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    1. Low Security Prison

      by , 06-07-2011 at 05:37 AM
      I have from time to time had prison dreams. Although not in a long time and seldom recorded.

      I was sitting on the toilet in a dingy bathroom watching a picture tube TV. As I began to notice my surroundings. I realized I was in a men's bathroom that was packed with rugged men who looked down on their luck.

      As a group walked out, one man squeezed my hand in a suggestive way. I retracted my hand quickly. I took a look at the gray jumpsuits and realized with a certain level of fear: I was in prison and I was one of the smallest friendliest faces around.

      I made my voice extra deep and tried to make dull and ignorant sounding statements. I left the bathroom with lurching gate. I entered a community area and there was my best friend Joe, his other best friend, my GF, and a few other people.

      I wondered what we all had done. I took my GF aside into a storage like room with a connecting walk way over an enclosed courtyard. I had the impression she was merely a visitor. I asked her:

      "How did I end up in prison? I don't remember even going to a trial."

      She told me my name was on an arrest list. I started looking around trying to take in the predicament and how I would need to act to survive. It crossed my mind I was arrested due to a case of mistaken identity. I looked past the courtyard where I saw a 20ft barbed wire fence and police cars on the other side.

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    2. Nightmare: Spooky Cat

      by , 04-20-2011 at 07:21 AM
      I was standing in front of my house at night with my GF. We started to cross the street and I looked up the hill to see if a car was coming. Sure enough, I saw bright light coming over the hill fast. I put out my arm to block her and we stepped back onto the curb.

      A white van with writing on it came speeding over the hill fast. I tried to read what it said on the side, but it was too dark and the van was moving too fast. It looked to be cursive writing and a phone number in large black lettering. We watched the van speed down my hill, I was pissed, the hill went back up again at the end (contrary to real life) and it made a right turn (heading towards the garden dog street).

      From around that same corner came a black cat with a white chest and faintly glimmering green eyes. It ran to our side of the street and made a b-line towards us. I started to walk back to my porch guiding my girlfriend behind me. I tried to startle the mischievous looking cat away, it was not even slightly intimidated. It sped up. We started to make a break for my front door and the cat shot directly at us putting its body between us and the front door.

      As it reached the point of blocking our way in, it shot into the air as if levitating up and past the roof. Directly in front of my face.
      --I was started awake heart racing. I frantically looked around the room for signs of trouble or weirdness. Zip. I went back to sleep.

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    3. Unpleasant: Dream Fragments

      by , 03-29-2011 at 07:49 AM
      These are recent dream fragments from the past week. Each of them was very vivid.

      #1: I was staring at my kitchen counter. Several boxes were stacked on top of each other of different food products. I believe cake batter was one of them. On top of that was a giant ant with its legs spread out in all directions like a spider but the head and pincers were pointing straight up. (This was extremely vivid and startled me awake grossed out.)

      #2: I noticed a hole in my living room floor. A table was leaking dust or crumbs into the hole which was about the size of a penny. I was looking at the hole for termites. The floor vanished and I was able to see under my house. I saw webs, and gray looking burrows. It was pretty nasty.

      Then, I noticed a python curling around. It noticed me too. I stepped to the side to get out of its range of attack which (strangely) placed me in my backyard about 20ft away from the living room. The very realistic snake started to come towards me. I sprayed it with Raid directly in the face, nose, and mouth. It barely seemed phased. I felt it was about to strike me at any moment and that it was unsafe to pass this area.

      #3: My GF and I were arguing. She ran away from me and cut across a Tennis court at night... Later in the dream we were talking in my cellar (where the snake was in the dream above). There was a latter and a trapdoor that led up to the living room. (This trapdoor doesn't exist in real life, but this modification is similar to the Olden Attic dream. This is not a location I spend time or think about. It's cramped, dusty, and basically a storage area.)

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    4. Dreamland: Olden Attic

      by , 03-19-2011 at 10:36 PM
      My house was a combination of my present home, my childhood home, and my Grandparents Victorian home. My GF was with me, and I got the impression other people were around the house but early in the dream I didn't see them. The visuals were vibrant and realistic.

