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    1. Eating Chocolate Cake

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:24 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      02:40 AM
      Eating Chocolate Cake (Lucid)

      I am at a motel with my girlfriend and we heard banging of footsteps outside and go out to see whats going on. There is a huge swat team raiding on of the hotel rooms and a gun fight starting. I somehow have a gun now which I leave in a holster. I leave carefully with my girlfriend but we are stopped by some police officers and are taken to a table with a guy in a suit and tie for questions about how it went down. The strangeness of the situation makes me consider if it's a dream. This is enough to make me lucid even without RCing.

      I start out by telling the suit guy that I have a gun and putting it on the table. I then tell him to stop and think because this is a dream. He asks how that is possible so I prove it to him by pinching his nose for him. He believes me. I then remember my goal which is to complete the basic task of the month: eat chocolate cake. I reach behind me a whip out a slice on a small plate. It is a basic chocolate cake, not the chocolate mousse kind I hoped for but I give it a try. It is really good anyways! I think about moving on to my next goal but then realize I should have a lot more cake than just one slice since its a dream. I look away and look back and there is a full chocolate cake on the table. I eat it half of it one handful at a time and leave the rest on the table.

      Now, lets summon Juliana. I look and see the Millennium Falcon is around the corner though and run to that instead. Well that is interesting I think I want to explore that first. Maybe Juliana is in the cockpit anyways. I run in but loose some stability since the corridor leading to the cockipit is confusing.
      I loose most of lucidity and the next thing I know I am piloting the ship in 3d person like it's a video game. I am flying around a space station and docking with it. I wake up and know I have to write this dream down. I remember it pretty well but I feel close to the most tired I have ever been. It is 2:40 which means I am less than 3 hours into sleep. It takes me 20 minutes to wake up enough to fully type out notes on my phone and I fall asleep a couple times and I dream some more.

      I am on a cruise ship with my girlfriend. There is a show with a mentalist who also is a motivational speaker. I am sitting up front and when I say one thing to a guy near me the mentalist stops and gives me a look to try and say that I am being rude. I think this makes me a little semi lucid because it just felt weird he would be so dramatic about it. I barely made any noise. My girlfriend and I are chosen to be in the show. We get strapped into a amusement ride with us on rotating seats at the end of a pendulum. We have to answer questions and based on those questions while the ride is spinning and the mentalist will be able to read our minds. The ride gets going and its really a lot of Gs. I like the ride but man it just keeps spinning us non stop while he asks us questions. I actually start to get dizzy which rides usually don't do to me. I can't even focus on his questions. I tell my girlfriend I am going to phase through the seats and fly away. She says something, alarmed. I start to fly out of the seat and wake up again.

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    2. Galantamine Works

      by , 08-04-2016 at 11:46 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Yesterday I received my package of galantamine and alpha gpc. This is my first time using these supplements. I don't like to rely on supplements but I have heard good things about galantamine and wanted to give it a try. I am not very good at WILD because I take a while to start dreaming. This should act sort of like training wheels while I build up my WILD skills. The only other supplements I have tried are b vitamins and choline which simply ensure I am not deficient. Galantamine, on the other hand, puts your brain into over drive and produces more acetycholine than it naturally does. Alpha GPC is a more powerful form of Choline than what I used before because I will need a even larger supply.

      After 4.5 hours of sleep I wrote down a short non lucid dream and took 8mg of galantamine and 600gm of alpha gpc with a granola bar and some water. My WBTB was half an hour long and while I started to feel more alert I didn't feel like it was a good night for WILD so I a mainly set my intentions for DILD.

      08:00 AM
      Galantamine Works (DILD)

      I am at some sort of makers festival. Adam Savage is giving a demonstration of a home made roller coaster someone made. In the dream I am an acquaintance of Adam's so he allows me to demonstrate it for the crowd. I hang from a little seat and swing around a track and it is surprisingly fun for being such a small ride. Afterwards, I go back to an RV that I guess my dad, sister, and I are renting for the trip. I see that we left it running and now the battery is dead and it won't start. I feel tired and stressed so I decide to take a nap. I also remember driving the RV through some snow covered mountains but I don't remember if that was after or before this section.

