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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Spring Competition 2023 Night 7

      by , 03-08-2023 at 06:48 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I am in some sort of commune in another country where they keep endangered animals. I programmed some sort of code and showed it to the benobo and it immediately atarted crocheting! It whipped up a sweater in no time at all. The other people in the commune immediately got hostile to me and tried kicking me out. I dived into the pool with the porpoise to hide. Weirdest dream in recent memory!
    2. Dream Watch

      by , 10-05-2022 at 03:20 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I haven't been able to dream journal much lately because my dreams take on a strange intangible feel where not much of it really translates well to journal form. Last night my girlfriend and I did a staycation at our favorite hotel and the beds there are magnificent. Weighted blanket and a down pad.

      I got very good sleep and even woke up naturally 10 minutes before the wbtb alarm I set. Nothing much would come from it because I fell back asleep to quickly without trying WILD or MILD.

      7:00 AM
      Dream Watch (non-lucid)

      I am in an unfamiliar bedroom. It is dark but I see a nice watch on the nightstand. I pick it up. It has dark leather straps, a dark face, and grey metal case. I check it against the clock on the wall and realize it is two and a half hours slow but it is ticking at the right rate. I pop out the knob and start adjusting it but it's hard to see the dials clearly in the dark.
      Tags: non-lucid, time, watch
    3. Hide and Seek/Video Game Guild

      by , 12-07-2018 at 12:30 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      09:00 AM
      Hide and Seek (Non-Lucid)

      This dream was long but hard to understa d so some of the details are fuzzy. I am in a house with a lot of people. A monster or murderer is killing people. I run from room to roomm looking for somewhere to hide. It feels like hide and seek. I keep finshing other people and some of then are scared im the thing

      06:00 AM
      Video Game Guild (Non-Lucid)

      I am playing a new sandbox video game that is 2d in the style of teraria. I meet some friends and we start a guild. One of them is the youtuber Kiwo. Time skips forward and we are the largest and most powerful guild in the game. Most of the dream I am exploring our giant base and there is some drama between the founders.
    4. Xanathar Errand Boy

      by , 12-05-2018 at 04:46 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      09:00 AM
      Xanathar Errand Boy (Non-Lucid)

      I am in a car accident and the other driver is a lacky of the beholder crime lord Xanathar. I am coerced into joining the guild under fear of disentefration.

      The first errand I have to do is get rid of evidence of the car crash which I do with another guild member. I then meet the Xanathar in person and he shows me a collection kf d&d miniatures. Apparently he collects them and has more that he wants me to go to the store and buy for him.

      At the store I only find half of the ones on his list and it worries me. I take the ones I can find to the check out. I leave them there for a minute and when i come back they are gone. I tell the cashier I need the back and it's a life or death situation. She finds them in the go back bin and I buy them.

      Back at the Xanathar dungeon I am showing Xanathar the new minis and he is happy. I try very hard not to let him realize there are any missing. Right about then I wake up.
    5. Robbing a Bank

      by , 07-02-2017 at 01:19 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Robbing a Bank (Non-Lucid)

      With out really considering how I got into the situation in the first place, I am at a bank with my friend Kyle with the intention of robbing it. We are wearing suits and carry bags that contain guns and will later contain the money while we get away. Kyle apparently has been planning this for a long time and we are waiting until all the employees are in the right place. We put on masks and take a worker hostage so she can take us to the vault. No one has sounded the alarm or realized we are robbing them yet. We get in, get a block of money worth $1 miillion and stuff it in our bags. After that all we have to do is get out. Only as we are leaving does the alarm sound. We steal someones car as a get away vehicle and then several miles away steal another to get them off our tail.

      This is where I start to wonder how I got into this situation. lol I am happy atleast to have gotten out safely but now I am a criminal! We go to our hide out which is in a basement under an abandon bar. Now we start planning how we will escape capture since it appears they know who we are on the news. I call my girlfriend and tell her whats going on and that we need to come up with a plan. lol

      I woke up here and should have written down the dream because I would had remembered a lot more details. After going back to sleep I sort of picked up where the dream left off but can't remmeber what happened.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. The Fibonacci Code

      by , 04-15-2017 at 05:48 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I still feel really behind on sleep which hopefully means I will hit REM rebound tonight. I had two dreams that connected together after waking up for a short moment. It was clearly inspired by watching the davinci code last night. I knew it was a weird situation but I sort of reacted sarcastically and went with it.

      10:00 AM
      The Fibonacci Code (Non-Lucid)

      I have been summoned to a museum by a catholic bishop and priest who need me to decipher a code for them. "Isn't this basically just the plot to the davinci code?", I ask. "Yes, but this time it's real.
      There is this sequence of numbers at the top that we have never seen before. Thats as far as we could get." They show me a piece of paper with the first fibonacci sequence followed by about five lines of cryptic riddles.
      "Have you guys even seen the movie? This is clearly the fibonacci sequence. Can I go home now?" I honestly got really bored with this dream pretty quickly but for some reason I kept following them around this museum solving basic riddles for like an hour. I eventually woke up laughed about it with my girlfriend yet fell back into the same dream for another hour without becoming lucid.
      Tags: non-lucid
    7. Chop Chop Chop

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:58 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I had a nightmare this morning which doesn't happen very often. Usually when scary stuff happens in dreams I don't feel scared because somehow I percieve it as a movie or advenure. I have to admit though this one was pretty scary. It was almost as scary as the other dream I had this morning where I met Donald Trump!

