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      can we map out the dream world

      so i saw great group of guys on reddit talking about creating a map of the dream world yes maybe it is infinite maybe a new chunk of the world is created every day when we imagine it in dreams so we can conduct experiments to know that

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      I have done something similar. I have a sort of video game like visualization that I can walk around in the dreamscape. The only thing is that I created it before I went there in my dreams. So I sort of created my dreamworld rather than recreated it.
      The only rules to your dreamscape are the ones you create.

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      Why not?? It sounds like it could be fun!!

      I've seen a map someone made of the dream-realm H.P. Lovecraft described in his dream cycle books:

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      This kind of thing is referred to as a Wonderland - some people have reported being able to revisit and continue where they left off in developing their dream world. Mapping my dreams out is how I get the level design ideas for my video games. Lots of interesting potential for this kind of thing, and I bet it helps pretty nicely in developing all of the skills involved in LDing, such as dream control, recall, etc.

      If you happen to sit down and sketch out some ideas, please do share

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      I think I prefer to be the explorer with no maps lost in my own mind with wonder surprise and delight at all the new places and sights that I see. I'd hate to have my dream world become mundane and unchanging enough that a map could have any purpose or use to be honest.

      So far at least I've not gotten lost as I keep waking up and finding myself right back where I started from.

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