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    1. 22-03-03 First LD in Ages

      by , 03-03-2022 at 09:07 AM
      Finally (without making any special effort) had a brief lucid episode. It was early in the morning and I was struggling to fall asleep again after a period of insomnia.
      I was daydreaming with my eyes closed, which turned into real dreams. Don't remember what happened, but at some point I was lying down (as if in bed, sleeping) in the middle of a street. I looked to a crossroad with another street, which was blocked off. There was a guy wearing a "Heroes" (TV-show) T-shirt. I remembered looking at some behind the scenes pictures of that show earlier that day (this really happened), and I figured the odds of that happening + a guy wearing a shirt of a show from 16-12 years ago were astronomically low. I decided to do a nose pinch reality check, and it was negative! My vision was very dark, though. I felt like it was all very fragile and unstable and trying to get up would probably wake me up. I tried to detect my real hands but couldn't. As the seconds ticked by the stability reduced further to the point where I just decided to open my eyes and return to reality.
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    2. 19-04-15 Car Crash in River, Nuke on Horizon

      by , 04-15-2019 at 04:48 PM
      I was in the passenger seat of a car. A man was driving. Then, he lost control of the car and drove into a river. He told me to brace. I immediately started opening the door, even before the car hit the water, because I knew opening a car door underwater is very hard. I waded to the shore. I looked out at the horizon, and it was beautiful. A gorgeous orange sunset. I knew this was the US, and I wanted to capture this moment before I'd have to go home. I took out my phone and started to take a picture. But then, on that same horizon, I saw what the sunset really was. A massive mushroom cloud rose into the sky. I was like "oh, no" and ran away. I ran through a small town, and yelled at everyone to take cover as a nuke had hit a nearby city. No one believed me, and I was laughed at. Then, I began realizing this wasn't real. I could feel it, like a haze of some sorts. Hard to explain. I told the people that I knew, and they admitted it was all just a dream. A kind of prank. I laughed along with them at this "you got me" moment.
    3. 19-04-07 Nuked Future, Villains Control Government, Beginning of Time

      by , 04-07-2019 at 04:13 PM
      Awesome semi-lucid dream. I was in a meeting room (at the white house or similar-looking government building), seated at the table with a bunch of government officials. Opposite of me was the president, a white man but not Trump. To my right was a petite blonde girl (mid-'20s), my love interest and some kind of aide of the president. She reminds me of Harleen Quinzel before she turned into Harley. Other, unnamed people filled the other chairs. I was nervous. I felt like I didn't really belong there, and I couldn't really look the president in the eye. There was some talk, I guess, until I noticed the Joker appear out of the shadows. Suddenly I saw the table was longer than I thought towards the president's right (my left), and it was full of supervillains. The president and the other officials looked entirely comfortable with their presence. I think I realized I was in the DC-universe, but the girl told me to shush. I realized telling fictional characters they are fictional can have cataclysmic results. The joked them revealed several bare-chested men strung up on the wall, their faces painted like clowns. He gutted them like fish with a knife. I guess they were traitors. After the meeting, I was disgusted - the idea that the government was run by literal villains, and everyone was okay with this. My 'girlfriend' tried to play it down, responding to my outrage with stuff like 'don't you love me anymore'. She was clearly 100% on board with this. She touched me and playfully kissed my cheek, but I could tell she was trying to seduce me. Wind me around her little finger to make me agree with anything her masters wanted to do. I told her I was onto her. I told her I knew what game she was playing, and she was trying to manipulate me. Her demeanor changed instantly from faux-sweetness to silent anger. I felt a little bad for some reason, so I said being manipulative could be an asset in government. But it wouldn't work on me. Without saying a word, she walked away (she wore heels). I left the meeting. The building was pretty crowded with people on the inside. I took an escalator to the lower floors, where I encountered the Joker again but did not interact with him.

      Outside the building, I somehow learned to fly. I don't recall how this happened. The world was rainy and dark. It was night. The atmosphere was very Blade Runner. I flew around, and noticed the city looked like it had been nuked in recent history. The impact crater was massive, easily 4 miles in diameter and 100 feet deep. In the epicenter, only the skeletal remains of a few skyscrapers still stuck out of the dust. I flew a bit further west, where the destruction of the nuke gave way to still inhabited parts of the city. There were colored neon signs everywhere, the text all in Japanese. I landed on top of a tall building overlooking the city. Imitating Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, I spread my arms and yelled 'Hello, Neo-Tokyo!'. The city had this synthwavey-cyberpunk vibe, hence Neo-Tokyo. I flew back over the crater, thinking about how the government was corrupt, and how these powers gave me a shot at doing something about it. I flew back to the 'white house' (which was about a mile outside of the crater to the northeast) and landed just outside.

