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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-05-01 Too Many Dreams

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:22 AM
      Boatload of dreams this night, a lot of it XXX-rated so expect to see a lot of "redacted". We start with a fully redacted sex dream featuring REDACTED.

      I'm held captive in a room up high in a skyscraper. I remember seeing a painting (?) and thinking the bad guys are the developers of the game "Hitman". Random, I know... The jail had bars that somehow "rotate" (hard to explain) which makes it impossible to break out. A jail guard sees me move and assumes I wanted to escape, so he comes in and installs an additional neck restraint which secures my neck to the wall. At some point I escape anyway, and jump through a window and fall down. But I somehow knew I'd be fine. The skyscraper looks quite futuristic.

      In this dream I was flying outdoors, using a poncho I was wearing as a cape that helped me fly (it generated lift, somehow). I landed, and continue a previous plot by talking to a Spanish girl (something about her high-heeled shoes?).

      Zombies attacked our old house. I was in the garden with my mom. I tried to fight, but my guns would not fire (I couldn't pull the trigger, typical in scary dreams), so I had to resort to using an improvised melee weapon.

      I remember REDACTED & a T-Rex, and I saw in first person from her perspective how it bit her, holding her in its maw (still on the ground). Her sight went black, and I saw her body on the ground with a bite taken out of it.

      I was watching TV, watching REDACTED by dinosaurs and giant wurms (like the ones from 2005's King Kong). REDACTED, thinking my dad and his wife Debby (who were in front of me, also watching the movie) wouldn't notice. I asked them what these wurm-things were. My dad simply said (in that typical tone): "Could you stop that, please". I knew he knew REDACTED." I simply replied "I'm not doing anything".

      I remember a scene in which I recalled I'd forgotten my bicycle somewhere in southern France... I figured I should leave it there, as the cost of retrieving it would be higher than the price of the actual bike.

      Dream that started in a gym and has way too many small random details, I will not bother to even *try* writing this all down. REDACTED on catwalks above the ground, waiting for them to start fighting (and REDACTED), but it doesn't happen.
    2. 17-01-28 Serial Killer & Psychiatrist Hallucination

      by , 01-31-2017 at 02:20 AM
      I'm at some guy's house. He has an injured or unconscious woman with him, who he carries to a small room where he lets her rest and recover (he found her somewhere and carried her to his home, I think. *REDACTED SECTION* At some point, as I was slowly waking, a voice (or my waking voice speaking to my dreaming self) told me "dude, that guy is a serial killer - get out of there". I decided to escape the house, but woke up.

      Another fragment that occurred *while* I was waking up. I was in bed, could feel my own body and see reality, but hallucinated that my phone went off. I picked up the phone and talked to a doctor. I asked about psychotherapy. The doctor said I had to see a professional for that. I asked who he would recommend exactly. At that moment, my waking was complete, and I realized I wasn't on the phone at all. I think I spoke that last sentence out loud.
    3. 16-10-06 T-Rex in Abandoned Factory, Captured by Terrorists

      by , 10-07-2016 at 04:20 AM
      A *lot* of dreams this night... I briefly woke after every one, but couldn't be bothered to write them down every time, so I only recall the last... somewhat.

      One involved me, inside a very large, old and abandoned factory. I was faced by a dinosaur, much resembling a Tyrannosaur, but something told me (a hypnagogic thought) it was something else (an Allosaurus?). I stood nailed to the ground. For a second, I wondered if it was one of those dinosaurs that couldn't see you if you stood still (that's a Jurassic Park myth, by the way), but while I was thinking that, I was already fleeing. I managed to get some distance between me and the beast (several large rooms away, separated from each other by large garage doors). I frantically looked for a place to hide. Oh, and I was an 8-year old boy, and I had a little sister who was also there. Anyway, I hid in some kind of box. The box was very small, and I barely fit in there. I was 'folded up' double, and even then I barely fit. I felt like this would be too easy if it worked. I felt like the plot would require something going wrong. And as I thought this, the box fell over! While this happened, I heard the soundtrack of the dream... Anyway, the dinosaur came in, and it did not find me. That's all I remember of this dream.

      In the next one, I was captured by Islamic terrorists. They wanted to remove my medical bracelet. They stabbed me in the arm with something (not a knife, something resembling a pen?), to try and rip it off...
    4. 16-08-16 Zombie Outbreak at Ichor Therapeutics

      by , 08-21-2016 at 01:56 AM
      I remember having a conversation with Heroes character Mohinder Suresh. I noticed he looked younger than he should, so I assumed I was in the past.

      I was sleeping (in a bed, obviously) in a room I didn't really recognize. At some point, my whole family walked by (mom, dad and possibly brother). They're standing by the window, looking outside. I join them, and see an airplane doing cool stunts. I want to grab my phone to take pictures, but to my anger I cannot find it!

      I saw a speech of President Obama, on a grassy lawn somewhere (not the White House). He suddenly spoke a few sentences in French. Although he spoke slowly, his pronunciation was spot on. I was impressed.

      I was with a couple of colleagues from the job I just got fired from. Our shift leader (Peter Bosmans) was with us. We were in a garage. The idea was, I think, to kill ourselves. I don't recall how. We'd kill each other one by one, with some kind of poisonous injection. I felt it was better to keep living, so I told them this. They didn't seem to have a problem with it, though I did think that if I was to survive, I would have to kill the last of them.

