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    1. Spring Competition 2024 Night 3

      by , 04-01-2024 at 04:49 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I did a short WBTB and it got me a short lucid

      Spring Competition 2024 Night 3 (DEILD) 04.01.2024

      I started the dream lucid as the dream was forming. I was in a city flying around and I knew a nuke was going to go off in 15 minutes. I flew down and found a bunch of soldiers that I knew I was fighting with. There was a display case that apparently had a button that could stop the nuke but non of my dream powers were working to break the glass or use telekinesis on the button.

      I give up on the button and explore a bit. I summon two glocks but somehow know they are airsoft guns. I want to shoot someone on full auto with them because it would be funny but I wake up before I get the courage to do it.
      Tags: city
    2. Sparing With JadeGreen One

      by , 06-17-2023 at 07:08 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      This dream was during a nap. I took a nap even though I slept in today because I wanted to procrastinate on programming.[/SIZE]

      Sparing With JadeGreen One (NLD) 06.16.2023

      I am in a classroom at a college and apparently there was more I was supposed to have done even though I already have my Bachelor's degree. To make things worse, my gpa has gone down to 3.20 from never showing up to those classes. The next scene I was talking with my mom and telling her about the problem which triggered some small
      amount of lucidity since being back in school is a common dream sign in me. However, I did not gain enough lucidity to not follow the plot of the dream.

      There was another scene or two in the middle here in the middle. Maybe something to do with fishing? I can't remmeber.

      The next scene I remember I am in the hallways of the school and I seem to have some amount of control because I summon a ball of kenetic sand and play around with it using telekinesis. I can feel the unique properties of the material through the telekinesis. For me, doing telekinesis is like flexing a muscle that pushes against the gravity of the scene. How it feels for me to fly is similar. I make the sand into the shape of a sierpinski pyramid. I summon a mirror that I hold underneath the sand, I think so I can see it from both sides.

      Someone is walking down the halls who I somehow know to be JadeGreen! He doesn't look to be in his hade form but I somehow know it's him. He looks like a younger version of me, before I gained weight and his face is blurred but I know it's him. I float the sand over to him and he shapes it with telekinesis too. I hand him the mirror and make one side of it some sort of pattern, maybe as a way of calibrating the telekinesis? He starts to walk away and I remember we are supposed to spar! I tell him to come back and we both summon bo staves. Right as we start the fight I lose stability and visuals but I feel the distinct feeling of his staff hitting my right leg. It hurts! I find myself in a new dream scene and I pull out my phone and discord message him "Ow!" to acknowledge that he won. He responds back with 3 Superman logo emojis and I wake up for real.
    3. Summer Compitition Night 5

      by , 06-06-2023 at 08:13 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Teen Titans Dream 9 (DILD) 06.06.2023

      I am in a classroom at my old highschool. The teacher is talking about an essay we have to write. I become lucid because this is a common dream sign for me. I go outside see the Moon through some clouds. I kneel down and build up energy and confidence. I jump and fly straight upwards faster than I ever have before and make it out of the atmosphere and into space. I see the Moon in the distance and start flying toward it. By the time I get there I forget it's a dream and I think I must be Superman

      When i get to the Moon I find it actually does have gravity and there is some sort of base there. I enter the base and find bad guys there. I beat up all the bad guys and wonder what I must be doing there. I remember the essay and think I need to go back to work on that! I fly back to Earth and to my highschool and tell the classroom about my experience. I see Dick Grayson and others of the Teen Titans are there. I tell them we are all going to the moon and take them to a launchpad for a rocket ship! I help them all get onboard. Notably, Jinx is still part of the Teen Titans and so is Beast Boy I think. As Superman, I fly along side the rocket as it takes off and even grab on and help it fly faster.

      We get to the Moon and the Titans dismount the Rocket Ship. We are exploring the enemy base. I am exploring a room full of control panels. On one is a note written in purple ink and I wake up as I am about to read it.
    4. Teen Titans 5

      by , 12-23-2022 at 01:20 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have been watching the show Titans, a live action version of the Teen Titans. I have been enjoying it so much that I have had 5 dreams about being Dick Grayson alongside the Titans including this one I am journaling today. There was more to the dream but my recall hasn't been the best so this is what I can remember.

