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    1. The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world aft

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:38 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world after failing to Astral project. (WILD)


      After a brief visit to bathroom at 2am I decided to Astral Project. I relaxed my entire physical body in bed. My mind was already relaxed enough that I could focus well on this task. Within what felt a couple minutes, I started hearing a buzzing within my eyes. I focused on the buzzing in order to make it grow and become more intense. It got to a point that it was decently loud and I experienced vibrations around my entire body. I recalled that a couple of nights ago I was using the same technique (it is a new technique I am working on) and it kind of blew me off due an overcharge of energy (you may want to read here as a reference)

      Overcharging my body for Astral Projection and failing - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      So I decided not to be -energy greedy- as just start the separation process out.

      As I focused in my Astral body lifting from my physical body, I could feel the vibrations very intense, but for some reason, I was not completely able to come out. I decided to ask for assistance (you may do this if you struggle to leave your body) and I felt there was an entity around me (I asked who this one and it was one of my Spirit Guides.) I asked her to pull my Astral Body out. I felt here working on my feet and literally like she was pulling my feet, even that it felt physical at some degree, I know it was my Astral Body being pulled. I was able to separate and I found myself floating over my physical body. I had with my dad a conversation about my previous event and he told me that the same would happen to him and that once he projected out, he would charge his physical body with energy for it to feed further the Astral body) As I attempted this, I focused way too much on my physical body and I did return to my physical body.

      I was back in my body, but still in the WILD stage, so I figured I would once again, pull myself down after charging a bit more extra energy. During the process, my mind lost focus and I found myself thinking about a couple Dares I wanted to complete.

      I found myself floating above what appeared to be downtown. It was day so I realized that I was not Astral Traveling anymore but I did fall asleep during the process, which I was still happy since I was lucid. Not what I was looking for, but no complains neither!

      I decided to land as the dream was very stable. I recalled I wanted to work on some dares, since the thread is almost dead. So I entered a building and I wanted to look for a bathroom in order to do
      "Find a mirror and talk with your reflection." Once I got inside of the building, it appeared like a hardware store and there was almost right by the entrance a toilet and next to it, a sync with a mirror. So I got myself in front of the mirror and said, "Hi, whats up?" It looked like me, but like if on the other side of the mirror there was no light, or like if light did not reflect at all, because it was the same looking as me but it was really dark (in colors, not that it was evil, just like a person looks like in the darkness.) I did not hear any reply, so I attempted again and visualized being answered. This time, I could hear a faint voice coming from the mirror that it said "Mario Party" (what the heck???) and I did not feel like staring more into the mirror and wake up, since it replied to me, I figured it was valid.

      I also recalled the Advanced task of the Month. Even though I already completed it within the first week
      (my super-lousy lame patronus

      Expecto Patronum at Downtown - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I wanted to complete also the toilet one as I told to Ophelia, and well... I had a (not so beautiful and dirty toilet) right next to me. An awesome gift from my subconscious. It was not extremely gross, just dirty and old looking:

      I just step over it after opening the lid and I hoped it would not break, as I recalled someone trying to do this and getting the toilet broken in the process, thus failing the task. Luckily it did not break. I visualized getting pulled inside the toilet. I could feel my feet shrinking and getting wet and I started to be pulled in, until most of my body was inside the toilet, only my upper chest and head were out. I knew I needed to enter it entirely to pass, so I pulled myself further in, but I was stuck. I tried hard to get in, but I was not successful, I realized the toilet turned into a Urinal:

      It was sparking clean but I was completely stuck. I tried to flush a few times but the water would come out from it around me. I was thinking what was going on with all the dream toilets for everybody. I jumped out of it and it morphed back into the same old dirty toilet. Since I was in a hardware store I looked for something to help me. I realized that if I could find one of those shrinking mushrooms from Mario it would help a ton:

      I was able to find some, but they looked like real mushrooms with leaves. I grabbed a bunch of them and step over the toilet right now (and I believe it got bigger) I ate the mushrooms and I shrunk immediately, falling inside the toilet. It flushed itself and I travelled through the pipes at a very hight speed. There were some religious figurines that they were cut in half
      (I bet I know where this comes from, Ophelia lol) and some other stuff, but the water was not gross at all.

      I then appeared at some place else, right back in down town. I was happy I did the toilet thing, even though I already had the Advanced ToTM wings.

      I then focused on Dreamers lucid dare and started to look for the blue dreamworld. I entered another building, pretending it would take me there, but I had no success. It took me to an almost empty office, with just a desk and a pc:

      But it was much bigger than this. I started to open different doors and going through different rooms. Apparently, I was not inspired enough and did not think to open a portal as I gave up on it and told me I would do it other night.

      I instead tried to recall more dares to do, as I want to complete all of them. I recalled an easy one, Call Sensei on the phone. I pulled out my cell phone and pushed the call button (dialing is so overrated and unnecessary, lol.) I could hear a voice that said, "Sensei is here..." I said, hello, what's up and I Sensei said something like, "Habla espanol? Alo alo? Mexico?" and suddenly my phone turned off. Well, I did call Sensei, so I guess it is valid, despite the weird call, lol. I then tried something interesting, and I tried to connect with my subconscious through my phone in order to come here and check out more dares as I could not recall any. I was able to get to the dreamviews page, but it looked like an app and I could only see our logo.

      A little afte that, I managed to get to the thread "Task of the month for September. And I saw some of Box77's posts. I tried hard to look for more dares
      (never realized that I was in a different thread, my lucidty was falling fast) but I was unsuccessful. I realized I was staring way too much at my phone until I entirely lost lucidity and something related to apples was going on, but I woke up almost immediately right after that.
    2. Flight to the Sun: Cancelled.

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flight to the Sun: Cancelled. (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening in my room and I was recalling an interesting dream. As I tried to look for my Dream Journal, I could not find it on my night table, but I was able to find the alarm clock. I tried to lit the light from the alarm clock to find the DJ and write the dream down. But the little light did not work.

      I sat on the edge of my bed trying to focus and try to realize what it was going on. I realized it was impossible that the light was out already, as I could hear the sound of the clock, hence having juice in the batteries.
      I realized it was a dream and upon checking my hands, I was able to confirm it.

      I took of and flew to a big city. As I was flying, I recalled another Dare, which was to fly to the sun and through it. I saw one of those shuttles that go to space to board to space station.

      However, the shuttle had no roof, it was like one of those tour buses, but it was going to space. This shuttle in particular, was going to trip to Mercury to stay there for a few days. I figured it would be easy to just get driven to mercury and from there, fly myself to the Sun, as in other lucids I have been able to get to the moon, but never to the Sun.

      I boarded the shuttle and I believe it was free, as I did not have to pay. I had a few scientists around me and then a family of three including a baby.

