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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 09-30-2010 at 07:16 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Septemeber Basic ToTM Completion (DILD)

      Two people of questionable intent and origin accosted me after I went lucid. Here to ensure I kept my end of the bargain (which I made in my last lucid with some dude while everything was destabilizing), they began their tests. For my first "lesson," they escorted me to an elevator, and the woman stepped inside. Then they took my body away.

      Left with nothing but a single perspective and my consciousness, my first task was to maneuver my way in front of the elevator with no legs, no feet, no physical self whatsoever. Great. Using miniature jumps in perspective, similar to teleportation, I was eventually able to work my way into position. The woman inside smiled as the elevator doors closed in front of me. Erm, I thought, as I easily opened them with a burst of will, wiping the smile from her face. My body was returned to me.

      With all of us now inside, the man in their pair informed me my next test will be one on movement. As the elevator rose up, my sense of gravity in relation to the floor started gyrating. It threw me off balance for a moment, but I quickly positioned myself in the center of the elevator and began methodically twirling about, adjusting my footing as the spinning continued. The suited pair, standing off in the leftmost rear corner, was not amused. "What?" I state, "This is normal elevator behavior for me."

      The elevator doors opened, and we made our way out into some kind of. . . social gathering? Well-dressed adults sat at benches and tables, while equally well-dressed children frolicked about the well-lit skylight room. Sure enough, they had another task lined up for me. . .
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-05-2010 at 08:34 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ˇSingle Sentence Sizzler!®

      Why is Gandalf in my Computer Chair? (DILD)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      During a Lucid FA, Gandalf gives me plane tickets to the middle eastern desert town where I have to meet up with Samael and her friend (ansiel6sixtysix or something) again before my fight with the being that defeated Jackie Chan during a public, stadium hosted, dojo challenge just a couple of dreams ago; I barely make it into my court before another FA kicks in.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-03-2010 at 11:00 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      July Double ToTM Completion (DEILD)

      Keeping still, I perform another WILD. . .


      Without hesitation, I get out of bed and make my way outside. Oddly, there seems to be three doors hinged to my front doorway. Opening all of them, I'm greeted by a shining sun and people all about my court. I pass one guy with a shaved head and notice an orange armband.

      "Humans vs. Zombies?" I ask him. He responds by putting his finger to his mouth and shushing me as he runs behind my house to hide. "Weirdo." I mutter when he's out of earshot. There are a bunch of other players scattered about my neighborhood including some of my friends, but I figured HvZ could wait a bit, I had some tasks to carry out.

      Deciding to clone myself first, I walk to the middle of my court, do some random hand signs, and shout "Tajuu--Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" I hear the familiar popping noise around me as hundreds of clones are created in a puff of grey smoke. I take a look at them, and sure enough, they're me. However, they're all wearing the same ugly orange blazer and a dirty green headband. Great. I've created a mass of egotistical, fashion-challenged, zombies. Might as well have some fun with them.

      Using my mind and a tad of willpower, I force all of them to attack me at once. As they converge I punch the first to reach me in the face, while roundhouse kicking the clone on my other side. I use the the momentum I generate with that to drop to the ground and knock a few clones down by sweeping out their footing. "You're still a Zed now," one of the clones remarked.

      "Crap! You're right!" I exclaim, beaten at my own game. Well, then this next bit is for the horde! I think excitedly, willing my hundreds of clones to disperse and tag all the remaining humans. The game was over in less than a minute, which left me time enough to do the basic task as well.

      Digging into my pocket, I find my wallet, my car keys, and--there it is--my cell phone. Pulling it out, I open it up and hit send twice. The creepy phone lady informs me that this is not a phone number I'm calling, but some kind of app center. I end the call, and hit send again, scrolling through the list of available names. I notice one contact called 'a human' so I figured I'd go for that one. The phone rings a few times before someone picks up.

      "Hello?" a muffled voice on the other end asks.

      "Hi! Who is this?"

      "It's me, RTN."

      "Oh, didn't I see you playing in the game?"

      "Yeah, I'm right over here, dummy."

      Looking over to the main street I see RTN on his cell phone, accompanied by his girlfriend DTZ. I close my phone and wave over to him, but he's still upset by the shenanigans I had just pulled.

