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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-02-10 Fleeing From Inquisition

      by , 02-15-2018 at 07:09 PM
      I was being hunted by a mob of angry people, like an inquisition. There was another guy also being hunted, and the mob seemed to want him more. We ran off out of a town, into a forest. I hid in the brush, while most of my pursuers went after the other guy, who just kept running. But three guys of the inquisition at the back of the pack spotted me. I think I climbed a vine hanging from a tree. I stupidly swung back and forth while the three men below men looked at me, confused. This is where the dream went on a tangent and got a little dirty. I came down and saw two young women by a building in the distance. They were talking. As I approached, one of them walked away, leaving just the cute blonde. She was way out of my league, but I knew this wasn't real without being lucid. Kind of knowing this is a dream and I can do whatever I please, I walked over to her and kissed her. She wasn't really having it at first, but as I kept going she got more into it. Characters' reactions in dreams are mostly based on our own feelings, so I guess that's why she was reluctant at first (I'm awkward when approaching people) and got into it as I got more turned on myself. We ended up trying to have sex, but I felt the dream was about to end, and it did. Right before it could get really interesting.

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    2. 16-11-13 Aerial Chase, Lost in Forest

      by , 11-14-2016 at 02:26 AM
      I'm flying, but I'm being chased by someone (or rather something). I think my pursuer was humanoid, but definitely some kind of monster. It got close. I turned around mid-air (while continuing flight in the same direction) and tossed something in its direction to distract it or slow it down. It got even closer. I managed to squeeze out a burst of acceleration and create some distance between me and it.

      I recall a dark room or cellar. There was some kind of invisible (or barely visible) demon/entity in there. I was on a flight of stairs to a higher floor/ground level, backing away slowly.

      This one is only fragments. People were cryogenically frozen in a freezer. This had strange effects on them. An old guy was turned into a dwarf or sorts... REDACTED was affected too.

      I was lost in a big forest with a bunch of others. The trees were far apart, and there was plenty of light. It was possibly autumn. It's also possible we were only children (aged 10). I walked off to the right, and found a road. We followed it, but it was long, very long. It was possibly a coastal road, following the coastline. We went around a bend, and I could see many miles into the distance. The road stretched on and on, and there were snowy mountains on the other side of the road (the road was between the sea and the mountains). I thought it was pretty, but felt desperate because I was trying to find people. I didn't want to starve.
    3. 16-09-29 Supermarket, Lucid Episode

      by , 09-29-2016 at 03:57 PM
      It started with a non-lucid dream. I was in a supermarket (or I was a disembodied "camera", I can't really recall doing anything myself). I watched a scene between some people working there. A few I "remembered" (not really) from when I worked there in 2009, some I didn't (part-timers, students working for the summer). I thought to myself that I had to apply for a job, and that they would need more workers for the summer. I somehow thought it was August. Then I was reminded it was late September already.

      This part contains another "faux-lucid" section. I think I was with my mother and uncle in a forest. At some point I got too far away from them, and I lost sight of them behind a hill. I don't recall how it happened, but I learned I could float, and fly. I tried to do a backwards loop, but I got very disoriented and felt like I would fall. I came down (fears materialize in dreams), but did so in a stylish "superhero" fashion. I thought I would scatter the rocks on the forest floor in all directions (like in the movies, where they leave a big hole, or crack in the concrete when they land), but this didn't happen. I started flying off. At some point I was flying between two very long (and very old) walls made of old stone (looked medieval), towards a large structure at the end (a medieval ruin in the forest?). I tried to fly as fast as possible. I could "stretch my mind" to speed up a fair bit, but when I yelled "faster!" it got really fast. I suck at estimating speed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to 5,000 kilometers per hour. Interestingly, despite seeing the wall fly past me faster and faster, the "tunnel" appeared to stretch on and on, and the castle didn't come closer any faster, despite my ludicrous speed. I guess my mind lacks the "rendering capacity" to render new environments when traveling at this speed. I have experienced a similar phenomenon when running at super-speed in a previous dream years ago. Eventually, I smashed into the wooden gate of the castle at 10,000 per hour. It was hilarious. I was kind of "peeled off" the door, and fell to the ground unharmed. Part of me was still stuck to the door. It was like in the cartoons.

      I stood up, and noticed two figures standing in the long corridor I just flew through. One was dressed like a Roman, the other (behind him) a different ancient culture, but I can't recall which. I went up to the Roman, and asked him a question ("what are you doing here, soldier?"). I "knew" he was only a DC. I couldn't play along with him anymore, and burst out in laughter. He started laughing too, obviously mirroring me. Then he pulled out a lance. I wanted to see what would happen if he tried to stab me with it. I knew I was invincible anyway. He aimed his lance at my chest, but this felt uncomfortable, so I moved the top to my stomach instead. Suddenly he was on a horse, running fast, with me stuck on his lance - as if he was jousting. I figured he wanted to smash me into something. Anyway, it didn't "hurt", as I predicted, but it did feel uncomfortable. I thought to myself, "mind over matter". But before I could try to make the feeling go away, I was already waking up.

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