      I asked my GF to wait for me in the attic for some reason. She had just taken a shower and agreed happily. I went into the bathroom after she got out, and I could hear her moving around the floor above me. (Hearing people through walls is a dream sign: Dream 005 & Blackbird Flying) I went down stairs, which led to a weird mix of my Grandparents Victorian and my childhood home. My Mom was down there in a ground level green sitting room. It had a small curtained window with blue dusk light spilling out around the edges of the curtain. She was day dreaming or deeply in thought. We had small talk for a while.

      I decided not to keep my GF waiting any longer, I entered my middle bedroom which actually exists in my present house. Inside the closet, there was an extremely old looking pull down latter. I climbed up the latter about 10ft into a small square attic with four shelves. On the shelves were lots of stuffed animals and books. I felt confused. I saw no where else to go. (Recall gets hazy.) From behind me someplace came a woman I took to be one of my cousins, but, never got a clear look at her and didn't recognize her. She pointed out a black and white brochure that recorded the history of one of my ancestors who's books were stored in this attic. There were many unusual sounding books (none of which I recall the exact name of). I remember thinking, a few of these books I would like to "check out" of this library. (Recall gets hazy.)

      After looking at the brochure, the space in the attic had opened up.
      There was a series of rooms situated on the beams in the attic precariously. None had walls, some "rooms" required a leap over weak "fall through" points between beams. There was a group of family members up there with me by this point. None who I recognized or recall clearly. I was fascinated by the familiar location , and the dangerous areas of the attic. (Recall gets hazy.) I looked out an attic window and the view was consistent with a view from the roof of my Grandparents Victorian home (which does have an attic). *I saw two brown hawks flying away. One of them was wearing a strange pendant. I was worried how I "lost" my girlfriend. I was still watching the Hawks fly away from an old looking house about attic height. I heard a voice attempting to reassure me:

      "Do not worry about her. Many of your family members were abducted from this attic, and returned." -I woke up.

      The attic dream location is olden. There is no accessible attic space in my present home, or any home I have lived in.

      I'm extremely happy to have logged current dreams that are consistent in ways with my dreams from over 10-years ago. I was wondering if a lot of our old dream themes get retired. Some of my dreams from the late 90's clearly featured elements from early childhood, but my recent dreams didn't seem too. The other problem was, when I did get the sense I had dreamed of an older theme, for some reason those dreams were more difficult to remember. I would recall only a vague impression of a distorted home.

      Likewise, part of my goals for mapping dreamland included using my home as a gateway to old dream locations and repressed dream memories. In 11-months of efforts, this dream is the first with vivid recollection of childhood dream archetypes. Although I've had dream fragments of secret passages and elevators leading to weird but familiar dream locations.

      (*) Birds flying is becoming a nightly dream sign. It's resulted in levels of lucidity in repeated dreams.

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    5. Nightmare: Extremely Realistic Alternate Life

      by , 03-04-2011 at 11:45 PM
      The following dream I had on 5-hours sleep. This would have been my 3rd REM cycle which means this dream may have been over 45-minutes long. It was extremely, extremely, realistic. To the point that when I woke up I felt I had not been home in days or weeks. The visual quality, in complete honesty, was more vivid than real life. I say this because in real life our eyelashes block our view and veins in our eyes can make some lighting conditions slightly blurry. I have 10/20 vision so this was not a product of wearing or needing glasses or contacts.

      I woke up. My long time friend Lynn was massaging my right hand as I did. She didn't look completely sober and she seemed very bleary and passionate about giving me this hand massage. I felt uneasy, because I have a jealous girlfriend and I was wondering how I let myself alone with Lynn in a room.

      Sitting in the room on a chair a few feet from my bed was an earthy/hippy looking guy in his mid 20's with rusty blond hair and beard. Lynn was saying something to me about working my energies or something. She eventually got off my bed and headed out the door. The guy sitting there laughingly told me about how Lynn had pulled a similar stunt and acted really weird to someone else recently in attempt to practice her Chinese medicine.

      I did not recognize the room I was in. It was beige, metallic, somewhat cramped and had no windows. I felt confused as to where I was or how I got there. The guy started making small talk (which I don't recall and) I wasn't paying much attention, as I had a sinking feeling I was some how terribly lost.

