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    1. I'm actually Cook . so yeah xD
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      And by the way, trump is a despicable person.
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      I think you couldve just said "yes I understand what you meant" instead of turning it into a lesson on insecurity, but whatever floats your boat. I however am very happy with myself, and the fact that you felt the need to type two paragraphs a out feeling secure with oneself when I didnt even comment about that matter in any way makes me think your trying to defend yourself from a feeling of insecurity. Or I could be totally wrong. But in the future I would recommend not making a biger deal out of something then it actually is, that's how you make enemies, luckily I don't really care.
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      When I say God, you have no idea what my views are. There's a difference between believing everything you hear and seeking out spirituality as an intellectual. And me having a thin skin? You obviously sent me that first message to get a rise out of me so there, you got it. Not sure why someone would do that with a stranger over the internet, but hey if that entertains you. We all have our own struggles. Just because you grew up in communism and whatever else you were whining about makes you no better than anyone else. Dreams are not for "changing yourself". I, for one, learn my lessons in the real world. Dreams are a bit deeper than that honey but nice try. If that's what they are for you, that's great. I will never judge anyone for finding their own calling in dreams. Dreams are personal matters. Therefore, please get your stuck-up nose out of mine. Fighting is worthless since we obviously do not see eye-to-eye. Good night.
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      Woah calm down I was just clarifying that because text talk can be confusing since emotions aren't attached.
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      Btw I hope you know that the first post was meant to be a joke :p I forgot to post a smilie hahaha
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      And btw...I'm writing this here since it won't allow me to send any more PMs this hour BUT ANYWAY:

      Who are you to judge my life? I don't hide in lala land or use my dreams to release pressure. I use my colorful life as an inspiration. What did I ever do to upset you where you thought it was necessary to self-righteously throw up blind "advice" all over my message inbox. Maybe this will give you something to go change about yourself in your dreams tonight.
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      Yes, because you have made me jealous of that hot girl, I hereby with the powers not invested in me, ban you
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      Y must you post a picture of a hot girl as your profile pic.
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      No I am not a pharm rep.
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    as deep as you can go

    by hpnfreak on 08-02-2011 at 07:24 PM
    comment it pls, if you got a point on the subject

    so my dream, that was years ago, when I didn`t knew about this stuff:

    start of dream

    So I was at this place like in Ireland, with some ruins there. As I was walking around I met this friar, dressed in black, who said "I was waiting for you, come" and he took me to an age old door, opened it up.

    We went deep into a mountain, it was some sort of labyrinth, carved into the cave. We ended up in a large cavern, there was large crack in the ceiling and light was shining on a pedestal, with a jewelery box. Like those 500 year old one`s with reinforced steel frames, that knights carried arround to gather the tax from the peasants.

    And this cavern was littered with mumies, some were moving. No not ancient mummies, wrapped around in something, they were like the natural mummies, people find in deserts or swamps, like on one side of his face got skin and hair, and the other side you can see his teeth and the inside of his skull.

    No, don`t run away, more is comming

    So there were some black crystals with reddish and brown tints, depending how the light hit it. Black hexagonal crystals reminding me of onix.

    And this friar guy in black tells me "I`ve brought you here to pay your homage to the relic"

    I got creeped out, I refused, then I woke up.

    end of dream

    here comes trouble

    years after it, I discovered Lucid Dreaming, never knew it was possible and this dream felt extremly tangible, even with the horrible stench

    so I analyzed later on, only to discover what a f*cking moron I was

    ruins = my f*cked up life at that time

    friar = my spiritual guide, you generally need them to descend into your subconscious, it creates the pathway for you, to that specific area in which you must go

    cavern = the core of the problem hidden deep within

    light = hope and salvation

    mummies = my social masks, I got a bunch of those, and the crystals on them suggested, I used them with the intent of appearing something that`s in that jewelery box

    jewelery box = my guess it contained parts of me I have disowned, that resulted in me having low self-esteem and almost no confidence

    So all I had to do, was to get conscious that I was dreaming aka lucid, thank my guide for bringing me here, open the box, take out the treasure and fly out into the light

    and voila shitty life no more

    of course this would have been to simple for me at that time and there are some people who like to complicate stuff, so they have something to talk about, hide behind and force out of others some appretiation, just like a little vampire

    and me the imbecile blamed this dream on watching to much Lord of the Rings at that time

    kudos for me

    I will solve this problem no matter what !!!

