felt like a douche, but he was right, we're about to crash. "Can you just answer me one quesiton?" I asked. "Yes. There, I answered your quesiton, now shut up so I can enjoy my death." He replied. Jeez, my subconscious is even more sarcastic than I am. "Thats not what I meant. I want to ask you where my dream guide is. I've always wondered who/what it is but never found him/her/it." It was true, I was very curious about who my DG was. "Don't you see? It's right in front of you, it's-"

      At this point the blimp finally crashed into the ground. The force threw me forward into the windshield, but it didn't break. Ow... The cockpit I was in finally caught on fire, and it was even hotter than the other room. I could feel my skin starting to melt, but it didn't hurt, just uncomfortable, like when you get a moderate cramp, only it was all over my body. I wanted to get out. Now. I pushed my way through the burning wreckage and punched out the window. I could barely squeeze through but there was a small openeing right on the ground about 2 feet high. I crawled out and walked into the bright sun. I turned around at the hindenburg and it was only a shell of what was once the greatest airship ever. I must've been the only one out.

      It wasn't until a few seconds later when a man ran over to me with a fire extinguisher in his hands that I noticed I was still on fire. I told him to back off because i wanted to try something. I did another small energy burst (See two dreams ago) and the fire pretty much evaporated. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah I'm fine, but do you know if the pilot made it out?" I wanted to know what he was about to say and if he was really going to tell me who my DG was. "You're the only one who I've seen come out. Come on, you look terrible." I looked down into a puddle of water and noticed that all my hair had been singed off and my skin was black aroudn my face. I looked down and my arms and noticed my shirt was gone, but my pants were still there (thank god).

      I walked over to the bleachers where the crowd had been watching the blimp fly around and sat down on the first one. I looked back at the blimp again and noticed that it was just a pile of charred rubble. Then, I noticed a figure walking away. It was the pilot! Unfortunately, it wasn't the one who I had been talking to, but the other one who had just sat there silent the entire time. I ran up to him and noticed he had a disappointed look on his face, almost angry. Right as I got close to him he spun around and kicked me right in the side of my head! It was a damn hard hit and pushed me about 20 feet off to the side but I managed to stay on my feet. "What the hell was that for!?" I yelled at him.

      "Thats what you get for being yet another arrogant son of a bitch to come into this dream." Wow, he was angry! "What the hell do you mean?" I demanded. I was seriously confused. Was I really being that much of a jerk? "Back there, in the blimp, when you said 'Doesn't really matter to me, I just need to ride this out so I can finish the TotY.'" In a mocking tone like you would when you repeat what someone says to point out the obvious. "That is one of the cockiest things I've ever heard."
      (Looking back, he did kind of have a point) "What are you talking about? It's my dream, and besides, you're just a figment of my imagination. A projection of my subconscious to simulate the waking world."

      "Oh, but I'm much more than that. Yes, I am a projection of your-" he cleared his throat, "-our subconscious, but that doesn't mean I'm not real. In here, what you see is all real. What was that one thing you always said? 'Perception is reality?' Well, you were right. And, even though you may think you perceive thise to be just a dream, to me, to your subconscious, we perceive this as complete reality." Wow, this is getting really serious! This stuff is insane . "That may be," I said, slowly, "but you're still a part of me, and if I perceive this to be a dream, then it is a dream."

      "You're right," he said. He actually sounded like he just thought realized something. "This is a dream, but who's to say dream aren't reality? This is all real. Right now, your brain is still sending signals to your body and itself. Your heart is beating in here, as well as in your physical body, lying in your bed. What you're seeing, hearing, feeling. What you're smelling and even tasting, is all going into your memory. Saying this dream isn't real is like saying memories aren't real. You remember going snowboarding last night, right?"
      (I did go snowboarding last night) "That was real, wasn't it? But all it is now is just a memory, and soon, this will just be a memory. Saying this dream isn't real is like saying everything that has ever happened isn't real, and who are you to say what is and isn't reality?" (I maye have left some parts out, but this is about 95% accurate)

