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    1. Paper Fire

      by , 08-13-2013 at 01:10 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      The dream was a whole lot longer than I can remember but I think I was a combination of teacher of sorts and a private detective or something like thatl The environment was a side of a mountain pretty earthy with most buildings being made from a clay material and the roots of trees showing up where they could. was showing my frined how to do fire spinning but instead of fire on the end of the wicks, there were streamers that would automatically growna d shrink like real fire. This was just how fire worked in the dream. It was intensely beautiful, especially since the dream took part around the twighlight time of day.

      Well anyway, ,my brain sometimes equates fire spinning with fire bending because one kid keeps calling me Prince Zuko and because I like to think about it like that. Well anyway, one person came up to me telling me about how Prince Zuko's uncle made a house and lived in the roots of a tree for hundreds of years, and to make it crazy, this was supposedly also where Jesus was from, where he died and left all of his wisdom. Also, this was where all the hindu gods before Jesus had left their powers. When I was being told this, it was just being told to me like it was legend.

      After this, I was practicing spinning when 2 people surrounded me and started trying to encompass the immediate area with a long read banner. The top of the banner was slightly above my head and the bottom reached the ground and they were wrapping it around a basketball court sized area. This was my dreams version of fire bending since red paper was fire. It would've burned exactly like fire and also responding to fire bending moves the same.

      Before they finished wrapping the area, I ran through a way out and started running haphazardly downhill, using fire bending to deflect shots. Their leader was yelling at me why they were there. They too were looking for the almighty Jesus Hindu tree for it's power. I was running down the hill, skillfully jumping roots and dodging attacks when I awoke.
    2. Arriving in China

      by , 08-12-2013 at 09:53 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      IRL I'm going to China this semester so in the dream I finally went to China. I've been told as a black guy with dreads that I'll stick out like a sore thumb so I was walking around and was mystified that no one was staring or anything. It was like I was a part of the environment and nothing was strange at all. I entered this one building which I felt was some sort of student center that I was supposed to go to. Entering it, I walked into this sort of main room that was reminiscent of a small lecture hall that looked like it was made in the 80s by the looks of the furniture. The cool thing about it was that, the levels of seating sank into the floor instead of the floor rising to create the amphitheater look. But instead of lectures, this room was more just a gathering spot and place to chill. Everyone was just talking to the people around them.

      I was sorta shocked to see a girl from my high school and one of the chefs from my college just hanging out and talking to each other. The girl was talking about how she didn't ave much money left til we went to the next city where somehow we were going to get jobs or something. The chef just said that h was going to hang in the background like he usually did and lack of money didn't bother him because he always was able to find a way to support himself in China(apparently he was some sort of Admin on these trips).
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    3. Puffy Cats

      by , 08-09-2013 at 02:05 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      So I'm starting this again (again).

      This one was short since I decided to write it down an hour after waking.
      I was at some theater party. We were all at some very expensive house that was modern with lots of concrete and stairs and awkward levels everywhere. The main actor was a guy I sorta knew and half of the guests were others from my school who I sorta knew and everyone else was a mystery to me. Most people there seemed to be 4 years or so older than me. It was night time and the house was next to the water, as in out f several doors you stepped out onto a cement dock. There were 2 incidents where cats walked out and fell into the water for various reasons. As soon as they hit the water they would become as stiff as a board and their fur would expand like a mini airbag. They would stay there and float. I went out to get one and as soon as I came in range of a cat, the closest car snapped to my shirt, slightly scratching my chest. I was kinda freaked out to grad the rest of the cat. I woke up.
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    4. 12/17/12 Starting up the DJ for the break to bring back to school

      by , 12-18-2012 at 05:48 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Inception Trampoline Portal Thing

      The farthest back I can remember this dream is that I'm in the left back seat of my mom's suv. There was a second steering wheel on the back of the driver's seat chair and for some reason that was the one that I had to use to drive the car I was in. Apparently the one in the front was used to control via radio another car that I had to move around earlier in the dream. I think the car that it might've controlled was a small sporty audi (which for in the dream I called a BMW). In hindsight the body of the car reminds me more of a jaguar car than an audi but it had the four rings symbol. Anyways, I was in the back of my house so using the strange second steering, I backed out of the driveway.

