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      Exclamation Trying to attempt Everyman 3. Need serious help with schedule.

      Hi everyone.

      So, I decided that I need more time for my studies and the only way is to adopt polyphasic sleep. The problem is I'm a huge fan of sleep(8 hours minimum a day). After much research, I realized that the best schedule for me would be Everyman 3, with 3 hours core and 3, 20 minutes, naps. However there will be days when I won't be able to nap at a specific time.

      Let me show you guys my schedule and what I planned. I have exactly 29 days before my exams so I will be starting Everyman 3 tomorrow, and I hope to get some answers by then.

      My daily schedule is:
      8:00 -12:00 - University
      14:00 - 17:15 Work

      Now, here is my Everyman 3 schedule:
      00:00 - 3:00am Core Sleep
      7.30am - 7.50am Nap 1
      12.50 : 13:10pm Nap 2
      18:10 - 18:30 Nap 3

      Now I have a huge problem. Exactly 28 days from now, I will have an exam at 18:00 and I have a nap at 18:10pm. Will I be affected? Will it be possible to not nap then? Or have a nap earlier(maybe 17.15pm)?

      Now, will it be possible to fully adjust to everyman by then? Next week I'm totally free and I was thinking of trying Uberman for the whole week, get totally down and shift to Everyman 3. Will that be better to adapt?

      I have planned some other Everyman 3 schedules as follows. However, these have differences in the times between naps which is not exactly 5 hours between each. Will the effect be the same if I adopt any of these? Please explain in detail for each if possible:

      Alternate Plan 1
      23:30pm - 2:30am Core Sleep
      7.20 am - 7:40 am Nap 1
      12:40 - 12:50 pm Nap 2
      17:50pm - 18:10 pm Nap 3 [Exam Time ]

      Alternate Plan 2
      02:00am - 5:00am Core Sleep
      12.10 : 12:30pm Nap 1
      17:30 : 17:50 Nap 2 [Exam Time ]
      21:40 - 22:00 Nap 3

      Alternate Plan 3
      22:30pm - 1:30am Core Sleep
      6:30am - 6:50am Nap 1
      12.10 - 12:40pm Nap 2
      17:40 - 18:00pm Nap 3 [Exam Time ]

      My preferred plan is the one I mentioned at the very beginning followed by Alternate Plan 1. You will see that Alternate plan 2 has a big gap in the time before each nap. For example between my core and first nap, there is 7hours and 10 minutes. Then 5 hours between nap 1 and nap 2. Finally less than 4 hours between nap 2 and nap 3. So this one is quite messed up but it's a good one which could fit my schedule.

      My problem is this exam. It won't be the first. And also there are times when exams could be during a time for nap, what would I do then?

      Is 28 days enough to adapt to Everyman 3, while revising everyday?
      Will it be a good idea to start on Uberman for a week(5-6 days) and then downgrade to Everyman 3? Would this make adaptation faster?

      I need some serious replies.

      Thanks a lot people.
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      I am looking to try one of the polyphasic sleep schedules as well, and one thing to take into consideration is you will be dead the first week on the new sleep pattern, so take into consideration the amount study time you lose that week and see if it is even worth the change.

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      I had the luxury of doing the uberman sleep schedule for a summer. It was amazing, but I had no job, no car, and few friends, so it was easy. In my experience, you get a ridiculous amount of things done, simply because you have so much time. Sure, you're tired at first, but being tired doesn't mean you have to sit there and not do anything.

      In the first month of doing it, I finished everything on my to-do lists, cleaned everything in the house, cleared all my email in boxes, did a lot of stretching, condensed 3 years of mechanical engineering notes into handy reference sheets, and then had to start seriously thinking about what to do with all this time I had. I managed to come up with deep goals for life, map out extensive details about how to accomplish them, evaluate all my interests, and decide on which hobbies to keep, which to let go, which to adopt, etc. In short, I feel like I got my life in order. Once I had a main goal/purpose for myself, I ran with it. I've been happy with that since. Although I do periodically fine tune the goal as I progress towards it. The more progress I make, the clearer I see what I'm really aiming for.

      It seems to me like your schedule with exams is a serious problem for this sleep schedule. It might be better to post pone adopting it until you have more flexibility. Toward the end of the summer for me, I went out swimming with my friends right at my usual nap time. I was super tired, and it threw me out of whack enough that I abandoned the whole thing so I could hang out with my friends easier.

      The ideal fit for this would be someone who makes their own schedule, flexible work, flexible commitments, flexible social life, etc. Working around rigid schedules makes it near impossible. That being said, some people still might find it more preferable to the standard 8 hour model. Bi-phasic sleep is another option with much more flexibility on sleep times.

      Right now, I'm operating quite well on the push and crash model. I was up for 16 hours, went to work for 8, slept 5, did another 8 hour shift, then slept 90 minutes. Right now I'm feeling that it is time for the crash part of that: 18 solid hours of sleep, pee break, maybe a snack, then back to bed, then back to work. It feels like time travel sleeping for 18 solid hours, but I figure that if I can sleep all in one chunk like that, I'll take it. Seems like 18 is always enough to recover, I've never really gone longer than that. It does make me laugh when I set my alarm clock 21 hours in the future, just to make sure I'm up in time for work lol.

      But seriously, even if there are obstacles for you, even if you don't know how you're going to make the schedule fit with everything, I would definitely recommend trying it, and seeing it as a learning opportunity. You might find that you personally have more flexibility with the nap times than others, or you might find some other insights into it that make it easier to do at another time. What's the worst that could happen?
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