      As we were about to take up, I heard to voice of my wife calling me and the dream started to fade.
      My wife woke me up (false awakening) and said she needed some water. I wondered why the heck she did not just drink water herself (she never wakes me up at night as she knows I do LDing.) And I told her she blew up my chance to travel to the sun. Then I woke up for real.
      Tags: dare, fly, lucid, shuttle
      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    3. Eating flowers on a mountain after a chain of False Awakenings

      by , 08-25-2014 at 10:07 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Eating flowers on a mountain after a chain of False Awakenings (DILD)


      This was a very "interesting" dream... very inception type of dream, very confusing but i beat my subconscious and turned lucid. Since I am pretty much settled already then I have again my journal next to me, and I reminded myself to go back to the old good doing of journal dreams.

      So this dream started after a FA, where I recalled perfectly the previous dream I had, very long and it appears it was one of those healing dreams. I tried to write it down, but then I had another FA.

      After that, I had several FAs in a row, on some of them I would start to write down the dream and then fall asleep while doing it. On others, I would have issues moving and I would think I was awake under sleep paralysis, so I would try to WILD, tricking me into a chain of FAs.

      Until one time that I had another FA, and I tried to write down the dream. I would find several DJs, some of them from years ago, and most of them without clean papers, all full of text and I wondered what it was going on
      until I realized that those DJs are from the past and I was dreaming. I thought that I was going to forget the 1st dream, but I did not care. But as soon as I tried to stabilize the dream, I passed out and started another FA.

      I was going to write down the dream and my wife awoke and started to distract me. I told her that I needed to write down a dream as I was in the verge of forgetting it. My wife tried the best to avoid me writing the reading.
      I found that it made nosense and I was in another dream. My wife tried to tell me I was awake, what was I taking about and I showed my hand to her and said, "I have seven freaking fingers, and this one is as large as a Twizler, come on!"

      I jumped out of bed and I exited the house. My subconscious already got used to this house, and being a house I do no longer have the staris to just jump and fly, so I had to jump a few times on the ground to take off.

      After a while flying, I landed on a mountain and I realized that being so busy at all, I did not do the ToTM yet, so I was going to get started with it, until I realized that I have not even checked the ToTM for this month
      (gooooooooooood jooooooooob!!) so I realized what could I do instead.

      I recalled someone dared to eat something you hate in waking life. I remember those flowers that fancy restaurants put with meat sometimes, that you actually eat them, they are disgusting, so I decided to look for some. I saw a bush with several of those flowers
      (no bees, yay!) and I grabbed one and put it in my mouth.

      It tasted like a mix of watermelon and lettuce, and it would just literally melt in my mouth, did not taste half bad actually and grabbed a few more. Once with the task done, I decided to wake myself up in order to hope to save the first non lucid dream.

      I had a few FAs until I finally woke up for real.

      Recalled the lucid perfectly, but the first dream... entirely obliterated, lol.
    4. Blue colored fist sized bee!

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:50 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue colored fist sized bee! (DILD)


      This dream started out in what would be my parents home, but the house was totally different from what it is in reality, since what was my room by then, it's tiny, but in the dream it was huge.

      There was a king size bed with white sheets and green curtains with a couple of rugs on each side of the bed. There were some frames with photos, but these photos were from random people and no one from my family. The night tables, were like the ones I have at home in my waking life, even with all the crystals and everything I have. On the other wall, there was an old school wardrobe.

      It seemed that this room had humidity problems and it felt cold in the dream. I saw on one of the corners a huge blue cocoon and I felt to feel uncomfortable. It was attached on the corner and it looked something like this:

      But instead of green, it was blue and more realistic bug-alike thing, not cartoonish. I started to feel uncomfortable and I did not want to sleep in there because I knew something flying was going to hatch from that thing.

      This is when I realize that way too much nonsense was going on, that such blue cocoon did not exist and felt happy I was dreaming. I was about to leave this place and go to space, but I remembered I was to dared to make a lucid task, so I visualized that a bee would hatch out from the cocoon, even though that bees do not hatch from cocoons, in a dream it could.

      I then started to see the cocoon shake and I started to hear a buzzing. I felt a little uncomfortable and fear started to build up, but I reminded my self that it was a dream. I was more peaceful but still a bit uncomfortable, as I a terrified of bees in waking life. Suddenly, the cocoon fell to the ground and a huge bee came out from it. The bee was fist sized at least, maybe a little bigger and it started to fly around the room. The buzzing was very strong and the bee was blue colored. Something like this:

      (I had no idea that blue bees existed, lol.)I knew I had to be friends with it. So I asked the bee that I wanted to be her friend and if she could just stop flying and stay on the bed.

      The bee flew around me a few times and then stayed on the bed. I was not afraid anymore and I felt that the bee wanted to be my friend. She was not buzzing and that is something that I appreciated a lot. I felt it would be right to pet her.

      As I approached my hands to the bee, she felt somehow like a metallic sensation and also like a vibrating cell phone, when I felt that vibration it was because it was buzzing, even though the wings were not moving.

      I went through a walk and the bee was flying next to me. I was happy because I felt that other bees would not bother me and also I was happy because completed Dreamer's dare

      A little after this, I said good bye to the bee and welcomed her to visit me in further dreams. I was going to take off to fly to space but I woke up and it was already morning.
    5. Flying in the nude and eating junk food with Dreamer before visiting an alien planet.

      by , 07-06-2014 at 10:24 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flying in the nude and eating junk food with Dreamer before visiting an alien planet. (DILD)


      I was in some sort of party, somewhere in south california. I was surrounded by people that I have never seen before. I was wondering what i was doing in such party as it did not appear to be anything that I knew before. As I was wondering this, I told myself, "Wait a minute, I moved to Spain, how come I am still here?" After a few moments of confusion I realized I was in a dream. As soon as I did, the dream quality skyrocketed and everything became very clear.

      I immediately recalled the basic task of the month, which was being naked in public, something I have no problem at all as I have done it previously. I took my shirt off as well as my pants and my boxers. I had no shoes or sok whatsoever so I was completely butt naked.

      I walked through the party and some of the DCs stared at me, a female DC seemed to be very attracted to me. She was very good looking, but I did not want to engage in lucid sex and risk my "to-do" list so I took off right away and started to fly. It felt great to be flying in the nude, it always does since I've done it several times.

      After some quality time flying and being very anchored in the dream, I landed in what looked some sort of downtown, with a lot of tall buildings and a lot of people dressed in business attire. I figured I could cause mayhem being naked in the business district, but I did not care, what I did was entering the building and looking for an elevator.