      07:30 AM
      Teen Titans 5 (Non-Lucid)

      I am Dick Grayson/Nightwing from the Teen Titans and I am fighting alongside Beast boy, Raven, and Jericho. The villains have us in some sort of lab where they are testing on us. At one point Jericho uses his powers to leave his body and enter the big bad evil guy and made him push his hands into a spinning saw blade that pulverized his hands! Thanks to that we were able to escape and continue our fighting! I got in some rather brutal hand to hand combat but that's about all I can remember now.
    5. Smiley

      by , 10-05-2022 at 03:05 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Smiley (DILD)

      I am in my childhood home and lucid. I walk out to the backyard and the sun is setting. Juliana steps into view right in front of me and smiles deeply, the sun and the oak tre behind her. She is a 5'2 woman in her 20s with short dark hair and wearing a simple black dress. I feel both her and my happiness and it causes me to wake up.
    6. Still in College

      by , 03-04-2022 at 05:47 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      09:00 AM
      Still in College (DILD)

      I am in a college classroom and there is talk of a final paper that is supposed to be turned in soon. I don't remember attending a single day of this class and I certainly don't have a paper to turn in so I start to get very worried. The professor comes in and addresses the class. He is a guy with shaggy brown hair. People start passing papers to the front. I remember I already graduated so I start getting worried that maybe my diploma will be rejected if I don't pass this class. Maybe I will have to take it again! I realize how silly this is but I don't yet get lucid. Instead I leave the classroom and try to find the office where I can get more information.

      As I walk through the campus I realize it's not even like any of the colleges or schools I've attended. That is when I do a noes plug rc and become lucid.
      Infront of me there is a open grassy area with an amphitheater to the left. It looks sort of like my junior high school but not quite. I reach my hand back and feel a feminine hand take hold of mine. I say, "Hello Juliana." and she says, "Hi!". I turn around and she is there. She has bright green hair this time. She wears casual clothes under a white robe and she wears a matching white withces hat. Her belt is green to match her hair. "Look how long my hair is!" She says and turns to show that her green hair reaches past the bottom of her shoulder blades. (She magically changes her hair often.) The only thing that is off is her height, since we agreed she is about 5'6. I take her other hand in mine and give both of her hands a gentle downward tug. Her height adjusts to be the correct height.

      "What do you want to do?" She asks. I respond, "Let's go down a slide!"
      (I have no idea why this is what I chose instead of my actual goals.) I imagine that my childhood home must not be far from here and we have a playset with a slide there. I put an arm around Juliana's side and lift off the ground.
      I fly us through a neighborhood that looks only slightly similar to the one my home was in. I find the house and land us in the backyard. The playset is much more fancy looking than ours. The slide is big and spirally! We take turns going down the slide and have a blast. After a bit I say, "Let's play on the swings!" and run over to a swing when I am spontaneously woken up.
    7. Crash Bandicoot DLC

      by , 11-26-2021 at 03:27 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Crash Bandicoot DLC! (Non-Lucid)

      I was returning to sleep after a short wake up and then I saw a loading screen with the Crash Bandicoot Warped logo but with new effects. After loading into the warp room there were 25 new levels to play which got me so excited I woke up again.
    8. Hylian Shield?

      by , 10-23-2016 at 01:44 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Hylian Shield? (DILD)

      The begining of this dream is rather x rated so I will let you use your imagination for that part. I spontaneously become lucid. I decide to do something useful rather than continue the shenanigans. I miss Juliana so I summon her but I summon someone else who is way to short and squat. I un summon themm and try again. This time it is her and she hugs me. She points out that it has been a while. I ask her if we can go on a mission or something and she says it would be better to train. I say I wan't to try the evil witch mission from DHL but she thinks it's a waste of time to get ahead of ourselves and walks off. I remember that I summoned the master sword and want to show her. I chase after her and say that I have made some progress since I last saw her and summon the Master Sword from behind my back. "The master sword huh?" She says. "Maybe there is a mission we can go on. Grab my hand." I grab her hand and we are teleported infront of some building.

      The first time someone else has teleported me. Cool.