      The guy suggested I go into the living room with him, so I got out of bed and followed him. The living room looked shabby and unimpressive. We sat down on a brownish colored sofa and continued to talk as I desperately tried to orient myself. Soon afterward, one by one, all my "roommates" came home. There must have been at least ten other people I appeared to be living with. I didn't know who any of them were, but they all seemed very familiar with me.

      They all sat around talking to each other about various things. (This part of the dream could have easily lasted 10-minutes by itself.) I sort of made excuses for myself for not knowing what the hell was going on. I just woke up. I didn't feel too hot. But eventually admitted, "I have no idea who any of you are!" They laughed it off, and implied I had done too many drugs or something the night before. I started to become terrified of the possibility I had a massive case of amnesia. I hid it, but inside the fear was swelling up strongly.

      Then, Sabrina, a girl I haven't seen in many, many years walked in with a big smile. She looked thinner and healthy and I stood up to greet her. I somewhat shouted for joy. "Sabrina! Now you I know!" Everyone laughed. At this point I said "Now I don't know if I'm dreaming or not." I was so relieved to see another person I knew, the fear level dropped and I could pretend to fit in a little. (This part of the dream could have lasted another 10-minutes.)

      Eventually my girlfriend walked in and it looked like she had just got off work. She looked sweet and very calm like she had a good day. When I saw her I felt desperate to take her aside and confide in her how lost and uncertain I felt. She told me "Lets go up to our apartment." I felt relieved, because I thought we all lived in that small unit together and I couldn't understand why I would ever choose to live that way.

      We walked into the halls which were also metallic and had dark worn-out atmosphere difficult to put into words. The place looked futuristic but extremely old like something from the movie Bladerunner. I followed my girlfriend up flights of stairs like a lost puppy. She remained calm and not alarmed. On the way up the stairs I asked her "Can we go back to my home? I just want to know that it's still real." She laughed it off and we walked to our apartment door.

      At this point I turned around and saw a crazed looking man was following closely behind me. I opened our door, which sealed like the door of a submarine and had a bright red glowing light above the thick black metallic peep hole. I seemed to know how to open it perfectly well and I shoved her in the door, followed, then double locked ourselves in. Checking the locks from inside, they seemed loose.

      Our door entered close to the kitchen. The place looked even darker, more cramped, and less inviting than the first apartment. I was starting to become very, very, uncomfortable again. Our apartment was divided into three floors. The basement level I never went to, but it was nearly pitch black save for a few red LED's on the walls. I followed her upstairs to our bedroom area. There laying on a chair was a very pale girl with shorts on sitting on a chair half dazed.

      I was alarmed, but my GF explained that was only our roommate. I told her I couldn't take this place any more and asked if we could go for a walk outside. She agreed, and we left through a side door and went outside where there was only an empty parking lot, and gray looking forest. We walked into the forest and I started to feel dizzy. (The dream started to destabilize.) Horror struck again...

      I put my arm around her for balance and asked "Am I mentally retarded now? Did I have some sort of accident?" She only just slightly smiled and looked at me. --Then I woke up.

      I want to emphasize, when I woke up I felt I hadn't seen my bedroom in at least 2-3 days. I felt like a stranger to my own life, and I noticed that my real room was not as visually intense as my dream room.

      This dream falls into a common category of my dreams: Bizarre Apartment
    6. Salamander and the Scorpion

      by , 02-07-2011 at 04:48 AM
      I was starring at my wall from my bed. I noticed a spider web (checking there is a similar web in this corner) with a red Newt trapped in it. (I saw two recently while on a walk.) My girlfriend emerged from the bathroom and I pointed it out.

      We both sat there starring at it a moment and my focus widened to reveal that now we were starring at my paneled ceiling. One of the panels was removed and a larger nasty looking network of spider webs was there. At this point, the two of us fell backwards onto the bed to match the depth and location of the visual.

      A large scorpion emerged from the darkness along the webs to devour the Salamander.

      This seems like another throw away dream, but here again is the new transition element I used to enter a TV scene in my last recorded dream.