      While flying, my view sometimes got blurry, but I managed to make it clear up by focusing. During these moments, I had a vague awareness I was dreaming. Enough to apply LD-techniques. I also noticed losing altitude or making turns was easier if I slowed down first, which I did by sort of 'swinging my legs forward' as if to land. Braking in mid-air.

      So, back at the government building. I got inside somehow. When there was a wall in my way, I used a brief burst of speed to crash right through it (like flight but at ground level). I was pissed. I felt angry at myself for being so spineless before, and not standing up to the bad guys before I got these powers. I was going to kill all the villains. I climbed the escalators. I saw a young woman, crying and being chased by an older woman who clearly wanted to hurt her. This is where it gets violent and a little gross. I grabbed the pursuing woman, and proceeded to rip her head off. It didn't really come all the way off, but her neck did tear. A man looked at me, wide-eyed. He said that these were androids, and they were supposed to be indestructible. At that point, my victim was really small (like a couple inches), like a doll made out of plastic, and I was ripping the head off with my teeth. It tasted like plastic, too... Anyhoo... I proceeded to make my way through the building with the intent to massacre the bad guys and assassinate the president.


      I woke up, but fell asleep again after 15 minutes. I was inside a video game world. I was supposed to jump down into a massive hole. The center was the 'Door of Komalie', a gateway to Hell. However, I missed the center, and fell into the fiery void around it. I found myself in a really beautiful place. It was a void, like deep space, but it was filled completely with a bright orange and yellow nebula. I realized this was the universe nanoseconds after it had been born (or right after its death, time being cyclical). I just hovered in the middle, loving the view. After a while, I wanted to get back. I flew upwards, until I could see the world above me. Distances were so vast, I wasn't sure I could go fast enough to get there in reasonable time. But I managed to speed up exponentially, eventually bursting through the ocean floor and finally the water surface into the sky. It was still a rainy night, and I recognized the city on the horizon as NYC.
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    4. 18-06-17 Subway

      by , 06-19-2018 at 05:56 PM
      I got off a subway train and followed the crowd. I got to a place where there were several little restaurants where you could eat (still underground). I ended up talking to this attractive woman (don't recall how that started). I had this vague feeling that I could control this world and the people within. As usual, all the symptoms of lucidity without actual lucidity. Knowing I could do whatever the hell I wanted, I started making out with the woman. Because I wanted it, she wanted it. Then I woke up.
    5. 18-05-20 Lucid, Dad & Debby in Scotland

      by , 05-20-2018 at 12:34 PM
      Had an actual lucid dream. Not one of those fake ones in which I only think I'm lucid dreaming.

      I found myself in a mountainous landscape, on a road winding around the mountains. My dad and his wife were with me. I jokingly said this didn't look like Belgium (my country), more like Scotland. I was already lucid at this point. Can't really identify when I attained lucidity. We were jogging, off the road and onto a dirt trail in the woods. I flew a little bit, but my dad told me it was better to stay on the ground and run, because that was I could sustain my lucidity easier. I figured he was right (more sensory input means better stability), and continued running with him. Back on the winding asphalt road, my dad started speeding up and I couldn't keep up. On the stone barriers on the side of the road (a steep drop right behind it) there was a drinking bottle. There was a name on it, 'Chronos'. I think there was another runner on the road, possibly going in the opposite direction. Anyway, I considered flying because I could not keep up with my dad on foot. Eventually, we reached the end of the road, close to the summit of the mountain. There was an old structure, like a medieval castle or something, but the entrance required us to climb a short but ridiculously steep stairway. Very short but high steps. I told Debby (dad's wife) I would use my ability of flight to reduce gravity by 50% to make the climb easier. But then, I noticed my vision was gone. I felt I was basically awake. Realizing I'd faded out too far and too quickly, I accepted I wasn't getting back and opened my eyes.
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    6. 17-12-31 Sexy Dream