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    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-24-2010 at 06:05 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      As promised.


      Shadow Monster: Origins (WILD)

      There's that familiar transition.

      I open my eyes. Cold white light is streaming in from my bedroom window, as the thin brown curtains fail to do their job. Lifting myself out of bed, I notice something odd on the ceiling. The shadows on the dirty eggshell-colored drywall. . . They're moving! At that revelation, the shadows--an Aztec-esque shaman and a blocky curled snaked--broke themselves off from the wall, joined together into one formless mass, and shot out into the hallway.


      Making my way through the house, toward the front door, I wonder what that was all about. Closing my hand around the gold painted doorknob, I open the large metal door before me, revealing my sun-soaked court. But something is off with the lighting. Everything seems. . . lifeless. It's as if all warmth had left my neighborhood long ago. I didn't know what to make of it.

      Lifting myself off the ground, I fly to the center of my court, contemplating what I want to accomplish. With no goals lined up, I figure I'll just try to crash someone's dream world. That's when I hear it. A visceral scream tears through my court, originating from a neighbor's house across the ways. Turning my head, I look just in time to see the woman who had screamed smash against her front window. As she drops out of sight, I know behind that blood drenched glass lurks the Monster from before.

      Reaching out with my TK, I try to pull it from the house, but I can't get a lock. Yet, despite my failure, the Shadow Monster doesn't take long to exit the house of its own accord. Smoothly flowing through the air above me, it pay me no mind as it makes its way back toward my residence. Like hell I'm letting that slide. Let's see how this thing likes a little bit of pure energy blasted through its core.

      Taking a stance, I position my hands by my side, preparing to let loose a Kamehameha Wave. Not wanting to tip it off, I say the chant internally, feeling the charge building between my hands. Unfortunately, when I go to release it all in a throat wrenching shout, nothing happens. The Shadow Monster stops dead in its tracks, and speedily reverses direction, darting straight at me. Fully enveloping me in darkness, I realize there's nothing I can do to this. . . thing. Panic washes over me, but before everything fades to black I let loose a piercing cry for assistance that echoes not just through my city, but around the world and, I can't help but think, beyond.

      No one came to my aid.

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    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:17 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      4 LDs in an afternoon nap. Good stuff.
      Afternoon Nap (WILD)

      I went straight into a WILD where I had a lot of difficulty getting out of bed. I eventually managed to get mostly up, but I kept rubber-banding back to my sleeping position each time I got close. Had a couple FAs here, but it was all the same.

      Woke up for realsies. DEILD time.

      This was a weird experience because the music I had playing transitioned over into the dream, but the sound was slightly distorted. It was as if I were listening to it underwater. Regardless, I'm still trapped in my bed, but I try to summon my DG anyways. I manage to create a male DC that looks kinda like her, but at the same time, wasn't even close. The song is distracting me, so I force myself awake.

      And turn off the music.

      I lie back down to WILD and the fun begins almost right away.

      When the vivid hallucinations start, I'm able to throw myself into them for a successful V-WILD. I end up in a snowy academic courtyard during a game of HvZ. I figure I'll go ahead and play along since I need to practice as a zombie. A group of us is after a single human. He throws a sock at me, and I'm only just able to redirect it with TK, my control not up to the standards I want it to be at. Then there's a weird fragment where I toss a guy over my head from a distance with TK.

      I've lost lucidity by this point. And just go about the dream as per usual.

      I wish I could recall the plot, but I didn't get a chance to recall it all as I awoke. I do know I regained lucidity sometime down the road, but I couldn't tell you where or what it involved.

      Edit: I remember how I got lucid! I ended up in a large body of water somehow and realized I was dreaming. My mind turned to sharks attacking me and, sure enough, they did. I became frightened and woke myself up. I then had an FA in which I still knew I was dreaming. There was also a good sized shark biting down on my right forearm. I looked at it calmly as it chomped down on my arm. I remember thinking to myself how odd it was that something that looks and feels so real is all in my head. That's when I really woke up.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Two LDs last night. The first lasted a few seconds and turned into a FA in which I got lucid again and had a small bit of fun before the dream ended in another FA which I did not get lucid off of.