      There are bouncers in front of the door. She says to just act cool. We walk past the bouncers and they don't stop us, even with me carying a sword. I use a touch of mind control to make sure they can't notice. There is a party going on. Mostly there are 20 somethings eating food. Juliana sits down at a table and munches on some snacks and says the Hylian Shield is somewhere in this building. I look into the kitch and see cooks working. I look down another hallway and see a few more party goers security guards patrolling. I go back to Juliana and ask her where I am suppose to be looking. She says that the person who owns the sheild will probably be ariving soon and to follow them. I suddenly wake up though and don't feel like I can DEILD
    9. Master Sword

      by , 09-28-2016 at 09:26 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:30 AM
      Master Sword (DILD)

      There was an earlier section to the dream but it was a bit personal and I don't think I should share it. I realized it was a dream but by this point lost a bit of lucidity. I am in a casino in Vegas. My mind is wandering, not really paying attention to my friends playing roulette. I see my girlfriend walking over and I get happy she is back and then become lucid again. I remember that I wanted to try summoning my the master sword from Zelda again so I reach back and feel a sword in my hand. I pull it forwad and it is the master sword! I swing it around and wonder if I can do the engery blast attack. I swing and yell hiya and the sword glows blue and releases a blast at the peak of the swing. I try and see if I can get more accurate aim a few times. I run over to my girlfriend and her friends and try to show them that it's magic but can't seem to do it properly while they are watching. I let go of the sword and swing it around with telekinesis and they finally acknowledge the magic.

      The dream changed at this point and I loose lucidity. I am in a Lego video game of some sort. It is like a spy adventure game and I can make tools to help me. The game has every lego piece ever and you can make what ever you want which I find very impressive.

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    10. Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing

      by , 08-17-2016 at 10:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally at 6:45AM for my WBTB which was nice. Couldn't quite remember my dream. My non lucid recall has been sort of shitty for the last week. I took 8mg Glanatamine and 600 mg Alpha GPC with some fruit. After a half hour of listening to anime soundtracks and setting my intentions I did some SSILD and tried WILD. I got some imagery that wouldn't stick and eventually got out of bed but the dream never stabilized so I won't bother putting an entry for that. I kept waking up and doing nose plugs but they weren't false awakenings. Eventually a dream formed but I had lost most of my lucidty.

      09:38 AM
      Magic Lesson One: Rock Climbing (SSILD)

      I am in a final fantasy style RPG on a game boy advanced. I remember playing this game before in a different dream and wan't to speed run through it to get back to where I was before. I set up my character and complete the first area to receive my sword. I then attack some enemies with it. I get to the overworld and make my way to where I can get my first companion which is a warrior guy. I then go through the overworld to a mine where I can start leveling the mining skill. I forgot though that you have to talk to this mole man NPC first to get access. I go to the first dungeon and also get a mage girl companion. We defeat the boss of the dungeon and I wake up a bit.

      I am a semi lucid now and in my own body. I am at the edge of my college at night. I want to keep playing the game so I pull a GBA out of my pocket and wonder how to get back into it. I start running around while I look at the GBA and thinking about how to turn the mechanics into a real game. I realize I don't have a GBA and remember that this is a dream.
      This is my chance!

      I stop running and actually skid because I am going so fast! It is dark but there is a street light so I feel comfortable. I see a DC is jogging along the sidewalk. I walk out into the street and remember that I wanted to try a stability potion first. I put my hand back and summon a bottle. It is triangle shaped with a small cork and green liquid in it. I pull the cork off and drink the entire bottle. The dream destabilizes for a second and then completely restabilizes. It isn't the most vivid dream but I feel like it will last a long time. Another random DC runs by. I say out loud, "Juliana, I am ready for my lesson." I flow energy through my hands and stick them out. "I now understand the importance of body, mind, and spirit!"

      Anime -esque flash back time! Previously when I asked Juliana to give me my lesson she told me to read some books first. I started with Journey to the West and read the chapter titled "Monkey King studies magic" The Monkey King (the character in my avatar) went to study with a sage to learn to be immortal. After 7 years he had to choose which philosophical discipline to focus on but was disappointed to learn that none of them would teach him immortality. The sage took him aside and told him he could learn the secrets of body, mind and spirit which isn't a formal discipline but the forces that hold the universe together. This is how The Monkey King gained immortality and a bunch of other magical powers!