      While I was backing out I watched a scruffy homeless(y) white guy with long dirty blonde hair in a beanie go into the audi and drive it away. I had a feeling that that was bad but it didn't shake me too much. I continued on my way and drove about 20 ft until I noticed a large group of musicians, mostly string players walking towards my neighbor's house. I immediately knew who they were, they were musicians from a summer program that I was a part of even though the faces were mostly students from my college. I drove to the house they were talking to and fro from and found my neighbors. In the dream they were a wealthy white couple with straight light brown hair, late 20s to early 30s and they were dressed up for something. I got the feeling that it was a funeral except everyone seemed happy and the wife was in a red dress. My mom was there too but she wasn't dressed up. They saw me, said hi, and I brought up the black "BMW" that I saw being stolen and the wife started yelling crying and screaming. It was apparently their car. I left and drove a lot more with my friend peter and it got dark out.

      I found myself in some strange building, high ceilings with wooden rafters. It was a little more than dimly lit and a lot of things were painted red. There were two rooms next to each other, both about 30 yards long and 7ish yards deep, maybe 10 yards high. idk why I counted it in yards…one room had a bunch of twin beds and the other room I don't remember as well but that's where the story continues. There was a strange dark lanky figure that was holding open a portal. I think my ex was there and she was explaining to me that it was some type of portal of dreams that you go into and experience some sort of interesting dream dark something…I don't really remember the explanation. Me being up for most things, I said that I was down and, laying on my back I wiggled backwards into the hole and there was no floor supporting me on the other side. I fell into darkness for about 10 seconds then into another large room with the same low light and red paint. I landed on a trampoline and started bouncing around. I looked around and it seemed that this was all that was in the room so I was very confused that the hole of darkness only had a strange trampoline in it. I was jumping up and down really high, high enough that I could grab onto the ceiling's rafters (note I didn't notice that there was no hole that I could've from). Eventually after about a minute or so of bouncing I fell of the trampoline but instead of hitting floor I fell into another realm of darkness. In this darkness I had visions of myself with my arms amputated past the elbows. After a while of this weirdness I fell into another room with a trampoline. This all repeated itself again into another room with a trampoline.

      At this point I realized that the point of the portal, or at least my fate in dealing with it, was to be stuck in this loop going on and on forever, falling off the trampoline, through darkness, and onto another trampoline in a room with no source for me to enter through. Obviously I wasn't happy about this so I crouched down and did what I could to "wake up" which eventually worked. I woke up in the room stated above with a bunch of beds. My friend's were shaking me and when I got up they told me that I was in Kate's bed (dunno which kate, I assume Kate M). As they pulled me away, I noticed that I slobbered a little on the pillow so I wiped it off so no one else would see it. We were walking to the other room and the passage between the two had a bunch of mirrors. I saw one mirror where I had the amputated arms and I freaked out. I looked at my own arms and they were normal and when i looked back again to the mirrors, everything was normal.
    5. Feb 6

      by , 02-07-2012 at 12:20 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Post College

      I was 30 and in the dream that's when I graduated out of college. No matter how many times I did the math of semesters, that's who it always came out. Not that I had messed up but that that was how it was supposed to work and that everyone graduated at this time. I had a long talk with my mom and my cousin about this and I was shocked that not more people truly knew about this and why was 30 not the new 24 and that we really need to do something about that. after the conversation me and y cousin skated out of there and I kept thinking to my self that mow that I was thirty I had to start making the most of it because it seemed that I had wasted most of my college years away. Also, a lot of people were slipping on the cement sidewalk, I assumed it was because it was wet but it looked pretty dry. I should've thought about that.
    6. Jan 28

      by , 01-28-2012 at 04:39 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Hooch (FRAG)

