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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:37 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Inspired by Samael's return and a slight nudge from Dreamer, I bring you something totally lame! No color coding, no fanciness, no pictures! It's everything you could want from the first...



      I catch wind through the Internet that a bald, psycho, murderface, nut-job is coming to kill me in awful and terrible ways. Acting immediately, I move through my parents' house checking all doors and windows are properly locked. Fortunately, I manage to lock the one unlocked door--leading into the garage--right as I hear the tell-tale grinding of the garage door opening. As the killer on the other side begins grinding away at the handle with some sort of angle grinder, my parents calmly remark "That must be him," and continue watching television. Deciding I'll have none of that, I hurry my fiance downstairs, out the back entrance and into the snow--bare feet and all. I propel us over the fence, and we're off.

      Running for our lives.

      In the police station, one of the officers goes over my name and remarks I've been making the rounds on the news lately. I tell him, "Yeah, I've noticed." There's a line to get help, but that seems boring, so I leave with my fiance, deciding I'll come back later.

      I check my phone and find a subreddit created by the guy trying to kill me. As you'd expect, it's creepy as all fuck, and I'm horrified by some of his past "work" and detailed designs for what he planned for me. As it turns out, my death wasn't part of those designs. Just horrible body "upgrade" procedures straight out of a proper nightmare. Stuff like mechanical tetrachromatic eyes, replaceable intestines, metal plating in place of skin--all installed while I'm conscious mind you.

      I decide to go back into the police station.

      As I'm rounding the corner, a bunch of bald guys who look just the killer begin walking towards me. Shit. I call out, "Help! Officer!" But no one comes as they swarm around me and...just pass me by?


      Watching some mid-level players duke it out in a Super Smash Bros Melee mod I'm unfamiliar with. Lacking my glasses and a controller, I step into the convention-room's hallway. I outstretch my hand, and pull my glasses to me. They shoot from my hotel room and are in my hand in less than a second. Then I do the same for my Gamecube Controller. A few rounds of play later I head out into the convention. Wandering around the hotel, I find myself in a totally separate convention--this one dedicated to board games. Oddly, both conventions are sorely lacking in attendance.


      Time to explore Vegas...

      I fly (hover, really) around Vegas for a bit. There's some gross celebrities getting doted on by hotel staff. Unrelated to that mess is some nonsense about avoiding the pool because I don't actually have a bathing suit because reasons.

      Alternate Dimensions

      One moment I'm at my parent's place, the next I'm still at my parent's house...but it's moved to the end of the cul-de-sac . I had felt the shift as reality folded in on itself, maybe that's why I'm the only one who seems to know anything is amiss...

      Outside now, I check the garage, and there's a canoe in it. We never had a canoe before. A neighbor walks up and nods to the boat, "Perks of alternate dimensions," he says with an approving tone.

      I shrug; I don't even like boating that much.

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-02-2012 at 03:34 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Recruitment (DILD)

      What a mess. . .

      Overturned shipping crates and semi-trailers lay strewn about my dishevelled court. Patches of barely-living, pale-green grass permeate the dead, yellow lawns. Every house sits in disrepair, some are even missing, replaced by strange, red statues and rocks.

      A large, armored eighteen-wheeler pulls into the court. It stops, suddenly. Waiting.

      Somehow, I understand I need to clear a path for this thing. Sighing at the inconvenience, I use TK to lift the first shipping crate out of the way without difficulty. The truck moves forward, and I use another bit of TK to remove the remaining trailer from the road.

      Interesting that I can do that so easily, I catch myself thinking, Oh, right. Must be dreaming.

      With my newfound lucidity, I finally take notice of all the red in this scene, and, to my left, there’s a statue that catches my interest. It’s that little imp fellow from a previous dream, and the statue is located exactly where that school used to be. Disgusted with myself more than anything else, I pull from an FPS archetype, toss some C4 onto it, and hit the detonator, leaving only a smoldering stump of a neck where the statue’s head used to be.