      "And now..." He said, "I think it's time I put you in your place." He charged at me, incredibly fast. "Wait wait wait, hold on a sec-" *SMACK!* I felt a huge sharp pain in my ribs. Everything started to go blurry, and I struggled to raise my hands together. I started to rub them and focus on the warmth and feeling, "Uh-uh," he yelled, "You're not stabalizing that easily! I'll make you wake yourself up!" At this point i was on my knees, trying to regain my breath, when suddenly my neck snapped back. He had kicked me square in the jaw. But then it hit me: it's not about rubbing your hands together, it's about focusing on your senses and how it feels to do so. "No, you're the one who's wrong," I squeezed out. "You see, the more you hit me, the more pain I feel, and the more senses I have to anchor myself to this "alternate reality" you say we are in."

      I focused on my chest, on my jaw, neck, and even the burns from the crash. The more I thought about it, the more it hurt, but the more vivid the dream became. "Ah, but I can see it on your face," he snickered. "The more you focus on the pain, the stronger it becomes." Spot on, he hit the nail on the head. "But you forget," I told him, "I have nearly mastered dream control, and any pain I feel I can easily change. You know, the mind interprets pain and sex in the same area of itself. If sexual thoughts can be used to diminish pain in waking life, then why could it not work in the dream world? After all, it's all in your head."

      At this point I was back on my feet, and pictured the pain in my chest and jaw to pleasure in my "private area." It worked better than I thought. So well in fact I nearly ejaculated and could feel the dream fade just a tiny bit. I imagined a bit of the new pleasure as pain to even it out, and it worked perfectly. I had some minor discomfort in my chest, and some moderate pleasure "down there."

      "I see," he replied, "it looks as if it has worked. Well then, let the realy fire start!" I immediately yelled back, "You asked for it!" I flexed all the muscles in my right hands and formed a fireball about the size of a medicine ball. I lurched back and flew forward in an all out sprint. At this point time seemed to slow down 10 fold, so that one normal second took a good 10 seconds to happen. We were only about 50 feet away and I halved that distance in the blink of an eye, or about 3 seconds of slow-motion. I swung my arm around as hard as I could (8 years of baseball finally paying off) and aimed right for his head. Right as it left my hand he leaned to the left and I flew past him. I spun around so that my back was facing the ground and I could see his knee about to come up, going straight for my back.

      I arched my back as hard as I could and turned it into a back handspring. "Not bad," he said, "for a dreamer." For some reason, that pissed me off. I'm normally a very cool headed guy. In fact, whenever I play video games with friends they will always get pissed off and I'll have to tell them to calm down, while they're all screaming their heads off. But not this time. Without thinking, I formed another fireball and went after him again. This time though, I threw the fireball at him earlier, and followed through on the throw to turn it into a side flip, and rotated that into a chartweel type move, and pushed yet another fireball off each of my feet, on either side of him, so no matter which way he moved, he would get hit. However, he jumped straight into the air, about 100 feet, avoiding all three fireballs.

      "Quite the moves you got there," he said, "but you'll have to do better than that to beat me!" He dove down head first straight at the ground, fast enough to cause him to burst into flames like a meteor. Having just recovered from my little stunt, I saw him out of the corner of my eye smash into the ground. A huge crater formed and I was pushed back several hundred feet. He walked casually out of his crater and moved so fast he just appeared next to me in the blink of an eye. "Now, like I said before, It's time you learn your place!" I felt a massive force on the back of my head and I'm pretty sure I was forced into the ground. The force was so great that I
      woke up in my bead, heart going crazy, sweating like hell and completely disoriented. Wow. Now that was a dream. I'm starting to wonder whether or not that was my DG, and if what he said was really true. I quickly wrote down all the main points as well as the majority of the dialogue, but I had school again that morning and I had little time to actually get into detail.

      Nevertheless, I got part of the TotY done, had en epic fight, and possibly met my DG.

