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    Half-Life 2 and imbalanced transformation | [26.07.2021]

    by , 07-26-2021 at 08:10 PM (524 Views)
    Half-Life 2 and imbalanced transformation
    Apparently, I am Gordon from Half-Life 2 in this scene. Dr. Kleiner is with me in a half-destroyed room. There are big holes in the wall and debris on the floor, as well as a bridge made of metal grating and a pulley mechanism attached to it, which can be drawn in/out from within this room to pass over to another building, like in Half-Life 2: Episode One. He tells me to do something with suit batteries, and I jokingly think that it's weird that the level designers did this, when in the original Half-Life 2 game, they used car batteries.

    Scene change. I am in the same room of my home where the 3rd dream, 19.07.2021 ended, and am myself again. I am tending to my water snails which are in a jar between many plant pots. Then, I have a fake memory where my mother apparently blew into something which resembles a fallen-off flower blossom, which can apparently transform you into whatever you are currently thinking about when you blow into it, but apparently, she gave it to me but I threw it away for some reason. Now, I want it again, so I look for another one and find one I think resembles it. I know it could be poisonous, so I am a bit anxious, but I blow into it to see if it would work. Instead of doing what I hoped for, it blew up into poisonous plant sap.

    Scene change. The previous scene transitions by me running backwards into another room of sorts which is hard to describe. It is dark and there is another metal grating bridge, and apparently, if you fall down, you fall into the bathroom of my home from the ceiling. I sit on a duplicate of the sink in my bathroom. Apparently, blowing into the blossom did do something, but it does not work because it's apparently unbalancing the forces, or something, so bad things will happen because of that.

    Waking up from that was really weird. For a few minutes, I couldn't remember where and who I was and had great difficulty to notice that the dream didn't really happen.
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I really like this dream idea of the transformation flower, and that it might also be potentially dangerous or unpredictable in some way. Interesting dream overall.
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