      Will put up entries for the second LD and yesterday's in a couple minutes. Hang tight.

      Also, that makes 9 LDs this week so far. I'm on track for breaking my record for most LDs in a week. Okay, maybe not. It's going to be hard to get 9 more in 5 days. x.X

      "Could Be Anybody" (DILD)

      FA. I have to pee. I get up and make my way through the kitchen of the restaurant I'm in, toward the bathroom. I enter the large restroom and go into a stall. Hmm, something is off. I try to RC, but it's not working quite right. I look at the mirror in front of me and think, If this is a dream, when I close the stall door, and open it again, there will be someone right behind me. I close the stall door. And open it again.

      Well would you look at that. A man is now standing right outside my stall. I close the stall door again. And raise my hand to head level. I create a spark of electricity that dances between my fingers. Yep, definitely a dream. I ready my blue lightning. Electricity courses down my arm as my right hand becomes envoloped by furiously dancing bolts. I slam open the door behind me and unleash a torrent of electricity into the man standing outside my stall. He convulses painfully, his eyes growing huge as his body pulsates and glows. His life was ending.

      I put right hand on his shoulder and pushed him down, stopping the current's flow. As he lay there, dead on the floor, he looked a lot like someone I knew, or, maybe, used to know. I couldn't quite place the face. Interesting, I thought, but he really could be anybody. Even me. At that I started to morph his face, creating for him different personas, until I finally had it rest upon one similar to my own.

      *BANG BANG BANG* My suitemate's father knocked on my door. They were going to go see a new idiotic movie and I was going to come along. I was not dressed, but I needed to go out into the common room. I tried to wrap my sheet around me as I got out of bed.

      *BANG* My suitemate slammed the bathroom door shut. Stupid FAs. . .
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:28 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)

      Take from the Air (WILD)

      I looked out my fourth floor window, putting both hands against the cool sleek glass. It’s time to fly, I thought to myself, anticipation rising from the pit of my stomach. I put my face against the hard glass. Concentrating, I began to move through the pane of glass. The glass stretched as I pressed against it, smoothly conforming to my hands, face, and body like a sheet of slick putty. Having no time to waste, I savored the sensation for only a moment before propelling myself forward and up; the seemingly opaque sky rushed to greet me. The experience of flight and the overwhelming feeling of happiness that accompanies it overtook me. This never gets old, I thought, as the warm air flowed across my smile.

      As I flew over Erickson Field, I could distinctly make out each perfectly shaded blade of green grass on the hilled valley beneath me. Likewise, from my lofty viewpoint, I could make out the rough sandy textures of the many red bricks that lined the Hall. The detail of the world was super-realistic. Everything, from the pleasant smell of the field to the whooshing wind that played gently across my ears, appeared just as real as, if not more real than, waking life. I was dreaming. I had known I was dreaming from the start. In fact, that was the whole point.
    8. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:26 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Dream Guide Overload (DILD)

      Had two lucids, but can only remember the one.

      Back in High School, I'm ready for the next four years. Armed with the knowledge of how things will play out, I enter the building with the rest of my Freshman class. I see PTD, I say hello to him and explain how we'll be good friends by the end of Senior year, he thinks I'm a crazy person and wants to know how I know his name. He ends up just walking away. As I walk down toward the TC I see JTP right before the exit to the courtyard. I say hi, but she also has no idea who I am. Slightly discouraged, I walk out into the courtyard, taking the cut across to the main building. A quarter-way there, I realize how this doesn't make any sense and the only explanation would be that I am dreaming.

      I don't even need to RC as I snap into lucidity. Everything is so vivid, I haven't had one of these in a long time. I shoot into the air as people start pouring out of the buildings, on their way to class. They see me hovering above the courtyard and stop. Remembering my goal, I call out to them and ask if anyone has seen my Dream Guide. No response. Okaaay, I think to myself. "I'm going to turn around and I expect her to be there when I look back," I state, as I attempt the technique.

      It fails, which frustrates me a little, so I ask, "Is anyone out there my Dream Guide?" One girl raises her hand and shouts "I am!" She is shot down by a man who fervently yells "She's lying!" I am inclined to agree. "Fuck it, let's see if Shift is right," I say, giving in, "From this day on, you are all given the status of Dream Guide and everything that entails!" A triumphant cheer rings out from the crowds around me. The excitement among the DCs is palpable as one shouts out, among the cheering and applause, "You've figured it out! Woot!"