      I wake up in an FA and I am having breakfast with Harry Potter and the Weasley family in their kitchen while the sun is still coming up. Aurthur, Molly, William, Ron, and Harry are there with me. I find myself drinking a glass of burbon on the rocks. Aurthur says what I was thinking,"Isn't it a bit early for that?" Molly says,"Oh, dear, don't drink that. You will have a nasty hang over at the wedding." I take a sip and it tastes fricken delicious. It has strong fruity notes and a spicy kick at the finish. I say, "Try this though. It is so good!" and hand it to Aurthur and Molly for them to try. Aurthur says "hm!" and Molly says,"That is good!" Percy comes in a bit later and doesn't look like he does in the movies. He has glasses like in the books and longer hair. At first I wonder if he is Charlie but he says something pretentious and I know it's more likely Percy. Things start to explode around us and we take cover. I teleport outside and hide in the bushes except instead of The Burrow it is my family home. Voldemort floats up and shoots an avadakadavra spell through the window and I see Bellatrix Lestrange running and laughing. I teleport again.

      I am on a space ship that is being boarded by another ship. I am captured and going to be taken to be a slave of The Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of us escape somehow and end up on a grungy space station. My girlfriend is there now and we go into a dark room where a crowd is watching a play. It is about the religion Santeria and I have to explain to my girlfriend how Santeria works and isn't Catholicism. People shush us. After not to long the play ends and I go up to tell the actors and actresses they did a good job. One of the blond actresses says we should all hang out sometime and insists on getting our contact information. I write my number and email on a sticky note and leave. I am in a city on some other planet now. All the buildings look like they are decaying and falling apart. There are lots of DCs walking around in this area.

      I hear a voice in my head. It is the actress from earlier. She says that she has hacked all my accounts with the info I gave her. What the heck? She says,"Thanks for putting your username and password on there too." What? I didn't put my password on there. I start running and go into a less populated area. Where am I anyways? I climb up one of the collapsing buildings and stand on the roof. The city extends very far and is just as messed up looking all over. There is an ocean nearby and mountains and the sky is very blue.

      I become lucid and feel very euphoric and happy. I jump off the building and fall for a bit. I catch myself and feel that the gravity on this planet is a little bit heavier. I start flying out over the ocean where there mountains are sticking out of the water. There are tall stone columns like in Zhangjiajie China except sticking out of the ocean. There is collorful foliage on the cliffs and a giant waterfall coming out of one of them. This reminds me a lot of the Vision of Beasts in Far Cry Primal. It feels very trippy. I remember that to get the most points for Spellbee2's contest I need to do my third three-step task which is the completely phase through something. I see one of the pillars ahead and decide to use that. I prepare myself and fly as fast as I can at it. I put my hand in front of my eyes so I can focus on making my peripheral vision move as fast as possible. I remove my hand and fly right through the pillar. It is the thickest thing I have ever phased through and makes a phwomp sound as I do so.

      I turn back to the mainland and see the dead city sprawling before me. Only one building looks normal. It is a redish brick castle on a small rock island right off the coast. That must be where my dream guide is. I fly down to it and land on the highest tower. I stick my hand back and feel a hand take hold of mine. I start to wake up though and loose visuals. I am determined and maintain the feeling of the hand. I pull it forward and feel the rest of the arm too. I feel a dress that feels like the one my dream guide wore the first time we met. She jumps up and hugs me with her legs wrapped around me. I still can't see anything. I hold her up and compare our heights. I estimate that she is about my height but taller than me with her heels on. "Dream guide?" I say. I try and see her face and I am a bit startled as my vision comes back suddenly and a bit distorted. She doesn't have a witch hat on this time and I try and see the color of her hair. It starts out red but as the dream stabilizes it becomes dark purple. "Hi Monkey." she says with a kind smile. She looks slightly different than last time with dark hair I think but it is definitely her.

      My dream journal says the first time I met her her hair was probably dark purple although I had a hard time remembering for sure. The second time it was definitely red. A few weeks later when I saw this wallpaper for Runescape. I knew that was almost exactly what her face and hair looked like. Now that I pull up that wallpaper in photoshop and make the hair purple it does in fact look how she looks in this dream!