      The building on the inside, looking like the Ritz hotel. There was a lot of red and green carpeting, windows had silk covers and there were huge chandeliers and a violin-played soft music. I looked for an elevator to enter it for the "advanced" Task of the Month
      (this is a basic task, Opehlia, come on!! LOL You can ride an elevator in waking life) As I entered the elevator, it looked pretty much like the photo posted here on page one (I think I used that photo for another major elevator-dream a few years ago.) Everything appeared to be working efficiently, except for the buttons, which were random numbers, letters and some of them had weird symbols. I felt the excitement rushing through my body, as elevators are amazing in dreams. As I was about to push a button and see what happened, Dreamer entered the elevator and hugged me. She was smiling at me and told me, "I hope you settle soon so we can start to dream together" (this is funny, because Dreamer told me something similar in waking life as I told her I arrived to Europe) I found it funny, because we were already dreaming together, even though I knew somehow that this one could not be a dream-share, since she knew I am still moving and settling.

      I told Dreamer, "Well, you know, the Special Task of the Month is to dream with another Dreamviews member, so I am excited you came."

      Dreamer was smiling and then I could see her excitement in her eyes, so I suggested to ride the elevator. Before I could press a button, Dreamer did and a very strange noise sounded. The elevator started to shake and move oddly. I hopped the elevator would take us to someplace instead of just break down
      (as it happens a lot of times) so I could accomplish the advanced task. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, but it was between two floors. I exalted, "Of course! Why I am not surprised." Dreamer jumped out the elevator and I followed her.

      We were in a big lobby, what appeared to be a brunch buffet of some sorts, but there were no chairs. Just a huge table where over one hundred settings. I recalled another task of the month, where we needed to make/eat as much junk food as we could. There was a huge tray in the middle of the table and suddenly, a lot of stuff spawned around the table. Chocolate cakes, cookies, candies... everything hundreds of calories and sugar. I grabbed with my hands what appeared to be a frozen chocolate cake. Dreamer grabbed some random cookies, marshmallows and other sweets. She tossed them on the tray as well. I tossed some whipped cream, some M&Ms and some strawberry syrup. Dreamer emptied an ENTIRE bottle of corn syrup over the mix
      (Jesus Christ... this is a nuclear bomb) and started to laugh. Somehow I tossed cotton candy over the mix and started to mix everything. I wrapped it up with some chocolate cookies and more random candies.

      We started to eat the monster-junk-food we created. The taste was extremely sweet, too sweet to be honest. Tasted of chocolate, candies, plain suggar and it was so overwhelming, that we both only ate a bite or two.

      With that being done, and while I was with Dreamer I recalled the other advanced task, which was visiting an alien planet. In that moment, I also felt that for the special task I had to actually fly with a DV member, so we both took off and left the Earth. I almost lost the dream here and started to allow the dream to take me away, but I felt it would be cool to accomplish all tasks in one shot, so I kept focused on the dream.

      We flew through a wormhole and it was very dark. I could feel Dreamer's energy so I knew that we flew for a while together, but at this moment, I struggled to keep up with the dream, until I saw a green planet in front of me. I focused on anchoring on the dream and staying lucid. As I was approaching the planet, the dream became more clear again, and to the time I landed in the planet, I did not see where Dreamer went but I felt that the dream would not last long, so I explored the planet for a bit.

      There were some small beings, grey and green colored, non-humanoid that appeared very gentle. I felt they were welcoming me somehow to the planet, knowing I would cause no harm to them.

      I explored this planet for a bit longer. They had houses, but they were made out of green ooze and I did not want to touch them in case i broke them. They sky looked like Earth's, but green instead of blue.

      I wondered how funny it would be if I found an elevator in that planet and I used it, but as I was thinking this I realized that was dream was fading very fast until I woke up.
    6. Farmer's Market & Candy World

      by , 06-02-2014 at 04:55 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Farmer's Market & Candy World (DEILD)


      I believe I had a very nice long non-lucid dream prior to this one, but this dream was very long and I entirely forgot the previous dream, so this will start from a FA.

      I felt my body in bed and I needed to get out of bed to write down my dream, since it was a nice one. But I felt I was waking up once again and I felt with more intensity my body, even though my eyes were closed. I could feel my hands weird, like heavier and I tried to reach them. I started to suspect that I was lucid and I focused myself on anchoring to the dream. I touched my hand and I had more fingers on it, and I thought it would be nice if I was lucid, since it was already morning (prior to this dream, I woke up and I had 45 minutes left of sleep time or so, and I felt I was not going to be able to make it for this night, something I almost promised to do.) and then I tried hard to look at my hand and I could count 7 fingers, where the 2nd one was half the size of the others. The dream went very clear and high quality, so I got off from bed and went to my living room as usual. There were a ton of boxes on the ground, blocking the door to exist my apartment. I still opened the door with little to no effort and took off in flight to be able to keep the dream more stable.

      It was clear day and very sunny as well as warm, there were no clouds on the sky and I had no problems in flying. After flying for a short while, my dream quality was great and I saw like a farmers market going so I landed to get started with the tasks of this month.

      I landed in an area that looked pretty much like the place that holds psychic fairs that I am a reader at, but instead of just psychics, there were people selling farmers market stuff as well as a lot of people standing trying to ask you to donate for whatever random charity. So I walked by a 40 years old lady who asked me:

      - So do you want to donate?

      I knew I had to repeat, so I replied

      - So, do you want to donate?

      The lady was looking at me, she did no appear bothered and she replied to me:

      - Yes, I am donate
      (yes, with that poor English.)

      So I replied the same, "Yes, I am donate." The lady looked at me, smiled at me and then walked away and started to talk in Spanish. Okay, whatever, the task is done.

      My goal was to try to make all the ToTM, so I knew I might as well kiss another guy. I was not looking forward at all for that, but hey, it is a dream, so who cares.

      There were some 16-18 years old playing soccer. I found it kind of gross kissing another guy, but I approached one of them and asked them to wait for a second, that I had something from him. As I approached him I gave him a tiny pick kiss on his lips and then moved away. The taste of his lips was a mix of sweat and male testosterone
      (I have no idea how testosterone tastes, but it was not the same feeling as kissing a woman, it was gross, so...) and he also walked away clearing his lips saying, "Gross... dude!!!!" And they resumed playing soccer. There was a 16 years old lady, not very pretty to be honest that was looking at me and said, "Well, I would love to kiss." And I looked at her like saying, "Huh?" And she continued speaking, "Yeah... I would love to kiss that guy, he is so handsome..." And she started to sigh. I was thinking like, "Whatever, this is a waste of dream quality time."

      I knew both tasks were done, so it was time for the advanced ones. I thought that one of the advanced ones was a bit yucky that had to do with flowers, and I was not motivated at all
      (I was blending it with the bonus one about the aquarium, the only one I did not feel a strong connection to do.) So I recalled the other advance task is to create a Candy World.

