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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-06-23 Moon

      by , 06-23-2018 at 06:08 PM
      So there's this huge building on the moon, except it's on a water ocean. Inside the structure, me and another person (a girl?) are fighting a kind of shapeshifting monster that likes taking the form of people. Nor Pennywise for a change, yay! I think I shot him with a sniper rifle when it was about to shoot the girl. In the end, the massive building (and I mean massive) exploded. The view cut to a control room back on Earth, where multiple Men in Black watched the building explode. An alarm blared, and a level 6 emergency was declared on the moon. Then it cut back to the building, which simply vanished. I saw the building wasn't really 'in' the ocean, but rather hovered over it using giant drone-like propellers. As the building vanished, the propellers stopped working and plunged into the ocean. We were swimming now, and reached a tropical island. We found some friendly natives, who helped us. Then some other weird stuff happened, like the chief was wearing a nose like a clown nose, but made from a hollowed-out nut. The chief then vanished as well, leaving us with his stuff.
    2. 18-05-29 G-men, Explosion at BASF

      by , 05-29-2018 at 05:22 PM
      I was flying (hovering), to stay out of range of two SUVs full of stereotypical G-men (think 'Men in Black') who wanted to apprehend me. They had tasers and everything. One of them tried to reason with me. He said they needed me to help save the world. I felt a little nervous at the idea of having so much responsibility. And couldn't they just ask me nicely? I gained altitude with the white house in the background. It was night.

      I was in a bus, driving on the BASF site (large chemical production plant I used to work for). I think my dad was driving the bus. He also works there in real life. The 'steamcracker', a plant critical to the operations of the site, was doing a test. Someone on the bus suggested getting some distance between the plant and our bus, just in case something went wrong. And it did! There was an explosion. I urged my dad to floor it out of there before the blast wave could get to us.
    3. 16-08-31 Escaping MiBs, Flying Away

      by , 09-01-2016 at 05:43 PM
      I had Men in Black searching for me in a building. I sneak down stairs, and went invisible (influence from Deus EX: MD). They couldn't see me, but I feared they could still "feel" my footsteps on the ground. I accidentally kicked over a bottle (or something), betraying my location. I continued to sneak away. By trying to minimize the "weight" of my footsteps, I discovered I can "glide" right above the ground. This over time evolved into full-fledged flight, and I flew away from the facility. I somehow "knew" I was flying just south of San Francisco, moving from (roughly) San Mateo to the north-west. I was flying quite high, but the environment looked "industrial", like a harbor district. The architecture was surreal. There was a beautiful sunset. I saw a giant cargo ship on land, laying on its stern, leaning with the bow against a huge concrete structure. I flew under it, through the triangle-shaped opening underneath. As always, it felt exhilarating to fly, and I used (as is becoming the custom) the Superman pose, using my arm (clenched fist) to change direction. Again, changing direction was difficult for me for some reason. It's as if even though the laws of physics don't count, the law of momentum just refuses to go away. At some point, I encountered another character in the air, perhaps two. They did something I would prefer to forget.