      From there I knew the other books would relate somehow to the body, mind, and spirit. The book on astral projection is related to developing the energy body. The book on zen is related to focusing the mind. The other books where the Vedas and I learned more about the Ātman, the "true self". I can do energy flow simulation to work on my body schema and I can do zazen meditation to work on my mind but I couldn't find any meditation to work on the spirit. Considering I don't believe in a literal soul stuff like transcendental meditation seems like complete bullshit. I ended up realizing that just listening to good music is a great way to meditate on spirit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaJoDAXkSMw Now, back to the dream!

      I imagine Juliana appearing in front of me in a puff of smoke. Nothing happens. Hmm. Well, it was worth a try. Another random DC runs by and startles me. What is with these DCs? I stick both my hands back and feel someone take hold of them. "Hi Juliana." I say. "Hey Matthew." she replies. I turn around and it's her. I hug her and notice she has dark hair again and her witches hat this time. "I'm ready for my lesson." I say. She looks around and takes in the environment. "It's dark here. Let's go somewhere with more light." and she points to one of the buildings at the college. We walk over there and I ask,"Hey Juliana, I'm curious, what is your natural hair color. I've seen you with red hair and dark hair." "My natural hair color?" she says. "Oh, it's grey but I'm always changing it." I say, "Grey? Are you sure? Okay." She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "Matthew, I want to ask you where you come from." I am a little taken of guard and say, "Haha okay. I want to know a lot more about you too." "Ya, but you sort of popped up out of no where and now I'm your dream guide but we hardly really know each other."

      We get to the door of the building and she opens it. It looks nothing the same on the inside. There are students everywhere in white uniforms. There is a staircase even though it is a one story building from the outside. We walk in and I see a door at the end of the hall with light coming through the window. "You did it! Let's go through there." I say. There are so many students I get destabilized a bit in the commotion but because of the potion it is really easy to stabilize again. I look back and see that Juliana has changed into a guy with aviator sunglasses on. She looks like Dave from homestuck but I can feel it is still her somehow. I take her hand so we stay together and we go to the door. "Let's make it a basketball court." I say as I open the door and go through. It really is a basketball court on the other side and it's day time! There are DCs talking and playing and there are tall buildings around the park.

      "Okay, let's start the lesson. We walk over to a bench and she sits down except now she is an indian boy. "I did the research on body, mind, and spirit." She nods and smiles. I go on,"Body I can develop with energy flow simulation. Mind I can develop with zazen meditation." She looks happy that I figured this stuff out. "Spirit I had a hard time with though." She looks concerned. "You see, I don't believe in spirits" She is about to say something but I explain myself. "Well, I believe in spirit, but not souls. In my mind, spirit is the essence of a person. Their passions, feelings, and relationships. I don't think there is a metaphysical thing determining those things. Not in the waking world but I would imagine souls are real in the dream world." Juliana looks very confused. "Waking world? What is that?" I say, "That's where I go when I wake up. You don't know about the waking world?" She squints at me and says, "So that is why there is something different about you." I ask, "So where do you go when you go to sleep?" She says, "Another dream world." I ask,"Haven't you ever woken up before?" She replies, "Not Really. So what happens when really wake up?" "Look." I say. "We should get to my lesson. Contemplate this and we can talk more about it some other time. Also, why do you look like an indian boy?" "Oh, sorry." She says and gets enveloped in a white light as she transforms. I stand next to her to help her get the height right. I ask to see the red hair this time. She looks like herself again with the red hair.

      "Okay, your first lesson." She points at some kids playing on the side of the court. The kids around here like to get them selves in all sorts of trouble. They go in places they aren't suppose to and do dangerous things." We walk down the court. "See all these tall buildings." I nod. "They like to climb up the walls and do graffiti way high up. The adults just can't climb up there to clean it but the kids never fall." We stop at the end of the block. "Your first magic lesson is to climb to the top." I ask,"What's magical about rock climbing?" She explains,"I know it isn't extravagant but it will teach you all the principles. Go ahead and choose a building and get climbing."