      I dreamed that me and my roomie and a couple of others were in my room (not really my room but it was in my dream). Security came in and told us that they knew that we were making hooch and that whoever gave it to them would have immunity. My roomie got it for them and I got in a lot of trouble.
    7. Jan 22

      by , 01-22-2012 at 08:13 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I don't remember a lot of what happened. I remember it was the elections and me and a couple of other people had been talking about them for a long time. Finally we were going into a minivan to ride somewhere that had to do with the election and then tre points in the door sees a giants roach. We all scattered. It flies out, and is on my shoulder. I'm am on all fours for an adrenaline soaked 2 minutes screaming and bucking trying to get it off. Finally one of my friends swipes it off with some leaves...

      also I remember having another tattoo on my inside left bicep. It was 2 feathers
    8. Jan 21

      by , 01-21-2012 at 05:54 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Second Earth

      This one was really cloudy. It started out and we were on a different planet but thing thing was it was pretty much identifiable to Earth. The part of the planet that we were on was a mountainous lush green grass covered, treeless expanses and we were in the middle of a bowl with some mountains surrounding us. Now the weird thing was that if you looked straight up, you could see the exact same landscape upside down a long ways up above us, kinda like when the girl folds the world over in inception. I was there for some kind of art camp. I remember looking up at the upside down version of where we were, which in the dream was supposed to be the original earth which meant that we were on some replica earth that was literally floating less than a mile over head with the exact same environments.

      Like this but without the water. and an identical place from "Original Earth" hanging upside down above us.

      The most beautiful thing that captured my attention while loo was that birds were not subject to gravity. There were flocks of black birds that would fly in between the two worlds constantly and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I stared for so long.

      At one point I had to get some kind of art supply for my teacher...also my friends were there (frankie and them) and we were all sitting at several wooden picnic tables scattered around the landscape. SO now I had to go get the art supplies. There was one part of the landscape that wasn't pretty and that was an old rusty building that looked like something out of biohazard. A replica of this was not on original earth. I climbed up a ladder and entered the place. The inside looked like a warm and cozy house on the slightly high price range. I took out my knife and held in reverse in my right hand. I didn't forget that I was on a strange land and that there could be aliens. For some reason I was very convinced that I was gonna run into an alien cat monster. I was walking through the place carefully, and I saw a giant swiss army pocket knife that I wanted to steal but didn't. I kept walking and passed some humans so I let down my guard a lot. They were sitting on a couch watching tv and chilling out. I kept walking through when I saw another one of those knives. I picked it up and a kid who saw me said that it was somebodies. I said that it was alright and I'll just get the other knife that I found a while ago. He smiled maliciously and told me that if there was another knife than the one I was holding should go to him and that I should get the other knife. I smiled and accepted this deal. After I gave him the knife, I wandered back with him following me to the couch area. I think the couch was now more of a love seat configuration and that there were 2 of my friends, both girls (mad mod and sarah h) I sat down and started watching tv with them. There was some strange music on and we were watching a sonic the hedgehog-esque character and I started scatting a melody over the boring music in the background. I made a grand show of it and was kind of looking for a compliment. Never got it.
    9. Jan 20

      by , 01-20-2012 at 04:38 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Nerf Tag

      I have more tattos than usual. One of the tats I remember having was the wing tattoos on the feet. I have those, one on my chest and 2 more on my legs. I was walking around with my dad and my girl friends mom and they were buying something expernive. Or rather they were paying a big motor cycle gang looking white dude to do something. Right before this my gf's mom told me that they had secret dealings with Mexican drug cartels and that she found mexican gang members sexy. At one point I was sitting down and slouching and my [gut] was reaching up and connecting with my chest and this should've freaked me out more than it did. I kept examining it saying "i'm not fat.." Later on...There is a campus wide game of some sort of tag game. It's not my campus and I am in the future but just 10 years or something. I am judging by he clothes. The campus is super modern looking. So this giant game of tag includes every onas a super soaker looking gun full of nerf footballs with the tails (no actual container to house the balls) in my dream, whenever this would could about, I would dodge the whole event feeling too cool or something like that. We the ultimate game is always preceded by a giant party and I'm seeing all of my old friends there and at one point after being antisocial for one reason I go up to a circle of friends and smack one guy on the ass. He was in the middle of telling a joke and everyone walks away from him because of me. he tells me so. Another friend join me and Bobby and we keep talking about how hot emily is looking tonight.