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:17 AM
      Very pleasant dream. I was laying in a bed. In the same room, my older brother was sitting at a desk, working/playing on a computer. I think the doorbell rang, or someone knocked on the door, and two women entered the room. One woman had black, medium-long hair and looked young, in her late teens. The other was blonde, and appeared early middle-aged. I assumed it was her mom. When looking at them again, I noticed the blonde looked younger now, in her twenties probably. The black-haired girl also looked to be in her mid-20's now. She looked at me, and we made eye contact. She smiled. A gorgeous, seductive smile. I immediately knew she liked me. Feeling brave, I winked at her. Then pretended to continue sleeping, even though I was definitely not sleeping. I don't know how the scene evolved from there, but both my brother and the blonde had disappeared. The girl got in bed with me, and stuff happened from there. I'll save you the details. But it was good. A lot of passion for a complete stranger. At some point she asked what I did for a living. I answered truthfully (unemployed but looking), but to be honest I wasn't very interested in small talk and just wanted to keep going.

      At some point, I started losing the dream. The image froze and I felt I was awake (but eyes still closed). I focused to continue the scene, and it worked. I was trying various positions, and while doing this the dream froze again. Her face looked like a badly textured CG character before rendering. This time, I knew the game was up and I could no longer stabilize the dream. I was quite annoyed I couldn't climax in the dream before waking up.

      This dream was memorable because in reality I feel fundamentally unlovable, and this DC made me feel... attractive? Also, when the dream started getting unstable, I knew how to stabilize it, implying partial lucidity.

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    7. 17-04-15 'Arcade' Superspeed Chase

      by , 04-16-2017 at 07:44 PM
      I was once again in a large building. Suddenly I felt the urge to get out. I jumped through the window in a glorious swan dive, and found myself in a place that's way too difficult to describe in words... Still a long way above ground, but outside. Perhaps the place was still under construction. Anyway... on the other side of a gap (long way down) stood the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. He urged me to follow him. He sped away, and I "ran" after him. Now, it gets weird. I could run ludicrously fast. Like, faster than a car could possibly drive. And the colors of the world got very bright and neon-y. Kind of like Tron. I ran vertically up walls, along walls, chasing Samuel all the time. After a while, I felt like I was creating the scene myself. I got the "unconscious" realization that this was a dream and I was creating the scene. I struggled to come up with new environments to "create" in front of me, and that's how I got stuck in a long cylindrical tunnel that we were running through in a spiral (even upside down every lap). I woke up from this lapse in concentration. The entire dream had this futuristic dubstep soundtrack that was quite fitting with the Tron aesthetic of the visuals.

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    8. 17-01-27 Rampage!

      by , 01-31-2017 at 01:42 AM
      Awesome sequence of dreams, very memorable. I had orders to assassinate a military officer (using a sniper rifle) at a military base. But I had trouble identifying him, and there were far too many other soldiers around to get a closer look. I think I temporarily gave up.

      Another scene. I'm in a big city, at night, and it looks like it's the 1920's. It's raining. I'm in a parking lot (lots of old timers, that's how I know I was in the past), and I wanted to steal car to get out of there. My motivating for this criminal behavior is a mystery to me. The door opened, as door locks didn't exist yet in this dream version of 1920. The car alarm went off, and it was loud. A voice told me (or my own inner voice?) that I needed keys to start the car, so it was pointless to even try. But it was too late... between two buildings, I could see a man, a cop, approaching - investigating the alarm. I tried to casually walk away from the vehicle, but knew he'd seen me and was following me. He would arrest me soon, I thought. But then, something happened. I "felt" like I could fly. I could sense gravity "tugging" at me, almost begging me to take off - it's hard to describe. I realized it was the ultimate way to escape arrest. Here begins the "pseudo-lucid" part of the dream. I have all the abilities I'd have if I was lucid, and have some subconscious idea that I am in control and this isn't real, but at the same time not really... once again, very hard to describe. I still blindly follow the "plot" of the dream as if I wasn't lucid. I take off, and look back at the cop in mid-air. He stands there, looking at me, bummed out he couldn't arrest me. I give him the finger, and fly away. The flying, despite the rain and the darkness, felt exhilarating as hell. I looked down, or saw my shadow on a building, and saw I was wearing my long black trench coat. I was also wearing a black leather cowboy hat. I flew through the city, fast. So fast, I flew straight towards a building and knew I'd hit it if I didn't make evasive maneuvers pronto. But as usual, I knew such high speed maneuvers would be difficult, and I was too lazy. I decided to simply fly right through the building instead. I expected to violently burst through the windows and through the whole building, but instead I just kind of "no-clipped" through it, as if it was a fake video game object. This felt dissatisfying.

