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    1. Dreaming Club

      by , 07-27-2023 at 03:38 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Dreaming Club (DILD) 07.26.2023

      I fell asleep into a nap at 4:00 PM and woke up at 7:00 PM The first part of this dream is fuzzy. I was with my family on vacation and I really wanted to do something (not sure what) and wasn't happy that I wasn't able to. I must have picked up on the dream signs because the next section was lucid.

      I am on the first floor of a multi story building. I hear my friend RH's voice but I don't see him around. He says this is the dreaming club and I see there are pamphlets and books about dreams for sale. I say I want to join but I eventually wonder what's outside so I leave. It is dark out. I am in my childhood neighborhood and walk to my old college. The enterance is ropped off and someone standing nearby says this enterance is not being used by the public.

      The next thing I remember is I am learning about masonry and a Greek man tells me he will teach me how to use a stone lathe. I ask if he can show me how to make a stone icosohedron so he brings me over to a giant lathe and puts a big slab of grey stone on it. First he starts on it with a grinding bit making it into a sphere. He then changes out for a cutting bit and starts carving away at it to make faces. I see now that it is only half a sphere and when ever he moves on to cut the next face the stone jolts as if its about to fly our of the lathe.

      My sister and some of her friends are nearby they say that the ceremony is about to start and the man leaves the lathe. The next thing I remember I am in a book store combined with a coffee shop. The shop has a beautiful view into a large room like a church with stairs leading down into a section that has chairs in the middle. I walk to the pulpit and observe that the walls on either side are black glossy stone that rises high up an then between them there are bas reliefs and flowers that rise even higher. I look in the left corner and see the lathe is actually in this room still with the stone in it. A woman in a chair next to me says to sit because the sermon is about to start. I figure this is reasonable since it's about 6PM on a Wednesday but I don't feel comfortable because I haven't been in a church service in ages. I walk back to the coffee shop and find a black curtain and I am curious what is behind there. I go behind and find another roped off section leading to the college parking lot. The barista lady comes through the curtains and says we aren't supposed to go this way. Then a lady shows up behind the ropes to confirm that we need to leave. Then I wake up

      Then the craziest thing happened. I texted RH and told him about the dream and he responded that he actually is part of a dream club and asked me to join!

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    2. Visiting JadeGreen and Manei

      by , 07-20-2023 at 06:31 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Visiting JadeGreen and Manei (DILD) 07.20.2023

      There was this whole dream about Halloween and getting in trouble for some reason during a celebration but I can't really remember it all. The next section of dream I remember clearly I am in a basement with some friends that I don't know IWL making a diorama of a graveyard out of candy. We go up stairs and the friends mom is really worried about us and sort of mad because, "We are letting the demons in." and other crazy religious things. I randomly think to do a reality check and can breath through my fingers so I became lucid.

      I summon my Robes of Anorak and pull up a heads up display. This time it is bright and vivid. I tap the search bar and then say, "Woue". The map changes to show a tropical area with a river ending in a river delta. I snap my fingers and suddenly I am in a mangrove where the plants have black leaves. This time I remmebered to look up! The sky is cloudless and blue. To my right there was a binary sun. Theses stars orbit eachother in such a beautiful way. Currently they are fairly close but not overlapping. Then I look up and spot one of the moons. It was smaller than our Earth moon. Then to my left, high up in the sky, is the large ringed planet, Asuma, that Woue is a moon of.

      I start flying looking for JadeGreen and Manei's beach. It doesn't seem like I am on that island. I still have the HUD up and I look at the map. This area is mostly mangroves but there are also some markers on the map. I fly past one and see that it represents a modern looking building. I hear a familiar voice so I fly closer. On a second floor balcony I see Manei and Hade! I fly down to them and run up to Hade to give him a hug. He is shorter than me in this form. As I hug him his body flashes purple where I contact him. I stand back and poke his chest and sure enough there is some sort of magic armor made out of small triangular segmants less than a centimeter from his body. "You have made some improvments to your ward!". "Yes I have. I wanted to be prepared incase we sparred." he says. Then I go up to Manei. She is much taller than me and wearing a crop top and a necklace with sea shells, "It is good to see you in dream form." I say and give her a hug.

