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    20/07/31 - ld 31

    by CarpeNoctem144 on 08-01-2020 at 06:46 PM
    Had a couple of dreams with some lucidity and one true lucid this night despite not using any techniques. My mind was pretty busy due to lots of things to consider, so that's probably the cause...

    In a non-lucid dream I was walking along a street with some family members. For some reason I can't remember we (or mostly the others) got into a heated and pointless argument. I got increasingly annoyed and saddened by their behavior but at the same time I also gained more and more lucidity. When I finally reached complete awareness the dream got as immersive and vivid as usual. The emotional aspect of the dream was still there, as unpleasantly intense as before. Now, I realized though that I could indeed change the whole situation. I was overcome by a feeling of almighty power - that I had complete control over every single detail in this moment. I spread my arms to both sides and produced a feeling of peace and love that permeated all of the dream world. It physically manifested as a strong wind that suddenly blew along the street up to the mountains in the distance. As soon as it swept over my family they immediately stopped the bickering and got perfectly calm.

    The wind continued to blow and almost made me take off into the air by itself. So, I just spread my arms further and let it lift me up. I admired the city and the surrounding landscape as I flew higher and felt the familiar rush of excitement. Then, I remembered my promise to taste the clouds for my niece, so I went even higher. Things got quite unstable now but I made it to the layer of clouds that is always present when I'm flying lucidly. I used my hands to shove a bit of the light gray mass around me into my mouth. This was easier said than done because the material was pretty elusive and not solid at all. Just in time before waking up I got it to work: the clouds tasted a little bit sweet and also like this artificial fog produced by a fog machine.
    lucid , side notes

    20/07/24 - ld 30

    by CarpeNoctem144 on 07-28-2020 at 01:44 PM
    No techniques used, completely random lucid after ~6 hours of sleep.

    Had a long non-lucid dream about wandering around town while being late for work. In the end I ended up on a beach and because I felt extremely tired I laid down on the sand. Immediately, I felt a sinking sensation which I associated with WILD so I got somewhat aware already. I relaxed completely and 'awoke' in my bed the next moment. Being pretty sure of having a false awakening I got up and looked around. My surroundings were more vivid than ever; for further testing I precisely inspected some furniture nearby. I couldn't believe how real everthing felt and looked and RCed to confirm my dream state.

    Walking over to the window I now saw differences to reality. There was a large window facade and I looked down into a sort of foyer with another wall consisting of glass. Down there was a DC with a bike trying to leave the building through the glass wall but couldn't get through. Thinking to myself that I'll succeed where he failed I passed through the windows (though they seemed solid at first) and slowly floated down. I tried to remember what I had planned to do next in a lucid dream but my memory was largely inaccessible. Only some tasks of the year came to my mind, so I proceeded to fly away from here. Outside I somehow found myself in my parents' garden - but a version from more than ten years ago. Suddenly, flying felt physically exhausting (what kind of nonsense in a dream...) and I woke up.

    20/07/16 - ld 29

    by CarpeNoctem144 on 07-16-2020 at 05:12 PM
    No techniques used, just had some intention and slept an hour longer than usual.

    In a normal dream some seven hours after first going to bed I slowly realized that I was dreaming and that I could take control. When I was fully lucid I "woke up" in my bed though, but by RCing I caught the false awakening. Trying to get up I noticed that I could barely move. So, I carefully rolled to the side and put my feet on the floor. I still couldn't stand up and so I let myself slide to the floor next to the bed. I hoped to gain more control over my dream body when getting further away, so I crawled through the room. This felt kinda strange because I could move through the furniture to some extent. Somehow I came to imagine being in a transparent sphere which I could roll by pushing the sides. Like this, I moved around a bit until I awoke again in the bed.

    I RCed again just to be sure and surprisingly I was still dreaming (I could have guessed because I heard someone snoring in the other room - with nobody there). Realizing I was still too groggy to go anywhere I sat up and simply meditated. Everything got completely still immediately. Then, I woke up for real.

    20/07/09 - ld 28

    by CarpeNoctem144 on 07-09-2020 at 05:30 PM
    Woke up after ~4 hours of sleep and decided to give WILD another go. Included some SSILD because it makes transitioning easier (or possible?) for me.

    Everything went well with me waiting in a deeply relaxed state until I felt REM setting in after some time. Then, a familiar feeling of being pulled in started but I got distracted by someone coming in my room and talking to me. I wasn't sure if this was real, though I should have known better by now...

    After a short non-lucid dream I started another try. This was almost the same as before except I was prepared now and didn't care for any hallucinations. When I felt the transition was over I slowly got up - my whole body was extremely heavy and I could barely move. So, I focused on the feeling of gravity (or the lack thereof) which immediately improved things. I walked through the house and left straight through the door (only a slight pressure while passing through). Outside I started hovering in the air but suddenly there was a glitch in the dream and I was back inside, in front of the door again. This time I floated through the window and then examined my surroudings outside. Looking around, I once again could barely believe the detail and vividness of the dream. I flew around a bit and got to a small beautiful cottage. For some reason I suddenly felt sexually aroused and wasn't too surprised when I found a DC sitting in a hanging chair in front of the cottage. But first I went around the garden and - wondering if I have ever smelled something in a dream - stuck my nose in flowers etc. There were some strange yellow-purple bananas and large pink flowers - the latter had indeed an intense, pleasant scent to them. Afterwards I went back to the DC and had sex with him which was a quite short but rather enjoyable and interesting experience. Then I woke up and went back to normal sleep.
    lucid , side notes

    20/06/20 - ld 27

    by CarpeNoctem144 on 06-20-2020 at 06:42 PM
    Woke up after 6 hours of sleep, short WBTB, some SSILD but wasn't fully focused and fell back asleep. Had a long, vivid non-lucid dream in which I was travelling along a deserted dust road when I suddenly went lucid without any obvious reason. It felt as if I decided to not follow the predefined dream plot passively anymore - a sudden feeling of freedom overcame me. I got up and walked to one side of the road, being strangely aware of my whole body and its movements. I took a moment to simply marvel at my surroundings which included some houses with neat front gardens on this side of the road.

    Then, I remembered my plan to shapeshift into a bird and I began to flap my arms as if they were wings. At first, I was somewhat sceptical if this will work because normally I initiate flying in a different way. But then I felt myself leaving the ground and flying high into the air - with the typical rush of excitement. Looking down I had a clear view of the landscape, and I noticed my shadow on the ground - which had indeed the form of a large bird of prey! I realized that I didn't have legs anymore, instead I could somehow influence my flight with my ... tail (was probably not very realistic but whatever). Excited I looked down to see if I had indeed wings now, only to find my seemingly normal arms still in place. I concentrated on my arms/wings and found them changing form and place all the time. This was a little confusing and with me being distracted my surroundings decayed into gray nothingness. Can't remember what happened afterwards, I guess I lost the dream to a false awakening.