      "I'm sorry. I never asked your name when we first met." I apologize. Somehow a name comes to my mind, however. Juliana Is that a false memory? Did I ask her name in a previous dream and forget until now? "You don't remember?" she says. "Well, actually, now I don't know." I reply. "Go ahead. Say it." she insists. "Juliana?" I ask. "Bingo" We start walking toward a walk way along the castle walls. "Where have you been this whole time Juliana? I don't mean to be rude but you haven't exactly been much of a guide." I ask her. "Where have I been? It's not like you haven't been absent too. I'm a busy lady. This last couple days I was captured while fighting against the Darshana. Aleins that are working for ?????? I don't remember the name here. She starts to explain more stuff but I stop following her and say "Wait, before we get any further, will you follow me around till the end of this dream?" "No" she scoffs "Your following me. I'm the guide." "I just have to ask that for the Task of the Month." I explain. "Fine" she says and we start to walk again I see that we are walking up some steps toward some sort of dome structure. "You sure are spunky Juliana. Oh, also tell me a secret of AndresLD's." I ask. "Andres? Hmm." she pauses. "Stay away from him for a while. In your dreams I mean. He is still recovering from a dry spell and has something he needs to work through first." She goes back to explaining how she escaped from the aliens and ended up here sort of like how I did. I ask her what is this place and she says it is a planet called "Drywall". The aliens work for her nemesis, an evil witch. She seems to imply that I have met her before. I have another one of those vague memories of a blond witch. "But wait I'm friends with a blond witch. That isn't her is it?" I think. Juliana asks, "Don't you remember?" . I have a hard time telling what memories are real and what are false. "Wow my dream memory can be really shit sometimes huh." I say.

      We are entering the threshold of the large open dome. It may be some type of observatory. "Juliana, slow down real quick. Where do witches get their powers anyways?" She starts to explain but it goes a bit over my head and is hard to remember. I start to wake up and try to DEILD but fail.
      I wake up in my sister's house in Fresno although it isn't really layed out accurately. I get out of bed and the sun has come up but my brother in law is the only one awake. "Hey, It's been a while hasn't it?" he says. I wonder, how long has it been. It can't have been more than a couple months. I think this must be a FA so I do a nose plug but surprisingly no air gets through. That's weird. I go to the window and there is a large pumpkin bounce house. I do two more RCs and they both fail and I wake up for real at home.

      After waking up I felt a euphoric feeling both from the galantamine and from the fact that I completed a goal that has meant a lot to me since 2011. I had a barely perceptible jiteryness in my arms that comes with taking higher doses of galantamine. I also felt pretty wiped out from having such an intense dream and didn't feel capable of going back to sleep for more. I am definitely going to take 4mg next time so that my body can get used to it. I won't take galantamine more than once a week and reserve it for special occasions because it can build up in your system and mess up your sleep schedule. I have to say though it was very successful!
    3. My First DHL Mission

      by , 07-28-2016 at 05:14 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      08:45 AM
      Lapras, I choose you! (DILD)


      I am in Las Vegas with my girlfriend and some of her friends. We are all in the hotel bathtub together naked for some reason. I hide myself at the edge of the tub and face the wall. I wonder who's idea this was this. I'd like to take a look at their bodies but I am to nervous. I do get a peek of some sideboob. Afterwords, my girlfriend and I are alone and have sex. I become lucid and let her know it's a dream. I say I have some goals but we continue for a little bit first.

      I leave the hotel and explore. I find myself at the beach. I guess I guess I forgot I was in Las Vegas and now it's Las Angles. I remember that I never summoned my Lapras from it's pokeball and might as well do that now. I put my hand behind my back and tk pull the dive ball into my hand. It is a lot more dull than before. I throw that ball and it breaks opens with a red beam. Lapras appears but the dream freaze frames some how and gets all blurry.

      Once I restabelize there are a group of DCs around me. One gives me a shinier dive ball and says that is why I destabilized. I say, "Lapras, I choose you!" and throw the ball at the ground. It just breaks and I destabilize again. I restabilize by feeling one of the DCs shirts.

      After this I use the same technique as last time to try and teleport to my dream guide's staircase. It Actually works great but I keep waking up and DEILDing when I get to the top probably out of excitement. One the last try I go through the hatch but the room is way to small and looks different. There is a bed with a person in it. I run up and it is a redheaded woman but other than that she doesn't look like her. The dream freeze frames again and I wake up.

      10:45 AM
      My First DHL Mission (DILD)


      There are a few semi lucid bits at the start of the dream that I forgot but after I DEILD I become fully lucid.

      I am in a grocery store. I see a sexy brunette who looks sort of like Robb Stark's wife. She is there with her mom they are talking to another DC. I mind control the DCs to not notice as she and I fool around. Her mom somehow still gives me a very nasty look so we go to a different isle. I read the food labels and eat a bag of Limón chips to stabilize. I think I should get on with my goals. I need to find and remove a giant venomous snake that has been terrorizing DCs. My first DHL mission! I go up to two DCs and ask them if the have seen a giant snake causing problems? One says no. The other says, "You should go to a pet store. There are lots of snakes there." I say, "Those aren't the kind of snakes I'm looking for but thanks." I go up to the brunette and ask her if she has seen a snake. She says, "Yes! It was over there and about this big." She indicates about 8 inches with her hands. I point out that is way to small. "But it was really big!" she replies. I go outside to look for the snake.

