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    1. My first lucid

      by , 07-18-2010 at 06:55 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      May 5 2010
      My first lucid (DILD)


      I woke up at 3:00. I try WILD although I prefer to MILD but would like to know both. I fall asleep into a false awakening. I woke up in bed. Everything seemed as real and normal as always. I looked at a piece of paper that is on my night stand that has a leter 9 on it. I thought I might as well do some reality checks. I tried telekinesis on something. it didin't work. I look at the 9. I put my hand over it and imagined it as a 3. I took my hand off it and it was a 3! I switched it back and forth to make shure. I realised I must be dreaming. I didn't become excited, my subconsious wouldn't alow it because of the autosugestions I did. I finaly did it, I became lucid. I jumped out of bed and ran into the family room. My parents were in the kitchen like they always are in the morning. I knew they were DCs. I told them Im lucid dreaming. They denied it like I new they would in a dream. It made me sad that they wouldn't listen to me, my emotions amplified by the dream. I realy wanted to show them I'm dreaming. I tried telekinesis on the lego socker ball that I first used TK on in a non-lucid dream. It worked! I showed my parents but they don't realise its weird. It got harder to control the ball and I realised I better not wake myself up by doing something to dificult. I jumped into the family room as hard as I could and could float myself around the room in zero gravity. I held myself upside down on the ceiling. It felt realy familiar. Like I did it when I was a little kid or something. I must have had a non-dream like this when I was little. I floated back down and I woke up. I thought man that was my first lucid but it was realy short. I still didn't get excited. "Maby this is a false awakening I might as well check." I thought. I did RCs and I realised I was still dreaming. I went back to the family room and my twin sister came down stairs. I tried to show her im dreaming but she was even worse than my parents. She looked at me like I'm crazy and went back up stairs. I yelled something at her that I can't remember. I looked above the door way and in flashing letters what I yelled at her is spelled out. "Stop being wierd, dream" I yelled in order to keep the dream from wandering. I realised I was wasting time and needed to get some goals done and go on an adventure. I can't go outside without a weapon, I might get jumped by zombies so I ran to my room and went to my closet. I imagined an uzi there and reached in but there was nothing there. I wasn't confident enough. My mom walked in the room and was being distracting and would not accept that I was dreaming. The dream started to destabilize. I didn't have time to get a weapon so I ran down the hallway. I almost reached the front door but everything got fuzzy. I tried to rub my hands together to bring back the vividness but it was to late. I could already feel my real hands, paralised were I left them. I slowly transitioned from lucid to real life. I let it happen because I wanted to right my dream down in my dream journal. I took off my sleeping mask I was trying for tonight. I did it! I knew it was not another false awakening because I could feel the excitment rush over me this time. The fact I couldn't get excited during the dream took something away from the experience but it was worth it to have such a long fairly vivid first lucid dream.

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