      Slightly pleased with myself, my mood sours as I’m approached by a weaselly man in a nice grey suit. He starts pestering me with questions and hurried pleasantries; his nasally voice and unplaceable drawl grate at my nerve. I try to walk away, but he follows me as I move towards the old back-woods.

      ”Tell me,” he insists, struggling to get each word across, “Have you ever experienced. . . recruitment?”

      The word choice makes me roll my eyes, as I respond with an indignant question: ”You tell me.”

      Of course, he ignores my inquiry, going on to talk about what a great opportunity this is for me, and other nonsense I try to tune out; I’m not at all interested in playing along. . .

      Damned sheep.

      Note: I later learned the two sheep I had heard “baa”-ing behind my house all day long were, in fact, go-karts or something.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 12-17-2011 at 08:47 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Dragon (DILD)

      I see it: the cause of the rampant destruction, taking place just down the block. A green dragon, female, on a tyrade, clearly looking for someone, I can’t help think that someone is me.

      Figures. I think, making my retreat into a nearby flat, flying up to the second story, fire-breathing giant right on my tail. Unfortunately, I quickly find I’m not as safe as I’d like to be when the dragon bursts its head through the wall.

      I don’t want to deal with this right now, I realize suddenly as the dragon exclaims her joy in finding me. I walk up to her, reminding myself this is a dream, and walk out the door to the roof-top balcony. Hopping down, it’s clear the dragon isn’t going to leave me alone simply because I’m not interested in fighting. A burst of flames hits me hard, but fails to phase me.

      Fine. I’ve got some stuff I wanted to try anyways.

      I pull a katana from my side and throw it to the ground in front of me. Another, and another, I pull from the air beside me. Tossing them around me. Raising my hands, I direct my TK at the lot of them, but. . . I’m meeting some resistance. Inexplicably, I can only manage exerting control over one, so I figure I’ll just go with it.

      With a thought, I fling the blade at the dragon, whirling it through the air, toward her heart. It strikes a glancing blow before flying off to the side, making a shallow cut, minor damage it seems. I bring it back around for another strike, but the dragon is producing weapons of her own, hurling them at me in much the same way, but with a much straighter path. I’ve only got a moment to react, but although the energy behind the attacks is palpable I manage to fully deflect them without much effort.

      After some more back and forth, she tells me she’s impressed.

      By what? I can’t help wondering, I haven’t even done anything yet.
      Deciding I’ve had entirely enough of this unnecessary fight, I take to the air, slowly approaching the dragon. Deciding to finish this, I activate my Geass forcing an imprint of my will onto hers; my wishes would become her wishes, my will, her will. For a moment I feel it work, but again, I experience that same resistance as before. She puffs a bit of agitated smoke at me.


      Not skipping a beat, I land some quick, devastating blows, get her in a lock, mess up her neck, and drop her to the ground. She doesn’t get up immediately, so I figure things are done and begin moving back into the city.

      That’s when she starts to get up again. . .


      I’m on a Torchwood investigation, leading a three person team to the site of the most recent rift activity.

      It’s the flat from before.

      One of the women on the team, my partner, goes to investigate the scene of the fight from earlier. On the roof-top balcony, I show the rookie how to break in the Torchwood way, using a specialized lock picking device to get us through the door and into the room in question, where we’d find exactly what we were looking for.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-15-2011 at 09:43 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Enter: The Messenger (DILD)

      There's someone outside, roving the grounds of the ancient place of worship. Meeting them in a field, patchy grass, yellow and green, I demand to know them.

      “Oh, just a god,” he says, nonchalantly.

      Oh, how rich, I think as I laugh a long maniacal laugh, the likes of which chills even my bones.

      “A god, you say?” I can't help smirking.

      “Yes, god of messages. Zeus' personal messenger, as it would so happen to be.”

      “Ha. Right,” I say, lifting off the ground, preparing for what I believe will be an easy fight. “You won't mind proving it to me, then.”