      I choose a building and start pulling myself up on the brick and engravings. I get up a ways and find myself at a difficult spot. "Look at 11 o'clock." I look up and a bit to the left. I see a flourish decoration that will make a good handhold. "Thanks Juliana!" I say and keep climbing. "What is this dreamviews thing on your phone?" she says. I look down and I am higher up than I thought. "Hey, what are you doing with my phone?" I shout. "Don't fall and wake up or you will loose your cell phone!" she says. "Even if I wake up I won't loose my phone." I say and keep climbing. "So what happens to your stuff if you wake up? Doesn't it disappear too?" she says. "Ha ha that isn't how it works." I say. "When you go to another dream world you don't bring your stuff. If you are inexperienced that is. Hey, who is this Chiara girl? Is she your giiiiirfriennnnnnnd?" she giggles. "Yes, that's my girlfriend." I say. "Your waking life girlfriend? Let's go through your texts!" I am very high up now but there is an over hang. I am starting to get the point of all of this. While I was distracted by Juliana I climbed much faster and easier. If I am just confident and go with it I can do anything! I make it over the overhang and can see the top now but I start to destabilize. I think about what I learned and use it to just go with it and stay anchored to the dream. I imagine myself holding the top ledge and the dream restabilizes. I pull myself to the top. Juliana is just a little dot now. I give out a victory yell and jump off. I float gently down and as I am landing near Juliana I take away her phone. I see that she has her hat off so I take that too and plop it back on her head. She looks a bit guilty but happy. I start to wake up and while I have more to say to Juliana I feel like it is time. After all, I have a lot of dialogue to right down before I forget it!

      So my feeling was right! Juliana does know it's a dream but I am surprised she didn't know there is a real waking world. I look forward to continuing that conversation and my magic lessons.
    11. What Would Be A Good TOTM?

      by , 07-20-2016 at 08:37 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      11:00 AM
      What Would Be A Good TOTM? (SSILD)


      I am still visualizing my dream guides house but have lost lucidity. Several voices in my hear talk about how it isn't accurate to real medieval english architecture. The house is replaced with other brick buildings. The voices say this is better. The buidlings become a town square. I find myself standing in the square. There are many DCs walking around. I start to walk around and wonder where I am. I remember that I am dreaming and want to go to my DGs house. Because I so often wake up while teleporting I want to try something else first so I get at least something done. I remember the basic i TOTM to ask a DC what would be a good TOTM. I grab the hand of a woman and ask her what she thinks would be a good TOTM. She replies, "Make fireworks appear!" She raises her hands as she says this and fireworks go off in the distance. I thank her and try teleporting. It doesn't work though and I wake up.
    12. Androx the Space Cat

      by , 06-23-2016 at 09:31 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I had two interesting things happen last night. First, I think I had a lucid dream during non REM sleep. Second, I had another dream character persist over multiple dreams in a single night! I went to bed at 1:15am so I was pretty suprised that I woke up from my first dream at only 2:00am. Maybe that point me in a different state of mind that was suitable for persistent dreams.

      Non REM ShenanigansNREM LUCID?


      I spontaneously realize I am in between falling asleep and forming a dream so I think I should try and form one my self. I don't realize I barely went to bed less than an hour ago. I claw at the ground and feel the carpet from my home. I still can't see anything though. I keep experiencing different visuals and feelings but hold my consciousness long enough until I am able walk around and see something. It is still dark though. I am outside a museum with my girlfriend on a moonless night. We are sitting on the steps eating a bento box. She starts smoking a long cigarette and I tell her that's not very healthy. It isn't like her at all which reminds me that this is a dream. I stand up and walk up the steps. The greeter lady at the door agrees that smoking isn't healthy. I go through the door and imagine myself at home. I am in my bedroom but it is still dark. I flip the lightswitch but nothing happens. I say "light up" but nothing happens. I can't seem to get much light into this dream and wake up.

      Androx The Space Cat Part 1NON-LUCID


      I am in my hometown and find a little white kitten with very large ears stranded on the road. I take it home and show my sister. She thinks I should keep it and I decide to raise it. While I am alone in my room with the cat it starts talking to me in English! It has the voice of a little boy. I am suprised and ask it if it is a magical cat. The kitten floats up in the air while he explains that he is a space cat that is suppose to help protect the universe from evil. His body becomes a window into a vibrant scene of space. He tells me that he can teleport to anywhere in the universe at will. I think this cat is going to be very interesting to have around on my dream adventures but I don't become lucid. I don't really remember much else from this conversation. I know that the cat has sort off accepted me as his owner. It is sort of like an outdoor cat in that he isn't always around, he could be anywhere, but he come back and even follows me back to my apartment in Los Angeles.

