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    Night #12: Choosing the fairest goddess of all - ToTY completed!

    by , 08-30-2015 at 10:08 AM (960 Views)


    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      I would like to suggest this is a GREAT way to get points: summon me to your dream and throw me at the dream hotties, heh. Goddesses, no less, thanks!
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    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Would have been better if it was a dream share. not only because it would have been twice the points *you would have scored [email protected] but you would have enjoyed all that dream sex haha.
    3. FryingMan's Avatar
      Well yes of course, but at least DC me is getting lucky. Provides nice visualization .
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      "A computer made of stone, running Windows 10." LOL

      "I summoned FryingMan for him to have some sex, because he enjoys that." HAHAHAHAHAA
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    5. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Dream randomness lol... and somehow, despite being lucid, I somehow felt he was going to be happy to have some goddess sex.
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