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      Hi QZ - I had a wee look at your DJ and it's amazing you must have started LD realy early on - great! I am beginning and doin ok but if you have anything to share of your personal Wilding way and what you do in the day that helps you most it would be great to hear about it
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      I can have you ROTFLOL.
      Fanny pack.
      Pop pop.
      Gettin' freaker.
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      Wow, that is a long time! It makes sense now why each one of your DJ entries are like a short story. It has really motivated me to try harder with my dream recall now
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      Hey, just dropped by to say that your DJ is amazing! Everything is so vivid and detailed! How long have you been keeping a dream journal?
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      Happy birthday Queen Zukin! \(^o^)/
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      I can't seem to be able to comment on your DJ at the moment. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your Arcane entry; it was wonderfully creepy.
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      You somehow got past 10, yeah your account is glitched :p
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      Damn looks like the 10 message rule is working :p
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      Happy birthday. :)
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      Department of subhuman affairs
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    Maple Syrup Foot Fetish

    by Queen Zukin on 09-09-2016 at 05:36 PM
    Maple Syrup Foot Fetish

    I'm at a highschool and Kestrel is there. It's the end of the first day of school and everyone is catching their bus or driving home. I realize that I need to take the bus but I want to make sure that I get on the right bus first. I talk to administration and they tell me that there is only one bus that serves the entire school. Not too hard, right?

    So Kestrel and I walk back outside and I see the bus leaving.


    "How strange! I have this recurring dream that I am in highschool again and I miss the bus home. What a coincidence, huh?"

    Anyways, somehow I wind up on the bus.

    We're chugging along when the bus driver suddenly yells, "CALL YOUR LOVED ONES AND TELL THEM GOOD BYE AHAHAHAHAHHA!" The bus driver then slams into a car in front of us, backs up, and does this repeatedly.

    One of the students on the bus takes action and tries to remove the keys from the ignition. He successfully does so, but the bus driver attempts to tackle him. In a last ditch effort, the student tries to toss the keys to the back of the bus.

    I'm sitting in the first few rows and I see my moment of opportunity. I sprint towards the doors and force them open. Only a few other students and I manage to get out before the bus driver reclaims the keys.

    I run into the nearest shop, which was a Chinese restaurant, screaming "CALL THE POLICE, CALL THE POLICE!!!!"

    I take the phone at the counter and start dialing 911 but no one answers.

    "Why isn't this working???" I call out.

    "The manager is afraid someone will accidentally call 911 so he blocked the number." The hostess responds calmly. Who would even do that?!

    I'm about to run out the door and to the next shop when the manager comes running after me telling me that before I leave, he needs to put maple syrup on my feet. What the serious fuck?

    I don't have time for this tomfoolery and run out the door and into a small theater. Nothing makes sense there either. I start looking around and I begin to notice that literally everyone in this town is doing things that make literally no sense. People are walking backwards, laying in the middle of the street, buildings are sideways, etc.

    And then I somehow gain the ability to fly. I decide to use this ability to save my trapped comrades in the bus. I fly over to the bus and am able to distract the bus driver long enough to save them.

    I decide I've had enough of this freaky town so we fly up in the sky with the intent to leave. I keep flying upwards above the clouds with my friends until we suddenly hit the top of an industrial ceiling. Astonished yet determined to gtfo of here, I break through the ceiling.

    And above the ceiling nothing else existed. Seriously. Above the ceiling was just pure white light.

    It's then I come to the harrowing realization that we are trapped in this strange dimension forever.

    Shared Dream w/ KestrelKat 8/31/15

    by Queen Zukin on 09-02-2015 at 03:35 AM
    Graveyard Party

    I was with my family in the middle of a field/forest. We had bought a very old house and were renovating it. I was hanging out on the front porch, but I think I was having a problem with bees. The house gave me a creepy feeling. There was also a basement and a hall in the basement led to a large wooden door and opened up to a big, old lecture hall.

    Later in the dream I was back at my family's house. I had done something very wrong, and my family decided to perform an honor killing on me. I wanted to write out some last things before I was killed. I quickly got a pen and paper and wrote out that the old house that they were renovating was very haunted. I had felt the presence of an evil black figure. The black figure was ruling over another spirit, who I felt to be a girl (who turned out to be Kestrel). I was worried about their renovations and how the spirit could hurt them.

    I told my family that I would like to be buried in the backyard next to our dog. My sister shot me in the head and I was buried. I tried to stay conscious for as long as possible. I wanted to avoid losing consciousness forever and so I tried to remain 'lucid' throughout the process of dying.