      After I woke up I wrote down some notes and must have went back to sleep thinking about the cat because he showed up in my next dream the same morning!

      Androx The Space Cat Part 2NON-LUCID


      I am in Arizona with my dad and sister for some reason. We are outside of some cabin and I want to go back inside but there are a bunch of snakes in the way. My dad and sister follow the trail the opposite direction and I am on my own. I am suddenly teleported back to my parents house in my hometown and the space kitten is there. I suppose it is the kitten that teleported me. I feel bad that I am having a hard time remember his name even though I know I must have asked it in the previous dream. (I'm still not lucid even though I know I met the cat in a dream) I start to remember that it started with an A. "I'm sorry but what is your name again?", I ask. He replies, "Don't worry about it. My name is Androx." "That's right. I remember now." I say and I remember writing down that name even although it isn't in my notes. I make sure to remember that name now because I feel like Androx will show up again. Androx says, "Matthew, I need your help fighting evil witches. Are you up for the challenge? I know that you already have powers but I am willing to give you even more new powers if you work with me." I think it sounds pretty cool but I am a bit skeptical since I only just met this cat. I ask him how should I know that witches are evil since I have only met good witches in my dreams. Androx explains that witches are beings filled with magical energy but not all of them are evil. A few of them are good or neutral and may be willing to help me. I notice that my niece and nephew are unconscious and seemingly being given a similar vision by Androx. I tell Androx to leave my family out of it to pretend like his is a regular cat except for to me. He says that he wants to give them powers too but agrees to hide his true nature at least for now. I notice that there is some sort of obnoxious main menu for a video game on the TV but can't figure out how to turn it off. This distracts me for a while and the dream moves to me being at a county fair until I wake up.

      I am pretty sure Androx showed up for a moment in a later dream but didn't play a roll in the plot. I think it is interesting that now I am better at chaining non lucid dream plots between different dreams. I should definitely talk to Androx in a lucid dream and figure out what he is all about. I am going to be a bit cautious because I recently watched Madoka Magica and feel like he is a bit inspired by Kyuube. Especially because of his voice and the whole witches thing. However, I think he is also inspired by Luna from Sailor Moon and the cat from Gab's avatar so I don't think I have to much to worry about.

      It seems like witches and magical cats are an important part of my dream world. This goes all the way back to when I asked a witch lady to be my dream guide. She also had a talking cat but he was black and fully grown. She only has shown up for a short moments without actually doing anything. Apparently she is to busy fighting an evil witch that is her nemesis. I have also seen a witch a few times in all white with wings that reminds me of Glenda the Good Witch. She uses healing magic. Gandalf has shown up a lot too but I guess he is a wizard and not a witch. It is sort of like how in a show or game you can tell what feels like a main story and what feels like side stuff and everything with witches has felt like main story. It is interesting that in Sensei's dream world witches are all evil while so far in mine they are all good.

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    13. Trick or Treat? (Task of the Month)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 07:26 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Trick or Treat? (DILD)


      I am out of town with my mom at my sister's and brother in law's house and I slept in my nieces bed so It probably helped me get lucid to be in a different place.

      I was in a non lucid and I forgot it now. Later on I was at my house and I realized it was a dream. I decided to do the Task of the Month. I needed to go trick or treat at someones house. I couldn't do that without a costume and sense my tf2 spy costume isn't made yet I decided to do something a little easier. I ran down the hall and stabilized as I went. I turned the corner into my room. It was dark and I flipped the switch but like always the lights didn't go on. That didn't bother me though. I grabbed the foam monkey mask that I got at the zoo In third grade. I thought it would be pretty fitting seeing as I am MadMonkey. I put it on and bent part of the mask wasn't a problem in the dream and it fit fine.