      so the party ends and its time for the game. So I go and hide somewhere so I don't have to play but after a time I want to join. I grab a single nerf football (didn't get a gun) and start running around in the night pelting people with the ball and catching it as it bounces back to me. It's a beautiful show of athleticism and everything's going in slow mo to emphasize how awesome I am at this point. Near the end of the game (I'm eliminating hundreds of people) I head into a tunnel to finish it, get a little over zealous and after killing two guys, smash down one guy's corn dog and steal the other guy's skittles. I'm a dick but I don't know it. I'm stuffing my face full of skittles as they complain to me and we all walk back (them up front and me trailing about 10 ft, not secretively but more so because we weren't friends) to the headquarters of the game. I was shoveling skittles into my mouth, feeling like I was expanding as I did. There were counting our class members out loud then I woke up. I could still taste remnants of the skittles...
    10. Jan 19

      by , 01-19-2012 at 11:25 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Self Esteem

      We were skating around some strange place with my friends. There has been a giant recent loss in self esteem for some reason in the whole world. Me and the guys decide to hang out in someone's house which I remember as being pretty well furnished. Since I was the most confident in the group, I had to go get the snacks. Everything is kinda dirty on the way out, I arrive at this guys store. He's a fat middle euro guy behind a glass kind of shield. Asks me what I want and the first thing that I ask for doesn't need to be paid for so then he spends a long time complaining about how I never pay for anything but then I remember that I have to get snacks so I get a shit ton of candy bars and two giant bags of mini resee's and then I poke fun at him "I never buy anything?" we joke and laugh and on the tv a news story comes on about the crisis in the world's loss of self esteem. I found it upon myself that I had to be a hero for the world and have more self esteem than everyone else and somehow save the day.

      Rock Fights and Boarding

      Was with my mom outside what kinda reminded me of a place near my house. she gets really mad at me so I have to follow her to figure it out. I get on my knees slowly and try to explain my recent anger. She silently brings me on this double decker coach bus which was the local transit in the dream the bus drive is mad at us fr talking forever but the new money system was hard to figure out. the door finally goes through and we go to the mall which is much more grandiose and modern looking than it already is. She walks me to rainforest cafe, all the time I was asking, with no reply what she as doing. So I guess we're gonna have a talk here. Some reason I leave, find the car and drive it back to another neighborhood. I go back to my house, which now i so a really steep hill. There is a strange knife fighting asian guy who wants to kill me. We fight for a while, swing our knives at each other, dealing out heavy blows. I have a "hunting rock" which I know with three good blows to the head will kill hi. Instead I keep aiming for his ribs...i don't want to kill him. I've hit him twice on the head and multiple times in the ribs. I hit him again in the ribs and can hear his ribs crack. He chokes up blood and goes limp. I back up a little and he jumps out. He was only pretending. He comes at me and something in my mind changes the dream is flickering and I was half waking up. I realized that I was dreaming and became lucid. Something about this lucidity was really weird though. The dream was still flickering and fading and I was still slightly waking up but I didn't try to stabilize the dream. He hit me over the head with something and I acknowledged the pain and then ignored it. I give him one more great hit in the ribs. he's done. I think his father was around to pick him up and go. I forget it's a dream...I get out of the house and the down hill looks really good as a long-boading thing. The hill is really traffic-y and cars are going down really fast in waves toward this tol booth thing. I see that my longboard is down there leaning on a tree, when I get back there I realize tha I left something up at the house, I start walking back tot he house but decide I don't need it, look back and my longboard is gone. I freak out for a long time but then my mom drives by and gives me a backpack with my longboard. its some move of reconciliation from an earlier fight. I go down the hill boarding