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    11. Surviving the First Atomic Bomb

      by , 01-05-2012 at 02:48 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Got the first part of the TotY done! Hopefully I can push through and finish all of them this year

      I was, once again, snowboarding, only this time it was at my local mountain. I was at the eastern most part of the mountain, which isn't even open yet, and was riding up the chairlift. There was nobody next to me but I was with a big group of friends who were scattered throughout the chairs near me. I got off the lift as usual and started to head towards the park. This time it was different though. There's normally a fence with a small opening you go through, followed by a couple rails, some jumps, a few more rails, and then a steep section with large jumps on top. This time, however, there was a very large grouping of rails right at the top of a hill, and a picnic table off to the left.

      Me and some friends decided we would hit the table first, and headed over to it. I went first and did a simple 50-50 (just riding straight over it) and rode off the end. The rest of my friends did similar stuff and nobody went really big. We stopped right after the feature and started to hike back up so we would have enough speed to hit some of the rails that were in the middle of the trail. It was set up so that, looking downhill from left to right, there was an "S" rail, and two flat rails. Behind those were a cannon box, a butter box, and a flat-down rail between them. At the end of the group was two tire bonks and this red trash can type thing that is actually at the mountain.

      My friends all went before me, and most did 50-50s on the rails to the right. I went down and did a front board around the "S" rail, and a tail press on the butter box, popping off the end. Then I avoided the rest of the features and stopped to wait for the others. However, this seemed awefully familiar to me. I thought about it for a second, and I remembered last night's dream at the other mountain where I did tricks that I knew I couldn't do. At this point I realized that I was likely dreaming, but wanted to be sure. I asked my friends to hold up for a bit while I checked something. I took off my gloves and my facemask and did a nose-plug RC. To my suspicions,
      it worked! I could breath in through my nose and was in yet another lucid.

      The first thing that popped into mind was a sex LD, which got me angry due to the fact that I always think of that first. However, I knew I had to stabalize the dream first, so I rubbed my hands together and took in my surroundings. Rubbing your hands works very well when it's cold out and they warmed up very quickly. They felt a bit abrasive but not to the point where it would hurt. After denying my want to have another sex LD, I though of the TotY. This time I remembered that it was 2012 and there were new tasks. The first one I thought of was beating Neil Armstrong out of the space shuttle, but for some reason I didn't feel like doing that one now. Instead, I picked experiencing the first nuclear bomb detonation.

      Remembering how last dream ended, I kept my eyes open and just snapped my fingers, picturing an empty desert with a small bunker. I also imagined an old, decrepid house in the middle of it like there always is in those old atomic test videos. In an instant I was standing in an old house that looked like it was about to fall down. There was a couch in the room with me, a fireplace, a painting of a nuclear blast (how ironic ) and an old pin-up calendar. I stepped out onto the front porch only to have the sun shine directly into my eyes. Damn, it was bright out! Once my eyes adjusted I looked off into the distance and tried to make out the bunker that I presumed the scientists were in. Once I found it I trained my ear to it, trying to hear what they were saying.

      "Well gentlemen, it looks like this is it. We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but I would suggest praying to your God." Awesome, a new ability, super hearing! I had never done that before. It seemed fitting for them to say that. After all, during the actual testing they didn't know it the explosion would ever stop. They thought it could go on forever, splitting atom after atom, destroying everything in existence! I continued to listen in as they began their countdown. "Launching nuclear missile in T minues 10, 9, 8..." I looked up to the sky, expecting to see something flying towards me. I didn't know what a nuclear blast would feel like, and I was a little worried myself, but I rubbed my hands some more and kept reminding myself, "This is a dream. This will be fun!"

      "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch initiated." Here goes! I squinted to try and see around the sun and I noticed a small shadow several thousand feet in the air, hurlting straight towards me. As it got closer, I noticed it was literallty coming at me! I closed my eyes and felt a quick, sharp pain in my forehead. After a few seconds of silence, I opened my eyes to see that the missile was sitting on the ground right in front of me! I wasn't really thinking clearly and just sort of kicked it, trying to get it to do something. Big mistake.