      He smiles as he draws a blade of energy from his side. I match his with my own, switching to my Energy Sword with a press of a button.


      We clash.


      And again.

      No one is gaining ground, so I toss my blade aside and draw out a Katana from it's place at my side. His sword transforms into a rapier, much to his surprise. And much to my surprise, he's more than adept with it, skewering my stomach in due haste, my Katana unable to even scratch him.


      I try to start up a volley of teleportation assisted attacks, but. . . I can't. All I see after each attempt, instead of a vulnerable back, is his smiling figure, all too ready for me.

      Screw it. I toss my sword aside.


      My energy surfaces and bursts from my body in a blue flaming jet. He's still smiling. The bastard.

      Even as I twist and contort his body, tearing into his throat, he grins, unaffected.

      And in a moment, I'm distracted. There's some monsters nearby that need taking care of. . .

      You shouldn't do that. I hear him in my head.

      Screw you.

      With a wave of my hand I release all the lock, the controls, sending this bus of a plane down a long and bumpy road, crashing it, stranding the passengers.

      That's it. I'm done with this. I'm going to kill him.

      Making my way to the main compartment, I'm bombarded with insults and complaints from the passengers. I ignore them the best I can, searching for that damned messenger, who was here moments before.

      The insults continue, so I shut up everyone in the room with a wave, zip, and press of my fingers, binding their mouths shut with a few well placed Ats. Except for one girl who somehow remains free from my control.

      I'm gonna get it, she tells me. I'm gonna be in for a world of trouble when that messenger from Hades gets back, she insists.

      “What? What do you mean, Hades?”

      But she won't answer my inquiry as she continues to shout at me.

      “SHUT UP!”

      She won't.

      My alarm wakes me.
    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-28-2011 at 11:04 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Buggers (Non-lucid)


      Dream: Protection
      Tasked with protecting this girl around my age, I quickly discover she isn't human. No, she's one of them, sent to understand human society and culture during this time of war. Even so, I find myself caring for this girl, and when the invasion finally does hit, and boulders are crashing down around us, I refuse to allow her to go back to them only to have her body vaporized and her memories absorbed into their collective hive-mind. So, I nab a fighter jet and we flee. . . only to crash a short time afterwards on the border of a hick river-town.

      The only people in town able to help us are asking too high a price, but she knows something about me, something I had forgotten. Our desperate situation and a reminder is all it takes for me to take the initiative, dredge our plane to the surface with my TK, and repair it instantly. . .

      Dream: Military School
      Enrolled in the academy, I find myself living a mix of military and student life, but things quickly get out of hand. Shenanigans ensue and I find myself taking a dip in full uniform in the lake the night before an important day. Apparently, it was the only thing I could do to avoid being caught out after curfew.

      Fragment: Bros.
      Super Nintendo graphics and a Mario Bros. Game make up my world, as I help guide my brother through a particular difficult level. Unfortunately, he's being resistant. Normally, I wouldn't care, but lives are at stake here, and one more spill into that lava would kill more than the sprite. . .

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    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 04-02-2011 at 06:18 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ruined (Non-lucid)

      With gusto, I sprint across the cool, black asphalt, brown sneakers propelling me forward with every pounding step. The horde looms in the distance, row upon row of agile, intelligent zombies. Knowingly, I dash forward, weaving through cars, crimson, white, and purple, cutting to the right with nothing but STAR, my trusty yellow Nitefinder, in hand. Nay, the zombies aren't on my tail; they're right in front of me.

      They mock me, as I slow down, off to their rightmost flank. What could I possibly do with such a small weapon, they wondered? Was I even worth the effort of a charge?

      Stopping, stepping back, I know they're right.

      Well, at least about the former.

      With a smile, I raise my arms, and lift a dart from the ground, twenty paces away. The zombies look in astonishment as the dart floats of its own accord, and their jaws drop when it fires through the air, nailing one unfortunate zed in the face.

      But still, they mock me.

      One dart won't be enough.

