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    Thread: Best Lucid dreaming technique

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      Question Best Lucid dreaming technique

      Hey guys. I started lucid dreaming at 3 weeks and my dream recall is 1-2 dreams a night.
      i alredy haved 1 lucid dream (That i can remember) but i would like to know your opinion. fOR a beginner like me whats the best Lucid dreaming technique ?

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      There is no "best" technique. Everybody dreams differently meaning we all have different brains and different ways to learn. There are so many diffrent techniques out there such as DILD, DEILD, WILD,CAT,ADA, etc. You just have to experiment with the different techniques until you find one that works good for you. My suggestion is to go onto the dreamviews tutorials and look at some different techniques and try them out! There are also tons of things to aid techniques like meditating, WBTB, dream journalism etc. Just do some research and try them out! personally I try to induce lucids by DILD I also meditate and use a WBTB. I also occasional WILD. Good luck on your lucid adventures!
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      in my opinion you should only think of there being 3 methods, all others are just small variations. In fact 1 of the 3 fits into another as a sub-type, so only 2 exist. The main 2 are DILD and WILD. Any technique where you become lucid inside an existing dream is a form of DILD. Any where you are going from awake into sleep and then into a dream, with out loosing waking awareness is a WILD. The 3rd type is a sub-class of WILD and is called DEILD. I consider it worth getting its own catagory. That is a WILD where you barely wake after a dream and then attempt a WILD.

      The best for beginners? A type of DILD called MILD. Infact most every technique for DILD will be considered MILD unless the DILD happens randomly, due to generally increased awareness. All MILD is is priming your brain to have DILDs through concious tricks and efforts during the day. Common examples are Reality Checks and mantras.

      I think every one should have at least 12 good DILDs before bothering with WILD. Gab is one of our dream guides (green stars) and is very nice and kind to beginners who show intrest in MILD. She teachs a class where you can ask her questions and get suggestions here, DILD (gab)
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      Here is my take on techniques.

      There are only two possible inductions when it comes to lucid dreaming and these are:

      Lucidity Indirectly Induced (Sleep in between). DILD
      Lucidity directly induced (No Sleep in Between): WILD

      Any method you choose it's either one of these inductions. MILD is a DILD induction and DEILD is a WILD induction and so on.

      I realized that methods shouldn't be seen as exact instructions of how to induce a lucid dream, but as guidelines and not something that teaches you how to induce a lucid dream, but something that provides you a way of teaching yourself how to induce a lucid dream.

      DILD is the practise of learning to control and trust your subconscious mind.
      WILD is the practise of learning to control and trust your body and conscious mind.

      So my advice is what ever road of lucid dreaming inductions you choose to take, keep this in mind.
      If you want to succeed methods that involves affirmations you need to control your subconscious mind, and that can be a little tricky. And here is a thread that explains why: The Building Stones Of An Effective Affirmation

      And if you want to succeed methods that involves control of the body and your conscious mind, for example laying still for a long period of time, then you need to practise that.

      What I have found is a good practise for both inductions is meditation. And I have hyped this fact so many times, so it wont be hard to find posts where I talk about meditation. But if it's not appealing to you that's fine there are plenty of ways to practise these basics. But here is a post anyway:


      I hope this post inspired you though, and if you need any help don't be afraid to ask.

      Sweet dreams
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