      There is a convention going on, probably Comic Con. There are a lot of DCs. One guy keeps following me and trying to talk to me but I dismiss him. I have work to do. I am going down a hall to go outside to the otherside. Wait a second. I should ask that guy! He says he knows where the snake is and I to follow him. We go outside and through the parking lot. He runs while I fly above him. About a block down the street he points out a red thin sticking out of the gutter. I use TK to pull it out and it turns out that was then end of a giant red snake. It is about 20 feet long with a head the size of a football.

      I plop it down in the middle of the street. As long as I keep my distance this should be easy. I hold the head and neck of the snake down with TK and twist them in opposite directions. Clear blood shoots out along a line at the neck and the head rolls off. That was an easy 5 points. This head is still dangerous to DCs I think. I look at the guy and see that he is safely on the sidewalk. I realize I never disguised myself. I point my hand in the air and yell Tatsumonki. I look down and see the sleeves of a black coat. I feel my hair and it a weird curly bowl cut. "I looked this way the whole time. Right?" I ask the guy. He nods. "I am DHL hero Tatsumonki. Spread word of my power!"I summon a glass jar and make it larger. I tk the head into it and summon some formaldehyde into the jar as well. Once it covers the head I put the top back on and shrink it down really tiny. I put the jar in my pocket. Headquarters can use this to make an antidote for the venom!

      I go back to the convention to celebrate. The brunette girl is there with her friends and we look at the cosplayers together until I wake up.

      Next target: a mafia thief.

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    4. Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (TOTM)

      by , 07-08-2016 at 03:56 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Pokemon, Pants, and the Speed of Light (SSILD)


      Pokemon go came out last night! My roommate, girlfriend, and I walked around the college campus untill 11pm and found a lot of pokemon. I was really close to level 5 and was about to take over an unclaimed gym but then the servers went down and we had to go home. I had so much fun that I decided to give the pokemon TOTM a try.

      I had to get up early to move my car for the street sweeper and then stayed up a bit to read about updates about Pokemon Go. That made me WBTB. I did some SSILD and some quick mantras and tried to WILD.

      I don't remember if I succeeded at WILD or had a false awakening but I am in my living room and I am lucid. I had put my matress in the living room for the night because the air conditioning is better. I remember that I am trying to do the Advanced Task i which is to catch something with a Pokeball. I put my hand behind me and point it towards the door to my room. I pull with telekinesis on a pokeball that I imagine to be in my room. I feel a ball fly into my hand. I pull it forward and look at it. It look much cooler than I expected. It's so polished that it's reflective. I remember to telegrab another just in-case I miss. Now all I need is something to catch. I fly out though the window. I don't bother opening it. I just phase through. I fly down the street and find a woman walking her child in a stroller. I throw the pokeball at them but it goes to short. I throw the other and it goes to far. I keep telegrabing them and trying again. "This is to realistic to pokemon go", I think so I use telekinesis to push it into the woman. It makes a dink noise and doesn't work. I really should catch a pokemon and not a person I think as I start to wake up.

      I DEILD and end up back in my living room. My girlfriend is there and talking to my roommate. I do a nose plug and confirm I am still dreaming. I look ou the window and see Shadow the Hedghog in the apartment complex? Wait, no, thats a Zoroark, an actual pokemon! I am summon a pokeball and fly out the window but wake up. Another false awakening. My gf is stil there. I just try the pokeball on her. No luck. I see my dog and think to try it on her too. Wait, don't they have to be weakened first? I consider beating up my dog until I realize how crazy that is. I take another look at my pokeball. For some reason I think to run it under the sink. It turns into a blue dive ball. If I see a water pokemon I will use this one. I fly out the window and explore. I hear some rumbling in a bush and find a Lapras. Cool that's a pretty strong one for my first wild pokemon. I throw the dive ball and it breaks open and sucks in the Lapras just in time before I have another false awakening.

      It is very dark now. The tv is on with netflix still playing. I am trying and find the remote to turn it off when a middle aged man comes in through the front door. He looks confused as to why I am sleeping in here. He asks if we have met. Oh yeah, this is my roommate's dad, I have met him once. I haven't. I don't even know what he looks like. I find the remote and mess with it until I remember turning it off last night. I do a RC and become lucid again. I might as well do the basic task. I pull down my roommate's dad's pants and underwear. I fly out the window before catching his reaction. I need that to complete the task so I look through the window. He stands there blankly and then says something I can't hear. Probably "damn it." I fly back inside and find my gf is still there. I pants her too and we have some fun for a little while.