      There was instantly a bright light and I felt very warm. Not hot, but a comfortable warm. I was still in the dream, 100% aware of everything, but was in a massive pile of smoke. I sprinted as fast as I could in one direction until I could see again. After only a short second, I was out of the smoke and was looking back at the explosion. It was a classic mushroom cloud and I noticed that the house I was in was nowhere to be found. I looked to my right and noticed the bunker the scientists had been in. I listened in on them and all I could faintly hear was cheers and a few high fives, as well as some sighs of relief.

      Unfortunately, that blast must've really shooken my dream, because everything was fuzzy. I couldn't really hear specific things and everything was muffled, like I was inside a glass box while everything else continued as normal. Then, suddenly, I felt a massive shaking of the ground. I looked over to where the house had been and noticed a big crack in the ground. WTF? What was in that bomb!? The crack raced towards me and I turned the other way and ran. I don't why I didn't just fly away or teleport, but the crack caught right up with me and split directly beneath me. I pulled a scooby-doo and ran in place for a few seconds before falling down the crevasse. Before I could even get my senses, I felt a massive rush of force go up my legs, along my back and into the back of my head. The next thing I knew,
      I was lying awake in my bed. Just to be safe that I was actually awake and it wasn't a FA I did another RC and checked the clock a few times. Nope, I was awake

      At least I got the first of my TotYs done
    12. 5 DEILDs and Several TotYs

      by , 08-20-2011 at 05:11 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Yep, this morning was epic. I got 3 TotYs done, got a new record in DEILD chains, and a sex LD at the and for a reward

      The dream began with me snowboarding, which was wierd because it's August, but i didn't think anything of it. All I remember is going off a cliff and falling several hundred feet. At first I thought I was going to die, and i didn't really panic that much, for some reason, but the second though that popped into my head was that this can't be real, it must be a dream! So I decided to wait for a DIELD instead of trying to save this mess. I instantly started spinning but by this time i was already below the tree line. I never actually hit the ground but instead i just woke up.

      I didn't move, didn't open my eyes, and relaxed, remember spinning in my last dream and imagined me in my room, which is normally where i go after DEILDs, and after only a few seconds I was standing in my room, looking out the window into my neighborhood. It worked! i was lucid! I rubbed my hands together, focused on everything around me, and just stood there for a good 15 seconds, I didn't want to waste this one. The first thing that popped into my head was a sex LD, but i did that the other night, so I decided i would try to do a TotY. The first one that popped into my head was the 300 Spartans, a pretty cool one so i walked over to my door and though, "Behind this door is the battle of Thermopoly.

      It worked and I was standing behind a bunch of guys who i assumed were romans, all in bronze and armed with shields and spears, and they were standing in the formation they were in the movie. Across the pass I could see tons and tons of persians, in their all black suits from the movie. I spawned a shield and spear, but after a second, i figured since i was in a dream i could do better than just mimicing the spartans. Instead I got two machete type blades and was ready to kick ass. Right as i picked up my weapons, the persians started to charge.

      I thought about how i should make this epic, so I yelled out, "Epic music please!" and, surprisingly, it worked! There was some sort of battle music going on, which I've been searching youtube for and have yet to find anything Still, there was an epic battle going on in front of me, and i jumped into it. The moves seem to flow out of me, without any effort at all. I was out in front surrounded by persians, I felt invincible. At one point a dozen persians charged me at once, I jumped up, and decided to try something new, telekenesis. I waved my hand in a motion so that they would fall into the sea, but it didn't work (I should work on that). Instead i used something i already knew, fire. I burned a whole group of them and used the fire to push them into the sea. A little different but it worked . Finally, i decided to just wreck the persians. I tol all the spartans to stand back, which they reluctantly did, and i conjured up an absolutely MASSIVE fire wave! And when I say massive, I mean the width of the entire pass, and probably a mile tall. It took a lot of energy and was hard to hold up, but I just pushed it out towards the persians.

      The fire was somewhat translucent so you could see them all run away as the wall roared toward them. They tried to run away as fast as they could, and some even jumped in the water, but they were eventually encased in the fire wall, and all the spartans cheered. I felt like such a badass. I don't normally fight a lot in LDs, just do TotYs/TotMs and the IOSDP. (sorry guys, forgot it started friday night ) I should do this more often! After the fire wall dispersed I started to walk toward the charred bodies but i started to feel the dream fading. I rubbed my hands together to try and save it, but it didn't seem to be working. Maybe a giant fire wall wasn't the best choice for stability. Nevertheless,
      I woke up.

