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    Thread: Needing some advice to attain lucidity

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      Needing some advice to attain lucidity

      Hey everyone, Ive been trying to attain lucidity for about a month now with no avail. Iíve mostly been focusing on wild and WBTB with WILD. Iíd like to give a few experiences and hopefully someone can give me some advice to help achieve lucidity next time i try. First off, i just woke from a nap in which i attempted WILD. I had headphones in which played binaural beats and a beep would occur around every 20 seconds to keep my mind awake. I was sitting there drifting away and i all of the sudden was in like a scene (not yet a dream i donít think) and clearly remember what i did but i had no clue i was in a dream and then the beep occurred and i like ďsnapped out of it.Ē Itís like i could see what was going on but it wasnít developed yet and even the undeveloped parts i had no clue i was in a dream. Iím guessing i just drifted off and then the beep woke me up. But anyways i seemed to stay awake for some time and nothing ever becomes paralyzed and rarely ever to i hear faint noises and i never experience imagery, this continues for 10-15 minutes then all of a sudden i look and itís two hours later! I mustíve fallen asleep but definitely didnít dream. This happens with my WBTB techniques too, itís like after Iím up my mind doesnít dream for the next segment of sleep.

      I recently started taking dream lead after a little impatience with the process (i know i know it takes time) and the first two nights the only difference Iíve seen is the first pill knocking me right out, other than that i donít think i notice anything different.

      I am close to being able to call my RCs a true habit but not quite there yet.

      I havenít tried MILD and WBTB or really any other technique yet. I have a super powerful memory when it comes to the real world but obviously Iím not remembering enough of my dreams considering remembering 4 is a good night and most nightha i only remember 1.

      Iím going to try just taking the red pill tonight to see if it sparks anything in me since i believe the blue pill is being too sedative.

      Any thoughts? Any recommended techniques? Anything you clearly see Iím doing wrong?
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      I think if you just keep at it, and give it time, it will come to you. What I did last summer was just keep reading and listening to tutorials and LD podcasts to keep my mind on it. I even listened to a whole audio book about it. But before that I was journaling my dreams for 6 years, without really trying to LD. (DJ was just a hobby, I never thought I would LD)

      the earliest progress you can probably look for is more dream recall. That might be fulfilling it itself because who knows, maybe your non lucids are already cool.

      What's the hurry? You will get there. Once I "attained lucidity" regularly about 6 months ago, I found I had a long way to go in terms of stabilizing and actually being able to have my best experiences.

      Another thing besides totorials that helped me in the beginning was reading other people's LD stories. It helped to hear what it was really like to LD. "Then, I looked at my fingers, and I had 6! I realized I might be dreaming! It turned out I was! I jumped up and flew! I saw a table full of dream desserts and flew toward it! Then I woke up! Dang!" Or "... I got to the desserts and ate them! I realized the dream was fading so I rubbed my hands! I spun around and then I was underwater! I realized I could breathe..."

      My main advice is to try to enjoy the process. Everyone has their own learning curve but everyone gets there as long as they keep trying. And if you keep trying, and don't get an LD the rest of your life, and pass away, you are guaranteed an eternal OBE, depending what you believe
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      I had some success after a long time of not actively pursuing lucid dreams. When I was easing back into it I first established a consistent night time routine of getting off computer and phone after 10 pm and then I would read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen Laberge to have consistent thoughts on lucid dreams until I go to bed around 11 PM. Alternatively, reading some classic technique and tutorial threads here on Dreamviews is also a great help and a big inspiration.

      I would do a WBTB and stay up for maybe another 15 to 20 minutes reading the book whilst setting intention and WILD is tricky for sure but my successes seemed to always involve me not trying too hard to stay still or keep track of any one thing in particular. As many have said and instructed, a balance is sort of needed with WILD to let your body just naturally fall asleep while keeping a minimum amount of attention on the transition.

      As with anything worthwhile, it takes time and dedication and not giving up too soon. Patience is a virtue and your efforts will bear fruit. Dream journaling anything, even minor snippets or just vague feelings helps, literally anything you write down will help dedicate your mind and routine into knowing that lucid dreaming is an important part of your life.
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      You haven't said if you have good dream recall?
      If not, a dream journal really does help. The intention can give better recall.
      Also, having good memory is good, but good prospective memory is better.

      Once you have your first, you should find it gets easier. Keep at it!
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