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    Doctor's Dreams

    Welcome to my Dream Journal. I have a full year of dreams in the Grandfathered section and I'm trying to get another solid year here.


    1. Jan 20

      by , 01-20-2012 at 04:38 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Nerf Tag

      I have more tattos than usual. One of the tats I remember having was the wing tattoos on the feet. I have those, one on my chest and 2 more on my legs. I was walking around with my dad and my girl friends mom and they were buying something expernive. Or rather they were paying a big motor cycle gang looking white dude to do something. Right before this my gf's mom told me that they had secret dealings with Mexican drug cartels and that she found mexican gang members sexy. At one point I was sitting down and slouching and my [gut] was reaching up and connecting with my chest and this should've freaked me out more than it did. I kept examining it saying "i'm not fat.." Later on...There is a campus wide game of some sort of tag game. It's not my campus and I am in the future but just 10 years or something. I am judging by he clothes. The campus is super modern looking. So this giant game of tag includes every onas a super soaker looking gun full of nerf footballs with the tails (no actual container to house the balls) in my dream, whenever this would could about, I would dodge the whole event feeling too cool or something like that. We the ultimate game is always preceded by a giant party and I'm seeing all of my old friends there and at one point after being antisocial for one reason I go up to a circle of friends and smack one guy on the ass. He was in the middle of telling a joke and everyone walks away from him because of me. he tells me so. Another friend join me and Bobby and we keep talking about how hot emily is looking tonight.

      so the party ends and its time for the game. So I go and hide somewhere so I don't have to play but after a time I want to join. I grab a single nerf football (didn't get a gun) and start running around in the night pelting people with the ball and catching it as it bounces back to me. It's a beautiful show of athleticism and everything's going in slow mo to emphasize how awesome I am at this point. Near the end of the game (I'm eliminating hundreds of people) I head into a tunnel to finish it, get a little over zealous and after killing two guys, smash down one guy's corn dog and steal the other guy's skittles. I'm a dick but I don't know it. I'm stuffing my face full of skittles as they complain to me and we all walk back (them up front and me trailing about 10 ft, not secretively but more so because we weren't friends) to the headquarters of the game. I was shoveling skittles into my mouth, feeling like I was expanding as I did. There were counting our class members out loud then I woke up. I could still taste remnants of the skittles...
    2. Jan 13

      by , 01-13-2012 at 01:50 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Banana Grams (FRAG)

      The beginning of the dream is a little sketch, I mostly remember how I was wondering around the citys parking garages but I'm not exactly sure how I got to the end of the dream. That was a game of capture the flag except instead of flags the other side had different stands of vegetables. There were corn stands, banana stands, and one other I think. You would run over to the other side and try to grab the banana/s (a bunch was preferable) and then run back to your side without getting tackled. We didn't play with those stupid flag belts that you may remember from your childhood. And we were on cement. Also, if you went to get the corn, and cracked it on either side, coins would spill out (like mario coins) and when you collected them you would get a star for every certain amount of coins you had. the part I mostly remember was it was near the end of the game and I got some corn, which was really close to the middle line, and then I was able to get three stars. I got really deep back into my territory. Had the three stars, one in my right hand, 2 in my left. I then charged the other side. As soon as I got to the middle line, I snapped the right hand star, making my skin glow like in mario. With this, I pushed my way through their team, 2 girls, and a younger gentleman. I snagged a bunch of bananas, enough to surely get us the victory. I could hear the other team yelling two things. One is that they were surprisingly close to victory (surprising because they were indeed the underdog by far), and another thing: that the banana champion from years past was on their team and he was coming for me. I immediately started the sprint back to my side when I saw an old dark cuban man, about my height and bald, running at me with the agility of a teenager. We almost came to gether, when I cracked another star to keep up my strength. I juked left and he followd. I juked right and he kept up to me. Finally I dove straight at him landing right on the other side of the line, and when I did he tried to push me to the other side. The ref stopped him and declared my team the winners. I got up, feeling the excitement of victory flow through my body like never before, running towards my team and yelling like mad. There was inspirational music in the background and it was all very touching. We had won.