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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Night #10: Bad night

      by , 08-28-2015 at 10:00 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
    2. Night #2: Alivegas... Three day over-sea scape!

      by , 08-19-2015 at 06:01 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Due lack of time I am going to post voice recorded dreams:


      4 frags 2 pts
      wbtb 2 pts
      dild 10 pts
      rc 1
      interect wife 2 pts
      advance flight 10 pts
      ad teleport 10 pts
      summon buddy 7 pts
      show past dream 10 pts
      eat something 5 pts
      use electronic 5 pts

      Total Points: 64 pts pts ~ Total Competition: 200.5 pts

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    3. Night 1 ~ Flying through the wormhole and banishing a demon.

      by , 08-19-2015 at 05:57 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Due lack of time I am going to post voice recorded dreams:


      Point count:

      3 fragments 1.5 pts
      WBTB 2 pts
      First WILD 10 pts
      RC 1 pts
      Interact DC 2 pts
      Advance flying 10 pts
      Advance Teleport 10 pts
      Advanced Leauge: Teleport to a place that you have seen, but never been, in waking life (real or fictional). 20 pts
      Banishing a demon + 10
      Bonus task 15 pts
      Summon Dreamer (enemy) 10 pts
      Pillow fight 20 pts

      L-DEILD (2ND WILD) 5 pts
      Eat something 5pts
      Try a computer in a store 5pts

      Total Points: 126.5 pts ~ Total Competition: 126.5 pts

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    4. Soccer, UFOs and more soccer

      by , 06-12-2015 at 09:48 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Soccer, UFOs and more soccer (DILD)


      Been extremely busy doing many new improvements in my business and other personal stuff. Finished yesterday and already worked back on dreams Did the basic task here.

      I was in some place and there was a soccer goal and I told myself why not doing some keeper training. Someone started to shot some penalty kicks and other type of chuts and I was doing pretty well, blocking all the soccerballs from hitting the goal. I felt happy and suddenly, a couple small kids spawned and started to throw soccerballs at me as well. I stopped them all.

      After a while doing this, some random soccer players came and started to throw a massive amount of soccer balls, but I think I blocked them all as well. One of them told me that they were going to come tomorrow and use additional balls such as baseballs, footballs, tennisballs, and more... I was wondering that it was such a crazy challenge.

      This turned me lucid, but I was enjoying very much my dream, so I kind of said, "Alright, I will just spawn some goal keeper gloves to be able to have better control of my skills." However, I failed. I tried to do it a few times, but when I looked to my hands, I had no gloves on. My hands and fingers changed almost every time I looked at them, just hopping for some gloves. I went outside and I saw a tree and remembered the basic task.

      I climbed the tree (hopping to find some gloves) but no gloves. I saw my surroundings. It was a busy city in terms of buildings and lights, but it was silent. I also saw the sky. It was night and it was beautiful. I felt like taking a flight, but wanted to do the soccer thing. However, I saw a few clouds with the shapes of UFOs, some of them where amazing. The UFOs were real, as they had lights and everything, but they were made out of clouds. I decided to fly to one of the UFOs but as I approached at it, it vanished.

      I decided to land and look for my gloves. I saw two female characters who appeared to be attracted to me, as they were staring at me in a sexy stance. I approached at them and said, "Do you have my goalkeeper gloves?" One of them said, "Yes, here:" She spawned some gloves similar to these:

      I put my gloves on, but it was super hard to puy them on.
      I lost lucidity at some point, and after a while, I was able to get my gloves on, but now I was in the car, my wife was driving and we were in one of the north San Diego neighborhoods. I saw Gianluigi Buffon moving in a huge house:

      I told my wife to stop as I wanted to meet him. We got inside the house and it was under construction still. I was hopping to meet Buffon so he could sign my gloves.
      I figured that since the gloves were dream-gloves I wouldn't need to return them and if I held tight to them, I could take them out from the dream world to the waking word. We got inside the main lobby of the house and I saw a TV in the distance showing The Simpsons. I was waiting for meet with Buffon until my wife woke me up.
    5. Ayahuesca in the fancy hotel

      by , 05-23-2015 at 10:40 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Ayahuesca in the fancy hotel (Non-lucid)


      I was visiting a nice hotel with my wife and a friend, Stephanie. I believe that we were with a couple more friends. We went to a big meeting room that looked more like a theater with several different levels. The carpeting was red and there was a lot of lightning.

