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    Thread: You May Want to Hit the Snooze Button

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      You May Want to Hit the Snooze Button

      Found this article about a study on snooze button use: https://www.braindecoder.com/to-achi...487020701.html

      Scientists at Swansea University in Wales have reported that lucid dream frequency is associated with how often people use the snooze button on their alarm clocks, wake up during the night, and remember their dreams overall.

      They asked 84 people between the ages of 18 and 75 if they'd ever had a lucid dream, how often they could recall their dreams, how often they woke up during the night, and whether they used alarm clocks and snooze buttons.

      However, because this is a correlational study, it may be that lucid dreamers for some reason choose to snooze, rather than the causation being that snoozing causes lucid dreaming.

      One reason for the link between snoozing and lucid dreams could be that interrupting someone's sleep makes them more likely to hit REM—the stage during which dreams most often occur—quickly when they drift off again.
      Here is the paper: http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/2015-53854-001/

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      Therefore: MicroWBTB FTW!!!!!

      -enhances dreamrecall significantly
      -more awakenings
      -higher chance for lucids

      and i dont think that the distinct underlining effect is:
      ...that interrupting someone's sleep makes them more likely to hit REM...
      but more the fact that the more you jump between waking and sleeping the more the line vanish and the higher your awareness in contrast when you sleep for 6h straight... then there is no intention left that was set before bed. but when you wake up every 1.5h you set your intention new and remember dreams that had dreamsigns and was "funny or strange" and some minutes or seconds later you are in the next dream still remembering your intention and what was odd before.

      you dont need a alarm or hit snooze for that btw...
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