      I flew into the next scene. Near the base from the beginning of the dream sequence was the Hollywood sign, which I flew past. It was sunset. I decided to finish my mission. Here things get violent. Continue reading at your own peril. I landed in the middle of the base, and smashed my way into the largest building. I fought soldiers, and defeated them easily using super-strength. I smashed them into walls, through walls, into each other, and worse. If doors were closed, I casually smashed them down, or just walked through the wall (physically breaking it down, not phasing through). At one point, to get to the floor above me, I just super-jumped up, smashed through the ceiling, and ended up on the floor above! In combat, I used a form of super-speed (the same mental power that propels me in flight) to bash into soldiers, to get a bit of extra punch. Anyway, I couldn't find my target. I grabbed a soldier, and forced him to tell me where his commander was. The soldier told me he was in the small building across from the big one I was in. I walked over to it, and casually bashed in the massive steel door. There he was, the target. Suddenly, I was attacked by several soldiers that came running at me from the courtyard. They stabbed me with their knives (in the chest and abdomen), but my skin was as solid as Superman's and they did not penetrate. It felt very uncomfortable, though. I easily "defeated" the soldiers. Again, very violent moment coming up. I turned to the surviving soldiers, as I was holding another one in my iron grip. I told them I would rip their buddy's head off. The commander mockingly said he doubted I could do that. The soldiers, on the other hand, said he should not doubt my words. They'd seen me in action before. Eager to prove my power, I started violently jerking my prey's head to the back. I used my mental "lucid powers" to imagine it being easy, but it still gave a lot of resistance. In the end, I could see a red "line" in his neck where the skin started tearing from the pressure... That's where the dream ended. It was ludicrously violent, but it felt so good. I was an absolute terror, the "anti-Superman". It felt... liberating! The entire dream had a pretty cool pop-rock soundtrack, and I think I may have heard the song in real life before.

      In a later dream, I was an "escort dude", or gigolo. People were standing by a black board, and had to "grade me". Disturbingly, my mother was there too, and also graded me (gross!).

      I was in a classroom, among teenagers, but I was an adult myself. I lost my temper, as the other managed to say things that got under my skin and made me relive the horror of my own high school years (and history with bullying). I was desperate to affirm my superiority over them ("I'm an adult, you can't bully me anymore!") but felt utterly powerless. Guess that's why I enjoy ripping DC's heads off...

      I was carrying trash bags while riding on a motorcycle through my hometown. One bag in each hand... Cool 80's synth music played in the background.

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    9. 16-09-30 Hostile Plant, Butchering Nazi Command

      by , 09-30-2016 at 02:55 PM
      I'm in a gloomy house with a bunch of other people (15 of them, give or take). I think they were all family. They had a bit of a "Russian" vibe. Someone rang the doorbell, and an older man dressed in a hooded raincoat (?) went to open the door. I think it was another family member, as he embraced them and let them in. I think I was wearing a mask as I embraced someone else, possibly because there was some kind of "plague" going around? At some point we're all walking through the garden, on a wooden boardwalk. I notice a large, odd plant. It had large flowers, but looked ominous. Suddenly it starts shooting spikes made of bone from the flowers. I yell "down, down!" but some people are impaled by the spikes and badly hurt. There was this "prophecy", that the entire family would be killed somehow. I figured this had to be the beginning.

      I was (once again) with a bunch of other people, this time somewhere on the streets, fighting the Nazis. I think we were in some kind of cage? Or a kind of open, rectangular structure, anyway. We had AKs, but there were just too many Nazis, so we had no choice but to surrender and lay flat on the ground. In the next scene, we were all seated at a large rectangular table. We were all pretty depressed, as the Nazi chiefs were reading a list of our offences and made it clear we would be executed. But suddenly, something 'clicked' in my head. I figured we were as good as dead anyway, so what was stopping me from trying something? And another realization came to me. I remembered being here before. I somehow felt that they could not hurt me. Once again, a faux-lucid episode. I managed to break free from the ropes they'd used to tie me up (mind over matter, 'there is no rope') and get up. Then, I attacked the Nazi generals one by one. I grabbed their heads and snapped their necks, actually. Some were easy, some took a bit of force. Hitler himself (played by a very pale 'actor' who didn't really look like Hitler at all) even mocked me while I was trying to wrench his head off. I got them eventually, I think. I started freeing the others. Their arms were restrained with rope in impossibly complicated knots, but using my 'dream powers', I could easily undo them without looking, by pure force of will. One of them was a really pretty girl I instantly liked. But they seemed "distant", perhaps shocked? Afraid? I did just single-handedly butcher all of Nazi high command.