      Both arms, and countless darts, rise at my command. My eye lit with a fiendish glint, I can't help smirking at their shock. Even as they charge, I'm alight with joy, as my darts rain upon them, taking out their front line. But despite my barrage, many of them remain untouched, and now they're upon me, here to devour me.


      A quick teleport puts me behind their ranks, where I continue to wreak havoc. Every time they get close enough to do something, I teleport away and attack from a different side. Eventually, it becomes too much for them.

      They quit, walk away, deband themselves.

      What have I done? Could it be I've singlehandedly ruined this Invitational.

      My perspective cuts away. . .


      A girl walks along the same black asphalt I had run upon earlier. As she goes, she breaks the rear windows of every car she can. Another girl, part of the same horde I had just forced into ruin, goes to stop her, asking her what's wrong.

      The first girl replies, “You know, when the game's on I can keep it under control; I can stay sane,” she rubs at her face, smearing the black ash covering her cheeks and forehead, “But now look what's happened. . .”

      The second girl, yelling, remanding, starts: “That doesn't mean you—” but she's cut off as a knife pierces her pink skin-tight shirt and enters her gut. With a thump, she's lying on the ground, as the ash faced girl smirks and walks away. . .


      What have I created?

      Years have passed since that fateful day, but the terror, the crazed female killer, remains at large. As her creator, I'm tasked with her extermination.


      We meet on a field of dead grass, my sword drawn, a machete with a complex, elegant, two-handed, design, her knives at the ready. In a flash of steel, we clash, crossing blades, determined to end the life of the other.

      But alas.

      The dreams fades.
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 02-24-2011 at 06:50 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ¡Single Sentence Sizzler!®

      Hellspawn (Non-Lucid)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      With the gifts granted unto me, I set wildlife ablaze and rent a man's heart from his chest, changing him for the better.

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    8. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:49 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ¡Single Sentence Sizzler!®

      Basket-Brawl (Non-Lucid)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      After growing tired off using my TK and TP abilities to school my friends at basketball, we started playing Brawl; Unfortunately for them, I took full control of my character (Lucario) and mixed some dream abilities in with my 'normal' ones.
    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-23-2010 at 07:59 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Best Picks of The Lot (DILD)


      Dream: Tearing it Down
      There has been a recent strand of some kind of white powdery substance circulating the streets. People who take it are usually never heard from again. As it turns out, this stuff makes anyone into a demi-vampire whose uncontrollable transformation turns the unfortunate soul into a young girl (age ranging from the late teens to early twenties).

      After unwillingly becoming one of these beings, I partake in some shenanigans whilst transformed, seducing an 'important' person in my old church, only revealing my true intent once I had gotten him into his car. He ran screaming, to my delight.

      Afterwards, I'm conscripted by two true vampires and a small band of demis who reveal to me, along a tropical stone beach, the source of the white powder. Lining the ocean-side, as far as the eye can see, are oil-rig-like structures pounding the ground into a fine, magic dust and releasing pillars of smoky pollutants into the atmosphere.

      We destroy everything, sparing no one.

      Lucid Dream: Taking a Bite Out of Crime
      Ridiculous people are being ridiculous.

      Their ridiculousity triggers my lucidity, but everything is super hazy. I stabilize by grabbing something extra weird and purpley and then chomping down on it with mine mouth teeths. The rush of sensations is enough to pull me into the dream, and solidify my control.

      I'm outside on a town street. Various shops and other places of interest frame the sidewalk. Some cars pass by on the intersecting street up ahead, but the few cars on this street, including one puke-green PT Cruiser, are parked in a parallel fashion.

      Naiya shows up out of nowhere and we immediately stop a criminal using basic dream powers like TK, or something. After that, we hang out for a bit before I let myself wake up.

      Really wish I could remember more of this one. =/

      Fragments: Do You Remember That One Time At Band Camp?
      Several fragments of me seeing Naiya in what I believed to be RL, and asking her about the dream from before, go here.