      There were six people on the podium and they were all meditating and chanting mantras. They were with a shaman and I felt that it would be a great thing if I was there with them. We were sitting and looking at the ritual, the energy was amazing. After a while, I could see they were boiling different plants and I told Stephanie, "They are brewing ayahuasca, I bet! Dang I so want to be in there " Stephanie got very excited and told me, "We will trip on ayahausca soon. I will call my shaman and we will have a ritual together." I felt happy and excited.

      Time lapsed and suddenly, they were done and I saw a different shaman offering the leftovers to people, but apparently everybody was rejecting it until he got to us. I was a little surprised that he was offering such a potent DMT brew to random people. It looked totally not like the real thing, but more like some very think green soup. It felt very gross to me and I was not feeling having a thick ayahuasca, like the taste is bad enoug, lol.

      I told the shaman, "Well, I actually ate manchego cheese at lunch, so the MAOi is going to make puke big time!"
      (There are certain foods to avoid for 4-5 days before an ayahuasca trip due the MAO inhibitor.) We went outside and he gave me some tools and all the leftovers because he realized that I was ready for another ayahuasca journey and that I was spiritually awakened enough.

      I took everything with me and showed my wife, who freaked out a little but was happy for me.
    6. Emptying the lake = Undin Entite

      by , 04-28-2015 at 06:17 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Emptying the lake = Undin Entite (DILD)


      I was flying and I believe it was to Geneva as I was going to be teaching there for a few days. Suddenly, I freaked out because I noticed I had no luggage with me. I also looked at a bag and apparently, i only had clothes. I did not have any of the manuals I wanted to give to my students and I neither had my signing bowls / crystals with me. I felt terrible until I noticed and wondered how did I get into the plane, and wondered about my passport too.

      I did a reality check and turned lucid right away, as not only my hands were weird, but despite the plane flying and making its regular noise, the inside of the plane itself looked like a bus. I felt very relieved and very happy because it was all a dream and well, I was lucid. I decided to take a flight to make the dream stable as usual, so I went to the front of the bus-plane. Now, it was like a plane as I could see the locked cabin and the exit door was on the left, as usual on the planes. I opened the door and one fly attendant freak out (Funny how my subconscious knows opening the door of a flying plane is a bad idea...) but I opened the door anyway (which looked like the front door of a house.)

      Nothing happened to the plane, I think it either vanished or flew away, but I glided through the clouds and even though I felted tempted to go to space, I wanted to do the ToTM Bonus, which was awesome this month. As I was flying, I saw a lot of mountains and a lake. I landed next to the lake and imagined water coming out from my hands. At first, nothing happened, but after a while, water and ice were coming our from my hands. I froze everything around and also flooded a forest. I was not sure if it was rightly done, I felt so, but I also felt it could be a false memory, so just in case, did the other way around.

      I imagined water and ice again coming out from my hands and I pointed at the lake. I visualized a bubble absorbing all the water in the lake until I saw something like this:

      I found it funny, because it is an enemy from a final fantasy game (a very nasty one actually, Undin Entite for those final fantasy fans) however, it did not attack me or anything, it was just floating above. I looked at the lake and it was completely empty, but funny enough, I saw what looked like treasure chests, even though I believe they were empty.