    Weird reoccurring things in my dreams. Does it mean something?

    by hpnfreak on 08-02-2011 at 06:01 PM
    relax dude

    everybody has crazy errotic dreams

    you should see mine

    it doesn`t mean that you want to f*ck your mom, that`s a wierd guys theory who was a crack addict, yep Freud was a cocaine addict and suffered from OCD and most of the psychology today is based on his imbecilities

    History House: Freud and Cocaine -- The Deal

    it suggests you want a sexual partner, that can give you emotional comfort just like your mother, a feminine woman, a nurturing women

    most men prefer that, I do too

    I just go nuts for a cute woman, that can comfort me emotionally and I can just f*ck the sh*t out of her

    if you want to read about crazy wierd sexual dreams, that involve black octopusses with penises on their tentacles, S&M, dogs, a postman and Jesus Christ all in the same environment at the same time, then I suggest you this book, which is filled, with womens sexual fantasies

    your craziest Lucid Dream is chicken bollocks compared to this stuff

    wiki article:
    My Secret Garden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the book itself
    Nancy Friday - My Secret Garden (Women'S Sexual Fantasies)


    are you 18 by the way?

    if not, well don`t read the book pls
    side notes

    sleep too much

    by hpnfreak on 08-02-2011 at 05:58 PM
    sleeping to much can get you tired, that`s a paradox but that`s reality

    on the other hand, our subconcsious tends to help, protect or sabotage our life

    it might be that you don`t really like the thing you are studying, it doesn`t get you excited and you don`t have any general idea what you are going to do after you finish, so your deeper mind tries to protect you and that`s the only thing it can do at this time, pull you back from the world

    people who hate their jobs become depressed, that`s a protection mechanism telling them "this sh*t just isn`t for you, I make you feel miserable, so you will go and find something else"

    but some people are too smart for their own good

    nope, not trolling, talking from experience

    I had a bunch of jobs, I hated all of them, I just couldn`t wake up in the morning and make myself go there, slept over 10 hours still was tired

    I hated university too and slept a lot, but in my case it envolved partying and drinking almost daily

    so there is no undermotivated person, it`s more like you don`t really give a rats ass about your goal, regardless of what you tell to others or yourself about it

    the main message is at 5:24 minutes ... feel free to watch the rest if you like it

    ps: if you ever wondered what creepy means, that`s that reasercher guy in the video
    side notes

    Why do people think that DEILD is hard?

    by hpnfreak on 08-02-2011 at 10:45 AM
    because people think like this: "Now I am awake ... Now I am at sleep"

    better question "Am I???"

    they forget that most of the reality they experience on a daily basis is not solid, it`s littered with their expectations and biases

    example: If you hate money, and there`s a 100$ bill in front of you, whether you believe me or not, you will not see it or if you see it, you`ll not pick it up out of pride or some other masked negative emotion ... some researcher guys did an experiment on this, while combining this question with a positive/negative perspective of the people

    on the other hand, I have this theory that Right-brained people are far more likely to become Lucid Dreamers, then Left-brained people

    I mean by that, they focus more on that hemisphere

    left-brained: engineer, doctor, anything tehnical, business guy, stock broker

    right-brained: actor, musician, graphic designer/painter, somebody who is extremely good at people and allways was and never learned that from anywhere

    so just check out the link here:

    and notice stuff on the list like:
    • Prefer visual instructions with examples
    • Follow Eastern thought
    • Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
    • Like to write fiction
    • Fun to dream about things that will probably never happen
    • Enjoy making up own drawings and images
    • Enjoy creative storytelling
    • Prefer to learn through free exploration
    • Good at recalling spatial imagery
    • Solve problems intuitively
    • Dreamer
    • philosophical

    so if you are a tehnical guy, you should be focusing more on right brain activity and that might get you better results

    so try this test to see it

    I am even, that means I use both, most of you are probably left-brained and exercised the other hemisphere wit this stuff, because a right-brain individual would abhor an only text based environments
    side notes

    [controversial] were prophets lucid dreamers?

    by hpnfreak on 08-02-2011 at 10:45 AM
    warning this topic can and will be considered offensive by some of you

    so is it possible that the religious visionary guys, from shamans to prophets were actually natural lucid dreamers?

    religious texts are full with archetypal stuff and you meet most of those while you are dreaming

    Dream interpretation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    watch and listen to this guy, talking about his laptop telling him it`s God and turning into a heart burning with a purple flame

    talking ,burning bushes, anyone?

    a rephrase:
    are we f*cking m0r0ns for killing each other over hallucinations, that can be induced into every human being with the right tehnique?

    just a thought, please don`t shoot me, I am a monkey in the forrest, who recently learned how to type at computers, you don`t shoot monkeys, that`s unhuman, right?!
    side notes