      Dream: Into the Stratos!
      I have the pleasure of being pre-Shippuden Naruto and joining all the needless drama going on with Sakura. She gets upset and runs off, just before some bad dude comes and stops the squad from leaving. Sosuke tries to leave by fighting his way out, but gets put in his place quite handily.

      Switching perspectives, I'm now myself, hanging out in tall grass for gods know what reason. But no matter, it's time. . .

      Teleporting to the meeting location, I find Sakura standing there, wiping her face. I ask if she's ready to go; she nods. Taking her arm, I teleport to the next target. The kid--he couldn't be older than ten--sees me and waves. I motion to him and we all begin to run toward the ship. By now, they'd be looking for us.

      Time was short, so I decided we needed to move faster. And what's faster than teleportation? Pulling the three of us together, I instantly transport everyone to my space cruiser. We get inside, I take the controls, and we take off.

      Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble getting the damn thing out of the atmosphere. I waste a lot of fuel, and burn out most of the ships engines, before switching to auto-pilot. At that point, I have to actually fuel the ship with my lifeforce in order to keep us all from plummeting to our deaths.

      Now well on our way, but with me on the verge of death, Sakura is kind enough to transfer some of her life energy in order to keep me alive. But not until I ask nicely.

      Dream: Adventure Time!
      Flying over Africa, I can't wait to explore the vast and exotic stretches of water below me. There were small basins, large bayous, medium sized lakes. So many environments to adventure through!

      And adventure I did.

      Dream: Beached
      Hanging out in front of the beach-front property me and my friends were planning to stay at, I wait for them to show up. . .

      Still waiting. . . . .

      Maybe I should read this sign again?

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    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-13-2010 at 08:23 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Restless Night Was Restless (Non-lucid)


      Fragment: It's The Throat, I Swear
      I'm apologizing to those around me for my terrible singing. Coughing, I blame it on my sore throat.

      Fragment: Warriors For Hire
      Warriors are needed for some kind of job or task. I can't help but thinking of Raven, MoSh, Nomad, and the rest of the gang.

      Fragment: The End of the Beginning of the End that Started it All
      On a certain day, at a specific time, in a definite place, good would be pit against evil in a battle for the world's soul, or something like that. It turned out to be much more small scale than that, though.

      Dream: Horsing Around
      Enjoying a fun game of HvZ, I soon discover three prized horses have been stolen! We put the game on pause and begin tracking them down. I end up finding them in, and I quote, "One of my favorite HvZ hiding places," which turned out to be a broken down silo. Sending out a mass text, I joined the horde as we converged upon the silo, surrounding the thieves and blocking all escape routes.

      Confronting them, I use my TK to pull them and their saddles off the horses and into the water. One is a friend of my girlfriend and thinks my girlfriend is responsible for the TK antics, so I just keep letting them believe that as I screw with them some more.

      Eventually we return the horses and strap permanent saddles on them covered in nails to prevent future theft.

      Dream: New Music
      A bunch of "famous" musicians have invited me to join an experimental band they were forming. Accepting their invitation, I got to emulate playing Bass and Drums at the same time using a very odd instrument. The music we ended up producing drew elements from Indie, Metal, and Classic Rock, and actually sounded really good.

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    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:05 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Simple Pleasures (DILD)

      Excusing myself from the table, I begin walking toward the soda fountain across the room. The reception hall is terribly crowded with people. I don't really feel like navigating around them all, so I decide to walk straight through. But it would prove rude of me to simply push people out of the way. Thus, I come to the conclusion that phasing through them is probably the best course of action.

      Each time someone ran into me I Phase Shifted the part of my body making contact, letting them pass right through. It's cool how I can do that in dreams.

      Oh yeah, I smile softly, this is a dream. By now I've reached the soda fountain, but there's a bit of a line. A container of stacked cups stands to my left. I reach out my hand and use my TK to flick the topmost cup off its stack and toward me. As it comes down, I go to grab it. I fumble around with it for a moment before wrapping both hands about the clear textured plastic. A sloppy catch is still a catch, I think, still smiling. Now what to do about this line?