      I remember a creepy and disturbing scene of a woman who was to be executed. She was naked, and very small, only about a foot tall. She was tossed in a bucket along with some other garbage (rags?), and then corrosive fluid was poured into the bucket. Afterwards, I went through the bucket to find her remains. All I found was red liquid everywhere. She'd been liquefied.

      Hard to explain. We were in a classroom, only the floor was water. Yes, imagine a giant swimming pool with floating chairs and desks. Our whole class from my senior year in HS (9 years ago) was there, attending class. I think they were messing around and teasing me again, throwing pieces of paper, things like that. Later on, we were playing a game of 'the floor is made of lava'. There were this floating obstacles and stuff in the water, and you had to traverse the room without falling into the water. At some point I had on walk on two very thin ropes, and I almost fell. I could barely hold onto them, and keep from falling into the water entirely.

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    10. 16-09-29 Supermarket, Lucid Episode

      by , 09-29-2016 at 03:57 PM
      It started with a non-lucid dream. I was in a supermarket (or I was a disembodied "camera", I can't really recall doing anything myself). I watched a scene between some people working there. A few I "remembered" (not really) from when I worked there in 2009, some I didn't (part-timers, students working for the summer). I thought to myself that I had to apply for a job, and that they would need more workers for the summer. I somehow thought it was August. Then I was reminded it was late September already.

      This part contains another "faux-lucid" section. I think I was with my mother and uncle in a forest. At some point I got too far away from them, and I lost sight of them behind a hill. I don't recall how it happened, but I learned I could float, and fly. I tried to do a backwards loop, but I got very disoriented and felt like I would fall. I came down (fears materialize in dreams), but did so in a stylish "superhero" fashion. I thought I would scatter the rocks on the forest floor in all directions (like in the movies, where they leave a big hole, or crack in the concrete when they land), but this didn't happen. I started flying off. At some point I was flying between two very long (and very old) walls made of old stone (looked medieval), towards a large structure at the end (a medieval ruin in the forest?). I tried to fly as fast as possible. I could "stretch my mind" to speed up a fair bit, but when I yelled "faster!" it got really fast. I suck at estimating speed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to 5,000 kilometers per hour. Interestingly, despite seeing the wall fly past me faster and faster, the "tunnel" appeared to stretch on and on, and the castle didn't come closer any faster, despite my ludicrous speed. I guess my mind lacks the "rendering capacity" to render new environments when traveling at this speed. I have experienced a similar phenomenon when running at super-speed in a previous dream years ago. Eventually, I smashed into the wooden gate of the castle at 10,000 per hour. It was hilarious. I was kind of "peeled off" the door, and fell to the ground unharmed. Part of me was still stuck to the door. It was like in the cartoons.

      I stood up, and noticed two figures standing in the long corridor I just flew through. One was dressed like a Roman, the other (behind him) a different ancient culture, but I can't recall which. I went up to the Roman, and asked him a question ("what are you doing here, soldier?"). I "knew" he was only a DC. I couldn't play along with him anymore, and burst out in laughter. He started laughing too, obviously mirroring me. Then he pulled out a lance. I wanted to see what would happen if he tried to stab me with it. I knew I was invincible anyway. He aimed his lance at my chest, but this felt uncomfortable, so I moved the top to my stomach instead. Suddenly he was on a horse, running fast, with me stuck on his lance - as if he was jousting. I figured he wanted to smash me into something. Anyway, it didn't "hurt", as I predicted, but it did feel uncomfortable. I thought to myself, "mind over matter". But before I could try to make the feeling go away, I was already waking up.

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    11. 16-09-12 Faux-Lucid Chain Escape, Subway

      by , 09-12-2016 at 12:23 PM
      Dream that involved a train or subway station. It was a long and creepy dream, but I recall no details.

