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      I LOVE you avatar. So does my son. We watch asdf movies together from time to time.
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      It had that feel to it, but I enjoyed it. I was really hoping the demon guy would interact with me more, but then nothing happened. Oh well. I like exploring the more occult side of dreams, though. Have you ever done a WILD or DEILD before? Because that really just sounds like hypnagogic hallucinations; you can be at that point where the dream seems to be at least mostly formed, but you haven't really fallen asleep yet so if you try too hard to move it'll all just fall apart and you'll be awake. What you describe about trying to stay completely aware of the sensations is how the visualization WILDs are supposed to work, you get sucked into the dream if you can put enough focus on it and completely lose focus on your waking body.

      And I'll give it a look!
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      I can relate, I usually remember at least one or two more than I actually make note of. That does sound pretty interesting. I've never actually gotten vibrations that strongly before, at least not for that (just through meditation). My only WILDs have been by accident and were smooth transitions. My sleep paralysis experiences are more of the traditional kind, where you're legitimately stuck in REM atonia still after waking up and there are spirits or lots of hallucinations or whatever occupying the area around you. What you experienced sounds like a DEILD, have you really looked into those before?
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      Aw, thanks! Is it really that interesting? It seems like I get that a lot. Not much is up with me, I was just about to type up my new DJ entry for the day. Nothing too crazy, but I did wake up in sleep paralysis again which is actually a goal for me, so that's cool. Did you have any good dreams last night?
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      Hey, thanks for the add! What's up?
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    "I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake."
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    Canadian Lucid, CARNAGE

    by Spyyko on 08-03-2012 at 07:08 PM
    Possible Lucid Aids: I smoked a small cigar about an hour before I fell asleep

    Canadian Lucid
    I am walking through the green plains of an area I subconsciously know is Toronto, Canada. Although I have never visited this province in waking life, an accurate depiction of the area is presented in front of me.

    In the distance I see the CN Tower on a grassy plateau, it manifests itself as a radio structure similar to this one.

    The dream skips ahead, and I'm exiting a movie theater with my friend, Z. We are casually discussing Lucid Dreaming as we walk towards an auto parts store in the middle of a grassy plain.

    As we approach the building, Z finds something shiny on the ground.

    The moment I see it, I become lucid. I'm not sure what triggered this, and I even performed a hand reality check which failed. My Task of the Month comes into mind, and I push off of the lush green grass. I immediately feel the satisfying cool Ontario wind sting my eyes as I rip through the sound barrier in a vertical pursuit to exit the atmosphere without any technological aid.

    The indigo sky begins to darken and I feel my body become weightless, just as the stars come into view. I am breathing the plasma-rich energy of space, and when I look down at the blue oceans of our planet, I can only help but feel sad.

    As the dream slowly fades, I come to the realization that I may never experience this outside of the dream realm. Space is the final frontier, and even with the substantial technology humanity has acquired thus far, we are stuck in this galaxy, within a miniscule star system, on a rock. A beautiful, unique, magnificent rock.

    This is not quite what I expected after such an alleviating dream...

    I'm preparing for a fight. I am not sure who I will be competing against, but I know only one of us will be leaving this arena alive. As I gear up and enter the massive coliseum, I see one man standing at the distal arch of the death pit.
    I have never met this person in waking life, nor do I know the name of the DC, but my subconscious made the connection that this person is a very good friend of mine.
    I unsheathe my blade. It is an unusually designed copper scimitar which radiates heat.

    I charge at my companion only for him to match my strike. As our swords collide, I my arm goes numb from the disseminating electricity of his blade. The fight seems to continue for hours, as I perform superhuman leaps from one corner of the arena to the other, parrying his hits and returning strikes. Eventually we both collapse from the overexertion of the battle, only to hear the announcer's voice threatening to unleash the beasts. I feared these monsters, so much that I swiftly bury my blade into my former ally's neck. Unfortunately, he survived the initial blow and I mouth the words,
    "I'm sorry,"
    before I drive my sword into his heart. The announcer runs out onto the field of battle to announce my victory, but is cut short by the rapid swipe of my blade. His head drops to the bloody ground and his body short thereafter. I look up to the sky as thousands of arrows rain down upon my hopeless body, and my spirit fades with a sense of atonement.

    Moar Jetpacks

    by Spyyko on 07-31-2012 at 05:35 PM
    Recently I've been having a lot of dramatic dreams lately, involving the police and my legal status... I'm slightly worried about my state of mind...

    I am in my neighbor's backyard at dusk. My hands are covered in blood. I'm hastily putting on an interesting contraption, similar to a backpack, but my hands keep slipping. I wipe them on my ripped jeans and continue strapping this abnormal invention onto my back.

    I finish, just as the police pull up to the front of the house, and push off the ground.

    This must've been a pretty shitty jet pack, as it lifted me more like a hot air balloon than something powered by gasoline. I pass this off as a means of stealth purposes and elevate, slowly, into the night sky. I hear gunshots below me and feel an odd pressure in my left thigh. I've been shot! Usually the replacement of pain for pressure is a prenominal dream sign, but I pass it off as a regular occurrence and keep flying.