      I notice all the DCs were getting their drinks out of a single Pepsi dispenser in the middle of the fountain. Moreover, this dispenser was operated by slightly lifting on the tab holding back the refreshment. By lifting it, a small waterfall of brownish liquid would pour out. Kinda like a real fountain.

      Feeling slightly devious, I reach out again with my TK, and lift the tab all the way up, drenching everyone within a two foot radius of the machine with cold soda. I position my cup under the ridiculous flow, filling it, but wetting my whole right side in the process. The feeling is remarkable. I marvel, for a moment, at how amazing our brains really are.
    12. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:53 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      The Race (DILD)

      And so, with gusto, my new friends and I took to the highways. I was on a small, sleek, and terribly fast motorcycle while these three strange creatures trailed behind me. Each one of them meant me harm. I knew that, and had confronted them about it earlier. The wispy woman, whose body was made entirley of formless darkness seemed taken aback when I mentioned it. Each of them was even more surprised when I explained that, despite their ill will, I would accept and welcome them with open arms. For, I knew they could cause me no real harm, and maybe showing them just a smidgen of kindess would help to change them at a deeper level. Regardless, that was all behind us now. What lay ahead was an open road filled was fun, adventure, and daring!

      Only minutes after starting our journey I found myself taking a detour. Apparently, there was an intense motorcycle race going on, and I wanted to join in. Seamlessly, the motorway I was traveling on branched off into a race-track. Upwards of twelve racers zoomed past me and my group. With a glint in my eye, I zoomed off after them, planning to win this race using any means necessary. By sheer force of will, I pushed my bike faster and faster until, within seconds, only two competitors stood between me and first.

      Revving my motor, I barreled into the racer in front of me, clipping his wheel and sending him spiraling out of control. One down, one to go. Reaching out with my mind, I forcefully launched the leader, motorcycle and all, 20 feet into the air. He lost his grip on his bike as man and machine shot off the course, tumbling over the concrete wall, out of sight, out of mind, out of luck. I was home free. Excitement and happiness welled up from my core as the finish line came into view. Everything started to fade. . .


      Quickly utilizing my own personal focus techniques I managed to stabilize just enough to keep myself in the dream. Gritting my teeth, determination etched upon my face, I refused to let the dream end before achieving my goal. My bike slowed as my focus shifted. Sensing the other riders gaining on me, I gripped the handlebars ferociously and, with one last push, shot forward, clearing the distance between me and the finish line in a fraction of a moment.

      As peace settled in, the last thing I saw was the pale smiling face of the smoke woman. I could feel, without a doubt, that she was genuinely happy for me. I woke up, content.
    13. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:29 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      The Atrium (DILD)

      Around me was a gathering of students of all trades and disciplines. Okay, most of them were Comp Sci, students, but that's not the point. The point is, the group seemed diverse. All of us were inside of this huge atrium. The Balcony above us surrounding the area, the tunnels that branched off, and the general architecture had the look and feel of Hogwarts.

      However, there was no magic going on in these walls. Instead we had all been assigned a winter break project that was due tonight at midnight. It was already 10:54 PM and all of us had to write a two page paper on the functionality of the memory allocator we wrote before break. I questioned a STB about it, wondering if we had already done something similar. He rebuked me, and stated he had already finished his paper and had given it some fancy name. A guy who was supposed to be our professor laughed from across the room and commended STB.

      After that we started to toss a Frisbee around. One side of the atrium, vs. the other. I kept missing my opportunity to get the Frisbee, and everyone on my team was sucking something awful, so I started to cheat. I used TK to do some fancy throws that weren't even possible. I also used my powers to direct the Frisbee into my hands whenever someone threw it. However, after a long time, it seemed as if my TK was waning.