      After a while of observing this scenic view, I saw a weird light in the sky and flew to it. I believe I lost both lucidity and recall from here.
    7. Shuffle of dreams - summary only

      by , 04-26-2015 at 05:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Shuffle of dreams - summary only (Non-lucid)


      As usual, I am missing to write a ton of dreams... I am traveling and that halves my time, so I summarize a few ones from previous days:

      - There was a military boat with all the evil of the world. I had a cannon to sink it and all the evil of the world would end.

      - I could "bond" with birds holding them on their paws. I did with a tiny bird and I could fly, the little bird lifitng my wight.

      - I was a monkey in the sabannah.

      - I had people sleeping in my own hotel room.

      - I merged somehow with a video game and I saw giant creatures around buildings.

      - I saw a huge forest that had a ton of Ganon walking around. It was dangerous to go around even though they did bother no one. People ended up killing them and I felt how pathetic was the human being.
    8. The Love Chamber ~ With a Goddess.

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:33 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The Love Chamber (Non-lucid)


      There was some sort of love chamber. Said room would make the most romantic experience ever, as long as a couple entered it, of course. I was competing for it, as I liked a girl who liked me also, but I had my doubts, as she liked another guy also.

      I talked with that gal a lot, and I believe we kissed, but I saw her kissing the other guy too. That guy's friends were making their best for me to not connect with that gal.

      I wanted to go to the chamber, and some people was distracting me with science projects and pushing me, but I finaly made it. It seems that she was going to pick me afterall and there was some deal of going inside with a calculator and a notebook. The other guy told me I could go fetch mine (someone stoled it from me.) And he would tell the gal to wait for me. Of course I knew this was a hoax, so I said, "Screw the mats thing." The gal came, she was like a goddess, defenitely not human as she has a thick white aura and was very tall. She hugged me and said she picked me.

      We entered the love chamber. The energy of the room was massive, smell of incense and a very romantic music hard to describe. It was candlelight lit... We sat together, looked into our eyes and...
      sadly woke up.
    9. Seeding a planet

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Seeding a planet (Non-lucid)


      I traveled back and forth to a new planet. It was much alike Earth, but much larger and not populated. I had to seed this planet alongside other ET beings.

      We were creating animals. I could see that this planet looked like the Earth even the layout of the continents, but it was green and clean, it was amazing, air was pure. There were some super sonic planes that traveled from the US to Europe in seconds (remember, the planet was larger than Earth, so US-Europe distance is much larger)

      Some guy wanted to implement money in this planet, but myself being the highest authority I said no... money only brought corruption. I flew above this planet a lot to check out how it was going. I saw some massive buildings, up the clouds and realized it was once populated.
    10. Venomous scorpions and the tiny elevator

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:31 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Venomous scorpions and the tiny elevator (Non-lucid)


      Something related to hotels, I visited many of them. They had a room with the most dangerous insects known to men. To my surprise, one of them was a crab, apparently, it had an extremely powerful venom coming out from the spikes of the top of it's shell.

      However, all these bugs where friendly to me, as they knew I had once a pet scorpion and took good care of him
      (this is true in waking life) so they would crawl on me and never sting me. I still did not trust the crab, since it was not an insect type.

      I was going to school or something, maybe an university. There were some tiny elevator,about a couple feed between the doors and the back of it, I could barely breath and yet, I took it a few times. There were some flying lessons and I had a ton of friends. One girl had a crush on me and my wife was upset.
    11. ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream

      by , 03-31-2015 at 06:14 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream and dreams within dreams (DILD)


      I have a long load of dreams to upload, but since this is a ToTM I must now. Been busy and I am behind in writing everything down. This was a very strange dream, a mix of astral projection, lucids, non-lucids and waking... I ended up very confused when I woke up for real.

      I had a FA in a big hotel room, I believe I was in Australia. This was a very long dream and I lost some of what happened, but a weird wasp stung me and layed some eggs under my skin. Said eggs hatched almost right away and I started to feel very sick. I went to the ER and I was told that surgery was needed. They needed total anesthesia and I was worried because I just ate. I figured I was going to get sick big time once the procedure ended. I realized that I was probably going to astral project due the anesthesia. When they administred it, I passed out and suddenly, found myself floating above my body.