      . I'm with this one black girl that I've met, kinda chunky but I'm still diggin her. We back into an alley way get out of the car and into this door. We were in there for a long time and through a window I can see my car. While we're talking I see that a bunch of cars are trying to pass mine but they just stop. They're trying to pass it on both sides but my car is blocking them. I forget it and start making out with the girl in her room (which is a replica of my room). We really start going at it and were both shirtless and kissing all over. Before I take off her underwear I ask if she has herpes and she barely answers and I assume she does and I ask if she's having an outbreak, she says yes pulls down her pants and shows me it. I say I can't do it and go to get dressed. She's noticeably frustrated and angry as I walk around the room and pick up my clothes and put them on. She pulls up her pants while lying on the bed being all pissy. It was weird because there was one second where I looked at her and she was 10 times hotter than before, then it was back to normal. She wasn't ugly, just average. I go outside of the room and see that my car windows have been smashed and the whole car was stripped and pushed to the side so that people could get through. The car weakly starts on the second try but can't stay in park and the emergency break barely works. As I get back out of the car and then back into the house, I can hear her frustrated screams from inside "I get half way 3 times a week but I can't get fucked!!?" I cautiously go back inside telling her about my car and she's mad at me and tells me she can't deal with it now. I accidentally go into another room (which would've been my mom's room) but it was where her dad was sleeping. Also, I could hear one of her parents with the tv on the whole time before this but that was no big deal. The dad, with messy covers drawn over him in the dim room looks at me and says "oh its you, the [something wispy like smoke I think]" I say I am not one of those and try to head back to my car, I want to turn back and say that I lived here before they did but I don't...

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    11. Jan 18

      by , 01-19-2012 at 01:28 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Chapstick makers (FRAG)

      was part of chap stick maker
      killed tons of animals
      had animals tested on
      had tons of strange drugs around make from animals and stuff
      the butcher house was giant silo with blood dripping out the top
      one time i see a drug that looks weird scary
      one of my friends does it
      i walk up behind them
      can't stand, fall laughing
      vision fragments into odd pixels
      friend passes me and hits me on the back of the head
    12. Jan 13

      by , 01-13-2012 at 01:50 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Banana Grams (FRAG)

      The beginning of the dream is a little sketch, I mostly remember how I was wondering around the citys parking garages but I'm not exactly sure how I got to the end of the dream. That was a game of capture the flag except instead of flags the other side had different stands of vegetables. There were corn stands, banana stands, and one other I think. You would run over to the other side and try to grab the banana/s (a bunch was preferable) and then run back to your side without getting tackled. We didn't play with those stupid flag belts that you may remember from your childhood. And we were on cement. Also, if you went to get the corn, and cracked it on either side, coins would spill out (like mario coins) and when you collected them you would get a star for every certain amount of coins you had. the part I mostly remember was it was near the end of the game and I got some corn, which was really close to the middle line, and then I was able to get three stars. I got really deep back into my territory. Had the three stars, one in my right hand, 2 in my left. I then charged the other side. As soon as I got to the middle line, I snapped the right hand star, making my skin glow like in mario. With this, I pushed my way through their team, 2 girls, and a younger gentleman. I snagged a bunch of bananas, enough to surely get us the victory. I could hear the other team yelling two things. One is that they were surprisingly close to victory (surprising because they were indeed the underdog by far), and another thing: that the banana champion from years past was on their team and he was coming for me. I immediately started the sprint back to my side when I saw an old dark cuban man, about my height and bald, running at me with the agility of a teenager. We almost came to gether, when I cracked another star to keep up my strength. I juked left and he followd. I juked right and he kept up to me. Finally I dove straight at him landing right on the other side of the line, and when I did he tried to push me to the other side. The ref stopped him and declared my team the winners. I got up, feeling the excitement of victory flow through my body like never before, running towards my team and yelling like mad. There was inspirational music in the background and it was all very touching. We had won.
    13. Jan 7

      by , 01-09-2012 at 12:49 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Weirdness sex at my house (FRAG)