      Wait, this is a dream, how can I be getting tired from overuse of my TK? I can't even properly lift that balloon over there. This is pathetic. I lift off into the sky and float over to the second floor balcony that wrapped around the middle of the atrium. I decide to test how much energy I really have left.


      Blue sparks fly from my right arm, a massive charge builds up in my palm, and all the while an all encompassing screeching fills the room. I slash my arm into a nearby stone wall to test it out, and sure enough, it cuts into it with ease, but not as deep as I would have liked.

      I decide to have a bit of fun, completely forgetting any and all goals. I jump down into the middle of the crowd, and shout, "Alright! This is how it's gonna go down! All of you, against me!" Everyone looked at me funny, a few people to my left start to come at me. I whip out a bo-staff and begin to twirl it around, charging at them. I knock a few to the side, before drawing them into a small foyer that leads to another hallway into the the atrium. Several of the people from the room attack me, grinning wildly, but a few good knocks to the head and chest take them out quite handily.

      Suddenly, a girl walks through the archway. She is dressed much more ornately than these previous louts, and carries a huge staff-like sword. Several sweeping halberd-esque blades protruded from the long, thin staff at the blade's core. They shone brightly and were framed from behind with beautiful red and gold waves. Well, that's cool.

      She swings it at me, but I parry it to the side, stepping in and hitting her shoulder with my simple black staff. She tries for another swipe, but I block, and return a strike of my own, this time across her head. We go back and forth like this for awhile, before her frustration builds to a peak. A downward strike from her blade is met with a swift kick from my boot.

      Hilariously enough, her blade gets lodged in the thick leather bottoms of my boot. She tries to pull out her blade, but can't, a look of surprise on her face. I twist my foot and disarm her, taking her blade for myself. I ditch my staff, and test out my new bounty. A quick slash cuts away at her poofy clothes, but does not draw blood. I thrust the blade into her. "Oh, fuck." She says, looking down at the gaping wound in her chest. I can see the life drain out of her as she goes limp. I pull out my blade and head back into the atrium.

      Everyone inside is playing some silly game in groups around the room. "What the hell is this?! I thought I told you all to fight me." I take a large arcing slash at the people in the group before me, cutting into the necks of everyone there, spilling their blood onto the floor. They just turned in shock and stared at me, in a semi-circle. I took to the air as people started screaming around me and running for the doors. Soon enough, the room was completely empty except for a few people scattered around the room who just stood there calmly.

      "Where did everyone go?" I asked them.

      "All the stupid ones left." One of the remaining people said.

      I wanted to investigate further, but the dream started to slip and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

      Well, I guess I could have tried to stay in a little bit longer. >.>

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    14. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:17 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      4 LDs in an afternoon nap. Good stuff.
      Afternoon Nap (WILD)

      I went straight into a WILD where I had a lot of difficulty getting out of bed. I eventually managed to get mostly up, but I kept rubber-banding back to my sleeping position each time I got close. Had a couple FAs here, but it was all the same.

      Woke up for realsies. DEILD time.

      This was a weird experience because the music I had playing transitioned over into the dream, but the sound was slightly distorted. It was as if I were listening to it underwater. Regardless, I'm still trapped in my bed, but I try to summon my DG anyways. I manage to create a male DC that looks kinda like her, but at the same time, wasn't even close. The song is distracting me, so I force myself awake.

      And turn off the music.

      I lie back down to WILD and the fun begins almost right away.

      When the vivid hallucinations start, I'm able to throw myself into them for a successful V-WILD. I end up in a snowy academic courtyard during a game of HvZ. I figure I'll go ahead and play along since I need to practice as a zombie. A group of us is after a single human. He throws a sock at me, and I'm only just able to redirect it with TK, my control not up to the standards I want it to be at. Then there's a weird fragment where I toss a guy over my head from a distance with TK.

      I've lost lucidity by this point. And just go about the dream as per usual.

      I wish I could recall the plot, but I didn't get a chance to recall it all as I awoke. I do know I regained lucidity sometime down the road, but I couldn't tell you where or what it involved.