      I was dreaming of an Astral Projection, but non lucidly. I was flying around and I passed out again.

      I had a series of FAs and falling asleep several times, like a big loop.

      At some point I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. Despite being lucid, I was still buying that my physical body was receiving surgery. I was in a big house and I took a flight to make my dream stable. The sky was clear and I could see a very bright light. It reminded me of the Bonus task of the month, to visit the ISS and watch a sunrise over our planet.

      Flying to space was pretty easy for me and soon, I got to the ISS. As I was approachng at it, it looked like the real thing, but then, suddenly it morphed into something like this:

      I was standing on the edge of this station and I could see our planet and a very bright light on the very edge. I saw the Sun rising right behind the Earth and the beams of light from the sun had a few different shades of yellow, white and red. I was happy to accomplish the ToTM Bonus so I decided to complete some dares, however, I passed out again.

      I had another FA, I was in a room and I realized it was not the hospital. I turned lucid and double checked checking my hands. I could hear a lot of noises, like hospital noises despite I was outdoors in another dream. I started to worry about the surgery and lost lucidity.

      I had another few chains of FAs
      small lucids passing out and more non lucid dreamlets, all with brief real awakenings (in my real bed) and installing back to dreaming.

      I had another layer in the same dream where I was projecting myself and I saw my body, almost wrapped up with the surgery. I had x-ray vision and I could see how they removed all the parasite eggs from my body. I also saw my stomatch, still full with food and I knew i was going to puke everything and feel horrible once I woke up from the surgery. I could touch other people while in this ghost form and they would feel me, but not see me, I was fooling for a while.

      I FAed in the hospital bed, and I was feeling pretty bad. I passed out.

      I had another FA in vegas.
      I had a short lucid and I quickly passed out once again to find me in another false awakening.

      I had then again another FA in my car. I was parked in front of a Wallgreens and my wife was in the passenger sit (I was driving asleep? lol)
      I turned lucid out of all the non-sense, but my wife told me that I was not dreaming and prevented me to do a reality check. I knew this was not my wife because we encourage each other to do a RC.

      Other FA in a room.

      Another FA in a different room, outside a building at night. There was a car parked and they asked me if I enjoyed my trip. Apparently, they caused all of these dream to happen, it was a company called, "9 clairvoyants dreamer"

      I woke up for real.

      I did over 15 different RCs where all gave positives (I was awake...) but still I felt afraid I would be fooled again. I went to pee and wanted to go back to bed, I knew eventually I would be 100% back in the waking plane.

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    12. The moon turns off

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:35 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The moon turns off (DILD)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      First DILD (+10 pts)
      Use electronics (+4 pts)
      Interact with a DC (+2 pts)
      Stabilize (+1 pts)
      Advance Flight (+10 pts)
      Teleport (+7 pts)
      Basic Summoning (+4 pts)

      I was working on my computer doing readings. On my queue, I got a reading from some random user name sharing with me that she was in a lucid dreaming competition and knew if she was going to win. I found it funny because I knew I was in a competition and I felt it was a good reminder to do a RC.
      And so glad that I did since I was actually dreaming. I decided to look around my other requests to see what my subconscious created, but then, of course my e-mail started working awfully bad and I think the laptop restarted itself or something very strange.

      I was going to leave the house to take a fly, I saw my wife and said hi and I told her I was going to fly because it was a dream. She said, "ooookaaaaay...." I told her, thats fine, no worries, thanks for the two points. I kissed her and I left. I flew low to the ground in order to make the dream more stable and then took of to take a flight to space and visit the moon, as it has been a huge while I haven't gone there.

