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This topic is for the Lucid Tasks that are assigned by the Lucid Task Club and the On-Topic Administrator. Please attempt any or all of these tasks throughout the month.
Report back in this thread, even if you didn't successfully accomplish the task. Your efforts should make interesting reading! This is required in order to get credit, it is no longer sufficient just to say that you did it.

How to get your wings:

When you complete a task: Go to your control panel, then to permission groups, and request to be in the group that applies to the task that you've done: one basic or both, one advanced or both, bonus or how many tasks of the year. Please note, that we now have wings for every task. Requesting to join the group will upon approval also grant you access to Lucid Task Club.

Of course, you still need to post the pertinent part of the dream here and link to your DJ entry.
Format of your post:
[Basic, Advanced...] -[Name of the Task] - [success or fail] - [pertinent part of a dream] - [link to dj]
For example:
Basic - Drive a car - success

When you post about another successful attempt, please tell me if it was your first or second task from basic or advanced tasks, or first, the second... seventh task from the task of the year. I need to know this so I know which wings to give you. If you only say "completed TOTY - flying car", this doesn't tell me which wings with how many stars should I give you.

Please, make sure you post here your attempts both failures and successes, this will make this post much more dynamic.

Whoever completes any of these tasks gets the following goodies until the end of the month:
Your name will be displayed in ORANGE in the online member's list at the bottom of the main forum page. *NEW* You'll also be displayed in orange purple (by popular vote) in our Discord.
You will receive a special title and badge.
You will receive access to the "Lucid Task Club" which is a limited-access forum for people that complete a lucid task each month. Members of this club can vote for submitted suggestions for the next month's tasks. Access to the Lucid Task Club will also grant you early access to the next month's tasks, giving you a 2-3 day window to keep your wings for the following month.

Tasks For This Month:
Basic i:
Light up the floor with each step you take. (RelicWraith)
Basic iI: Go spelunking. What do you find? (Moonagedaydream)

Advance i: Go diving off the coast of Antarctica and describe the underside of an iceberg. (Moonagedaydream)
Advance ii: Find notes/recordings of dreams you have forgotten. Describe at least one dream (false or otherwise) which you recall in this way. (RelicWraith)

Summon a brain in a jar. Talk to it. Tell them that they have nobody? How did it respond? Report what conversation you had.
Please see Steve Martin's movie, The Man With Two Brains. (HumbleDreamer)

__________________________________________________ _______________________
March'S BEGINNER TASKS: (Anybody feel free to have fun with these, but you'll get wings only if you are a beginner. Some will change each month!)

1. Slow down, look around, describe what you see.
2. Touch the ground. What is it? Grass, asphalt?
3. Look at your body. What are you wearing?
4. Focus on different muscles in your body and make them flex.
5. Taste something. Does it taste as you'd exp
6. Find the text you can read, then look at it again. Has it changed?
7. Walk barefoot for a while. How does the ground feel on your feet?

Note: This one is for two month instead of one. You have a little more time complete the task, as you wish!

You got this everyone!


Coordinator Task Of The Month and Task Of The Year.