      I started to focus on that as soon as I turned, Candy World would appear and I would get there. I turned around and I saw Candy World. It was like a theme park, but it was all made out of Candy. As I approached this world, I could see how the buildings around me vanished, and how the world turned from a steel and concrete to a colorful sugared world. Also, the sun started to set, and I thought that the day went by so fast in the dream, but did not focus much on it.

      As I was walking by in Candy World, I noted several roller-coasters ( made out of candy as well) and a lot of stores that they were selling (yes, you are right) candy.

      First, I took a piece of candy from the ground (the ground was actually made of candy) and it tasted pretty much like a regular strawberry candy, nothing funny here.) I wanted to eat some more to make sure I did a quality Task, so I went to one of the stores and since I had no idea if I had money or if I could spawn it, I just grabbed a bag that held chocolate covered raisins (but white chocolate, not regular) and I ate some. They tasted similar to the real thing, but sweater and I could not find the raising.) Then, I grabbed a bag full of those green watermelons that are chewing gums. I ate one and it pretty much disintegrated and melted in my mouth, leaving no trace of chewing gum, but more like if it was some soft candy
      (in waking life, those watermelons are very hard, and once you munch them, they are chewing gum.)

      Then, the store clerck came to me very rudely and said, "Hey! What do you think you are doing? You need to pay for that." He had a lot of anger and he was very rude. I asked him how much was it and he replied $1.79. I reached my pocked and took out my wallet. I hoped to find money just to pay him with the biggest bill I could find. I had a lot of bills in my wallet, like a ton. Most of them were $20 and $5, but I was able to pull a $100. Nice! i gave it to him with a smile and she started to use foul language trying to reach for change.

      I left this store ( I believe I never collected my change, and I started to walk the streets of this Candy world. I could not recall one of the bonus tasks, and the other one, about the pregnancy, I did not feel like having sex with some random DC and then making them impossible for her to show sings of pregnancy, so I decided that since my goal was done, I would look for ~ Dreamer ~ So I walked down a street that was no longer Candy land and hopped to find her. I planned to visit the Magical Forest if I was not able, but I saw ~ Dreamer ~ coming and saying, "Hi Percy!!" She was smiling and gave me a hug. She tool me it was cool I summoned her and asked me if I did my ToTMs. I told her I just did and that we could go back to Candy land and ride some roller-coasters. ~ Dreamer ~ appeared to be excited and we turned around and candy land still was there. Even though right now it looked more like a regular theme park, but whatever, the tasks are done.

      I know we were chatting about Dreamviews and well, a few things that I cannot share here, lol. Until we reached a roller-coaster. There was no line or anything, even the theme park has almost like completely silent, but it was open as an employee sat both of us down in a weird looking wagon and we rode the roller-coaster.

      When the ride ended, I started to look again from ~ Dreamer ~ but I could not find her and my dream quality was fading. I wondered if we truly shared our dream, I knew she was awake, but since there is no linear time in the Dream plane, I knew she could have dreamed that hours ago and then matching with my own dream.

      I started to think that this was a very long dream and that it was time to wake up. I was about to take off flying to throw myself at sometimes and wake up from the impact when I heard my wife talking to me. She was a bit upset and she was saying, "It is like 12 pm already, I have been trying to wake you up for 30 minutes and you did not move an inch." I figured that could not be, that it was probably around 8am
      (I always wake up between 7 and 8) I kind of ignored my wife's complains and told her that she was in a dream, to let go and to enjoy. I started to levitate, about three feet from the ground and moved my hand towards here saying, "Lets go and fly." She was telling me that she could not fly and more stuff, but I took off and flew to a restaurant.

      As I got to the restaurant, a young lady said that she found me to be hot and wanted to make a baby, grabbed my hard and started running towards a bathroom in the restaurant, but she could not find any, it was an outdoors restaurant and she went to a dead end where all there was it was a tiny door with silverware. The lady kept running wanting to have sex with me but my dream started to fade and I thought that I was glad it was over, I did not want to forget details about this dream.

      I woke up in bed and my wife was hard asleep. I wanted to go write down the dream but I could not move in bed, so I figured I was still in a dream, but I really wanted to wake myself up, as I was trying to recall my non-lucid dream (yes, while I was lucid) and I already couldn't so I did not want to ruin the lucid part.

      I had a second false awakening and my wife told me something about Spain and then finally I woke up for real.
    7. Fishing a purse from the Ice

      by , 01-10-2014 at 06:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Fishing a purse from the Ice (DILD)


      I was at some woods or something, or maybe some sort of camp grounds. I was aware I was in a dream, something that I cannot recall triggered lucidity.

      I took of and started to fly as usual to balance the dream. This place felt to be a very Lord of the Rings type of place and I recalled I had to do the task of the months. I saw a lake and I believe I had to do something with it.

      As I approached the lake, I saw a lot of children taking a bath at the Lake, and some adults too. I recalled I had to freeze it, so I placed my finger in the water and visualized it turning into ice. Apparently, nothing was going on, even thought the water stopped moving. I touched the water with my other hand and it was solid, and right away, I saw how around my finger the water started to turn white until it was a very solid and thick piece of ice.

      The whole lake was frozen and I recalled I had to make a hole and fish something. So I started kicking the ice and a small hole cracked open. Do not ask me how, but I just sat and pulled a fishing rod out of nowhere and started to fish. I felt a very strong pull and I started to pull... I pulled a brown purse, yes... a women's purse... LOL.

      With that done, I started to doubt if it was the Task of the month or from last month. I recalled I could do also one of the ToTY, but a small kid came to me and told me with a New York accent (Why did you freeze the lakeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir?" I lost lucidity and the dream went on for a long time, but I cannot recall well what happened, something about feeding a snake.
      Tags: ice, lucid, purse, water
    8. The Legend of Zelda, Asking for a present and trampling over New York as King Kong.

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Last ToTY done!!!!!!! I can't believe myself... I had my doubts in pulling off the last one

      The Legend of Zelda, Asking for a present and trampling over New York as King Kong. (MILD)


      A C C O M P L I S H E D!!!! Last ToTY and both ToTM December!!!

      Sometimes I cannot believe my subconscious how it helps me! Dream Incubation works like a charm... pulled the Advanced II in a very easy way! And did some others too! Wohooo. Task of the Year done in less than a month an a half... just amazing.