      They guide me into the building and there is a red skinned alien sitting on the couch eating fruit. I talk to her a bit and then wake up.
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    3. Rock Wall and Fight Pits

      by , 07-17-2023 at 05:46 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Rock Wall (NLD) 07.17.2023

      I am currently between jobs IWL but in the dream I have a job that required a lot of communting. After work me and some friends from the job car pool to a convention in full cosplay. I think we chose a theme of Star Wars and I am Darth Maul. At the convention we get to have some fun mock lightsaber fights. It is time to get in line for some event but to get in line you have to climb a rock climbing wall without a harness. My friends ditch me and one of them even makes fun of me saying I will never make it. I feel like he reminds me of a couple of my ex friends combined into one person I no longer like them very much. When I make it near the top of the rock wall the hand holds become very parilous and I look down wondering how hurt I would be from the fall. It is very far. A few people in cosplay at the top try to help me up and when I am locking hands with them I wake up.

      Fight Pits (NLD) 07.17.2023

      When I fall back asleep the dream continues but it is changed. Now instead of cosplaying at a convention I am am playing a computer game where I am playing a kobold character. The friends from before are now a clan I was in that betrayed me. There is a big gladiator PVP minigame I am joining. It is a lot like Runescape and I know my chances of winning are really slim. I have a oak long bow with iron arrows and a bronze scimitar. My armor is leather. I tell a much higher level wizard that my friends abandoned me and he says he will look out for me durring the fight.

      It is time for the game to start and the coloseum gates open. Everyone runs in and starts fighting eachother. I use my long bow to widdle people down and somehow get the last hit on some people! Finally there is only one other player left and I am out of arrows. It is a woman with mithril armor on. She says she is impressed I made it that far and raises my hand saying "And in second place!" The crowd is very happy. Then she finishes me off. lol
    4. Jade Green Sparring Match Two

      by , 07-06-2023 at 08:13 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Jade Green Sparring Match Two (WILD) 07.06.2023

      My partner K wakes me up when she is getting out of bed earlier than me and when I fall asleep I feel the dream set in before I lose awareness. I do a RC and confirm I am in a WILD. I get out of bed and summon my robes and put them on in one swoop of my arm. I try pulling up the heads up display with the gesture of swiping up from my left wrist but it doesn't work right away. I wake up but DEILD.

      I try again and this time I get the holographic HUD to show up. Instead of being futuristic, this time it looks like Windows 11. I tap the search bar and say "Noma". then I snap my finger and get teleported to a beach. I focus on the details and notice that the plants are exotic and have black leaves. I am indeed on Woue but not in the Noma desert where we can fight without causing damage to the environment. I destabilize and DEILD.

      I repeat the teleportation process from our room. This time when I snap my fingers I find myself laying on a red sandy dune. When I stand up and look over the top of the dune I see a red desert with crashed space craft scattered around! I look behind me and see Hade. He looks like he does in JadeGreen's art! Unfortunately Manei and Jay aren't there. Hade ignites his rockets so I guess it's time to fight! I try throwing a rock at him with telekinesis but it is blocked by a purple hexagonal shield that pops up infront of him. I realize I am a little taken off guard and don't have time to remember my strategy. We both fly at eachother and I try a Superman punch but it is blocked by his shield. We then tangle together (because I grab hold of his arm.) and then we spin around eachother midair. I realize being in close is not a good idea because I have had problems with wrestling in dreams so I let go and we both get flung away from eachother by centrifugal force.

      When I float from the tumble I feel a pain in the leg from where he hit me with a staff in the last dream we fought in. I wonder if I got hit but I realize it's just a bruise. I learn that I don't have healing factor like Hade and Manei do. Hade pulls out a bow and arrow and I know I have to deflect any arrows he sends with telekinesis or I am done for! Unfortunetly the dream starts to destabilize even with neither of us landing a clear hit.

      I DEILD again but this time I don't think I have the energy for another match. I experiment with pulling up the HUD again, trying to study it's buttons, but I keep destabilizing for the rest of the REM cycle.
    5. The Robes of Anorak

      by , 06-01-2023 at 02:35 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I haven't been dream journaling much but I do have a series of dreams that are worth sharing in preperation for The Summer Competition! In the dream tilted Oasis Master, link here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/mad...-master-92719/, I found myself wearing The Robes of Anorak which helped me beat the game, so to speek. I have been learning to use them with my latest lucids.