    Hours later, I begin to descent into a vaguely familiar town. I am kindly greeted by Anne Hathaway dressed as Catwoman, who proceeded to shoot me in the face with a taser and drag me off to prison.


    by Spyyko on 07-31-2012 at 05:15 AM
    Falsely Convicted
    I'm in a courtroom, standing up at the defendant's table. Every accusation I hear is direct evidence of the murder I supposedly committed. The only problem? I'm innocent.

    I'm dragged off by an officer in a khaki uniform and walked down a hallway, where the media is lined up along the walls. My mother shoves past a group of camera-holding spectators, just long enough to ask me a brief, yet impending question:
    "Did you do it?"
    I shake my head, no.

    As I am carefully chained into the back an empty black van which, undoubtedly, should be taking me to a state penitentiary, I begin to cry. My life is over at 17. Damn, I didn't even get to go to college yet.

    A thought crosses my mind...

    I'm 17! I can't go to prison yet! This must be a..

    The dream warps and I awake with a peculiar sense of satisfaction
    lucid , non-lucid

    Recall Galore

    by Spyyko on 07-28-2012 at 11:14 PM
    Non-Lucid - Lucid - Notes
    1st Dream
    I'm sitting in a glass elevator with two people I don't recognize. I know for certain that this is no ordinary elevator, as when I look outside, I stare into the vast expanse of a curious looking star system.

    I didn't take note on what I was wearing, but it was rather uncomfortable, so I ripped it all off. Something happens and the elevator stops and opens.


    2nd Dream (fragment)
    The girl I've been talking to for a while, M, is helping me put a condom on because I was having a slight amount of trouble wrapping my tool.

    3rd Dream
    A very, very, VERY long sex scene with Wonder Woman. No idea why this even happened.

    4th Dream
    Playing Nazi Zombies with a good friend of mine, Z. We get pulled into the game itself and are eventually eaten

    5th Dream
    I'm standing on an exotic-looking island, probably inspired by the game "Dead Island".

    There were dead bodies everywhere, and people mourning for their loved ones. This was the site of a recent terrorist attack. I walk around the broken docks, and hear a helicopter landing in the distance.

    I run over to see who is visiting this godforsaken island, only to come face-to-face with Barack Obama in a crimson-red suit dual wielding two .50 cal. Pistols.

    At this point I've come to the realization that I'm dreaming, but that doesn't stop Barack. He shoves past me and I get a glimpse of him finishing off any survivors of the prenominal attack. I find this to be entertaining, yet disturbing, so I finish him off by summoning lightning from the clear blue sky. I wake up feeling both satisfied and refreshed
    I fall back asleep around 6:00 A.M.

    6th Dream (fragment)
    My mom smells the cigar I smoked earlier on my clothes, and I convince her that it is simply my cologne infused with marijuana extract. WTF?

    7th Dream
    Listening to M sing. She is unusually talented, for someone who doesn't sing for shit in waking life.I become lucid for a short while in realization of this, but the dream is unstable and I wake up.

    8th Dream (FA)
    I "wake up" to a phone call from M, but "fall back asleep" because I'm far too tired.

    8 "Dreams" in 1 Night. Needless to say, I'm satisfied.

    Shapeshifting, Airbending, and Pure Lucidity

    by Spyyko on 05-23-2012 at 02:24 AM
    Shapeshifting, Airbending, and Pure Lucidity

    I fell asleep with no intention of lucidity, and surprisingly attained it without any dream checks or outrageous dream signs being revealed. I feel like beaches recur constantly in my dreams... This is the fourth dream which I've been on a beach, this week alone

    I wake up on a sandy shore, around dusk. The sun had already set, but the purple sky was still illuminated by the reflective and distant clouds. I can immediately tell that I'm on a a large island, reason being the lack of tall vegetation. Someone had managed to create a bonfire near the center of this isle. I walk over to find my friend, Zach discovering a new talent of his: airbending. I don't remember any dialogue occurring, but I feel a tingly sensation throughout my body.

    I didn't perform a reality check, but rather focused on stabilizing the dream. I rubbed my hands together, which brought about an explosive aurora of color into the gloomy dreamscape. Although it was still dusk, vividness arose.

    By this time I know I have a solid base of lucidity that will not be easily interrupted; it feels pretty damn real.

    I conjure a staff unto my right hand, and engage in combat with Zach. I easily overpower him with countless powerful whooshes and gusts of wind.

    I begin seeing red for reasons unknown, and I begin to run along the shoreline on all fours. I feel a transformation occurring, and pick up a significant amount of speed. As the sand is kicked up behind me, I look down at my newly developed hands, which resemble the paws of a wolf.

    I must've been running for a good 10 minutes, because I eventually get bored and purposely wake myself up to write down this dream. This one was quite fascinating, as I've never really shapeshifted in my dreams. Being a wolf is my new personal favorite, and I hope to experience this transformation again when I lucid dream next.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable , side notes