      07:00 AM
      Chop Chop Chop (Nightmare)

      I am in Seoul Korea with my dad and sister for vacation and to visit some friends. The city is very modern and beautiful looking. We go on a feris wheel on an island in an artificial lake and get a great view of everything. My dad says it has changed a lot since he was stationed here in the army.

      Somehow everything transitions to how it suposadly was in the 60s. The buildings and cars are much smaller and used looking. Everything is painted with lots of bright colors though. We go into an area that is abandoned except for a brick building that is a brothel. Women solicit us from the windows. We try to get back to the better areas and have to pass by a hospital that is right next to a slaughterhouse. I see people carrying pig parts and human body parts between the two buildings.

      I find myself, despite the obvious red flags, going through the ally with my dad and sister. From around the corner a nurse with a face mask on is staring at me with a creepy face. I notice she has a cleaver in her hand as she takes a step forward. "Chop Chop Chop", she says. I run away but find the only way is into the slaughterhouse.

      Inside there is another nurse with a cleaver. This one has blood on her dress. I trip and she runs toward me saying "chop chop chop" faster and faster. She is about to chop me with the cleaver but I find there is some butchery tool on the ground near me. I pick it up and cut her throat several times. She stumbles back but doesn't seem effected by the cuts. She slowly walks forward again saying chop with each step. Right when I know I'm done for I hear a voice say, "Chop this." And a fire axe slams into the side of her head from behind. It's my dad!

      He helps me to my feet and we turn around to se the other nurse bent over backwards on all fores. Her head twists around 180 degrees to face us. She starts wattling toward us and I wake up.
    8. Zombie Slaves and Duke Nukem

      by , 04-05-2012 at 07:58 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Zombie Slaves and Duke Nukem (Non-lucid)


      Even though its spring break I had to get up at 6:30 AM for a short film I am working on with some friends. I didn't have a chance to wright or type it until now which is 11:11 PM.

      There is another zombie apocalypse. I am with another survivor. I don't think I new him before the outbreak but it we make a good team. We are in a car riding around down town Bakersfield, California were I live. The funny thing is neither of us are driving. Instead we trained one of the zombies to not attack us and act as our chauffeur.

      There is no one on the road except for zombies and we drive straight through them without a problem. Me and the other guy are talking and enjoying the show when we start rearing to right. Our zombie henchmen collapses over the steering wheel and we crash into a stop light. It seems our zombie has rotted away and died again. Maybe we should have fed it more. Our car is totaled so we need to hot wire another one and preferably train another zombie. I look and see a really cool hot rod that would be fun to drive. I look and realize all the cars on this street are really awesome. A lot of them are classic cars that I can't remember the names of. Most of them are convertible which would make us to vulnerable to zombies. We need a powerful sturdy car that could mow through zombies like we were earlier. I am admiring a really expensive looking car with the steering wheel in the middle like a race car when some zombies come up toward us. We only have a 9mm pistol and one magazine each so we can't afford to waste ammunition. We back into a large warehouse like building. A female zombie is coming right at me and I shoot it several times without much affect. I realize that it takes quite a bit more to kill a zombie than video games would make you think. For some reason the dream causes me to have a hard time aiming were I want to and I can't hit the head. I unload the rest of my ammunition into it and it is still walking just fine. All hope is lost because my buddy is getting cornered by other zombies. Suddenly a door to my left gets kicked down and a guy who looks uncannily similar to Duke Nukem enters with a large gun and two girls at his side.

      He kills the zombies and saves our butts. Its no wonder someone like that would do well in a situation like this. If people think your bad ass they will stick with you and get you what you need and then you will end up looking even more bad ass. We sort of team up with him now and a bit more goes on but I can't really remember it.

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    9. Fuhrer Bradley

      by , 07-25-2010 at 09:34 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      July 25, 2010
      Fuhrer Bradley (DILD)