      Some background, a year and a half ago my dreams underwent a period where they were all appocalyptic in nature. That made me start to look back at my journals and realize that the dream world is actually persistant and moves through time at a much quicker speed than waking life does. When I was finding Juliana it was the middle ages and the appocalypses started happening when the timeline finally caught up with present day.

      After a while , my dreams started always taking place in the Oasis from Ready Player One. The society had survived and used the Oasis to escape from their bleak reality. In some dreams I could even feel the headset on my face while the simulation felt totally real. Then I suddenly had the robes and my partner and I went on an adventure and speedran the Lord of the Rings quest. In the dream the robes gave me perfect teleportation which I had never experienced before. I have done all sorts of practice with teleportation and portals and it never worked for me before.

      Sometime last year I started experience the world outside the oasis. The world is a baren wasteland and humanity lives as a few small walled cities. There is a rebelion against the governments of the cities because they have been taken control of by Shayna, Juliana's arch nemisis. I would find myself playing characters in the rebellion in most of my non lucid dreams.

      Robes Summoning Attempt One (DILD) 03.30.2023

      I am in a classroom setting in a dream during a nap and then I do a reality check and became lucid. I stood up from my desk and went outside. It looked like my highschool.

      I tried summoning my robes of anorak but nothing appeared in my hand behind me. I tried opening the first locker i could find by wishing it was unlocked and it was. Inside was a robe but a ragity one, not like my robes of anorak. I tried them on anyways and snapped my fingers. I didn't teleport to Julianas house.

      I saw a reflection in the lockers of someone tall standing behind me. I thought they must be Manei but when i turned around it was Juliana and she was short like normal.

      I was so stable at this point. Her eyes were fantastic green color and it matched her robes.

      We talked for some time but I forgot the dialogue.

      I woke up into a false awakening and didnt get back to being fully lucid for the rest of the nap

      Robes Summoning Attempt Two (DILD) 04.09.2023

      I am at my highschool in the same spot as the end of the previous lucid so I became lucid instantly. I summoned the Robes of Anorak from behind me with my right hand. I swong them around and put them on in one fell swoop. (This is something I had practiced in meditation the night before.) I snapped my fingers and instead of teleporting I woke up.

      Robes Summoning Attempt Three (DILD) 05.14.2023

      I am in a town square when I wonder if I'm dreaming. My nose plug confirms it so I summon the robes. This time I swipe up from my left arm with my right hand which opens up a heads up display like in the movie. It is a blue hologram coming from my rist. There are many buttons and charts. I select the button that says "Teleport". I choose a location too hastly and it brings me to Diagon Alley instead of Juliana's cottage, the I wonder why I didn't try searching for "Juliana's Cottage but I follor dream logic that I should fly around and look for her instead.
    6. Oasis Master

      by , 02-12-2022 at 09:30 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have been trying to get back into lucid dreaming for a while now and I think it's starting to pay off because I had a profound and long lucid dream this morning. My favorite part is that my partner was in it with me the whole time because I summoned her early on.

      I should note about my dream guide Juliana that she is also my tulpa now so we communicate nearly everyday. It has been wonderful! You can read more on how that happened here https://www.dreamviews.com/beyond-dr...ml#post2245163 Another thing is her appearance has refined a bit and she's not so tall. Just average height for a woman. Just mentioning that since I saw she was 6'2 in that potion dream with her.

      For the last 3 months I have been dreaming of being in the virtual reality simulation the Oasis often. It comes from Ready Player One and it probably took over my dreams after I read Ready Player Two. Sometimes I even feel the headset on my head in otherwise normal dreams now. I enjoy these dreams and this is the best one yet.

      07:30 AM
      Oasis Master (DILD)

      I am in a first person shooter. Some sniper in a war torn country. I don't remember how I got lucid since the dream was long. Not long after I do I reach my right hand back and pull to the front of me my partner so they can enjoy the adventure with me! We realize quickly that I am wearing some sort of robes. The Robes of Anarok! They give superuser rights to anyone wearing them! This is going to be fun!

      I teleporte us to Sector One and we find ourselves in a sureal area. The landscape is a forest but there are people everywhere wearing the most random avatars. One person is a twitch streamer doing some sort of event with a large entourage of psychedelic fans. We don't want to stay long here because it feels really quite scary but for some reason it gives me an idea. The way the simulation knows what is going to happen is coded into quests that the player characters sort of bring around with them. Maybe with some smart thinking we can speed run a quest and I know just the one to try.