      I found the song that was playing! It truly is awesome music: Youtube.com - Future World Music - Dream Chasers

      As you can tell from the title though, I still had 4 more LDs that morning. I patiently sat there and did the same thing as last time, and once again I was standing in my room in another LD. I figured i could knock out 2 TotYs in one go, so i figured i would do Jaws next, since that seems like a fun one. I walked through my door again thinking that i will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean fighting jaws, and it worked! I came out of the hull of the ship (whatever the little room is inside) and was on a ship with one other person. He said that a "whale be after me booty." I told him it wasn't a whale, it was Jaws, a giant shark. The only annoying thing about this is that he had a really thick french accent, but tried to speek like a pirate. Oh god it was annoying! I told him he wasn't french and that he wasn't a pirate, so he stopped talking like a pirate, but not a frenchman. He said, "Im from Canada, not France." A little better but i would've prefered someone else.

      At the moment he spoke the ship started to rock violently, as if a shark had hit it! I figured i would just get this done with quickly, since my DEILDs don't normally last as long as that last one, and as i chain them they get progressively shorter and shorter. I saw the sharks fin in the distance and grabbed a shotgun i found laying on the deck. I shot at the shark but it didn't seem to do anything... just like in the movie. I figured that since bullets didn't affect him, and the only other person on the boat was an obsessive animal killer, just like in the movie, so i figured i would kill it with a scuba tank, like they did in the movie.

      I taunted the shark to come up on the boat, and even tried to give it a treat like it was a dog, but it just stayed in the water, circling the boat. I decided i would use the canadian, who was just sitting on top of the boat yelling at the thing, as bait to get the shark up here. I grabbed him and put him on the back side of the boat and yelled at the shark again, sayinf i have a better treat now. The shark seemed to like it so he hopped up on the boat and tried to catche the guy. He ran away though and just hit inside the boat for the rest of it. I grabbed a scuba tank that was lying on the back of the boat and threw it at the shark. I wanted to hurry it up since i could feel the dream fading. "Not now, I'm almost done!" I yelled. I grabbed the gun and shot the scuba tank. It didn't blow up. I was pissed, and just decided to explode the shark. The dream was almost completely gone but i was still there, and I just yelled at the shark, "Blow up you bastard!" And he did! The shark disappeared and i could finally sigh a sigh of relief knowing that i didn't waste the dream.

      Once again, i was laying in my bed and decided to try for yet another DIELD. I just layed there, didn't do anything and resisted the urge to swallow which had suddenly come up. I was persistant and manage to get back into another LD. I wasn't in my room this time. Instead i was at my cousin's house, which was actually pretty nice. Nobody else was home, which was kind of wierd, but i didn't really care. I decided that I could get away with yet enother TotY, this time, The Godfather. It was a short, simple task that I could get done quickly and wouldn't risk another dream cut short. I decided to try just snapping to the scene this time instead of using a door, which I do sometimes. I thought to myself, "To the Godfather's daughter's wedding," and snapped my fingers.

      I ended up in a chair of sorts and there were a bunch of people around me. I was at a wedding! There were two people getting married who I assumed were the godfather's daughter and her fiance, but I had never seen the movie . I walked into the house behind everybody and noticed a large line of people. I figured they were in line to ask the godfather for something, so i just followed it, cutting everyone in line (getting in front of them, not literal cutting ) and making some people angry . I finally made it to a room where a large italian person was sitting there, talking to somebody. I assumed he was the godfather, but wasn't 100% sure. I walked up to him once he was done talking to the other guy, and thought about what i was going to ask. I decided, longer LDs! I talked to him, saying, "Hey, godfather, you give favors on your daughter's wedding day, right?" to which he replied, "of course, haven't you seen my movie?" I shook my head a little bit, but he didn't seem to care.

