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      Music/Sense Cues Cause Emotion

      So a band I listen to has one album that is kind of sacred for me and I realized that it is not because I love the music that much but because I have super heavy intense emotions attached to it. I listened to this album a lot when I was going through a super emotional time in my life, and at the same time my childhood was kind of dying. So death of childhood + teenage emotional imbalance = crazy emotions. When I listened to this album the emotions got tied to it. The lyrics also somewhat represent the emotions. Therefore, when I listen to this it is super duper intense.

      I am going to do some research on this. As for the album mentioned above, I will only listen to it when feeling nostalgic. I will find other songs that I will listen to when feeling certain powerful emotions. If it works, I will have "stored" such emotions inside the music and when I listen to it I will feel them. The problem is, if you listen to the music too much, you kind of use up all the emotion inside.

      This also seems to work with other sensory cues. In fact, this has already kind of been proven by Pavlov, but I am on here to see if you guys have any personal experience. If you decide to do this please do not flood the thread with progress reports, as it can take months or even years. If any of you have prior experience I would love for you to share it. Also any links to articles/info about this would be awesome.
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      I've always had emotional connections to music, which is part of why I love playing piano and singing so much. So pretty much anything I play causes different emotions stir up.

      If you're looking for an extreme example, recently I heard this song called "Unraveling" by Liz Longley. The song is about a woman lamenting her mother's Alzheimer's and her futile attempts to make her remember her loved ones. I lost my grandfather on my dad's side to Alzheimer's when I was 11, and sometimes I see signs of it in my dad. When I hear the song, I think about the pain that my dad went through as his father slowly forgot everything, and I fear not only that I will have to endure that pain, but that my children will have to as well.

      I tried singing and playing it on the piano the other day, but I had tears welling in my eyes before the second verse.
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      Dropping this here.

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