      After flying for a while, I saw the moon, but for some reason, it vanished, it was like I would get closer to the moon and it would just "turn off" and always be a moon, farther ahead. I did not want to waste my dream this way, so I decided to teleport, I visualuzed myself there in the moon and shortly after, I was like on the moon because I was no longer flying and all the ground was grayish. However, as I looked into the sky (blackness of space) I saw another moon and felt curious to visit it, but I passed for some reason.

      I wondered if WakingNomad, an old DVs user, was still around the moon, so I called his name. He appeared on the distance, so I count this as a basic summon. I told him about the metallic building located in the hidden face of the moon (old DVs users will relate to this)

      I took a flight, but I believe was in slow motion and I assumed it was because of the moon's gravity. I saw a huge building, made out of metall. I entered it and there were some strange noises, so high that I thought I would wake up, so I exited the building right away.

      I believe I was back on Earth, because the sky was blue and there were cars around, I cannot recall the surroundings well. This shocked me for some reason and I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Cloudy with a chance of Pillows!!! Stealing the Arkenstone from the pirates booty!!

      by , 02-05-2015 at 11:32 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cloudy with a chance of Pillows!!! Stealing the Arkenstone from the pirates booty!! (DILD)


      One of my best lucids in my life, super long crystal clear quality dream.

      Full Dream (1 pts)
      DILD (10 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Advance Flight (10 pts)
      Teleport (7 pts)
      Unespecified dream control (Invisible) (3 pts)
      Steal booty from pirates (20 pts)
      Unespecified dream control (magic-atlas spell) (3 pts)
      Advance summoning with fictional char (15 pts)
      Meet teammate (7 pts)
      Meet second teammate (3 pts)
      Meet enemy (5 pts)
      Meet extra enemy (3 pts)
      Show your teammate a previous dream (10 pts)
      Pillow fight/Fight with teammates with all enemies (30 pts)
      Advance telekinesis (10 pts)
      Convert an Enemy. (10 pts)

      I was going to arthur findlay college for a physical mediumship development class. I went to a class I believe related to psychokinesis and upon finishing it, I wanted to go to my next class. I realized I had no idea about which one of my classes was next, but I had no idea how to check them neither. I was wearing a robe from the spa I was in so I went to a class that was I believe a Karate class. The Sensei welcomed me to the class, but I told him I was medium and not a fighter, and that I had no idea how to find my own class. A very tall (6'2'') female DC had a crush on me and said she would tell me, while she hugged and kissed me.

      She said that I needed to open the secret door behind the piano. She escorted me downstairs and there was some sort of theather. At the end of it, there was a big piano and next to it, I could see like a secret door, as I saw a crack around the wall.

      I figured i had to ask Spirit to tell me what to play on the piano to open the door, but nothing really happened. I was wondering why I could not connect with Spiri and I realized that this college was for Physical mediumship, so I figured that Spirit needed to overlay me instead. I went quickly into trance and I felt how Spirit was moving my fingers, playing a weird song. Shortly after, the door opened.

      I saw a class schedule for mediums and I could see my name there, but I could not read the list, it was all blurry.

      From here, I was in front of Lisa William's home. I went inside and there were toys all around. She said, "Hi Fernando and Ana." And I told her, "She's ain't Ana, she is a friend." She was a little shocked. I shared with Lisa all about the piano thing and she said that there was no way I could have done that, that I am a local medium while she is word renowed and she was unable. This tall female DC, who was still with me, said angry, "Well, he did, I was there and saw the wall opening." Lisa insulted her and I told Lisa I would not tolerate her being so rude and egocentric and that I was going to leave.

      As I was walking out,
      I realized that it was impossible Lisa was that rude and I checked my hand. I saw some fingers distorted and realized I was dreaming. I was happy because the dream quality was crystal clear, but I still wanted to go out for a flight to make sure everything was in good order. I gave a kiss to the female DC and told her, "Thanks, but this is a dream." She took her clothes off and she had a super sexy body, the tempation was hard but I wanted to score big, this competition is removing all dream sex from me... lol.