      "Well then," I said, "Can you grant me longer lucids? You know, so I don't wake up early like i almost did last dream." I could see him start to crack a smile, and eventually a grin, and then start to laugh. I was confused, so i asked him what was so funny. He told me, "You imbicile, this is not the day of my daughter's wedding, but the day of my son's wedding!" "Wait," i said, "then you don't grant favors?"

      "No, no," he said, "I ask others for favors on my sons wedding." I was surprised. So that was his son getting married, not his daughter. I turned to him and said, "So, umm... what do you want me to do?" I was a little worried, i had no idea what he would say, so i was kind of surprised when he said, "All I want is for you to wake up, and get the hell out of my dream!" WTF! His guards he had right next to his door turned at me and shot me! Like, 50 times! Of course, after this I
      woke up. Come on though, that's the second TotY that has caused me to wake up because of something in the dream!

      I did yet another DEILD and decided I did enough TotYs for one day, and i had a sex LD, to celebrate that and breaking my previous DEILD chain record. However, in it i change dit up, and had sex as a chick instead of a guy. It was really different, but felt really good. I don't know which i like better

      After that DEILD i decided to se ehow far i could go. I continued to lay still, and did yet another DEILD. I was standing in my room, again! It was my 5th LD that morning, all of which were DIELDs, and i felt like a king . Unfortunately, before i could even do anything, I woke up due to my mom coming in and making me wake up. I looked at the clock and it turned out that all these dream occurred over the course of about 15 minutes. The dreams combined would have added to about 30 minutes total. That kind of interested me, but I wasn't surprised. Still, I got 5 LDs in one day, and 3 task of the years. All in all, my best yet

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    13. Casablanca, TotY, and the Ocean

      by , 08-03-2011 at 05:27 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      The dream started with me being at the beach at what looked like Cape Cod, MA. I could see up the beach towards a pier on one side, and just endless beach on the other. There were lifeguard chairs all along the beach, maybe 20 feet apart, but nobody was there. The beach was filled with people, probably a thousand around me, and it was pretty warm. I took off my shirt and went into the ocean for a swim. The water was freezing. It felt like it couldn't have been more than a few degrees above freezing but it didn't seem to phase me.

      I walked out until it was about 3 feet deep and the waves started to get bigger. They grew from only a foot or two to being over 4 feet each. I decided that i had had enough and started to get out. Right when i turned around i felt a sharp pain on my foot and saw what looked like a crab, but it was quickly swept away by the ocean waves. It wasn't very painful, it felt like a bee sting, but for some reason it started to bleed a lot. I didn't think anything of it and just kept walking towards the beach. Suddenly, i saw lifeguards appear on their towers and they all started screaming and blowing their whistles. I didn't really acknowledge them very much but then i felt something smooth and big rub up against my leg.

      It was a shark! There were sharks all over the place!
      (Damn Shark week on discovery ) I literally jumped out of thew water and ran over the top of the water as if i was jesus! I thought to myself, "This is way too strange. Sharks? Walking on water? All that blood? I must be dreaming." So, i checked my hands. they were tiny and only had three fingers. Just to bee 100% sure that i was dreaming i did a quick nose-plug RC and, what do you know, I could breath!

      I rubbed my hands together, and focused on the feel of the water on my feet, the smell of the ocean, and the colors of the people on the beach. The dream seemed so vivid, the colors were so bright, but the smells seemed really dull. I thought of what to do and thought i could try some sort of shared dreaming since i had read about a lot of that on the forums, but then i remembered the TotY. I had already done a few of them, and i figured i would try to get one or two more. The first one that popped into my head was Casablanca, though I've never seen the movie.

      I didn't even know where Casablanca was, or if it was even a place, but i knew that i had to ask this guy named sam to play me a song in some type of club, so i said out loud, "To Sam!" I closed my eyes for a second and, when i opened them, i was in some cabana-type night club overlooking the ocean. I spotted a large piano and a man sitting beside it playing some song I've never heard it before. I figured this must be sam, so I walked over to him, "Hey, you Sam?" to which he replied, "Nope, my name's Zachary. Sam's over there," he pointed at another piano with a man sitting there. I couldn't really see his face but i saw short, black hair and what i think was a tux. I walked over to him, "Are you Sam?" i asked him. He didn't say anything. I asked him again, "Hey, buddy, are you this Sam guy or not?" He turned around and nodded.