      I was in some weird house with people I did not know anything about. The house was very big, but even though from the inside looked like a house, it was an apartment. All the walls were gray, like made out of concrete without any painting. All the furniture looked kind of old and with a lot of dust. I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess... And those of you have played, you know that Link transformed into a wolf in several events of the game... sure this was not an arctic wolf... just a weird type of wolf. I realized I was dreaming, because I did not know the place where I was at and because I beat that game years ago. I looked at my hands and they looked pretty big, plus the fact that my thumb was like a feet away from my Index finger, and my Index, was wavy. I stood up flinging away the ps3 controller but realized that I had half of one of the task done. I first visualized the game scenario to be around me instead of in the tv (did this in the past already, and if I am not mistaken, this was in other ToTM December, lol) I found myself into the game, but the game scenario changed, it was all full of snow, I could not even see a fragment of green on the trees. Link (either normal and wolf form) was gone, but the Twilight princess was still there, looking at me (for those who you do now know, she both rode link as a wolf and had something to transform him into a wolf if I recall well) I asked her to please transform me into an Artic Wolf, not the regular one. I heard her odd metallic laugh and she hit me with a stone until all I could see was the snow. My dream started to fade fast and I started to run, looking up in the sky, but I felt weird. I realized she successfully turned me into an artic wolf.

      I saw a bush full of snow and I decided to hide inside of it, until I was completely camouflaged. I saw a weird looking orc
      (hey, it is still a pray...) with a wooden sword... I jumped on him and started biting him until it banished. It actually banished instead of just dying and/or living a body. Advanced II done.

      I now wanted to go back home and keep working on the tasks, so I closed my eyes a few times
      (not during 10 seconds and neither wanted to try, that is an almost sure waking up... not for me) until I was back home, as a human, but I was confused and my dream faded.

      I had a false awakening in bed, it looked like my bedroom, but I knew I was not in my house. Which helped me to turn lucid again. My wife was still in bed and I went to the living room. I started to look into some drawers for a cigar. I do not smoke cigars, but I felt I needed to do something with one, until I heard my wife moving out from bed and going to the bathroom. I recalled the basic task of asking for a gift. I ran to my wife and told her, "Can you give me a Christmas gift please?" She smiled at me and said, "Sure." She went to the living room and spawned a bag out of nowhere. She pulled three small alarm clocks. She said that those three were my gift. She smiled at me and said, "Look, it is 1:32 am" I knew in waking life it was much later, but whatever. I also sang a Christmas Carol. as I thought it was another of the basic tasks as well...

      With both ToTM done, I focused on the last task of the Year. I was going to leave my house, and as I was leaving, my dream started to fade really quick to the point of almost awakening. I pulled off my best stabilization technique. Grabbing something from the Dream World and focusing on it. I grabbed onto the staircase handrail. It was metallic and very cold, lucky me! I started to see the dream again, until the dream quality went great again. As I exited the building, there was a doorman who said, "Sir, grab your free coffee!" I turned back and replied, "No need, I am sleeping." The doorman looked at me like if I was nuts. I took of for a small flight to make the dream quality increase.

      I started to walk down the street and I was focusing on teleporting to New York. As I kept walking, I saw snow and turned right on a street and saw a ton of huge buildings. I was next to a random DC who apparently, was my friend. She said to me, "Look, the Empire State Building, and it is not destroyed!" It made sense to me in the moment and I grabbed it and started to climb it. I grew up in size like 10 times. My arms were as wide as the building itself, but I was still in human form. As I climbed the building, I started to roar and make monkey noises. After a while climbing, my arms started to become thick and hairy. Suddenly, my arms were covered in dark brown hair and so my entire body and kept transforming until I was an ape... and since I was giant, well, I was King Kong. I kept climbing until I reached the top. The very top of the Empire State Building was not bigger than my hand, and I started to roar even harder. There was a small speaker on the empire state building, and a very annoying intense alarm started to sound, it was like one of those apartment fire alarms. I heard the sound of jets around me and police cars on the street. I started to move one of my ape arms while the other one was holding onto the building. I knocked down a couple of jets and then, jumped from the building to the ground, smashing some cop cars. I was almost as big as the building and started to run, breaking other buildings around.

      I started to run away from downtown until I was back to normal size again and (I believe) human again. I kept running and thinking what else I needed to do, but the dream started to fade even faster. I tried to save it, but I was feeling my body in bed and even hearing waking world noises until I woke up.

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    9. Comet ISON tracking, Sphinx revival and flight.

      by , 11-30-2013 at 06:30 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Comet ISON tracking, Sphinx revival and flight. (DILD)


      I had a false awakening and it was night. The room was very dark, darker as usual and my wife was not there. I went to the living room and saw my wife looking at the TV, even though, the TV was off.

      There was an iPad laying on the TV
      (note, we own Samsung, not iOS) and it had a real time tracking software on comet ISON and it was beeping every two seconds. My wife told me she was tracking the comet to see if it survived the sun or not.

      I looked outside the window and I could see a sky full of stars. I realized that there was no electricity at all. Even though, my computer was working. I wondered if the grid went down, but a few seconds later, all the street lights started to lit and the stars went away. I dozed off.

      I had another false awakening in some weird warehouse.
      I kind of realized that I was dreaming, as I did not know the place where I woke up. The dream was very low quality and I could not make it stable well, so I opened a small window and started to fly to make it stable, but lost the dream.

      I had another false awakening in the same warehouse and now there were people. I somehow believed I was still dreaming, so ran outside. I met a guy and asking him where to go to exit there. He looked at me like if I was nuts and pointed the exist. As I exited, I was in a forest with a lot of trees. I tried to take of flying but I could not, even gravity felt normal. I told myself, "Well, I am dreaming, I think..." And looked at my hand. My fingers were made out of energy and wavy, so I indeed was dreaming and reminded myself flying is an easy task to do for me, so I took off.

      As I was flying, I saw a desert and reminded myself in the tasks of the year. I recalled I had to do the Sphinx one, so I landed and was near the Great Sphinx. There were other buildings around (western buildings) but the pyramids were there, and specially, the Sphinx .

      I flew to the top of her and placed my hands in front of her nose, which was chipped and damaged. I started to channel healing energy like I use to do in real life and a new nose spawned. Easy and done, lucky me...

      Suddenly, the Sphinx started to move and I flew on her above the pyramids. As I was flying, the pyramids shrunk and some weird metallic buildings spawned out of nowhere, after a short while, the Sphinx landed and then, she flew away. She kind of looking half stone half flesh, but, I flew on her so I was good to go.

      I started to focus on making an L-DEILD and get the last task of the year done, but I started to feel my body in bed and rapidly, lost the dream and woke up.
    10. Riding a turtle, biting and breaking a shark in two and completing the ToTM underwater.

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:27 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Riding a turtle, biting and breaking a shark in two and completing the ToTM underwater. (DILD)


      Both tasks of the month and third task of the year done... only 3 ToTY to go (hence I started working on them on mid October!) However, I L-DEILDed into a brand new dream and did a 4th Task of the Year, which I will report in a different one.