      I was hurried....and i'm too lazy to piece this together more coherently

      one friend snuch into my house
      we were making out and having good time
      i see my bag of consdoms and i'm all should i get that
      then she's laughing and all giggly and eventually says yes but she has to get ready first
      so i leave my room
      check on mom
      she's in the kitchen cooking crazy shit
      conch cshell and other strange things
      I'm trying to make sre mom doesn't look down the hallway to my room by making convo
      I see the girl coming down the hall and i'm trying to wave her away but she keeps coming
      finally she passes me and my om sees her but its not my girl itts another that i don't recognize
      my mom does though and epxplains it to me
      i'm like oh
      then we go back to stove
      i'm all xmas is over you shold stop cooking
      she was slightly mad about that blah blah
      i' try to get back to my room but i was too excited
    14. Jan 2

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:43 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I'm back...I have a yearlong journal in the grandfathered section and my resolution in new years was to do another year long one straight.

      Mummy in the florida keys

      It was like I was coming back to college ut instead, I was going to college in the swamp lands of florida. It was weird because I would frequently see an aerial view of the neighborhood I was living in when talking about it. I spent most of my time in the airport with other kids who were going to do the same program that I was in. When I got t the the airport, I first met one girl, slightly chubby with blonde frizzy hair, who was going to my same program. Soon a lot of other kids started started gathering who were going to the same thing.

      In the library (another section of the airport around the gate), there were many sets of shelves, one of them seemed to belong to me in a past experience with the program. My stuff was scattered to the ground and thrown all over the place. I was pretty mad and I was spending a lot of time trying to find a small paperback book with a blood red cover with a black boy on it. Instead, all the books that I could find were other paperbacks, most memorably, a Redwall book like the ones I used to read when I was younger. There were 2 black boys and one tan white girl, all about 16 standing around and chatting around my shelf. It was them who had messed up all of my stuff. I got really mad at them and punch one of them but then I cooled down. He was still really mad at me so I let him punch my arm a couple times until he cooled down too. Then I told them that there was gonna be a mummy where I was living. The girl was instantly interested and one of the boys, a shorter bald kid who kinda looked like an older version of the boy in Role Models said that because i was telling these interesting stories, the girl was gonna be in love with me. This was true and she wouldn't stop following me around.

      the aerial view of the neighborhood that I was living in was interesting. It had a couple of houses painted in interesting tropical houses. A lot of the land was covered in water and the houses were mostly connected by dry sand patches in between the land. There was a bridge made of giant pink stones and covering it was a giant light house.

      Dirty Train

      This one was inspired by the movie metropia, an interesting movie but I was tired and fell asleep during it after I wrote the first half of this entry.

      I was on this strange train thing but I was in this very big grungy kinda really dirty room. the room had a couple couches and a lot of young 20 something girls, mostly tanned white but some middle eastern, yes all pretty attractive, but meant to look like they had been working really hard. They were all rebels against their big brother of a government. We were getting into the station and they did this massive cleaning up of their room to hide all of their contraband for when the government worker would come in and inspect it. This was amazing because it featured a giant garage door esque thing that scraped across the floor and very thing that was beyond view kind of disappeared...i can't really describe it right now. So when the room (a room about 30'x30' or maybe a little bigger, metal walls floor and ceiling, was scraped clean we moved back in the couches and added some fold-able tables to fill the space. I was also walking around and I noticed that we had a window at the front of the cart so that we could look out at the tunnel that we were traveling down. I walked out of the giant room and down a hall toward the front of the train (which shouldn't have been there because the window in our room was the front. I noticed that our window actually pointed into a weird sweatshop esque room. I ran back to my room and was yelling about the window, which was now covered in a blind, about how it should not be able to look to the front because there was another room there. This is when I became lucid but it wasn't that big of a deal for some reason. I kind of just brushed passed that. The girls wondered what I meant and lifted the blind and showed the room I was talking about but they said that it had never shown the front of the train...Finally we came to a stop and were about to be inspected. There was one guy who was the inspector guy. He looked like jason stathom but a little skinnier from not eating well. He inspected the room.