      I started to fly at super hight speed, I flew up to space a couple times and I felt tempted in starting to visit some alien planets, something I highly enjoy as well, but I decided it was time to do some dream work. First of all, I decided to teleport to a real pirate ship, in order to complete the challenge of the week. I used my usual technique of closing my eyes and concentrating my energy and then, opening my eyes very hard. I appeared right in front of a pirate ship. I was not sure if I had to steal booty without being seen or not, so I decided to first, try to do it without being seen. I demanded the dream to make me invisible. I felt weird, like air went pass by me. I believe I still had a body, but was semi transparent.

      As I entered the Pirate ship, it looked more like a ghost ship. There was a pirate flag, but it was all broken and torn apart. I also saw some swords on the floor. I went to the cellar of the ship and I saw a small chest and some coins laying around. I felt that there was no specification in how much booty I had to steal, so I took a treasure chest (that looked like one of the legend of zelda treasure chests)

      I took it away from the ship and opened it. I hoped to find a pandora's box for my task, but I found the Arkenstone instead. I found it funny that my subconscious found that in the chest, but wished it was a pandora's box, seems I always struggle to find it.

      From here, the dream was still a massive quality, so I decided to do more and to fight the pirates. I wondered if castic magic on me would help, and I remembered using the Atlas spell on me to make me super strong, as being a psychic medium I am a bit whimpy in terms of physical strenght.

      I did not feel my body growing, but I heard like a noise of beefing myself up and I felt my arms heavier. I remembered that it could be cool to call some team mates, so I went to the read of the boat and once I was there, I demanded the dream to bring me Sensei. He appeared right in front of me, and talking about randomness, he appeared again with a Robe from the spa I am staying at. I also visualized Nfri coming to join the party. Nfri did not appear in front of me, but on one side of the boat. Nfri was dressed in shorts lol, not a hot chick this time neither.

      We went inside the boat again hopping to find some pirates, but none came out. I started screaming, "Anotherdreamer, Dolphin, blobularwindmil, show your face, come on!!!!!!!!!!" I believe I was doing that for a while, but especially calling for anotherdreamer (I forgot to call fogelbise... too bad) A door opened very abruptly and all three of them came out. One of them had a sword, but the other two had guns (my subconscious loves pirates holding guns haha) and I told them we were going to kick their asses.

      I told Sensei, "Look what I did in other dream." And I started calling out for Vegeta to come and join the fight again. I told him that in other dream with him Vegeta helped us. I needed to call him a couple more times, but he ended up showing up. He was wearing his pink t-shirt instead of his usual saiyan armor:

      I think here we started to fight, not sure, the dream quality was a bit lower, not as crystal clear. I remembered that a pillow fight would give a massive amount of points, so I imagined that pillows started to rain above us (I was not able to see any pillow around) Suddenly, I saw pillows falling down, as well as stuffed dolls and I think mashmallows too. I grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Anotherdreamer. A few pillows hit me back also.

      I imagined a Hyrule Warriors attack that made a huge mess around all the mobs, and I wanted to use telekinesis and move all the pillows at once. I started moving all the pillows around me, like they were orbiting. I think there were still marshmallows (or tiny pillows) because all the stuff looked while. I started hitting everybody with the pillows (I think friendly fire inclused.)

      After a while, I told Anotherdreamer, "Come on dude, fight dolphin." He was not agreeing with me and just grabbed a pillow and hitted me hard with it. I asked vegeta, how I believe was motionless to force him to become an ally. Vegete pointed at him with his palm open, "Probably about to do a blast" and I told him, "Join me, hit dolphin with a pillow." He laughed and tossed a pillow at Dolphin. Good enough. I told him he could keep a part of the booty if he joined us and anotherdreamer did say yes.

