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      Welcome to DV!
      Nice to see a fellow Aussie in these parts.
      Best wishes with your lucid dreaming journey!
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    Hi, my name is Neas. I'm a 16 year old male from Australia and am really interested in the art that is lucid dreaming.
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    I love reading and browsing the internet!
    I balance between school and work at McDonalds.
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    The amazing google.


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    [] Have a full blown LD [] Kill a DC [] Have a conversation with a DC [] Jump in pile of leaves [] Go to dessert buffet!


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    School and Projectile Vomiting

    by NeasTheDreamer on 11-04-2014 at 09:09 AM
    I was at this weird school which slightly resembled my own in the way that all the buildings were re-arranged and there was a lot more forest like growth around and a few animals too, it looked pretty rad. At one stage I was filming something with a few friends behind a building. Everyone started going home after that and getting a ride from other friends so I asked my sister and she said yes. We hopped in her car, she was sipping on a drink, she started to vomit a little bit and then went into full projectile vomiting all over the car, when she hopped out she had this weird green face although she pulled it off and her normal face.

    We ended up driving to a house and I just sat there for the rest of the dream.

    Coles and Town Shooting

    by NeasTheDreamer on 11-02-2014 at 09:05 AM
    1st. I remember walking down a street and there was this large brick building, I went inside and I had to go past the lobby even though no one was there I still felt like it was a big deal. When you walked through the lobby doors the was a very gradual slope or possibly just long stairs, there were windows on one side and the flooring was just a really shitty red carpet that you would find in old(ish) buildings. At the end of the stairway there was a large are although nothing too big. There was a class room directly opposite of the stairway and next to it a door. I didn't expect there to be a class there and just wanted to leave now, but I soldiered on (Dream Neason is such a trooper!). This led to another hall with steps at the end, tonnes of Coles logos on the walls (because why not??) And then a turn to another door, when I tried to open this door it was locked so I headed back. As I was walking through the small hall door way Jake Sut walked through and scared the shit out of me.

    I then ended up going to the plaza after that, it was partially empty and some parts were even decorated for Christmas as I was walking through there was this weird circle elevator although it only led to a platform about a metre of the floor. An old couple then walked by and went up the down escalator. I went to do the same but every time I tried it would speed up and at one point my feet were scraped against the bottom of the escalator, so I had to walk around and go up the up escalator but once I was up I realised that it was fucking pointless and continued to wander around the plaza until my dream ended.

    2nd. Iím not sure how exactly this dream started although I remember there being lots and lots of hype around a certain person. He claimed he would kill the whole town. There were literally hundreds of police in the surrounding area. At some point I ended up going home to my room. The lights were off and the curtain was shut although I still had this weird fear that I was in aim and could be taken out at any moment. Often I would turn the lights and blinds off although theyíí My dad would always come in to check on me although one of the times I had this weird sense of deja-vu one of the times, so strong that I knew he was in the kitchen and that my dad knew he was the murderer. I walked out to the kitchen and he was sitting in a lawn chair.

    Despite the fact that I knew he wouldnít hurt me I was still fucking scared out of my mind. He gave me a beer and told me to drink, it tasted like a liquified potato disguised as a beer. He talked to me about other stufff and then decided to leave and get back to business. As soon as he walked through the door the police swarmed our house and arrested him. They asked him a few questions although I canít remember what the answers to them were but I remember he got a few people laughing, soon after I woke up.
    nightmare , memorable

    Getting High and Travelling

    by NeasTheDreamer on 10-28-2014 at 10:19 AM
    1st. The dream was set at the maroochydore river area. There were probably 3 other people that were with me although none of them I know in real life. We would go to these shops that were kind of weirdly set up (Like Happy High Herbs). The other people would end up talking to the shop owners and getting some weed to smoke although when I did it the effects would only last a few seconds so we ended up going back multiple times for a fuller experience. I remember one time I took it I was flying/hovering way above the ground although the other two times it happened I was standing near the shops. Iím not sure exactly about the details of the next part although Iím pretty sure there was an airport next to the shops and this is what lead me to the next dream.

    2nd. My brother and I were sent on this plane with return tickets to some foreign place, I know this because I remember travelling over an ocean. The plane ride was short and over as soon as it started and straight after we walked out we had to find our way to the next terminal to get back. When I did find it my brother was already there so I relaxed and zoned out for a bit. When I took in my surroundings again there were different people around me. My brother said that I had missed it and there would be another one soon. While we were waiting there were people doing stuff to pass time although I woke up before I even got onto the plane #Disappointment
    P.S I've never done drugs, I'm a good boy

    Minecraft and Crazy Driving

    by NeasTheDreamer on 10-28-2014 at 10:15 AM
    1st. So this game was based of Minecraft although it isn't from anything to do with Minecraft which confuses me. It was kind of like this pre-game challenge to enter a new world. It involved lots of little rectangles, I actually had no idea what I was doing and was just moving mine randomly but I somehow won. This spawned me into a Minecraft based world without the pixels. I walked around a bit taking in my surroundings. Soon after I appeared someone else did too! He had a rifle. He shot me.
    The health system also worked the way Minecraft did, so this time it killed me and I had to re-spawn and do the whole puzzle puzzle competition thing again. When finally won and appeared back in the world the man was nearby and this time I ran although when he shot me this time it shot me way over the world at a really high speed. I ended up on some mountain, even though I was far away I still felt the need to keep on running, eventually I found an awesome house that I stayed at and called homeÖ for 5 minutes. Iím pretty sure that the bedroom on the second floor blew up and alarms went off, so I began to hustle out of town when a wild animal appeared and started attacking, Iím pretty sure that was the end of that dream although at some point I may have gone to Uncle Duncanís house in Omeo

    2nd. All I remember from this dream was driving on a semi-icy/ wet road. Shayla was the driver and Mum and I were in the car too. This dream involved driving up several hills, and going around roundabouts. Scary at the time.

    Apple Store and Apartment

    by NeasTheDreamer on 10-24-2014 at 10:05 AM
    1st.I can remember that there was a valley type area, at the top was a parking lot and a fountain. At the bottom was an apple store that was featured on a keynote. There was someone in a car that was hella mad, I hopped in the car and we sped down the valley to the apple store at the bottom. The apple store had a back area with a few counters and a little nook area with other electronics

    2nd.As of now I can remember us being on top of an apartment building. There was Tatum(Cousin), Tom(Brother), Luke(Brother), Aunty Vanessa, Uncle Victor, Nash(Cousin) and a few other people. There were bean bags on the outside although I didnít want to sit there or something was bothering me so I moved inside. Here there were a bunch of bean bags and it was cool inside and the only thing I had to put up with was kids.