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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 22-03-18 Elevator Escape, Escort Mission

      by , 03-23-2018 at 07:16 AM
      I was leaving a scene with two others. We got into a small, industrial elevator. I pressed the button (in a hurry, a guy with swords was chasing us I think) but nothing happened. I found a kind of power switch, and set the power from '1' to '2'. The elevator started moving when I tried the button again. I went like "ooooh, yeah!" and high fived the guy next to me.

      Once down to the parking lot, I started collecting guns. Everything was third-person video game style. I picked up a ton of guns, but the people I was supposed to escort had already left without me.

      I went after them, and discovered their pursuers had crashed their car. It was upside down. I thrust my sword through the window, killing everyone inside with one stab. My sword was badly damaged, but whatever. I walked toward the car of my allies, who were swooning over my awesomeness. I was wearing a suit at this point.
    2. 16-09-14 Buildings Collapse, Knife Violence

      by , 09-14-2016 at 12:52 PM
      I recall running through a city, with buildings collapsing all around me. It was night, I think. Rubble was coming down that I had to dodge. I somehow got up to "my" apartment, which was somewhere in a half-ruined high-rise. I was in my apartment, overlooking the rainy city at night. It's possible the entire outer wall was torn off. I think I was called and received "an assignment".

      I went back out into the rubble outside, until I was below a pretty tall skyscraper (either under construction, or collapsed, leaving only the "skeleton") and got to a ladder. I climbing this ladder all the way to the very top. All that was left was steel beams 200 meters above ground. Fear of heights kicked in, but obviously nothing like real life (or I would never have started the climb). I was carrying a knife in my hand. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some other guy, quite young, clambered towards me. He asked why I had a knife. I said it's for self-defense. He wasn't pleased with the explanation and wanted me to drop it. I didn't want to. The situation got violent pretty quickly. At some point, he tried attacking me with a knife of his own (or did he disarm me?) and I stopped his attack by simply grabbing the blade. I thought this would have cut my hand badly for sure, but I didn't feel much and I didn't notice any blood. Later, I stabbed my knife into soft skin of his lower jaw. Suddenly, there were many other dudes up there, eager to "avenge" my transgressions. I decided to get out of there. I went back to the ladder, and used it to slide (faster than climbing) all the way down at breakneck speed. I reached the ground, but knew they would be coming after me.

      So I ran, around another building, which I knew was a posh hotel. I was trying to break line of sight to my enemies as soon as possible. I went into the building, but instantly remembered this wasn't the main entryway. I walked to the end of the hall, and pressed the elevator button. I nervously waited for it to arrive, until I noticed a pretty girl in a cubicle next to me. I was embarrassed, as I remembered her, and as it looked as if I'd been staring at her (I wasn't, I was just absent-mindedly staring at nothing). I turned around and exited the building again. That's when I got a phone call. It was the police. I was terrified, and figured my attackers had called the cops. But no, it was about an incident back in October of 2007, when I worked as a waiter during some kind of reception (this never happened), and where I was falsely accused of theft. The cop said (in Dutch), that they were finally ready to convict me, and that "De Gucht" (Belgian politician) would be on the jury. I was annoyed, because the way the officer spoke implied he was certain of my guilt. I told him (also in Dutch) I was disappointed I would be "convicted for something I did not do". This was right before waking, and I think I said this sentence out loud in reality.