      I have another FA or two. They are very realistic. It is still dark and I am with my dad and sister now. There is a bright green shooting star and some other strange lights. Suddenly, the moon flys over the horizon. I do a RC and become lucid again. I decide to try the task that I suggested which is to fly faster than the speed of light and investigate where the moon went. I fly into the sky. I remember in my last lucid I covered the center of my vision. It is easier to see how fast I am going in my peripheral vision. I fly as fast as I can and all the stars at my peripheral vision streaks for a second like in star wars. I stop and turn around. I am outside the entire galaxy. I feel like I am really big now and can easily fly back. I go back to where I think our sun is. I find the earth but it looks super tiny. I look for the moon but start to wake up. I decide against DEILD because the dream is getting so long I can hardly remember the begging. As soon as I wake up I remember that I was suppose to summon the pokemon so it doesn't count but I still completed a basci and an advanced task!

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    5. Bonus Task Of The Month June 2016

      by , 06-15-2016 at 02:15 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I had 3 dreams in a row that were one continuing story even after I did WBTB and tried SSILD. I don't want to share that one because it became a bit personal. I think that is why it was persistant, because I was invested in the characters and that world. All I'm going to say is that I think the DCs in my dreamworld think I have a memory disorder or something. Every time I become semi-lucid I seem to forget the dream world and remember the waking world which they see as dillusions. When I loose lucidity I forget about the waking world and often other parts of the dream world.

      The Washing Machine(DILD)


      I am running through traffic after someone. I see them take an exit and jump up to climb over the wall of the freeway. As I am hanging I think I should just fly after them. This makes me lucid "Stop, I'm dreaming you need to let them go.", I think. It's actually pretty difficult to move on with the previous dreams but I know its for the best. I sit myself down ontop of the wall "I have tasks to do." Everything starts to turn black. I throw myself off the wall and faceplant on the pavement. The tactile feeling of the ground brings stability back and when I open my eyes I am still on the freeway.

      I think that the advanced task of erasing something might be quicker than the bonus task. That way I can move on to other goals. I tried covering something with my hand and imagining it gone when I removed it. I tried that a couple times without luck. I need to train my dream control soon. I then remebered I saw a few washing machines on the side of the road. I flew over to them and found the largest one that had the opening onthe side. I gave myself a running start and dived in. Nothing really happened but when I got out I was in a tropical rainforest. I saw a stegosaurus and flew up into the canopy to get away from it. Who knows what dinosaurs are out there. In the tree there was a giant spiderweb with a bug stuck in it. I realized there must be a giant spider and flew away just in time as the spider devowered the spider. There were also socks stuck in the spider web.

      I flew to another tree and saw a neanderthal looking creature following me. I talked to him and he could talk too! He took me to his family. He had a wife, two kids and elderly parrents. They invited me to dinner of meat stew, and a bowl of heart shapped cake pops. Weird but the cake pops were delicious so I didn't question it.

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    6. Two Goals In One Morning! (TOTM)

      by , 06-10-2016 at 09:15 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Because I havn't had many lucid dreams in a long time I decided to keep my first goal simple. Something that could help me get the rust off my dream skills. I decided my goal would be to do 10 reality checks in one dream. If could remember to do 10 then I'm sure later on I will be able to remember 2. Plus I had to do some research to even find 10 different reality checks. My goal did not require that they be successful reality checks, just that I test them out so I included some that I know don't work very well.