      His face was all blurry, like somebody would do to a video trying to hide their identity. I figured i might as well jump right into it and ask him to play me a song. He sighed and turned around. I was quite intrigued as to what song he was going to play, but i was surprised when he started to play Billy Joel's "Piano Man." I guess it makes sense. Heck, a line in the song is "Play me a song, you're the piano man..." It sounded just like the real deal only he didn't have the harmonica (i like that part ) I looked around and all the people in the club got up and started dancing, and some even acted out the song. I found this quite funny as the few who acted it out really seemed like they felt how the song went.

      I decided since one part was done, why not do two? So I figured i would try the 300 spartans. I thought to myself, "when i exit the club, i will be in the battle of thermopole" (or however you spell it XD) So, as i walked out the door i was! However, the battle hadn't started yet. The spartans were getting into formation ready to fight the persians who stood across on the other side of the pass. Just as the persians started to charge, the dream started to fade. I tried to stop it. I spun, i rubbed my hands and focused on my surroundings, but nothing worked. The loser the persians got to the spartans the more i lost touch with the dream. Finally, they collided, and right as they did so,
      I woke up. I tried to do a DEILD to finish off another task, but i just fell back asleep.

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    14. Grease Lightning and a Little Car

      by , 01-18-2011 at 04:26 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I had just awoken from another dream which i could barely remember. I think it was something about a video game, but wasn't completely sure. I had plugged my nose and tried to breathe, as i usually do when I wake up, and good thing, it had worked and I became lucid! The dream was a little "iffy" and felt really strange. I figured that it was starting to fade, so i rubbed my hands. I focused on the warmth and feeling of the hands, thinking the dream was going to fade away, but it didn't. Instead, it became one of the most vivid and real dreams i had ever had.

      I contemplated what to do, and, like usual, the TotY popped into my head. I thought about what to do. It was a choice between racing grease lightning and casablanca. Having never seen Casablanca, i decided to try grease lightning. I wanted to try out my new way of changing the scenery, by just snapping my fingers and not even closing my eyes. I thought, "drainage pipe, classic cars," and when i snapped my fingers, the scene instantly changed and i was in the large drainage type thing where there were a bunch of people dressed like in the movie talking and fighiting.

      I walked up to who i thought was grease lightning and told him that i would whoop his butt in a race. He laughed and scoffed at me. I took it that he gladly accepted my challenge. I nearly started crying... He had one of those little plastic electric cars that you see little kids driving around with. I looked over and summoned a Lambo, birhgt red and ready to race. I hopped in and started it up. It was awesome. Never being in a lambo before, i was eager to see how it preformed. I drove over to him and told him, "Hey! Nice car!" He just laughed again and said, "watch this." He suddenly reved the engine and it sounded just like mine. WTF!? The little plastic toy was going to compete with a lamborghini!?

      We both pulled up to a crack in the pipe and all his friends drove up along side me. They were in their normal '50s cars, like they should've been in. One guy stood there with a checkered flag. He yelled, "Ready, set! GO!" And we took off. I was way ahead and noticed that the other's hadn't even moved. I was nearing the end of the pipe and saw the others already there! WTF again!?!? They were cheating! I quickly turned aroudn the pipe and could hear them finally driving. I floored it. The others had caught up to me and were on the side. I have to admit, it was kind of funny seeing a little plastic car going over 200 mph, but I was starting to lose focus. There were passing me! I imagined a nitro button right next to the shifter and, of course, it appeared.