      I was with some friends outside doing some camping and we were chatting about ET beings and ESP. One of them, had firecrackers and lit one that looked like a tennis ball. it blew up a few times and then, it turned into a grayish tennis ball. I was told that it would take between 3-4 minutes to blow up. We started to play catch and playing the game "bomb" with it. I felt it was dangerous as we were kicking it and grabbing it with our hands, it could blow away one of our hands if we were unlucky, talk about a risky "bomb" game. I had the guts to run down so stairs, grab it with my hand and fling it away. I successfully did and it went to one of my friends. As my friend hit it, it started to explote but did not hurt my friend. It went under my car and I was worried it would blow up my car, but nothing happened.

      I then went to an airport for some reason with my wife and we traeveled to Australia. As soon as I entered the plane, I was in australia already (there was no plane... the door to the plane it ported me to Australia.) We were going to some sort of hotel and I realized there was some sort of event. I felt it was about Psychic Mediumship and wondered if I could join the class to sharpen my skills. I saw a couple people chatting and it appeared it was a Christian gathering. I felt threathened as most Christians dislike Psychics. One of the gals who was very friendly tried to flirt with me, but I was not interested and left.

      I went into some building that had a 12 feet deep pool, but it was like a cave. I found a lot of gold coins and started to fill up my pockets excited because I could make some good money selling them.

      As I was picking up the coins, I wondered how I would take them out from the dream world into real life, and then, realized that it was impossible to do that. I decided to work on the Tasks of the Year. I was in Australia after all!

      I started to swin within this cave alike pool and focused on appearing at the Great Barrier Reef. As I came out from the water, there I was. Funny enough, there was a weird sign that said Great Barr*& R4th or something like that... who cares... I was there.

      I saw a sea turtle and I sat on the top of it. The turtle (that was swimming) started to sink, but it was moving forward still. The shell was very slipery, but I was able to ride it for a while. Check.

      I then started to swim with my wife and I saw a great white shark. I recalled I had to kill one, so I placed one arm right above his head and the other arm on the tail. I tried to break the shark in half like if it was a wooden stick. The shark was moving nonstop, but it was not slippery, it was dry and hard like a rock. I recalled I had to bite it also. So I munched on the back of the shark and chewed a small piece. The texture was like a gummy shark, but it had a taste of salt, fish and blood. It was a bit gross.... Upon doing it, I kept pushing both ends of the shark until I head a "crack" and the shark was like a triangle on my hands... the actual skin did not break nor there was blood or anything, but the skelleton broke in two. A few seconds later, the shark vanished within my hands... weird... oh well, 3rd task of the year done.

      I took a swim with my wife and while underwater, told my wife that the task was done and told her I could still do another one. As I was speaking, I remembed that it was only one ToTY per dream. I wondered what I needed to do.

      My wife told me, "How about the Task of the Month." Without excitement I replied, "Oh... yeah..." and with a silly and mockery voice I told her, "What are you grateful for?" She replied, "I am grateful for my success." I said, "Good.... Now that silly months thing... November, October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January." ToTMs done...

      I emerged from the water and exited the bulding. I saw a giant turkey in front of a store. The turkey was made out of plush. I believed I had to carve a turkey too, so I spawned a huge knife and pulled out some plush from it
      (it is a turkey, not specified it had to me an edible one, but this was not a ToTM anyway, the ones done were, so who cares.) I also remembered there was a hard ToTM to get done, something about some Pharao but I could not recall well.

      My dream started to fade, so I allowed it to happen but focus on doing my own L-DEILD technique
      (Lucid-Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream, a 100% success rate for a DEILD starting from a Lucid Dream.

      I kept repeating to myself, "I won't move when I wake up and I will enter another lucid dream." The dream faded completely and I woke up with sleep paralysis... Then another lucid started to form. But this goes in the next dream... other ToTY done...
    11. Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall

      by , 10-20-2013 at 04:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Graffiti on the Great Chinese Wall (DILD)


      I woke up in the morning and lost a long dream, so I told myself I needed to come up with something and started to focus on another task of the year.

      I was in some sort of school and I believe I was younger that I was. Suddenly, a guy and a gal who wore old clothes came and tried to abduct me. They claimed they were going to ask for $1,500 in order to release me. I found that it was a pretty much retarded amount for all the trouble they were going through and I tried to play it smart. I told them I would tour them around the school and show them the areas were rich boys were and were they could ask for more money. I had a plan to save my butt and get to call the cops.

      The school was very long and it had two restaurants, which one of them was very fancy. I showed them it was a good place. The school now looked like very old school and it had like different stories. We went to the arts class and the music class. We went through different places until one rich looking kid appeared out of nowhere. The guy grabbed him and started to run, leaving me alone with her female partner, who was not over 5 feet tall, very slim (and hot,) blonde with very clear eyes and very clean skin.

      We entered in some sort of Auditorium with Opera and told her that the school had gifted children with a lot of money. We existed the school and went for a walk. As we were outside, I started to question the realize and
      realized I was in a lucid dream. I did not do any reality checks, but I knew I was dreaming. I asked her if she wanted to have sex. She agreed and we started to make out. I focused in trying to not wake up, but she was so hot and good looking I did not care really if I woke up. I did not, but I lost reality. We could have sex because another car pulled next to us, and an exact replica of her, just a bit older stepped down to the car. There was a guy in the car that looked that the abductor from before and they had the children he grabbed. I knew there was some sort of jump in it time and she told me that we needed to get going.

      We just went down the road and we stopped in a street that only had houses around, so we wondered were to have sex. i tried in the car without success. I realized it was snowig and the grounds were snow covered. I told her it was amazing that it was snowing in San Diego, California.

      We went inside to where I believe it was their house and I could hear the cries from the abducted child. I needed to wait outside and i start to feel worried if they did not try to abduct me, since I was inside their house and they had low lights. A door opened and I saw her dressed in a very sexy pajama, and that is all she wore, She smiled at me and called me, pushing me inside the restroom and looking the door behind her. We had some amazing sex.

      As we were done, I exited the restroom and the house. I was in a different place now and some guy asked me, "How was she?" I told him, "She is a amazing, easy to handle as a doll."
      I started to realize that I was again dreaming and while I was thinking about it, this guy was telling me that the tree above him had amazingly beautiful animals... I looked up and all I saw where huge bees. I indeed knew I was dreaming and looked at my hands and even though I had five fingers, one of them started to grow and stretch and then, it started to become wider, but only on the tip.