      Earlier in the dream, i just didn't know how to connect the 2 incidences, we were walking around this strange place, before the train, and I noticed that all the workers (all male), were bald with silvery grey skin. One of the silver guys asked me if he had something on his cheek. I laughed really hard and said that yes, he had large smudges all over his right cheek that looked like different color oil stains, like brown, yellow, and other food-ish like product.

      Later back when we were on the train, I asked one of the girls how the people became grey and she said they get that way after they disrespect the government. Each one of those splotches on the cheek (this detail a little fuzzy) was a mark after one of your family members was killed for punishment from your behavior. I was so sad because I had laughed at this guy earlier.

      So like I said, everything was inspected and we passed. I started walking around, still lucid but taking it for granted, and looking at all the people. It was really cool and I suddenly noticed once more...hey, why is this dream taking so long. Then I remembered, "duh, dreams just last longer when you're lucid!" At that moment I was walking passed a black middle aged guy and stared at him with a funny face as I walked by to amuse myself. He looked confused. Once again, I stopped myself and realized, Whoa, lucid, gotta do something with this! I realized that I didn't have any shoes on so the first thing I did was try to imagine the feeling of shoes on my feet instead. I didn't try for too long and I just quit that. The next thing I did was went to this ledge thing which was the ledge of a stairway, one of the kinds of stair ways where it looked like it wasn't connected to a wall...crap I'm sucking at explaining things right now. (somehow it wasn't a train I was on anymore I guess) Anyway, I started to try to jump up on it and grab the ledge but I wasn't jumping higher and my grip was extra slippery. I regain composure, "come on, you're lucid, just make yourself jump higher." I gave a couple more pushes with the same result.

      I looked behind me and the agent inspector guy was there and he was pissed, I was breaking some rule or something. We got into an intense fight (I was thankfully ok at that in my dream) but he still kicked my ass and tackled me to the ground, pinning my head down and sitting on my back. He said something about me doing something wrong and disrespecting him so he took away (the gov could do this) my access to some webpages and made my facebook less powerful (evidently it had some cool power to take away).

      Another Train (FRAG)

      took another nap...

      Just a fragment but I was on a train, regular size this time, and I was with one really fat white woman and probably 2 other skinny women. I remember vaguely the fat one talking about breast feeding and she took out her breast. Some other stupid stuff...

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    15. Aug 29

      by , 08-29-2011 at 01:03 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      A Long Message and Musical Numbers

      I was doing more college goodbyes. Basically I was hanging with my buddy Peter and it was late at night and we were telling each other jokes. I had decided to look at my facebook inbox and saw that Ian's message was actually a lot longer than I had thought it was. It was super long and instead of just being a regular goodbye, turned out to be a really touching long message about how close we had become. After reading this I realized that me and peter were in a circular building with a dome and a singular hallway leading out of it. The building was made out of white marble and was really extravagant in design. I saw Laura and Amadi come in and Laura put down a boombox , pressed play, and it played the background to a musical number on loop. It was almost a blues progression but the last 8 bars were slightly different. She was singing something stupid when Dani busted out of nowhere, pushed Laura out of the way (who looked slightly peeved) and started singing a different tune that didn't really match with the background. We all laughed at this (except for laura) and I decided to go down the hallway and run back in to make an explosive entrance and to improvise a song. The hallway was short and led out to a window which put me on to the street. I turned around to jump into the window, exploded through and started singing but I found myself face to face with 2 hispanic cleaners, one male one female. I had discovered that where I was was more of a small mall location with many entrances and I had jump into the wrong entrance. I ran back into the right entrance laughing and told the others of my mistake.
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