      I went outside and flew down the street looking for a good house to trick or treat at. It was mid afternoon and I was extremely hungry. I was craving rice for some reason. I saw a house that looked good enough so I flew down and rang the door bell. A woman answered the door so I said, "Trick or treat?". I saw that the family was eating dinner. She handed me a blue lollipop. It looked tasty but then I noticed they had a bowl of rice on their table. It looked sooooo good! I asked if I could trade my lollipop for a little bit of their rice and the woman yelled no as if I had done something offensive. She snatched the candy out of my hand and slammed the door in my face. I said, "I guess that you choose trick instead of treat."

      I walked down the street wondering what to do now. I didn't really think to try the advanced task now. I instead tried running as fast as I could. I found i could run even faster on all fours like a dog. I started to wake up and loose lucidity.

      A new dream started in which I was in a massive airsoft war with hundreds of players on each side. I ran out guns blazing and started taking out tuns of the enemy. A few of them tried to get past me so I threw a grenade that took them out. I threw another grenade into the masses of the enemies. That took out another chunk. They started to retaliate and eventually I got shot down. I got teleported back to our base as if respawning in a video game. There was a machine that could turn your gun into a bigger better more upgraded gun. You could turn a wimpy little pistol into a massive machine gun. I started wake up and I remembered that I had been lucid. I let myself wake up so I could wright down my dream.

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    14. First Dream Guide

      by , 09-25-2010 at 07:58 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Edit 8/5/2016 Because this dream was in my private thread and I feel it is important I edited a less memorable dream to make room for this one.

      First Dream Guide (MILD)


      I was outside of an old fashioned building on a hill. It was sort of like a cottage but bigger and has a large tower sticking out of one side. I was being attacked by this crazy witch lady. She was chasing me around the place shooting spells at me and I barely missed being... whatever the spells would have done to me. I became lucid and did a reality check. I didn't attack the witch because it seemed like she was acting insane because of some kind of curse or something like that and didn't actually want to hurt me. I think I did try electrolysis on her and if I did It didn't work. I got away from her inside for a second and saw that Gandalf the grey was sitting in a corner of the main room of the house puffing on his pipe and looked like he was thinking deeply about something and not paying any attention to us. I ran up to Gandalf and told him there is a crazy witch trying to kill me! I think shes under some kind of curse can you stop her? He stood up and said yes. He waved his hand and there was a small flash and the witch stopped trying to kill me. She looked confused for a second and then looked at me and Gandalf with a distinct smirk and thanked me for helping take the curse off her.

      She wore dark purple and had a brimmed hat that came to a point. A typical witch's hat. She was very hot and looked a lot like Blair from the anime Soul Eater.

      She wasn't actually Blair, but reminded me of her a lot. Her hat wasn't all crooked like that at the top though. I can't remember some of the details about her like her hair color but I think it was dark purple. I will have to take a better look at her next time I see her.

      After that she walked to the other side of the room and Gandalf sat back down contemplating something.
      I should have talked to Gandalf more. He used to show up on adventures with me in some of my dreams. He would have made a pretty great dream guide himself. I wasn't sure what to do with the lucid so I tried electrokinesis again and couldn't get it to work! But I just got it working again on Sunday. I picked up a metal fire poker to see if that could help me channel some of the energy. I was able to get a few small blue arks across it but couldn't get it to work. I was thinking to much and needed to just do it, like I do when I am semi lucid. I knew that I needed to do something more worthwhile with my lucid and remembered that I need to find my dream guide. I want Sun Wukong to be one of my dream guides but I realized that this witch girl totally fits my description of what I had thought my dream guide would in the past. Even if she isn't my dream guide she could still teach me a lot of stuff and help me find Sun Wukong or who ever is my true dream guide. She started walking away to a stone spiral stair case so I ran to catch up with her.

      I said "Wait! I was wondering if you could, um, train me, like be my dream guide, temporarily at least." She faced me but continued walking up the stairs, making me have to keep up with her to have the conversation. There was that smirk again. She purposefully interrupted me and said "Yes, sure thing, Your first lesson will be tomorrow night." She continued up the stairs. She seamed like she was in a hurry.

      I thought to my self shes hot and pretty feisty. Exactly the kind of girl I was looking for. She also seemed to know that it was a dream. I wasn't sure what to say. I did another reality check just to keep stable.