      I decided to take off and fly away, while the guy kept talking about the bees. I was on the top of the roof of a store and told myself I needed to get down another Task of the Year. I took off and flew high, the dream could you a bit more clarity, so did the same technique about pulling my glasses out of nowhere. It worked again. I kept flying until I saw the whole Earth, so that way I could travel easier to the target country. I flew down and I entered in Italy. I told my self, "No, no, no... I do have nothing to do here." I recalled the Great Chinese Wall thing. So I started to look for a Chinese restaurant and use it for a portal. It was easy to find, as I entered it a Chinese guy greeted me and told me if I wanted to dine with an accent. I told him, "Yeah, sure, sure." I kept looking for a door without any success. I saw that the restaurant at the end had a garden. so I pretended that the garden would be China, but all I found was a small garden and a tiny replica of the Wall. I doubt that would work so I started to fly and glide above this garden. I could hear a voice telling that I had to ay to be there, but I ignored her. I saw another door and flew through it. As I did, I was stepping on the real Great Chinese Wall.

      I was happy but i knew I was not done. I tried to start to tear down the wall, but as I tried to pull out a rock, it wouldn't move. I tried to brake it with energy balls but neither worked, so I decided to pull a Red Spray and do some graffiti. That is vandalizing after all. I wrote, "I rock" and as soon as I ended, I heard voices. I saw Chinese guys coming towards me with assault rifles and riding horses. I got in fighting stance and as they came I started to knock them out of the wall, until I finished a ton of them. I told my self I was done with the task so I was going to do something else, but i lost focus and
      so lucidity.

      Now there was water around the wall and some female Chinese people like making photos. I started to grab them and fling them to the water, but there were a few steps of concrete before the water. I grabbed a light one and flung her. He fell on the ground hitting her head and I started to feel bad, I did not want to injure anyone.

      My wife came out of the blue and made a photo. She told me that it was the girl that Fabian like and told me she was going to post on Facebook what I did. I woke up.

    12. Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique

      by , 10-19-2013 at 04:02 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique (DILD)


      I was in bed, it was night and my wife was awake in the living room. i went to the living room and it looked very dark, it appeared to be a starless night. My wife was in the kitchen and I wondered what the hell she was doing in the kitchen. She started to speak fast and she appeared mad at me.

      I realized I was dreaming as it made no sense that my wife could be in the kitchen at the middle of the night and mad at me out for no reason. I realized that we had a balcony and I recalled that I do not have a balcony in my house, so I opened the doors and I stepped on the edge of the balcony, above the safety bars. My wife told me what I was doing and I told her that we were in a dream. She started to become more angry saying nonsense and told me I was going to kill myself and that I was crazy wanting to go back home to the Pleiades (very long story here, PM if interested) I told her that nah, that we did not even have a balcony and thus, we were dreaming. I jumped off the balcony and realized I did not even do a reality check, but I knew it was a dream, looked at my hand and confirmed.

      As I was about to touch the trees, I glided and started to gain altitude. My dream was very bad quality and I was loosing it fast. I have never been good at stabilizing dreams, usually flyign does it. So I tried to typical "Dream Stable" but it only went to get more blurry "More Clarity" but it did not help until the dream started to fade even more.

      I had a false awakening in my bed and I told my self that I had to do better, so I woke up and went to drink water. As I was going to drink water, I felt the dreamy feeling and looked at my hand. One of my fingers was about a foot long and very thin. I also touched it and followed it with my hands. I laughed at my mind trying to trick me again. Now I was in my regular home, typical place where my lucids starts, so I opened the door and took off.

      It was night and the sky was full of stars, as if there was no city lights contamination. I was in awe as I love the stars as I am never able to see so many. I also saw the moon and a clock with 7:83 time, the clock was like a modern alarm clock, floating around.

      As I flew to the stars, I saw a huge weird mall and decided to land. As I landed, it became day again. I realized that the dream was blurry, so demanded for Clarity with a bit of success. As I went inside the mall, it looked like a Costco store, but I realized it was outdoors, as I felt the wind and the sunlight.

      The dream started to fade,and asking for Clarity did not work. So I told my self that I would pretend to put my glasses on and so, have a better view. I had to do this a few times, and I went from very blurry to a bit more clear, like when you visit the eye doctor. This was not working, so I told myself I would pull my actual glasses out from my pocket, I did with success and the dream went very clear.

      I was walking by some tourist area and there were families having coffee in a terrace and kids running. I went to an area that were selling wine and I saw a bottle of "Vina Tondonia Rioja" labeled as "California Wines" I was like surprised and then reminded myself I was in a dream. A dream Character told me, "Drinking american wine is like drinking water with sugar, this ain't no wine and you know it, go European." I laughed and left.

      I was now next to some expensive liquor and jewelry and there were some security guards looking at me and saying in a whisper that I was suspicious, but I could hear them. I just kept exploring the mall and reminded myself of the Task of the Year... I realizing that being mid October is late to get started, but I wanted to push my self, so I recalled I had to go to the Colosseum and fight a Gladiator.

      I went through some doors and told myself I would find the Colosseum, to only find the female restroom! I tried twice and only found toilets and the janitor room. However, I saw an older door, very rusty. I focused on it and opened to find the colosseum.

      It was kind of buried and in a much worse shape than it is right now but the roof kind of blew away and suddenly, I was in the real Colosseum. I saw a chariot with two horses attaced to it standing in the middle of the Colosseum

      There was a gladiator looking at me and there was a second chariot that was empty. There was no one else and I said out loud, "Public!" And the Colosseum started to fill up with people, cheering at a high volume. I was surprised to be able to summon so many DCs, as that is not one of my best abilities.

      As I was going to jump on the chariot, some other guy did first, but I knocked him out as I had to do the fighting. Rather that the usual Colosseum fights, this one was more of a crashing fight. The horses were gone and even though I was still in a roman chariot, it had now an engine and we started to drive, hitting each other and forcing each other to crash, until his chariot blew up, giving me the victory.

      I was happy I completed the firs ToTY and decided to wake up myself to write it down.

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    13. Left behind in a country-wide tour

      by , 10-09-2013 at 07:07 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Left behind in a country-wide tour (DILD)


      I was traveling with a group of people through different cities around the States and we would stay one night at a hotel and enjoy the dinner there.

      One night, a friend was left for some reason. I wondered how he would do to catch up with all of us because we were in some sort of all expenses covered tour.

      Another night passed and I had to visit the restroom. When I left the restroom I noticed all my friends left me behind as well. I was wondering why did they and figured I needed to stay at the hotel paying it on my own and figure out something next day (it was late night)

      I went to sleep and woke up the next morning. I was in a totally different room and even hotel.

      I realized anything made sense so I turned lucid. My level of lucidity was very low, I was barely aware I was dreaming, so i jumped off the window and started to fly.

      I saw a nice lake so I decided to jump in and explroe the underwater, but
      the clock woke me up
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    14. Dreaming within a dream and failing to visit the Colosseum.

      by , 10-07-2013 at 04:37 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dreaming within a dream and failing to visit the Colosseum. (DILD)


      I was with a group of people in a big room. It seems that we were in some sort of meeting group in order to lucid dream. But we were actually got together to be able to sleep. The room was big, but it had no furniture, and we would bring our own matresses. All the DC except my wife were make up here.