    After some time, I was able to separate my spirit from my body and I drifted back up above land. I figured some time had passed since now there was snow on the ground. I stepped on the snow and it was warm yet crunchy. It was like walking on rice krispies. Everything was uncannily crunchy. My consciousness even felt crunchy.

    I went inside and turned on the TV, still holding onto my pseudo-lucidity. I started wondering about who else I would find on the astral plane. And then I wondered if I had a formal gravestone. I put two and two together and realized it would be a great idea to visit the graveyard. Maybe I could find other spirits there too, like me?

    I zoomed through the TV and into the graveyard. The graveyard was grassy and hilly. I saw a young couple walking and I followed them closely, but they couldn't feel that I was there. I followed a lot of people but none of them could sense me.

    I walked up a hill and found several other spirits sitting. I touched them, and it felt as if where I had touched them my fingers were extremely tingly/pins&needles. I thought this was really interesting, but the other spirits said that they didn't like to be touched for this reason. It felt too inhuman to them.

    Lastly, I went to a classroom and messed with the students in there. I probably scared the shit out of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kestrel
    Annnnd, the dream I had last night:

    I was in an old house, living with a bunch of other people. It was being renovated, and I was looking through the bottom storage rooms to see if there was anything I could take up to my room on the very top floor. It was like a GUFF pile (General Unrestricted Free (Food), I believe it stands for; it's a word we use at the coop I lived at with Zukin that means it's free for the taking/using), and I wondered what kinds of things people had put down there. There were lots of colorful sheets, and I would have taken one of them if I didn't already have nice sheets. I left, and when I came back again there were boxes of lots of different kinds of cookies, and three people in the room. There was an older gentleman who looked like a janitor, and a couple, the woman crying and eating cookies. I overheard the conversation; the man had cheated on her, and was breaking it off with her. I felt for her and wanted to treat her to something nice but something told me not to meddle. They both left, leaving me with the older gentleman. He seemed really friendly, a bit odd, but really well-meaning. He asked if I wanted any of the sheets; I said no, because I had a star trek patterned set upstairs.

    "Oh, you like Star Trek? I have just the thing for you!" He opened a drawer in a nearby desk and ruffled through some papers. He handed me a visibly old piece of card-stock with an image printed on one side of it and writing on the back. I don't remember exactly what the image was at first, but the older man said it was a picture of Spock. I looked again, and it still wasn't Spock but the image changed! Every time I looked at it, the image on the paper was different. It eventually did show Spock; it was a black-and-white image, pretty old looking. I was super thrilled with this piece of paper and wanted badly to find Zukin to show her this supernatural thing.

    I ran up flights of stairs to try to find her, looking down at the sheet to make sure it was still working every now and then. I noticed the images were always black-and-white, and always had that old high-contrast-y quality to them even if they were modern things. About half-way through the house I felt this evil, dark presence. I turned away from where it was, but I kept running into it and I felt like it was chasing me and I kept getting glimpses of this black, shadowy figure. When I got to the ground floor of the house (there were apparently lots of basement floors), the image stopped changing. It was also in color, now. It was an image of an old wooden door, very intricate and really quite beautiful. It was at the end of a hallway or something, like a door to a closet or stairs to the basement. I kept looking back at the paper, trying to get it to change, but it wouldn't. And then, there was a banging at the front door. I had to cross right in front of the door to reach the stairs up to the top floors, so I ran. When I got to the top of the first flight of stairs I turned and saw the black figure (I could now tell it was a woman, and she was pure evil) phasing through the door and floating up towards me. I ran the rest of the way to my room without looking back.

    Spoiler for unrelated bits:

    When I felt like I was far enough away, I stopped, closed my eyes and just sort of let myself grow. I grew taller, wider, rounder. It was such an awesome experience; I was just a simple round hunk of rock, so I sped up time (lol I forgot this was my third task, too, WOOT!) to let myself grow fully and get some lifeforms on me. I could literally feel mountains, oceans and forest growing on various parts of my body. I could feel living things start to evolve, and then people building huts and villages, migrating, and building their societies. It was like I WAS physics, geology, history... I could feel all the forces of gravity pulling things to my center, I could feel the pull of the sun and I could see the path of my orbit.

    I wanted to know what kind of life existed on myself, so I focused my consciousness on a point at my edge, extended out just a touch more and detached myself from myself. I was in a hilly place, with lots of grass. But where I detached was a crunchy gravel path. I realized I was in a sort of graveyard, and suddenly I felt Zukin's presence somewhere behind me. Like, not just Zukin's DC. This was HER presence. I looked around for her; I saw a few other people but I didn't see her, and yet I could still feel her and she was moving around. I kept searching for her but
    woke up...

    le spatula

    by Queen Zukin on 01-30-2015 at 03:44 AM
    I had a dream last night that I was in a nightgown running down a street laughing maniacally wielding a spatula. I think I was on my way to kill someone with said spatula.