      Another faux-lucid dream. I was restrained by a former colleague (don't recall which one), who had put chains around my wrists. He knew I could easily break them if he used just one normal chain, so he used several, made from very thick metal. So, he was aware of my lucid powers, and so was I, even though I don't think I was lucid! I was keen on showing the bastard he couldn't stop me, the dreamer, and tried to break the chains. The first time, I couldn't. Then I focused, convincing my mind the chains aren't real (there is no spoon!) - and this time they broke. I remember menacingly walking after an older man who worked there as well, scaring the hell out of him. He fled in terror, and I felt somewhat bad for him. I yelled after him that he should retire (???). I also (for the umpteenth time) learned to levitate and then fly, which I used during my attempts to terrorize my ex-colleagues.

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    12. 16-09-01 School Shooting, Lost in a Dream, Flying to War

      by , 09-02-2016 at 06:04 AM
      I think I was in a school, and there was a shooting. I was hiding in a room, along with Fernando Alonso (the F1 driver). I was terrified, but Fernando had a plan. He stayed calm, and started crafting makeshift guns from junk laying around the room. In the end, we both had a gun (that resembled a Sten) with 11 bullets. We decided to leave the room. I wanted to move crouched with Alonso standing behind me, to cover more ground with our fields of fire. In another scene, a man showed up at our door (before we left). There was a group of people roaming the area, and I felt we could trust no one. I had a pneumatic rifle now, with a long piece of metal shoved into the chamber as improvised ammo. I stuck the gun through an opening in the door, and shot him in the face. It didn't do much to hurt him.

      After having survived this ordeal, I found myself in a different location (Dallas?). I "knew" I was thousands of miles east from where I was earlier. I was walking with others, a little confused as to where I was and how I got there. I think a woman told me where I was. Anyway, I am stopped by the police. They asked me if I have guns, I say no. They search me (my bag?) and find the makeshift guns from the previous dream. I realize how screwed I am. I would never convince the cops of my innocence. I couldn't even explain how I got here myself, so why would they believe me? I sat there for a while. I got a strange feeling. There were a lot of people, talking loudly. A marketplace of sorts? I felt like this couldn't be real. I didn't know how I got there. And why am I in America? I somehow made a conscious decision to "wake up", and yup... my reality shifted and I woke up in my own bed. The transition was really weird, and cool.

      I was flying a propeller plane far away (in the Pacific?) to fight in a war of sorts. My sports plane was outfitted with missiles. I encountered an old friend (Eros) and his girlfriend too. The bastards had a jet. At some point I think I had landed on a carrier. My mom was there? I was trying to turn to take off again, but forget to let her get on?
    13. 16-08-12 Prison Escape, Hanging Out With Shadow Self

      by , 08-12-2016 at 02:44 PM
      A very profound dream, but unfortunately another "non-lucid lucid".

      It all started quite normally. My character was in a prison cell behind bars. It all had a somewhat medieval feel to it. The place was NOT on ground level, it as at least several floors up in a fairly high building in the city. In the hallway there was a lot of commotion. A fight of some kind. During the chaos, the barred cell doors opened, allowing us to escape. I vaguely remember a small crossbow? There was so much more to this dream that I forgot.

      I somehow got out of the building on ground level, and found myself in the city. It was night, and it was raining. Fortunately all the cars, buildings, street lights and colorful shops lit up the place quite well. I ran, and jumped to take off. I somewhat floated, then transitioned into flight. I was afraid it wouldn't work for a second. I flew through the city rather aimlessly. I was wearing my long, black leather coat and I notice how badass it looked during flight. I was trying to show off to someone on the ground. They didn't look at all surprised to see someone fly. I somehow KNEW this was because they were DC's, yet I wasn't lucid. I kept flying until I caught a glimpse of another person flying at a lower altitude below me. He was dressed just like me. I followed him and landed next to him (actually, I think we were bot hanging on to the side of a building). I immediately saw that he was me. I somehow understood that he was the manifestation of my subconscious, the ultimate dream guide. I said that he didn't look as ugly as I thought, and that this conversation wasn't as awkward as I had expected (I hate myself). We compared abilities, and he could do everything I could do and vice versa. At one point, we were standing at a table (still outside). I stared forward, and saw him to my left in my peripheral vision. I figured that if he is my subconscious, he should be able to hear my thoughts. I focused my thoughts on him (while still ignoring him, he didn't know about the experiment), and thought "if you can hear me, tap your fingers on the table three times". It took a while, and I had to repeat the thought several times, but eventually he did it- he tapped his fingers on the table as I had asked. We exchanged a knowing look, and left (now that I'm awake, I realize he didn't hear my thoughts, he was a DC, and as dreamer I made him obey by focusing what I wanted to happen). Later, we found ourselves seated in a little restaurant. The place was once again located pretty high up in a tall building in the city. The waiter came and served us our french fries.