      We exited the boat and I think we wanted to go to eat at a restaurant. I decided it was a super long dream and feared I would forget the dild part, so I woke myself up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Dizzy dream turns me lucid

      by , 02-04-2015 at 07:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dizzy dream turns me lucid (DILD)


      I can say, I lucked out this one. I am on vacation at a hotel spa. Last night, my wife and I drank a whole bottle of wine and two bottles of champagne... We did not get drunk, but I had a bit of a weird stomatch. I woke up several times at night feeling fuzzy and I had a small DILD.
      I do not want to spend the time uploading everything in separate entries because I had ten fragments. DILD in next entry.

      Full Dream (1 pts)
      First DILD (10 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      Basic Flying (4 pts)
      Advance Summoning (10 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Meet teammate (7 pts)

      I was walking by a port and it was pretty sunny. However, I was walking around and I was feeling dizzy. Like the whole dream was moving weirdly and I did not recall the reason why. And this is what turned me lucid, I realized I was in a dream, even though I was feeling a little weird and unsure if it was double consciousness from my drinks last night or what.

      I told my dream-wife that I was going to take off and fly. I decided to fly to make my dream stable. I kept flying for a while and my dream did not appear to get any better. I did not feel confident for my personal tasks and remembered that I have been waking up and having tiny dreams for the entire night.

      I focused on summoning Sensei once again to duel him. Someone appeared right in front of me, but he was giving me his back. I asked, are you Sensei? He told me, "Yes indeed."

      From here, I believe I waked up... lost the dream abruptly.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Taking a nice flight

      by , 02-03-2015 at 10:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Taking a nice flight (DILD)


      Full Dream (1 pts)
      First DILD (10 pts)
      Advance Flight (10 pts)
      Stabilization (1 pts)
      Advanced Telekinesis (10 pts)
      Invincibility (4 pts)
      Bet (5 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)

      Apparently I was in a shopping mall. We were driving to some place for vacation and we needed to pump gas. As we were in the gas station we found a shopping mall that sold Japanese stuff. We saw a Pokemon store and they had a lot of gadgets. There were some pokeballs and the store owner told me they were real and they had real pokemon. My wife opened one of the Pokeballs and a bastiodon came out:

      I was excited because it was my favorite pokemon and I was wondering if I could take it with me. My wife told me, "Well, this is worth a reality check, because I did not thing they actually existed." I laughe and I said, "I know right?" And kind of looked at my hand making a joke out of it, while I was convinced it was real.
      To my surprise that I had a missing Index finger and realized I was indeed dreaming.

      I think my wife might have left, but I decided to start flying to make my dream stable.

      I wanted to fly at high speed because it always feel very fun to me. I flew very high and I started to see stars, but I did not want to go to space because I wanted to do other dares. I decided to fly like a Kamkaze airplane and see what happened when I hit the ground. I crashed in the ground a little shortly and the ground felt the same like a jumping bed, it was very soft and the ground bounced, even though I did not bounce.

      I wanted to look for a store and find Pandora's box, so I entered a (indian store I believe) and asked for a Pandora box. The retailed said that they did not have that. I was almost insulted saying that it was a lot of non-sense and that I could not buy that anywhere. I then got pissed at him and I wanted to make a big mess in the store. I tried to use Telekinisis but did not work at first. I started to do small jumps and imagined that all the stuff would fall to the ground. A lava lamp, I believe, fell to the ground and the store employee told me I had to pay for that. I kept concentrating and little short after I saw several small items (lavalamps, some soccer balls and I believe, some vases) were flying all around moving randomly around the store. I was laughing and I was told he was calling the cops. For some reason (maybe loosing lucidity) I felt uncomfortable so I visualized all the items crashing to the ground. Most of them crashed but I think some either vanished or just kept levitating.

      I left the store looking for another store to find a pandora's box. As I was trying to find another store, I felt the dream to get very fuzzy and even though I tried to stay in the dream, I failed.
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