    Some dude on the street was like, "hey...you okay??" and started following me in concern lol.

    Well I sort of totally forgot to whose house I was going, and stood there for a moment completely confused. Not even surprised though, this is normal for me. Just to suddenly forget where I'm going and what I'm doing and what I was thinking. It's some crazy men in black shit.

    Well I still couldn't figure out where I was going, but I couldn't let this guy down now. He followed me here like I was some sort of escaped mental patient. Heh. The show must go on!

    Since I didn't know where I was going I was at a bit of a loss here, but when I turned around there were three men REALLY CONVENIENTLY tied up and laying on the curb.

    I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do with this spatula, but hey, anything is a weapon if you're crazy enough. Blood splatter!

    So yep, Zukin + spatula = blooood.

    Thousands of Doves

    by Queen Zukin on 08-18-2014 at 08:25 PM
    I should have written this one right when I woke up...but I didn't...and I'm left with fragments.

    I was lucid - I don't remember how. Once again, I couldn't remember any of the things I wanted to do in my lucid dream (a sign of my recent scatterbrainedness, I'm sure) - so I decided to do backflips. Because why the hell not. Plus it's fun in zero gravity.

    When I got bored of that, I decided to fly around on the threshold of Earth's atmosphere and outerspace. Flying around in Earth is moderately fun, flying around in space is great (except it's always BONE CHILLINGLY COLD FOR ME ), but flying on the threshold of the two is the best.

    I flew up above the clouds. It was sunset...and beautiful!

    I flew over the clouds quickly....the giant white clouds began to morph into thousands of doves. The clouds would just dissipate into these beautiful white doves that would scatter away! It was so amazing.

    I flew up higher and into outerspace through the solar system. I flew really quickly past the planets and it made me feel a bit disorientated.

    That was great, but I decided to come back home to Earth. When I landed, I saw a tornado on the horizon. I decided to fly into it, but I think I woke up before I reached it.


    5 Minute Dream

    by Queen Zukin on 08-11-2014 at 05:59 PM
    This happened between my last 5 minute snooze on my alarm clock (9:55am to 10am)

    I was in my bedroom, and I wanted to get some air flowing inside the room since it was really stuffy. I cracked my window open, but snow from outside started rushing in. This was a problem. If I left the windows closed, it was going to get hot in here. But if I left them open, my carpet was going to get wet. I settled on an illogical intermediate of cracking the window open no more than a couple millimeters.

    I went downstairs and started talking to my mother. She said that there was supposed to be some really bad storms today. I drank something, and went back upstairs. This time, I was in my bedroom at school. I sat down on the bed, and noticed that it was getting really dark outside. It was only morning, but it was almost as dark as night time outside. I decided it was time to turn on the light.

    I walked over to the light switch to flip it on, but nothing happened. I wondered if the storm had caused us to lose power. Yet, lights never work when I am dreaming, so I did a reality check - dreaming. I had some things that I had been wanted to do, but right now I was drawing a total blank. I remembered the Task of the Month - gauge your eyeballs out. I did one last reality check to absolutely confirm that I was dreaming before I did this. I stuck my fingers into my eye sockets and felt around. First of all - yuck. Second, OUCH. IT HURT. Like, really fucking bad. Despite the pain, I kept going but I couldn't see shit. Well, I saw the color red. Maybe that was supposed to be blood. So in the process of gauging out my eyeballs, I blinded myself. Great.

    I stuck my eyeballs back in and thought about what I wanted to do next. I thought about doing another task of the month, but I couldn't remember any of the other ones. I remembered the elevator one from last month, but then remembered that I had promised my wolf pack that I would shapeshift and help find a good place for us.

    I jumped out the window and was instantly in the middle of an absolutely beautiful field. There were yellow flowers growing in the field and an old farm house at the very end. To the left was a flowing stream and there were lambs nearby, too. I shapeshifted into a wolf and started running across the field. I've never shapeshifted into a wolf before, so this was a new experience for me. I could feel that my back legs were significantly more powerful than my front legs. It took a minute, but then I realized how to coordinate them to run powerfully like a wolf. This was really a beautiful place! But the lambs were very distracting. And tasty looking.

    I decided that it was time for the hunt.

    I began to stalk my prey, slowly inching closer. When I was at a reasonable distance, I leaped forward and sunk my teeth into the lamb...at which point my alarm clock went off.
    lucid , task of the month