      10 RCs In One Dream(DILD)


      My mom drops me off at home and says to go take the dog out. I go to the back yard through the side gate and realize it is not my backyard. It looks like the back yard from the rugrats more than my own. Something feels a little off about my body. Gravity RC! (1) I say to my self, "Calm down. I'm dreaming." I remember my goal and that I need to do 9 more reality checks. In my lucid the night before last I only got 5 out of 10 before waking up so I shouldn't take my time. 10 RCs actualyly is a lot. I plug my nose and try and breath. Supprisingly nothing happens for a second. Hmm am I actually awake? Finally a bit of air comes through. (2) I look at my hand. Yep, 7 fingers. (3) I notice a trash can and remember someone on the forms changing the colors of things as an RC. I look away and look back, imagining the can as blue. Nope, still black. (4) I see some letters on the side. When I look away and look back they are numbers. (5) I try and do telekinesis on the can. No luck. Hmm, it has been a while since I practiced but I used to be so good at TK. I do TK on a pebble instead. It doesn't budge. I put a bit more effort into it and it flies into my hand. There we go. (6). I look around but I'm alone in the backyard. I hear some of the neighbors though and yell at them, "Am I dreaming?" "Nope." One of them says. Hmm, it worked yesterday. Oh well I already knew it wasn't a reliable RC. (7) I look at my hand again and pinch the skin between my fingers. Ouch. See holywood, that doesn't work. (8) I try and phase my finger through my hand. It doesn't work but I am starting to feel unstable and decide not to wait for it to work. (9) The other day I had an idea for a new RC. One where you focus on something close and then something far and observe the effects of depth of field. I have never noticed it in a dream before so I wondered if it works at all. I held up my finger and focused my eyes on it. I then focused my eyes on the tree behind it. The finger blured out and the tree came into focus just as expected. Hmm I guess it does work in dreams. For a second everything went blury and then everything came back in focus. I guess it does have some glitches though. My vision was sort of ultra wide after that until I woke up a few moments later.

      I wrote that down in my dream journal and realized I still had plenty of morning left to try the Task Of The Month. I decided to focus on the "pull something out of your butt" basic task and the "jump into a washing machine." bonus task. I tried WILD but fell asleep pretty quickly and lost consciousness.

      Butt Stuff(DILD)


      I go back to my Karate dojo. It has been about the same amount of time that I went there as my break from Dreamviews. I say hi to everyone and ask if I can train while I am in town for the weekend. The head sensei is very bitter and rude to me. Very very not like him. I feel hurt so I leave. The dream skips forward. I am at some sort of concert or awards show in the front row with my new roommate. The producer is near us. She looks very similar to my mom which I think is strange. Suddenly, two guys who look like stereotypical rappers jump on stage and grab the mike. They say they are taking over this even and start rapping. No one knows who they are and boos at their sucky rapping. They get mad and say some sort of anti white manifesto. I get a bit scared because my friend and I are the whitest dudes in the front row. The two rappers pull out guns and at the climax of their speach shoot me. Right in the balls, I might add. "Why the balls?" I think as I fall back in my chair. I am surrounded by the cround and hear more gunshots and screams. Wait, my balls feel fine. I must be dreaming!

      I consider my plan of attack and then fly up in the air. I point at the one who shot me and say, "You fucked with the wrong white dude." I fly at him, cary him into the air, punch him a bit and then drop him from high up. The other one starts shooting at me to no effect. I fly after him and he runs. He trips and I pick up his gun and beat him with the handle of it. I start to wake up but DEILD back into the dream. I am in a different place, some sort of hallway between small buidlings. The two rappers are there but they seem harmless. I notice a cute girl and consider letting my primal urges take over but no, I have to finish my task first! I reach into my pants and feel around back there. Nothing unusual to report. I try willing something to be there but based on my previous lucid my control isn't quite as strong as it used to be. Instead of waiting I stick my finger up there. Yep, feels pretty much like I would expect. Gross. I look at my hand and notice a bit of a skid mark. I don't think that counts so I wip it off on something and contemplate what to try next. I remember an idea I had before bed. It should be pretty easy to summon a string hanging out of my butt to make it easy to pull something out. I try that and find a string. I pull but it ends up being a butt hair. OUCH! Maybe I can have this girl help me find something. I ask her to come over and look around for me. I get a little, um, distracted. I remember what my actual task is and get frustrated. She seems to disappear as well. You know what, I'm going to complete this task one way or another. I find a Sharpy on the ground and put it up my butt. That's right, a Sharpy... from the ground... Once I get it up to the cap I pull it out. I did it! I completed my first task of the month in years! To celebrate, I summon two more girls and have some fun.

      After a false awakening I tried to find a washing machine to do the bonus task but after another false awakening and a real awakening I decided to work on that tomorrow.

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    7. Guitar Task Of The Month

      by , 07-07-2011 at 08:42 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Guitar Task Of The Month (DILD)


      After a good long WBTB I attempted WILD and didn't do to bad but still lost consciousness right before I fell asleep.

      I woke up and believed that I had failed my WILD attempt. I wondered if I should try again. For some reason I got up and walked out of my room. I realized that that was illogical so I did a reality check and became lucid. I was in the hallway so I walked into the family room. My mom and sister were watching the TV. I thought about how I should spend the dream. I saw the mirror and was tempted to walk through it in an attempt to teleport to my dream guides tower. I decided it would be better if I tried making an energy portal again so I can master teleportation once and for all. Then I remembered the basic task of the month which is to play a musical instrument. I planned on playing my electric guitar. I thought I should do that first because it was a task that I know I could complete.

