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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-12-XX Bank Robbery, Turkey Disaster, Barcelona

      by , 01-01-2018 at 05:08 PM
      I had money issues (as I do in real life, been unemployed for too long) and I'd agreed to take part in a bank robbery with a few professional bank robbers. I'd never committed a crime before, so I was very nervous. In the car on our way to the bank, I got cold feet. And the rest of the crew, not exactly nice people, noticed. They said that if I got nervous, the deal would be off. So I said I was good. We all had carbines, but they assured me we'd rob the bank at night and almost no one would be around. They lied. They used a lot of force and violence and I think people got hurt. I complained that this wasn't what we agreed. I was worried enough about being charged for robbery, and I didn't want accomplice to murder being added to that list. And I'm generally speaking not a murderer. These other guys... were nothing like me.

      I was in a city in Turkey, and suddenly some kind of earthquake shook the ground. People assumed it was a nuclear explosion for a while, but then we realized it wasn't. Don't know what it was. Just a quake, I guess? People were standing on this rickety bridge above a pool of water (in the city center). I wanted to get off as I realized it might collapse.

      We were traveling to Barcelona in a big bus, like I did a decade ago with school (twice). We got out to take a break, on an empty road somewhere halfway to our destination. There was a massive raging fire on the horizon. One of our teachers (math teacher Van Achteren) came up behind me and talked about a kind of app for merging pictures on her phone? For photographing the fire, I guess. My notes say our history teacher Peeters was there too, but I don't remember him. Notes also say "chocolate egg NL". Yeah, no clue what that means. In a later scene, I was in a hotel room, presumably in Barcelona. We had to share rooms with other students, just like how it was in real life. I realized I'd forgotten a lot of stuff back home, and I had almost nothing on me (just my wallet). I walked on a balcony outside of the hotel, wrapped in a blanket. The wind was blowing so hard, I could barely stand, let alone walk. I couldn't keep up with the others, who had already left. I was terrified of being left behind.

      Something about Doom savegames?