      I watched full metal alchemist last night which is why I had this dream. Spoilers if you havn't watched that show! I was a lieutenant general in the army in the show Full Metal Alchemist. I was at my home which for some reason was filled with other officers doing work. Me and two others know that Fuhrer Bradley is a humunculous. We were going to try and kill him. He went out to my pool and went for a swim. We all stood around the pool. When he went under I said now is the time. One of them used alchemy and made his leg catch on fire even though it was under water. He put it out and it didn't seem to hurt him. He came up and I tried to make him burst into flames I became slightly lucid here I failed and thought I'm tired of all this not being able to focus on this stuff. He went back under and swam towards me. When he was right besides me and a few feet under I imagined him exploding so I focused on it and made him explode first in a big ball of flames but then a bloody mess with body parts everywhere. I said we did it and looked down and he was climbing out of the pool completely fine. He brought us inside no longer wet and in uniform lol I just now noticed how that doesn't make sense. He told everyone that we had done something, with a smile on his face. Someone said they would like to see me and Bradley told me to go. I went into my dining room where the person had asked for me was. I became fully lucid and realized I had nothing to fear but it wouldn't be an easy fight to get out of here. I destabilized and instead of rubbing my knee I lied down on the ground and closed my eyes, hoping for a false awakening where I would be fully lucid and not have to worry about fighting all these people. But I lost lucidity and can't remember what happened but I do know I had several very long dreams over the next two hours. One was about being at karate, one was slightly lucid about using fire ball attacks.

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    10. Shootout

      by , 07-25-2010 at 09:29 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      July 25, 2010
      Shootout (Non-lucid)


      I went to bed at 12:30. I had a dream I forgot until just now. I was in a battle with a bunch of hot girls when I became lucid and well my hormones kicked in... I woke up at 6:00. Didn't wake up again until 8:00 am these dreams in between them.

      I was in a bar in the wild west back in the 19th century. There were lots of rowdy drunk people and I sat down at a booth. There was a grizzly looking man there talking to another man asking if he would do something for him. Can't remember what it was. The other man said he wouldn't do it. The first man said alright stood up, pulled out a revolver and shot him in the head. I was horrified as I watched blood explode everywhere. I stood up and ran. Everyone in the building was panicking trying to get out. The guy turned out to be wanted dead so he didn't care who he killed. The gun slinger stood up and shot a random man in the eye and turned and shot another who was still siting in another booth in the chest. He laughed evilly and started walking toward the door, shooting as he went. He only shot men, not women. He saw me and I started to run to the door but I knew there was not enough time. He shouted where do you think your going and shot. Everything slowed down. I dived to the side behind an over turned table and could see the bullet go by. I crawled toward a different door. He came around the corner and found me again. He shouted hold still and shot again. I ran and barley turned in time to dodge the bullet. I hid behind something and he came around the corner again. I could see the another exit, If I could only get out. There was much less people now. The setting had changed though. It was more like a modern department store with glass sliding doors and I was hiding behind the jewelry check out surrounded by round racks of clothing. I made one last slow motion dash for the door, He shot and I was forced behind a concrete pillar. He wasn't going to let me get away alive. He came around the pillar and I jumped up, grabbed his gun and shoved it away while simultaneously turning my body to reduce his area to shoot. He fired the gun but it missed. I tried to force it around at his head but he turned it back on me. Back and forth we struggled. When I finally thought I go it on him I fired and missed.He laughed. Suddenly we were surrounded by police officers with there guns pointed at him. He let go of the gun and I pointed it at him. He put his hands up and said I give up. They started to apprehend him so I opened up the revolver. It was a lower caliber than I expected and there where no more rounds left. I went over to another officer and asked if he had any ammo. He said sure but the evil gunslinger yelled something. We both looked and he was running away! I yelled to get handcuffs on him and chased after him with no ammo and the dream ended

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    11. The Nazi Resistance

      by , 07-18-2010 at 07:39 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      The Nazi Resistance (Non-lucid)


      In the dream I have invited a friend I will refer to as G to come with us to France or something on vacation. We arive at a fancy hotel and check in and everything and then eat lunch at Carl's Jr. We are waiting for our train through the snow and mountains to somewhere. It is realy snowy now and everything is white. Even our clothes. G and I are messing around with out noticing everyone board the train. The train leaves. we freak out and try and catch up with the train on foot. Through the snow. We slip down off the tracks and off the mountain and are on the ice of a pond. We get off it and climb up another large snow covered mountain. There we see in the distance buildings. We want to go to them because the might be able to help us. We and going to them when suddenly we see a sign that says there are Nazis around here and to watch out. A sniper bullet misses us and slams into the ground. We take cover. The building we were going to is similar to the snowy part in Inception because I watched that yestarday. Suddenly I we both have sniper rifles and ear pieces to talk. I take out as many gaurds as I can. and rool into cover right befor one sniper takes a shot. G and I get sepparated as I move right and he moves left both of us taking out gaurds and snipers and telling eachother where to shoot and when a gaurd is about to attack us. There is one right behind G and I say watch out and shoot it befor he got G. We basicly shoot all the gaurds and go on top of the roof. I pull out my phone and say we should call the police so they can know about these neo Nazis and so we can get back with the train. I ask him what was that French 911 again? oh ya 458(I don't know where that came from, a false memory). We get away from the base making sure to zig zag incase of enemy fire and find ourselvs at the hotel again. My family is there and we ride the escalator up with them. They ask us how we where not even looking worried. We tell them we defeated a Nazi millitary base and my dad says I hate the resistance and everyone laughs like we are on some cheasy tv show and I wake up

      The resistance is an inside joke between me and my friend. It realy dosn't make much sense in this context but idk its a dream.