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    Thread: Scared to Astral?

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      Scared to Astral?

      The farthest I've ever gotten while trying to Astral is intense vibrations, and once before I'd gotten a deep buzzing in my ear, like a bee, which jolted me awake since it freaked me out. Then last night, while probably getting the closest to Astral, I heard a growl. I've read before that people hear scary noises, but I just couldn't handle it. The thing is, my bedroom is in the basement of my house and completely pitch black, and I've always had paranoia concerning most things. How would I get over this fear of doing Astral while in my room at night? Thanks.
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      i cant help that much since i havent had an experience like yours, but what i can say is, its all mental. you need to convince yourself its not real, next time you hear a growl be like, "is that all you got motherfucker!" Do whatever you can do to convince yourself its not real and to stay in the moment. Good luck with your endeavors!
      PS: maybe use lucid dreaming to overcome your pitch blackness phobia?imagine yourself in a dark room, e.t.c.....
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      My opinion is, you are doing something wrong way. How can you be scared, when you should be concentrated and relaxed?
      You need firstly exercise that. Exercise feeling of peace, being here and now.

      I don't know whether it is the only way, but my way is founded about this:

      a) Relaxation of body- I concentrate on weight of my hand, I feel it and I make that feeling as strong as possible, and again stronger. I let that feeling of weight progress through whole body. When all my body feels heavy, I concentrate on deepening of that feeling... This relax skeletal striated muscles.
      b) Concentration on warmth in my hand. It feels like I have my hand in warm water, and water is warmer and warmer... liquid fire in my hand. Very pleasant and very hot. I let that liquid fire flow up my hand to other hand, and when my hands are warm, I let that warmth flow to my feet... At last I let spiral that warmth from my hands and legs into solar plexus. Now, I don't do it because of third chakra, but because warmth leads to relaxation of smooth muscle tissue.

      When I reach state of body where it is very heavy, so heavy that I have feeling I can't move and very warm, I start to concentrate on rolling movement of hand. Movement without moving physical muscles. I send impulses to muscles(to roll hand from side to side), but at the same time I let hand relaxed, lying still. After some time I will start to feel second body hand(as if second, astral hand, and with that the feel of astral body permeating physical body start to be felt.)slowly rolling in physical body, and I try to make small rolling movements to be bigger. After a while I move the whole second body out of physical.

      State of your mind is very important. You should be detached of feelings and thoughts. Concentrated on here and now. Observe your feelings and thoughts only... If you want to explore, your will must be in line of what you are doing... Don't let disturb yourself... with nothing. It will take great many travels to find the feel, to find conditions of existence, to find how to explore, how to do things without wanting them do.

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      If you stay consistently scared it will be hard for progression, but hey here's a thought...Attempt projecting in the day in the meditative position not anything fancy just straight back and crossed legs. Now paranoia and fear should be lower. Why not do it in the garden ? Then again whether can be less than desirable.

      Looke (:
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      Practice as much as you can. I have been practicing for years, and I still get woken up sometimes by weird noises I hear which are usually auditory hypnogagic hallucinations. I have gotten my fears of the noises and voices, though, so I am sure you can. What wakes me up is sometimes I think someone is calling me or talking to me when I hear an HH voice.

      Another tip is: try to condition yourself to expect weird noises and sensations. Tell yourself: this is part of the process, I am on my way to the astral plane.

      One time I was in SP, and I felt the bed shake so hard (or so it seemed), I thought I was in an earthquake! I actually had to check the earthquake reports to make sure there was none.
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