      They turned off the lights and then we started to focus on lucid dreaming and we went to sleep.

      I was with my wife in a very tiny airport and we got inside a plane. It was very dark and the plane was very wide. I was surprised because no flight attendant was there to greet us and the curtains were closed. I was wondering what was going on until a flight attendant came out, welcomed us and directed us to our seats.

      While I was waiting for the plane to take off, I did not see many people and the lights were very dark
      (Since i was a kid, I traveled by plane hundreds of times) and not the usual stuff that happens in a plane was occurring. I started to think, "What the heck is up with this plane? What is going on?" I realized I was dreaming right away, as the plane was too dark and it was very odd the way things were happening, so I walked away from my sit and exited the plane. I went through the room that connected the plane and I left outside.

      I was in the middle of nowhere and it was very sunny. There were no buildings around and I told to my self, "When I turn in the next street, I will teleport to the Colosseum to fight a Gladiator for the task of the year. As I turned the corner I was able to hear the screams and excitements of the people, but the dream vanished.

      I was back at the room with other oneironauts, and I was a bit upset I did not finish the dream, oh well, failed task, I will soon induce another lucid dream.

      I had various attempts, but as I was falling asleep and felt a dream forming, I would open my eyes and "wake up" from the dream. At some point, I could not sleep so I took a walk around the building. I could see all the people around me sleeping.

      I was outside like at some sort of shopping mall, but I did not feel like it and went back to the room. It was hard to find the actual room, as there were many more rooms and the aisles were very dark.

      As I went back to the room when I finally found it, someone else was sleeping in my mattress, so I just sat in another random mattress and then got comfortable to sleep again, but the leader of the meetup group told us it was time to wake up.

      I realized this meeting group made no sense and that I was dreaming still and I just had a dream within a dream. As I left the room, I was setting the intent to find the Colosseum as I left the shopping mall.

      My wife (real waking wife) woke me up as it was time to wake up.

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    15. Scaring a kid, receiving a spell and performing an odd banishing ritual

      by , 10-03-2013 at 04:48 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Scaring a kid, receiving a spell and performing an odd banishing ritual. (DILD)


      I was in an old building that apparently was some sort of school, but if felt very old school, about from the 1800.

      I realized I was in a dream, as there are no such buildings here in San Diego.

      I immediately recalled the basic task of the month, about scaring a kid. Since it was a creepy place, I decided that it would be an easy task, so I hided behind a wall and when a small kid was walking by I jumped and roared. The kid freaked out and started to run until he looked back and stop running. The kid approached at me and told me he thought I was one of the Cursed Ones. I felt a little curious about it so I asked more information to the kid.

      I got very involved in the story, which is was about cursed sous that lived underneath the school and sometimes they came as Ghouls to hunt other people (Ghouls is a mythological creature that is kind of like a Zombie, but instead of the classic zombie, they are possessed by evil spirits and they are very strong and evil, they just kill, not eating brains, etc) I did not believe as much the kid so I just decided to explore the school. I entered into a library that was full of dusted books and it was very creepy, I found it funny. Suddenly, I had four persons behind me. They were like over six feet tall and they were muscular. They were staring at me with a hostile purpose. The chased me and I tried to fight back without success, until one small kid appeared out of nowhere and threw something at the ground that was flashing, like a very bright spark and the ghouls banished. I thanked the kids and they explained to me that the library was cursed and that someone needed to lock it up, as people was in danger.

      While with the children around (three small kids, about 6-8 years old) I was thinking out loud, "I am a Psychic Medium and I have done banishings before, never saw something like this."
      (I am a Psychic Medium in waking life, so I was not 100% unconscious in the dream, but this part was not lucid for my impression) The kids smiled at me and grabbed my hands stating, "You will be the one that will lift the curse, you will help us." I started to think that it was dangerous to go without my partner who does banishing rituals with me (with she does in waking life) But I kind of went with the flow. I planned to call her until I realized that being in a dream I could not call her and I was safe of harms way. We approached a small house and there was a female ghoul standing next to them. She claimed to be a witch so I asked her to throw me a spell. She rose her hand and threw me like a big cloud of purple mist around me. The dream started to go blurry and I focused in embracing the spell to succeed the advanced task, and the dream started to go clear again, being successful at the advanced task.

      While I maybe decided to take of and fly away, one of the kids told me, "It is time to get started, we need to search for the portal."
      I lost lucidity right away, as I accepted and wanted to see where this dream took me. We entered this house and it was full of dust, without any lights and with very old school furniture laying around. I could both see and sense angry spirits, roaming around. I saw a creepy elevator


      and I knew I needed to take it. The kids wanted to stay back, but I asked them to stay with me, I told them that my Spirit Guides were protecting them. So we entered the elevator and it started to go down. A very demonic voice started to say stuff, I cannot recall what it was but it was menacing. The kids started to faint in a corner of the elevator, and I did feel that the pressure was going up, it was hard to breath, but I held the energy and protected the kids until the elevator opened to a garden of withered flowers. I could see several ghouls staring at us and wanting to attack, but if we stared at them, they would not move. We walked through the garden, the sky was very gray and like about to rain until we saw an even creepier house, such house was like in ruins, so we entered it.

      One of the kids said we needed to search for the inner portal, so I started to move stuff around, as I knew it was going to be hidden. Behind a stove, I saw a small hole in the wall, it was not bigger than a fist, and I could saw a door behind it, so upon moving the stove away, I started to kick the wall. It was a fake wall that fell apart and then, I could reach the door.

      After walking through the door, I was in a giant room. There were giant poker cards (about 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide) that were moving up and down, trying to drop on us to kill us, but we were able to avoid all of these. I then saw there was some sort of ghoul sorcerer controlling the cards.

      We were in another big room, and the end of the room, there was a house as well, but a smaller house. It could not be more creepy and I was able to even feel a dark mist around it. As we entered the house, I heard a very loud and menacing roar. I knew I was close to the source of this energy and started to trash the house. In a room, I saw in the floor a steel plate, it was locked by a chain and a lock. I looked for something sharp to break the chain, until I found an odd sharp tool (it did not look like anything real) but I was not able to break the chain. However, I pulled the chain altogether and the steel plate moved, revealing some sort of small carpet with a dark mist around. The carpet had the drawings on an altar, a ghost and some weird letters, not known in this planet. I placed my hands on the carpet and started to channel reiki and do intent to banish the energy
      (this is not even close to how it is in real life) and after a while, I opened my eyes. There was nothing around me, it all was a gray mist moving very fast, so I figured I needed to keep working on the vanishing, until I was back at the school. The kids were not around, but I wanted to inform someone of what happened and that the school was cleared. A bit after, I woke up.

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