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      Please Delete, thank you!

      I have another thread I made, and posted this in, but that thread doesn't seem to be getting much attention, and I'd really like some answers or help about this! If one of my threads is a problem, please delete the older one. (Titled: "Best WILD attempt to date")

      I've always thought WILD-ing would be the way for me to achieve lucid dreams. Reality checks and DILD's seem to rely on luck, and DEILD's I haven't had much luck with yet (can't stay still once I've woken up ).

      So anyways, this morning I tried to WILD, as I have been doing lately in the mornings. I got to SP, which I can usually get to if I set my mind to it. The SP felt like it was lasting AGES, but now that I think about it, it probably wasn't that long at all. I get this LOOUDD ringing in my ears, I almost can't stand it. Every time it got too intense some part of my body would twitch, the ringing would get quieter for a little bit, but then it would get louder. I fell asleep without realising it though, and continued to dream that I was trying to fall asleep. I would lay down, reach SP, something would happen to disturb me. (I was on someone else's house so it was definitely a dream.) I woke up, realised I had failed, wrote down the dream I had, and then found a huge spot of blood on my sheets.

      This kind of scared me. I went to try and get the blood off of the sheets right away, and I kept reality checking like, "is this real? I can't believe this is real." It was all real though. So I'm thinking after this experience.. I don't really want to keep trying to WILD. Maybe I'll try and reality check on a more regular basis, and really hope that it pays off in my dreams. Maybe I'll get better at DEILD's, and I won't have to go through the SP. What are other people's thoughts on this? Have others had experiences like this?

      EDIT: Well this is embarassing... My mom identified the stain on my sheets as ink, which makes perfect sense. I keep a red pen next to my bed, with my dream journal. And it was mysteriously not working very well this morning. Oh well, guess I don't have to be worried about WILDing causing scary bleeding anymore. O.O
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