      I walked back down the hallway toward my room. I was amazed at how much it felt real even if the visuals weren't especially vivid. I could have sworn I was awake before I did a RC. I went into my room and picked up my guitar. It wasn't plugged in but I didn't really need the amp to complete the task. I played the Song of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One of the notes sounded wrong even though I played it right so I replayed it and it sounded great. Now that I had completed the task I thought I might have some more fun so I plugged in my amp and turned on distortion. I was curious if I could make the notes sound like what ever I wanted them to no mater were I pressed. I hit random frets and imagined a song as I went but it still sounded random. I grew bored and wanted to try teleportation again so I put the guitar down.

      I didn't feel like going to the family room so I stayed in my room which has much less open space. First thing I needed to do was to accumulate the energy to make the portal out of. I held out my hands in front of me and imagined energy flowing through my body, out of my hands and into the space between my hands. I didn't see and aura like I did last time. I kept trying and I noticed that my hands were gradually getting fuzzy. The whole dream seemed to be going out of focus. I was to interested in watching the dream get all fuzzy and forgot to rub my hands before it was to late.

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    8. May 2011 Task of the Month

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:23 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have been posting all my dreams in the shared dreaming student work book for months but now that they deleted it I have to go back to posting my dreams here. I actualy really got acustome to posting them there. Anyways here is my dream from thursday in which I completed the basic task of the month. I should have posted it sooner but I was lazy.

      May 2011 Task of the Month (DILD)


      I was lucid in my room. Maby from a FA but I rarely remember the begining of FA lucids anymore. I thought about taking my bo staff with me this time but changed my mind. I walked down the hallway and thought maby I should find my dream guide or do the task of the month. I should do the task of the month, its easy and I can get it done early. I walked past the mirror and into my family room. I picked up an orange off of the kitchen counter and layed it in the palm of my hand. I concentrated on making it levitate with telekinesis/psychokinesis. It lifted up in the air easier than ever. I floated it around the room and then went outside.

      I was supprised to see AndresLD there. I should have tried to confirm a shared dream but instead I told him I just did the basic task of the month. He didn't seem amused so I threw the orange at his head. I then pulled it back to my hand with my mind. I thought that was cool and kept doing it like it was a yo yo. Andres got annoyed at me. I thought it might be fun to have a dream battle with him so I asked him if he wanted to fight.
      (I think I forgot this part for a second. I remember a fragment of sword fighting but don't remember if it was in this dream. Andres would have trasformed into his Fierce Diety Link form and I would have summoned my master sword.) I remembered that I still needed to do the advanced task and looked up at the moon. (which was in the rong side of the sky like it always is in my dreams.) I told Andres I needed to do that first. I wondered what would happen if I crashed the moon into the earth while I was still standing on it. Before I could try to do it with psychokinesis Andres explaimed that it was easy and lifted up his hands toward the sky. I looked up at the moon and it grew in the sky alarmingly fast! I shouted out for him to stop but before I could the moon went down below the horizon. I expected to feel something like an earthquake and the earth to explode but nothing happened. I wondered why that happened and realized now I wouldnt be able to do the advanced task that night. I yelled at Andres and he flew off. I tried to hold him back with telekinesis/psychokinesis. It held him still for a second but he broke free and flew away. I wondered what I should do now. I flew up into the sky and thought about flying into space but thought there wasn't much of a point without the moon. I suddenly destablized and woke up from my mom coming into my room. I still had an hour left before I had to get up so I went back to sleep hoping for another lucid.

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    9. Riding Zamor the Unicorn

      by , 08-07-2010 at 08:46 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Riding Zamor the Unicorn (DEILD)


      Edit: I guess I never uploaded the other dream where I met a crazy unicorn named Zamor. The task of the month was to ride a unicorn which is why I wanted to find him again. He had transformed into a stuffed animal at the end of the dream.

      I was in a dream where I was in a cave. The cave then spill up to the left and right and to the front. There was a red piece of slime that was pulling itself around to my right. There was a door in front that was locked with chains and a series of chambers to my left. Oh this is a Zelda dungeon. I need to be lucid and ride Zamor. I destabilized to black but pulled my ego point into an image of my kitchen. I saw my sister and four of her friends waling into the kitchen. I waited for it to stabilize visually a bit before I was in a body and the rubbed my hands and knees. My sister and her friends had a pizza on the counter so I picked up a slice and ate it to cover the taste sense. I picked up a bowl of butter and smelled it and everything was stable. Wow this dream channing is getting so easy now I can completely go back into a dream in like 20 seconds. I really needed to go to the bathroom so I was like darn I knew I should have gone earlier. I woke up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed. It was 8:00 so I had 2 or three hours before I had to get up.

