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    1. 17-10-14 Accidentally Blowing Up School, Matrix-Style Shootout

      by , 10-22-2017 at 04:32 AM
      I was in a car, with a former classmate of mine (Nathan) and a few others. There was a discussion going on between Nathan and the others, and it was getting pretty nasty. I feel he was being bullied. Despite the fact he hates me in real life, I felt sympathy for him. I wasn't sure which "side" to choose.

      School again. I was in a large, strange room deep in the school building. Looked more like a large cave than a room. There was a giant statue in the room, at least 30 foot tall. A person was holding a speech to a bunch of people, me included. Then, there was a shootout. I was being shot at by several enemies, but time moved slowly so I could dodge the bullets (looked like a scene straight out of "The Matrix"). I shot all 10-ish enemies faster than they could blink. Then, it turned out it was all an "act", a scene for a movie or something. All the bullets in my gun were blanks. I unloaded my weapon, and noticed the last round was real. But it wasn't a normal bullet. It was made of glass, and filled with a green liquid. I think I moved it too abruptly or dropped it, because a mechanism triggered and the liquid turned red. The bullet made a beeping noise. The beeping got faster. I got out of there like lightning and ran for the exit. Right after I had run out of the building into the open air, the whole building exploded in a massive fireball. My carelessness had killed dozens of people. Including my "co-star", a girl I had (fake) shot during the scene we were playing earlier. She appeared in front of me as a ghost, and she scolded me for killing her. Another girl appeared in a flash, a fiery superspeeder (like the Human Torch of "Fantastic Four") and ran into the school. She hadn't realized it'd blown up. She wasn't hurt though, thanks to her fire-based ability. An eclipse appeared (the landscape looked very fake suddenly, like a badly animated Photoshop), which signified I'd fucked up badly and there would be consequences for my actions.

      EDIT: During the shootout in this dream, there was another point where I could not pull the trigger. It wasn't "heavy" this time, rather the opposite, loose - like the springs inside the pistol's mechanism were broken.
    2. 13-12-07

      by , 12-07-2013 at 12:26 PM
      My mother was once again insulting and belittling me, making me feel powerless and frustrated. It was bullying, plain and simple. I wanted to hit her in the fucking face, but didn't.

      I approached what looked like a nazi training grounds (sand, strange obstacles and cover). A soldier spotted me (I was in crouch, clearly not conceiled enough) and he killed me with a flamethrower. I didn't feel pain, I just dropped down onto the ground. I also remember being shot dead, and being executed while laying on the ground, wounded. He walked up to me, and shot me in the head. I remember uttering "shit" before he fired. I never really died, by the way. I just felt numb, too weak to move or get up. I felt like resting. They carried off my "corpse" as I played dead (eyes and mouth open). I remember feeling this was a game, as everybody knew I was just acting.

      Later on, we're at some kind of high-class dinner. One of the guests at the table is a nazi, and I just gathered the proof. I think I tried to have him arrested. He was some kind of bigshot from history, like Goëring.
    3. 13-11-13

      by , 11-14-2013 at 08:52 PM
      All I remember is a violent scene in which I grab my mom by her throat in anger... I felt disturbed about this when I woke up.