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    Thread: Computers in Dreams

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      Computers in Dreams

      What are your experiences with computers in dreams?

      I've only recently encountered them in dreams. From what I have experienced so far, the internet seems to work as you'd expect it to. I'm going to do more testing with computers and post my results.

      I plan on performing the following tests:

      1) Google a basic word on a computer in a dream then compare it's definition to what I find in real life.

      The purpose being to determine if Google in dreams produce the same results as Google in real life.

      2) Going to a website first in a dream and then seeing how it compares to the actual site in real life. To ensure results are accurate I will google a random word and look for a site I have never been to, make note of the URL, go to it in a dream computer first, then go to the actual site and compare findings.

      The purpose being to see if the internet itself in dreams will lead to a dream version of an unknown website or actually display the unknown site the way it truly exists.

      3) While dreaming search for a search engine that doesn't exist.

      The purpose being:
      a) If the 2 previous experiments failed, then using a search engine that exists only in dreams could yield different results (potentially more or less accurate).
      b) If the 2 previous experiments succeeded, using a quantum search engine could yield search results from the future.

      The results of these experiments should determine whether or not dreams have a connection to the waking world or aren't related at all.

      Feel free to test this out as well and share your results.
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      Interesting experiment. I have used comps quite a bit in my dreams, it usually brings up random things unless I ask it something I know for sure would be there in waking. Like my dream goals or dream scenes that I want to go to. It also has things that I think that my dream world would have answers for, like dream places I have been to and people I have been with. This includes newspaper clippings for Zödra for the last 60 years, which I had uploaded to my brain, but only the ones pertaining to a specific person

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      I just used a computer in my last lucid. The bonus TotM was to code a program and run it while in a dream. The computer itself seemed to function fine, there were webpages open, word documents, powerpoints, etc. The only strange thing was the volume of programs open (probably 100+ tabs between all). The code I wrote was also slightly faulty in that it would've returned an error in reality but only due to one or two small things. I also wrote it and ran it in powerpoint, which, obviously, is not a program which can create programs. However, the code did what I expected, which I think will be a common theme in your experiment. I'd suggest you see if the results meet your expectations and to what degree, as the function of dreams can rely very heavily on what you expect them to do.

      Unfortunately, I don't recall specific webpages open, but all the programs which were open were indeed real programs and appeared as normal. They all exited when I wanted them to exit.

      Best of luck, and be sure you share your findings!
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      Sometimes I have these recurring dreams about using older oeprating systems and their programs on old bulky CRTs. Other times I have these dreams about whole rooms known as computer labs with both the CRTs and the LCDs placed next to each other in scrambled patterns within that same room. This kind of dream may be partially because I grew up with Windows 98 and CD-ROMs I used on an old Gateway...that is, before I started using Windows XP Media Center Editon 2005 on a Hewlett-Packard, and then later a Dell running Windows 7. That, right there, is the main reason why, in my computer lab based dreams, I am seeing both kinds of monitors in the same room.
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      That's definitely a fun idea. I've already played with computers in LDs on several occasions. Usually, they will behave in a plausible manner, but the dream often throws in some interesting twists and quirks. One example off the top of my head was where I checked the menu of programs. I found a few interesting items with weird names and started trying them out. I could dig into my DJ and find more details if anyone really wants me to.

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