      I quickly pressed it and was launched back into my seat. I saw the speedometer quickly rising. 300, 350, 400, 450. The finish line seemed to move further and further away the faster i went. I was still catching up on the others though. I decided, "the heck with this." And i teleported myself to the fnish line. The guy was still there and waved the flag again. I won! or so i thought... I looked around and noticed the other people were sitting there drinking and laughing. I had lost! The guys started to walk over to me, but i could feel the dream fading. I jumped out of the car and tried to spin to stay in the dream, but it was too late.
      I woke up in my bed, a little disappointed that i didn't get to stay in the dream.
    15. Indiana Jones and the TotY

      by , 01-10-2011 at 11:10 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Hooray! I got another part done! Did Indiana Jones this time

      We were driving home form my grandmother and I fell asleep in the car. I had woke up to a light which my mom had apparently turned on and was a little dazed. I had looked out the window and couldn't see anything. It was snowing really hard and was a complete whiteout. I looked over and noticed my mom was now in the back with me (She was sitting in the front, but i didn't notice anything strange.) I looked down and she was reading a book. The letters were all kind of jumbled and didn't seem to make any sense. It was like they were in Arabic or something. This made me confused and i decided to preform a reality check just to be sure I wasn't dreaming, since i thought I wasn't.

      It turns out i really was! I got so excited that I started to feel the dream fade, though it might've been a bump from the real world. I had realized that i was still asleep in the car and that the dream may start to shake every once in a while. I rubbed my hands together and focused on the heat. My hands started to get really hot and then caught on fire! I quickly blew them out and noticed my hands were kind of charred. Oh well, maybe it'll go away later. I thought to myself of what to do, and remembered the task of the year. I decided to do the indiana jones one since I had never seen the movie and wanted to see where my mind thought it took place. I closed my eyes and told my dad, who was driving, to take me to indiana jones and the ark of the covenant. He said okay and i felt the car start to go really fast.

      I opened my eyes and noticed we were now in the desert, somewhere in egypt. I also saw pyramids in the distance. I figured that this was where my mind thought the ark of the covenant would be for some reason. It made no sense to me at the time but whatever, I didn't "consciously" pick it. My dad stopped the car in front of a pyramid. I got out and noticed it was very cold for being mid-day in the desert. It felt like it was only 50 degrees out and i was glad i had a sweatshirt on. I walked toward the pyramit and noticed a little indent in the wall and figured that this was where the entrance was. I pushed some bricks in and the whole wall started to slowly move. Then, the whole side of the pyramid just collapsed and i was buried in a pile of rocks and dust. I quickly dugged my way out and noticed some people running out of the pyramid, being chased by zombie pharohs! I was a little confused, but hey, they weren't chasing me!

      I walked in a small corridor that the zombies had come out of and found torches on the side. I thought to myself, "How cliche... toches?" I grabbed one and started walking. I suddenely fell down this huge shaft and landed in a bunch of gold and artifacts. I climbed my way out and saw a large golden box with two angel figures on each side. I figured that this was the ark of the covenant, so i started to walk towards it. I thought to myself, "Wait... these things are always booby trapped." Bad idea! I was about halfway to the box and heard a quiet click. Acting quickly, I paused time, something I had perfected in another LD, and looked around. There were arrows coming at me from the sides! I walked over to them and lit them on fire with the torch. But when i un-freezed time, the arrows didn't keep flying. They just dropped out of the air.

      I decided that i had enough with things falling on me, falling on things, and setting off booby traps, and just jumped over to the ark. A pretty fun experience since the ark was like 30 feet away. I pushed the huge top over and peered inside. It was hard to see, but i could make out a rectangular shape. I grabbed it and it was a thick book, about the width of a christian bible. I opened it up and just saw a bunch of nonsense. It was like a mix of all the languages. I saw some fmailiar japanese shaped, some things that looked like arabic, latin, and russian. I waved my hand over it and said out lout, "In english, please!" And so, it changed to english. I can't remember quite what it said (sucks, right?) But it was something like, "Religion is a hoax, the truth is yet to be revealed" or something like that. I didn't think much of it and decided to try and do another task, but I fast the whole world bump, and thought that the car was getting off the highway. I could feel the dream fading, and spun to try and keep it. Unfortunately, it didn't work this time and I
      just woke up in the car. Turns out we were home already! The car ride was supposed to be a few hours, but whatever, i did part of the task!
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