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    Thread: Lucid yet not lucid? Take a look at this.

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      Lucid yet not lucid? Take a look at this.

      So! for the past few weeks I have been in this weird state within my dreams, I call it "Zombie mode". It's like when you know you are in a dream, but you instinctively choose to follow the dream story like you aren't lucid. There are a few reasons to why this happens.

      It could either be:
      A. Your mindset towards lucid dreaming
      B. Not being active in waking reality.
      C. A feeling that you need to look at the story or else everything will not turn out for your benefit.

      8 times out of 10, it's option B. "Not being active in waking reality."
      What is helping me get out of this zombie mode state is simple. All I do is do prospective memory exercises. This is what you do when you want to remember to remember something.

      During my day, I try to stop and look at everything that's blue, and really reflect on waking reality. The more spontaneous it is, and the more common you stop and remember about something you intend to remember, the better it is.

      If you have this problem, give prospective memory a try. Say to yourself "I will remember to remember x" with x being any thing you want that's common within waking reality, like a color, a shape, smell, ect..

      hope this helps
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      a good link to prospective memory is here:

      i am also up with prospective memory training and i like it. the feeling of suddenly realize out of nowhere that you see a thing on your list is nice and i think its always good to remember to remember - whatever it is, if goals or to get lucid or to remember to recall or to remember to notice wakenings etc.

      and as skipper says i also find that it heightens awareness in general because some instance in your head is all the time aware to notice clues that is very usefull for lucid dreaming in general but also for your waking life to be more aware of your surrounding!
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      Thanks Skipper! If I did it every time I saw something blue, I'd go nuts! (There are a lot of blue things in my life)

      But I need to do more prospective memory. For me prospective memory is like, next time I get up, I gotta bring this cup to the kitchen.
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