      I said "Can't you teach me tonight? I have trouble getting lucids on weekdays and-" She stopped and said, "but today is a weekday." I said "but I got a fog delay so had some extra time. Can you, like, meet me and make me lucid?" She said "Ya, of course." We got to the top of the stairs. We went through a hatch into a circular bedroom at the top of the tower. There was a bed, an oval mirror on a stand, some brooms and cauldrons and typical witch stuff. There was a large black cat laying on the bed. He hopped down and greeted me. He literally said "hello there" or something along those lines. haha I was a bit surprised he could talk. The witch tells me that she won't be able to teach me tonight because she has business to settle with another witch as she started putting potions and other things into a bag. She told me she wouldn't train me until she took care of that first. She got on a broom and flew out the window. I believe I talked to the cat a bit more but don't remember anything that was said. This dream ended and a new one began where I was not lucid.

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    15. Portal

      by , 09-20-2010 at 01:52 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      September 19, 2010
      Portal (MILD)


      I focus on MILD. I know I need to make sure to think more clearly in my lucids. This time I thought thinking step by step would work good. first part become lucid, part two become stable. Part three experiment with opening a portal. Part four take it to a baron part of the Mojave desert. Part five create my fortress. I also needed to remember to continually stabilize through out the dream.

      I was in my room and became lucid without doing a RC. Everything was very vivid and wasn't completely sure it was a dream. Okay step two stabilize. I felt my pants and noticed I had the same clothes on I had yesterday. I saw my super favorite gray sleeping shorts in the floor. I knew it was silly but I changed into those ones. I very Sudenly destabilized, nearly waking up. The problem is there were no lights on in my room making it hard to stay stable. I can never turn on the lights in my room in lucid dreams. I could only see a fuzzy squint and couldn't open my eyes. I thrashed around my room touching things trying to become stable. I refused to give up this dream. I did a noes RC and it helped a little bit. I had so far only stabilized the touch sense. I knew I needed the taste sense so I went up to the thing closest to me and forced myself to lick it. It was white and I think it was my closet door. It didn't taste good but luckily didn't have a lot of taste to it. I slowly became more vivid. I could open my eyes and things weren't fuzzy.

      I went into the kitchen and my sister was doing homework with two of her friends. It was day time outside even though there had been no light coming through the window in my room. I got some 5 gum and chewed on it. I don't care for mint flavored gum but 5 gum is alright and I just need it to keep stable.

      Okay step three. I started out with trying some electrokinesis as a warm up. I focused on shooting some at a coffee pot on the counter. I didn't think I anything happened but my mom said I did. I guess I didn't see it at this angle. Next I made one bolt come out of each finger. I made them meet in the middle and now focused on forming my energy into a ball. I got a small ball of what looked like a cross between blue fire and electricity. I once I got that I brought my other hand in and made it bigger and bigger. Once I got it into a stable shape about the size of a golf ball I let it bounce around on my hand. I went back and kept making it bigger and denser. I got it to about a meter across. Thats bigger than what I needed so I forced it smaller again and raised my hand above my head. I traced a rectangle about the size of my body and then it formed a portal. Cool now what.

      I didn't really know how to connect it to the place I needed to go. "Connect to uh the Mojave desert in a place where its Baron and theres no people." I said. I wanted to make sure it took me to the right place so I took my shoes and socks off and put it through the portal. I felt the ground and it felt like dry dirt. YES its the right place! I got over excited and went through but I wasn't in the Mohavee desert. I was on some college campus in a spot where there is dirt. D: I should have simply made another portal but I noticed a computer in a window which gave me an idea. I would try and search google images for a picture of the Mojave Desert.

      I flew over to a near by computer store and sat down at a computer. I typed in google.com and instead of google some search engine Ive never heard of before. It said PB or something and thats right I could read the computer screen. Basically I wasted the rest my dream. After a long time that I should forget it and just teleport there like the plan. I tried to charge up some energy again but I'm still need more practice.
      Grah why didn't I just spend the whole dream training! Now I was pretty frustrated and I flew back to the college and there where people there. I tried to charge up my hand and I ran and pushed it into one of the DC's chidori style. Nothing happened however. I walked over to a window that spanned the entire front of a building and round house kicked it. It shattered and fell and was pretty cool. A DC security guard ran at me so I grabbed him by his collar and his belt and flipped him over onto the ground. I tried to charge one last time and managed to get some electricity flowing but I woke up.
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