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    14. 16-07-15 Sikh Joke, Wizards and Lucid Flying

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:17 AM
      I was outdoors, and saw a concrete building. There were metal stairs leading to a door, a few meters up. Inside, there was a very deep pit to the left, with a square pillar in the center (like an obelisk, but with flat top). A ledge right in front of me led past the pit, to another flight of stairs and another door. I have memory of having been in that pit quite a few times, but no idea why. In one instance, I was thrown in by accident. I tried to prevent going to deep, but said f*ck it and let it happen. I fell in, and fell fast (terminal velocity, the pit was hundreds upon hundreds of feet deep), and had to "brake" by wrapping my arms around the central obelisk and squeezing hard - like how elevator brakes work. I reached the bottom, which was just sand. Even in the dream, I could not really remember HOW I got out every time. On the way out (later in the dream), I imagined climbing out, hanging on to ledges with my hands, but it didn't feel like I actually did this. I saw a bunch of (white) guys dressed up like Sikhs (turban and all). They went up the stairs and into the room, which I knew was occupied by actual Sikh. They were playing a somewhat racist joke on them.

      I went into the room as well. In the next "scene", I was in the room, standing by two British (?) people by a long bar table. A bit further along the table was an American girl, a cute blonde, and another woman of whom I suspected was her mother. She was talking, but even though I understand English, I could not understand a word she was saying. Her pronunciation was terrible. I think there was another, dark-haired girl behind me in the corner.

      At some point "we" left again, through the previous room with the pit. Now we were a bunch of guys again, I think already dressed up like wizards (stereotypical hat and all). Past the pit, the last bit before the exit door was a kind of wood planks, quite high above the ground. I didn't trust the other guys, as I fully expected them to play a cruel prank on me. As we walked over the planks, we could see they were half sawed through, so they would break under our weights. It didn't work.

      Back outside, the landscape was beautiful. It was a forest at autumn (falling leaves, red/orange colors). The other "wizards" had left through an alternate exit, as we did not trust each other. I remember the ground being muddy. I made eye contact with the other two, and thought/said something. A bit later, I was going through the forest, and randomly decided to take off. I jumped, and as expected did not come all the way down. I looked up, and slowly flew up. There were branches of the trees in my way to the sky, but I somehow remembered phasing in a previous dream, so I phased through them. I heard the cheers of the "wizards" below me, which boosted my confidence. At some point I started losing altitude again, but I said quietly to myself "higher, higher", and fully expected it to happen. It did, I finally rose above the trees and flew off. As I was flying, I became aware of the dream (I think). Either way, I remember being surprised about the realism of the dream, how "clear" everything looked. I looked at my hands in mid-flight at studied them more carefully. Every detail, down to the pores and grooves in my skin was simulated. Amazing. At some point, I started fading. My sight became blurry, and I knew I'd soon be booted back to reality. I remember the trick of "looking at your hands" to restore stability. I tried, but could hardly see them anymore because of how blurry my vision was. I gave up, and looked forward - everything got very, very blurry. And suddenly, out of nowhere, my vision cleared, and I was flying at very high speed at low altitude over the canopy of the autumn forest. I recognized it as a "scene change". I noticed a white, double-rotored helicopter (like a V22 Osprey) flying by. Somehow, I felt they were hostile. I "stopped" mid-air, and changed direction to fly towards them. As I engaged the target, I got a vision of a turret on the helicopter locking on to me and opening fire. Before I got a chance to continue the dream, my vision went black and I was awake. Bummer.


      There's a memory of an entire section of dream that appears to "run parallel" to the part with the pit. There was a "platformer" section in a building with bizarre architecture (extremely tall interior hundreds up feet up, platforms and rooms built into the walls). Was this above the pit? Perhaps this is how I ended up in the pit the first time? Either way, I remember thinking about fitnessing, and how it might actually be fun to try and lose weight. Talk about reality interfering with the dream.