      Long dream. I was in a company HQ of a biotech company. There was a zombie outbreak. There was a guy in front of me. He looked pale, and his skin somewhat slimy. He was still lucid/aware. As I feared, he could not contain it any loner and attacked me. I fled, down a ladder? I waited, and prepared my chainsaw. It was a rather small chainsaw but whatever. He popped up, and I chainsawed him. In another scene I was swimming in a dark, half submerged part of the building. I had to dodge mines. I did this by swimming over them so quickly, that the explosions came too late and I could get past unhurt. In another scene I witnessed another man trying to escape the building. He came running out of a room on fire (both him, and the room).
      Later on, we found ourselves in a first-floor lobby. Large windows overlooked a sort of elevated yard with flowers and stuff, and then the plaza below, and the streets beyond. Reaching the main entrance below would require us to navigate more zombie-infested corridors, so I broke the window and wanted to escape by climbing down. In the yard, I saw a kid. He was dressed pretty poshly, and spoke in a British accent. He said it wasn't allowed to walk through the yard, and I think he wanted to ask his supervisor for permission. I ignored him, this was an emergency. We evacuated the building. On ground level, I walked with the others past the building and saw the company name: Ichor Therapeutics. This is a real company, lead by someone I know in reality. I doubted for a second. I felt like I had to go back in, as there were still many people lost and trapped inside the building.
    5. 16-07-27 Mine Escape, Making Out With Lara Croft

      by , 07-27-2016 at 02:45 PM
      My earliest memory is in what I think was some kind of mine. I think I was supposed to work there. There was a man I had to work with (he was also forced), a tall, buff black man. At some point I was hiding behind a rock, doing something. Maybe I had found something, or was planning something - I don't remember. Either way, a supervisor caught me, but I managed to talk my way out of it. I told him a story involving my partner, and led the supervisor to him. When we got to him, I wordlessly made it clear he had to corroborate my story and play ball. I also recall hiding something in the mine cart my partner was working with? This was still in the previous cavern, before I got caught. Anyway, at some point I was swinging on a rope by a wall - and I could see the supervisor looking at me from a balcony. Suddenly, his expression changed completely. It was as if color drained from his face, and he looked like he was seething with anger, but somehow remained emotionless at the same time. I realized the he must have found out I'd betrayed him. He stepped backwards, and disappeared. I used the rope to leap at a ledge across an artificial pool of water (the rope was above the water, roughly between the balcony and the ledge), but didn't go far enough, missed and plunged into the water below. I think most buildings and structures around me were made of wood. At some point I recall looking at a corridor adjacent to the balcony, and seeing a bunch of henchmen (and possibly supervisors) walking hurriedly towards something. I knew they were mobilizing to catch me. Now for the *ahem*, fun part. At some point I was back on land (I'd climbed out of the water). I think I was seated on the ground, leaning against a wall. Lara Croft (the "Rise of the Tomb Raider" one) was in my arms, making out with me. Which was a lot of fun. At some point she suddenly had strange-looking makeup on, which I didn't like (kissing a girl who wears thick lipstick disgusts me a little). I also tried kissing her bare boobies, but she didn't like that. Oh, well.

      I have vague memories of a general store, and some weird/creepy stuff happening.
    6. 16-07-11 Russia, Dog-Monsters, Escape From Lodge

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:27 PM
      I was in a very rural (and cold) region of Russia. There was tundra, and patches of snow and ice everywhere. I was in some kind of muddy, outdoor parking lot, located on the side of an even muddier trail. There were quite a few people there. Some guys (kids?) wanted to show me their motorcycles. I acted all interested, and got on one of them. They were still enthusiastic, but careful - and told me not to do anything. Before they knew what was happening, I had started the bike and raced away from there. I felt like I had "a job to do", and I needed this vehicle to do it. I rode a twisty asphalt roads for a bit, until I knew I wasn't being followed. Then, I turned around and rode back - back onto the muddy road next to the lot. There was a lot of police and bystanders on the lot after my theft. I turned off the engine and "pedaled" instead, as if it was a part bicycle, part motorcycle. This was, I managed to quietly ride past them, and escape. During the ride, I noticed it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike (5 years in real life, I stopped after a crash) - but it went well, and the bike had a surprising amount of grip despite the mud, snow and ice.

      Me and a partner entered a dilapidated building, a kind of giant warehouse. We were there to kill two monstrous dog-like monsters and save two women who were being attacked by the beasts. The beats were probably based on Woola, the 'dog' from "John Carter", a movie I watched the day before. The beasts created some kind of 'portals' high up on the walls. They would drag their prey up, and inside he portal, where they would be consumed. Anyway, we both had suppressed pistols. My partner engaged one of the creatures on the far side of the warehouse. Suddenly, I had a machine gun instead. I encountered the other creature in the corridor right before entering the actual warehouse. I shot and killed it with the MG. I realized the the girl, who looked like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboots, was safe for now - despite hanging from one of the portals below the waist. I decided to go help my partner instead.

      I went with my grandfather to a dark place, presumably up north. There were long nights and very short days, just a few hours that felt like minutes. In no time, I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed plane ticket.

      I needed to flee a house/lodge/shack on a hill. The environment was once again cold, and possibly snowy. There was a short way down, but I "failed" (it was like a quick-time event in games), and came down a little further. I was forced to climb over several wooden structures/obstacles to reach the helicopter (?) for extraction, before the whole place blew up.

      I only remember an area by the water, probably the docks. I remember swimming, and a dressing area for women that I was sure wasn't there before.