      I went back to bed and the next thing I remember was placing in the top 5 for a contest where you have to make a tank with Lego mindstorm. BTW I am a Lego fanatic. We get the chance to make a Lego stop motion animation sponsored by Lego so they supply every thing we need and the 5 winners work together to make it. It has to be a star wars themed video. I am talking about what we should do with one of the other winners and the setting changes and I am in my sisters room. I became fully lucid again and looked at my sisters night stand to see if the stuffed animal version of Zamor is where I left it. Its not so I asked my sister where the stuffed animal unicorn I put in her room was. She said it was downstairs in the hallway closet. I went down stairs but as sone as I got to the closet I woke up.

      False awakening but I didn't realize it at the time. The clock said 12:20. I can't believe I slept so late! I went back to bed anyways determined to do the task of the month.

      I reentered the dream and was in the room where I was suppose to figure out how to do the Lego video. The same pizza that was in the dream earlier was now on the table. I ate some and tried to stabilize but tried to refocus so I was in my house again. The setting changed and I was in my sisters room. Man all I gota do is go to the closet but its so hard with me waking up every couple minuets. I went to the closet down stairs but as sone as I got there I woke up.

      Grah this is probably a false awakening. I picked some pizza up off of my night stand and ate some, this time just because it tastes good. Ya this is a FA I don't even know why this pizza keeps poping up in my dream but it s really good, especially for a thin crust pizza. I went to the hallway and opened it and the stuffed unicorn was no where to be found! I looked down the hall and saw an identical cabinet that shouldn't be there IWL. Oh the other cabinet. I opened it and Zamor the unicorn was there in stuffed animal form. I picked him up and rushed to my family room where there would be room for him. Placed him down and said, "Zamor, transform!" He expanded into a real unicorn now but wait, this time he was slightly pink and his black horn was only two inches long. When I met Zamor he had white fur, a rainbow colored main and a long kick ass looking black horn. He started to throw up which was sort of weird but funny. I started to wake up and knew I didn't have much time. I jumped on and made him take a step forward.
      A second later I was awake.

      Wow, that was sort of disappointing. I don't even think that was Zamor. Atleast I did the advanced task. I need to work on extending my lucids themselves because dream chaining is great but it sort of causes my dreams to be weird.

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    10. Quest for my dream guide part 1 (7/4/2010)

      by , 07-18-2010 at 08:00 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      July 4,2010
      Quest for my dream guide part 1 (DEILD)


      I had a dream I think it was about peter pan or something and I became tired in the dream so I layed down and closed my eyes and was half way awake when I realized It was a dream. I decided I didn't want to wake up so I used DEILD for the first time to go back into the dream. It was very unstable and wasn't finished filling out. It's like in a video game when the draw range is set to low. I was still laying in the grass so I stood up and stabilized myself but the dream itself was still being slowly created it was pretty cool. I looked at a table that had formed and it was completely covered in random items. Trees started to form and it reminded me again of peter pan. I yelled out "When I turn around my dream guide will be standing behind me." I turned around and there was no one there. Instead there was a purple portal about a foot in diameter floating by a tree. I ran and dived head first into the portal and go through some kind worm whole. I could see geometric patterns making up the walls of it. I wake up for a second and again use DEILD to return to the dream but with much less lucidity

      I can't remember exactly what happened in the next half hour or so but I do know I used DEILD again at least twice. The next thing I remember I was in lucid again

      Me and my family were walking down a street and I look around for a lead. I saw a man in wearing a weird poofy coat, a fedora, and a Celtic circular shield. I went up to him, letting my family continue on without me, and asked him where he got his clothes from. He told me from the jedi temple. I asked where the jedi temple is and he said he can't tell me. I decided to cut to the chase. I asked him where my dream guide is and he said he can't tell me and that it won't be that easy to find my dream guide. I suddenly got a rush of pictures of people like I'm reading his mind. One picture stuck out. a picture of a red headed girl that only shows one eye and her hair. I grabbed him and was about to punch him and interrogate him but I stooped because hes a good guy. I continued on and pulled out my cell phone and my contacts where all scrambled up. I picked one and called it but it was my sister instead. I told her I got the wrong number and thought to check my compute instead. At least I finished the easy task of the month. Before I could I woke up.
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