      Additional dream: I was somewhere in Eastern Europe, walking through a quiet, green neighborhood. I had to remember where I left my car, I think. I walked a path next to the houses, and had to walk under some kind of tent...? I some point, I saw a sexy woman laying on the ground, making out with a guy. I knew she was a hooker, somehow. I knew I wanted in on that action. Without thinking, I went to her and got her attention. The other dude pretty much vanished as I focused on her. I tried to kiss her, but she didn't want to. I gave her the "innocent puppy" look, until she seemed more cooperative. I caressed her bare belly (yes, I've got a thing for bellies) and told her I'd pay her 200 bucks or something like that.

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    15. 16-07-01 Creepy girl, Nazi's and Flying/Phasing

      by , 07-01-2016 at 02:59 PM
      This dream partially overlapped with reality, as if I was in the early stages of a WILD - but I wasn't lucid. I saw a town. I recall some kind of device around my arm, and an application that reminded me of Facebook, or a dating app, telling me it suggested a nearby café for some reason. Only vague flashes remain of this bit. Then, I was in my bed (overlap with reality part starts here) and looked to my left through the open door of my bedroom. I saw a very creepy little girl dressed in red approach. I couldn't see her face. She looked a lot like Alma from the game FEAR. I was almost frozen in fear. At some point I decided I couldn't just lie there and let whatever happen, so I conquered my fear and jumped out of bed. I thought about getting one of my guns, and closing and locking the door. Sadly she was already in my room, walking by the bed to the other side. The rush of adrenaline I felt when I got out of the bed woke me up.

      This dream featured gameplay of the game Fury³, a very old Microsoft game from 1995. My view was the camera of the ship. I flew around Terran, the first planet. My objective was to blow up some kind of tower. I fired on it, but it wouldn't blow up yet. I flew up, then dived down for another volley. Another target (or the same one?) also flailed to blow up. It took off (it was a big ship) and flew off. Having failed to destroy it, I expected to fail the game, but I think I got assigned a new target instead.

      It started in a small room. It was a long time ago, possible early 20th century, or even late 19th century. A couple of men were showing their refrigerators (I know, random). They said it ran on 500 Watts of power. I had my refrigerator with me, a modern one (their was ancient, they were from the late 1800's after all), and said it ran on 2000 Watts. They got suspicious as mine looked way too "futuristic" to them. I was from the future, so their suspicion was justified. At some point I was apprehended by a Nazi. Gestapo, or SS. *Racism warning*. He called me a "nigger" and ordered me to come with him. I tried to reason with the creep, saying I was clearly white, but he would not listen. Some other guy, also a Nazi (except I had known this guy for longer, apparently) had to take me in. We walked through a large, crowded corridor. I begged him to look the other way for a moment so I could get away. He used to be a friend, I think. I managed to escape onto a small town square, then flee between two houses. The place looked pretty old and Mediterranean. I heard a Nazi scream something, and felt a whole horde of the bastards chasing me. I was running on the street, when I felt myself being lifted up from the ground. I started to fly. I wasn't freaked out by this, even though it was my first time (in this dream's continuity). I didn't mind, I knew they would never catch me at that speed. I wasn't very good at steering yet, and I felt I couldn't avoid hitting the houses on the other side of the street. I plunged right through the window of a café, past two people who were trying to enjoy their coffee. Despite not *really* remembering my previous flying experiences, I remembered I had always had trouble NOT flying into buildings and decided a different approach. I would *let it* happen, and see what happens. By ignoring the buildings and not worrying about what would happen, I phased right through them. I could "become solid" mid-flight and burst through walls/glass/whatever, which was cool. When I was out of the houses again, I gained altitude again and looked out over the town. I felt invincible. I wanted revenge on the Nazi's. I didn't care about their puny bullets anymore. I'd rip 'em apart with my bare hands, or use TK. I knew the school (the place I escaped from was a school, apparently) was to my left, so I tried to turn left while imagining the place to create it. I think I was lucid at this point. I probably gained lucidity at around the point I started flying. Sadly, I instantly woke up the moment I tried this.

      Final flash before I called it a night: someone was doing some kind of job (on a large wall?), and I was scratching rust off of my car.

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