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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    1. The Nazi Resistance

      by , 07-18-2010 at 07:39 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      The Nazi Resistance (Non-lucid)


      In the dream I have invited a friend I will refer to as G to come with us to France or something on vacation. We arive at a fancy hotel and check in and everything and then eat lunch at Carl's Jr. We are waiting for our train through the snow and mountains to somewhere. It is realy snowy now and everything is white. Even our clothes. G and I are messing around with out noticing everyone board the train. The train leaves. we freak out and try and catch up with the train on foot. Through the snow. We slip down off the tracks and off the mountain and are on the ice of a pond. We get off it and climb up another large snow covered mountain. There we see in the distance buildings. We want to go to them because the might be able to help us. We and going to them when suddenly we see a sign that says there are Nazis around here and to watch out. A sniper bullet misses us and slams into the ground. We take cover. The building we were going to is similar to the snowy part in Inception because I watched that yestarday. Suddenly I we both have sniper rifles and ear pieces to talk. I take out as many gaurds as I can. and rool into cover right befor one sniper takes a shot. G and I get sepparated as I move right and he moves left both of us taking out gaurds and snipers and telling eachother where to shoot and when a gaurd is about to attack us. There is one right behind G and I say watch out and shoot it befor he got G. We basicly shoot all the gaurds and go on top of the roof. I pull out my phone and say we should call the police so they can know about these neo Nazis and so we can get back with the train. I ask him what was that French 911 again? oh ya 458(I don't know where that came from, a false memory). We get away from the base making sure to zig zag incase of enemy fire and find ourselvs at the hotel again. My family is there and we ride the escalator up with them. They ask us how we where not even looking worried. We tell them we defeated a Nazi millitary base and my dad says I hate the resistance and everyone laughs like we are on some cheasy tv show and I wake up

      The resistance is an inside joke between me and my friend. It realy dosn't make much sense in this context but idk its a dream.