Automatic writing is an odd and poetic art form arising from surrealism, the school of art that focuses on the dream, so I figured it might be a good topic for a dream forum.

Basically the idea is to start writing and never pause. Ideally you want to let go of your thinking as much as possible and simply write without thinking about what it is you are writing. The goal is subconscious writing. Usually resulting in amusing nonsense.

What I typically do is start writing and keep going until my thoughts get in the way, usually ending up with a paragraph of nonsense. Then I pick out the most interesting phrases that emerged in writing.

For instance, here's some examples of some of the phrases I've written through automatic writing.

"Into Supernal Sunrise, the Cataclysmic Oblong Noodle Shop."

"Time, Time, Time, Chimes the Everfull Clock of Dusk-and-Noon."

"The Nonbeing of Myself will come to Nonbe."

"The Everescent Will of Dangerous Men."

"Iron Eyes of Justice."

"The Sky went Black with Tears of Rust and Sorrow."

"The Tenfold Destiny of the World-Sphere."

"Throughout the Newage Sky."

"Then did the Sunsorrow Raised the Banner of the Tomorrow’s Wildering Venture."

"When Sky is Lost to Elder Fool’s Night."

"Ettermore the Guard of the Owl Comes to Slay the Beast of the Fallen."

"When You Know the Secret It will Share with You Its Wisdom."

"Never Contend with the Wishes of Lesser Men when the Daughter is Involved because that’s exactly when They get You into the Bag."