      I drop back down to the ground, and walk over to the group that has congregated where I just came from. They've started playing some kind of Ice-Breaking game. Eventually, it's my turn, but I have no idea what's going on, so I just stare blankly as everyone looks at me. Play continues without my input. "God dammit!" I shout, "I forget what my goal was." I think for a minute, before remembering, "That's right, I was gonna ask my DG her name. . . Well, fuck. . ." I realize there's no way I can ask all these DCs their name. Oh, well.

      I end up asking one of the DCs across from me what it was they were doing, and he tells me their listing off all the things they masturbate to and adds that his name is Ishmael. Another adds that his name is Ezekiel. I tell him I might have trouble remembering that, but I'll try my best. Their intelligence level, and presence, is on par with some of my other DCs, but it doesn't quite live up to what I was expecting after my experiences with my original DG.

      Soon, I start to get lost in my thoughts, trying to remember some of the things I wanted to talk about, and wondering if the answers I get will be of any real quality. I start to wake up. Everything is fading fast. There's not much I can do except say goodbye to everyone.

      I'm awake now, in bed, on campus. What's that smell, and why do I feel like this? I look over to see Carl is smoking next to me, but instead of getting a second hand high, I'm getting sick off of it. I start coughing, and feel like I'm going to vomit. I realize something is off here, but I can't quite place it. I do a nose RC, but it fails. I try again, but I get the same result. It looks like I'm really awake. I spend the rest of the FA trying to go back to sleep.
    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:18 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Brains: The Tommy Incident (DILD)

      So many dreams last night. Like, a ridiculous number. I remember a lot of the details as well, but there's no way I'm writing that much, despite the fact they were all so awesome. There was only one lucid among the bunch, and it was less exciting than pretty much every single non-lucid. Regardless, I think the experiment is working. We'll see in the days to come.

      I had woken up. I needed to remove a few illegal files from my fileshare and some sorta web server, because I had just recently been approached by a lawyer on the matter. As I head downstairs I notice something is definitely off. For one, I recall those things being part of a dream I had earlier that night. Two, my body felt heavier than usual. I RCed.

      Oh, awesome. Looks like I'm dreaming. Now what? I guess I'll try to summon PTD and eat his brains. I knew he'd be mad if there wasn't a decent fight beforehand, so I layed down and formed a mech-suit around myself. It turned out to be a pretty lame mech-suit. Its only weapon was a wrist blade. When I got up, there PTD was, in a similar mech-suit, just as I was expecting. At least, I think it was him. Hard to tell.

      And so, the battle began, in my living room. He came at me with his own wrist blade. I dodged and blocked his arm from coming back around. His other hand came in for a punch, but I grabbed his fist, and went for a sweep, trying to pull him off balance and onto the floor. At that point both his feet were off the ground, but he was still standing. I was like "WTF? You have exceeded given parameters, shut down immediately." Surprisingly enough, it did. The mask came off and it turns out it wasn't PTD. The face was some creepy doll like face, and the most unsettling music started playing.

      The doll, spoke, but its mouth didn't move. It said, "I am Tommy, I have committed suicide as per your request, but I will return to have my vengeance." The music was still playing, and I was getting freaked out. I realized the dream was getting out of my control, so in order to save myself from what was bound to be a disturbing experience, I woke myself up.
    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:08 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Brains: Complications (DILD)

      PTD joined DV and was on the forums asking about WILDs. He was having a bit of trouble, so I told him I would get into a dream real fast to help him out. I was already in my bed so I decided to WILD. It was surprisingly easy and only took a few seconds. I ended up in a FA so I RCed.

      Yep. Looks like it's a dream. Now to get up so I can go and fight him and eat his brains. Unfortunately, every time I got to the edge of the bed, I rubberbanded back into my original position. Unable to get out of bed, after using a variety of techniques, I got quite frustrated. Eventually I RCed again.

      I'm awake. You got lucky this time PTD. Next time, your brains shall be mine!
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