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      Reality check desktop prompt

      Here's an idea I just had, and felt like sharing with people. I often find myself, while dreaming, at my computer. Kind of sad, when you think about it, that I can't even get off of it in my sleep.

      Anyway, as a cool little prompt for myself to do a RC, I edited my desktop to have big red letters that say "Are you dreaming?". Hopefully, I will be able to see this while seeing my computer in my dreams, and do a reality check.

      So, what do you think of this? Has this been done before?
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      Actually, if you frequently find yourself dreaming of sitting infront of a computer, with a little practice, this could become a glaringly clear dreamsign. I wish i had something a little consistent to recognize or expect but it seems like i never dream of the same thing twice.

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      I did this before. Created a background with text like that, but it never worked.
      I realize that i'm dreaming.
      I realize that i'm dreaming.
      I realize that i'm dreaming.

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