      I teleport us to third age Middle Earth and we find ourselves in a cave with Gandalf, Bilbo, and the Dwarves. I throw out a drone to record us and I ask Gandalf about Sauron. Gandalf begins telling the story while I begin weaving a spell with the Robes of Anarok.
      I wish I could remember more of how it worked it was very detailed in my memory until moments after I woke up.

      After finishing the spell Sauron is defeated and the ring destroyed. My partner and I hear a special fanfare for beating both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings quests! I see an invite to meet with the creator of the game pop up with a teleport attached.

      We take the teleport and find ourselves in a mansion. There is a marble staircase above us and a balcony with a pool nearby. The creator of the game looks like, and has the same warmth as, Robin Williams. He is congratulating us on casting such a high level spell. My girlfriend is talking more as I get distracted and wander outside.

      I get a second burst of lucidity and start to fly away but then I feel I don't have much time left. I fly back to my girlfriend and held her hand for the short while we have left with Robin Williams.

      When I woke up and the ideas from the magic spell were still fresh I felt euphoric. The Robes gave me a confedence in my magic that I have never felt before. I will have to talk to Juliana about it. My next goal is to summon her again because though we can communicate while I'm awake she has a lot more room to be herself in dreams.

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    7. My first lucid

      by , 07-18-2010 at 06:55 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      May 5 2010
      My first lucid (DILD)


      I woke up at 3:00. I try WILD although I prefer to MILD but would like to know both. I fall asleep into a false awakening. I woke up in bed. Everything seemed as real and normal as always. I looked at a piece of paper that is on my night stand that has a leter 9 on it. I thought I might as well do some reality checks. I tried telekinesis on something. it didin't work. I look at the 9. I put my hand over it and imagined it as a 3. I took my hand off it and it was a 3! I switched it back and forth to make shure. I realised I must be dreaming. I didn't become excited, my subconsious wouldn't alow it because of the autosugestions I did. I finaly did it, I became lucid. I jumped out of bed and ran into the family room. My parents were in the kitchen like they always are in the morning. I knew they were DCs. I told them Im lucid dreaming. They denied it like I new they would in a dream. It made me sad that they wouldn't listen to me, my emotions amplified by the dream. I realy wanted to show them I'm dreaming. I tried telekinesis on the lego socker ball that I first used TK on in a non-lucid dream. It worked! I showed my parents but they don't realise its weird. It got harder to control the ball and I realised I better not wake myself up by doing something to dificult. I jumped into the family room as hard as I could and could float myself around the room in zero gravity. I held myself upside down on the ceiling. It felt realy familiar. Like I did it when I was a little kid or something. I must have had a non-lucid like this when I was little. I floated back down and I woke up. I thought man that was my first lucid but it was realy short. I still didn't get excited. "Maby this is a false awakening I might as well check." I thought. I did RCs and I realised I was still dreaming. I went back to the family room and my twin sister came down stairs. I tried to show her im dreaming but she was even worse than my parents. She looked at me like I'm crazy and went back up stairs. I yelled something at her that I can't remember. I looked above the door way and in flashing letters what I yelled at her is spelled out. "Stop being wierd, dream" I yelled in order to keep the dream from wandering. I realised I was wasting time and needed to get some goals done and go on an adventure. I can't go outside without a weapon, I might get jumped by zombies so I ran to my room and went to my closet. I imagined an uzi there and reached in but there was nothing there. I wasn't confident enough. My mom walked in the room and was being distracting and would not accept that I was dreaming. The dream started to destabilize. I didn't have time to get a weapon so I ran down the hallway. I almost reached the front door but everything got fuzzy. I tried to rub my hands together to bring back the vividness but it was to late. I could already feel my real hands, paralised were I left them. I slowly transitioned from lucid to real life. I let it happen because I wanted to right my dream down in my dream journal. I took off my sleeping mask I was trying for tonight. I did it! I knew it was not another false awakening because I could feel the excitment rush over me this time. The fact I couldn't get excited during the dream took something away from the experience but it was worth it to have such a long fairly vivid first lucid dream.

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