      Edit: I remember how I got lucid! I ended up in a large body of water somehow and realized I was dreaming. My mind turned to sharks attacking me and, sure enough, they did. I became frightened and woke myself up. I then had an FA in which I still knew I was dreaming. There was also a good sized shark biting down on my right forearm. I looked at it calmly as it chomped down on my arm. I remember thinking to myself how odd it was that something that looks and feels so real is all in my head. That's when I really woke up.
    15. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:13 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I dedicate this entry to Loaf, for making me want to keep up with his awesome DJ.

      Rebellion (MILD)

      I MILDed before bed. This is something new I'm going to start doing consistently. Wish me luck.

      The dream up until the point I got lucid was somewhat interesting. It all took place in this large facility that was a mix between an academic building and a hospital. Some friends of mine were playing some kind of game of catch, most likely Frisbee, when I suddenly thought to myself,

      Wait. . . This is a dream. I was so sure in myself that a reality check was not needed. Everything was strikingly clear and felt so real, from the tan pillars that rose into the ceiling of this atrium to the people and their detailed clothes and expressions. I turned away from my friends, taking myself out of the plot for just a moment. I should stabilize a bit before trying anything. I take my hands and rub them together, focusing on the sensation, I turn to the pillars, see their textures, and run my hand along them, wrapping my arm around it as I went.

      Now, I felt grounded and confident. I decide to try out my TK on some nearby object, but something seems off. I can't make the connection with the objects like I normally would, so it fails. Slightly disappointed and taken aback by this, as I had just recently (in another lucid) ripped an entire house off its foundations and thrown chunks of it at some enemy DCs and was now failing to lift a small ball of fluff, I did not lose focus. The plot was still progressing around me, and it was somewhat interesting, so I decided to play along.

      I opened the front doors and the light poured in, obscuring my vision for a moment before coming back into focus. To my surprise, this building was located right smack dab in the middle of a large body of water! And there were Viking-esque ships rowing around the complex! I took a step back from the water. It looked so real and menacing with its clear waters followed quickly by a dark and murky drop off; it was scary.

      One of the ships stopped rowing and everyone on board stared at the people at the door ferociously. The DCs around me dropped to their knees. Only I remained standing, but the stares continued. I tried to flip their boat over with my TK, but it didn't work for the same reasons, so I decided it would be best to drop down as well to avoid confrontation.

      It was then explained that these Vikings were keeping all the DCs in here hostage. I figured it would be fun to invoke a rebellion. I take to the air and hover over the Building DCs rallying them to my cause. And so it began.

      I left them to do most of the planning .In the meantime, I was testing out some of my abilities. I was having trouble with my ol' electricity attacks, so I just took a stance and let loose a Chidori. The signature blue lightning encompassed my arm and the accompanying screeching clawed at my ears. I sliced my arm at the nearest wall and it cut through like butter for a good two feet. This is going to be a fun attack.

      Some time passes and the plan is set. We're going to escape out the back and destroy any opposition that faces us. Most of the destruction will be up to me, apparently. Might as well get some help. A cool idea that crosses my mind would be to summon some Creatures from the Magic: The Gathering universe. I decide to start small with a card we all know and love, Mogg Fantastic.

      Sure enough, I manage to summon the guy and oh boy does he look cool being all realistic and such. He was wearing a grey trench coat, though, which was weird, but I didn't question it. I told him the game plan and what he had to do. He seemed pretty capable. Next up, Slivers.

      For the uninitiated, Slivers are Creatures that become exponentially more powerful with each additional Sliver in play. I only summon about five or six, but they're the biggies. All the Legendaries, and some of the more powerful Non-Legendary ones. I have them lead the charge out the back door. I fly right behind them, the rest of the DCs at my rear. The Vikings are waiting for us and unleash a volley of nerf into me. I just take all the hits, I mean, seriously, it's Nerf. . .

      From there, the dream degrades into me deciding what kind of darts to use in my Longshot clips. I wake up shortly after that.
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