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      I just read the post of your past lifes, I'm amazed by how many lifes you've had!
      I wish one day I could recall my past, or maybe I'm a new soul, who knows
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      Here is a thread I opened to talk with a very brave and open dv member.

      Because Im talking specifically to someone on dv
      this thread sounds a bit odd
      But Im answeing this persons question.

      The first post is answering one of your 2 questions


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      Dude I find it very amazing that you could remember your past lifes! Could you elaborate on them a little bit more, like what species were you and where did you live? Did you have any other life outside of earth?

      So in conclusion, do you believe your experiment ended up in my dream, that's why I saw the phoenix?
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      OMG Muskee

      Look at the first two words of this old post.

      Posted the 5 or 6th of January this year (2018)
      on California Dreaming Facebook page. I typed "Fuck it" because I was so o o shocked.


      (Post began)

      Fuck it I cant help myself

      Here is what I put in the drive box yesterday.

      I will put something else in the box in 9 hours when I reveal target 37.

      I'll label that target, Target 39

      Here is what I put in the box yearerday (a day too early ��)

      Target 38 "Dragon and the Phoenix"





      Description (Muskee poke this and watch the Youtube about the dragon and Phoenix)




      Lyrics for

      Shenanigan - The Dragon and the Phoenix

      In the deep heart of the forest
      Lies a dragon made of stone
      Sleeps enchanted in the shadows
      By the water dreams alone

      As the moonrise lights the water
      She comes dancing in the wind
      Weaving spells wrapped in starlight
      Dark eyed lady softly sings

      Burning water, melting stone
      Dragon soul, ash and bone
      Flaming wind, heart of fire
      Only you, my desire

      Moon pale hands caress the stone
      Whirling golden eyes aglow
      Sunless fire, wet scale and bone
      Copper wings unfurling slow

      Mortal days are swiftly passing
      In such unseemly haste
      And I would know where mine have gone
      A dragon's love let me taste

      Burning water, melting stone
      Dragon soul, ash and bone
      Flaming wind, heart of fire
      Only you, my desire

      Hair of fire, twisting turning
      So she drowns in dragon burning
      Ashes in the wind are stirring
      White bird rises singing

      And once a thousand thousand years
      A dragon wakes and then
      A woman burns to ashes
      And the phoenix flies again

      Burning water, melting stone
      Dragon soul, ash and bone
      Flaming wind, heart of fire
      Only you, my desire

      Burning water, melting stone
      Dragon soul, ash and bone
      Flaming wind, heart of fire
      Only you, my desire

      Mortal Daze album

      Rating: 4.44 (16 votes)

      California Dreaming Facebook page members

      The above was posted on Dream Enthusiasts Facebook page

      Because Bonnie dreamt that her husband died

      I found this email upon waking that was recieved 6 hours ago. I posted it under Bonnie's synchronistic dream on Dream Enthusiasts Facebook page. It was then 6 hours old

      I woke to find this email

      Dear Haden Community,

      We received some very devastating news last night.

      Sadly both Jeremy Taylor and his beloved wife, Kathy, have passed from this world within days of one another.⚘

      Kathy, who had been hospitalized, died New Year’s Day, and Jeremy was found at home yesterday by their daughter, Tristy.⚘

      Apparently, Jeremy died of a heart attack in his sleep.⚘

      We received notice of this from their only child, Tristy, last night.

      She asked for help informing you - the dream work community, who loves Jeremy so much and benefits from his work immensely.

      She also expressed that she is overwhelmed and will need some time before she can handle phone calls and other communications. I am certain that we will receive updates from Tristy over the next few days.

      We will send these out as we receive them.

      Please offer prayer, send loving thoughts, offer your dreams in support of Tristy and the vast number of people who are impacted by this great loss.


      I am truly sad that we have lost Jeremy.⚘

      He is irreplaceable.

      He is the person who popularized the projective dreamwork method that has been the foundation for the work we do at Haden.

      The last two years he had chosen to teach at Haden via video conferencing in order to stay home with Kathy whose condition required his attention.

      His brilliant insights and irascible style came through even on the screen.

      Hundreds in our community have benefited from his insights.

      His contributions to this field will be felt for years to come and will continue to bring healing and wholeness to us and to the world.

      Let’s hold one another in love as we walk through this time of grief and loss.

      For the gift of his life and his immense dedication to his passion, we are eternally grateful.

      Grace and Peace,




      Usually I wait till I post the target in the drve box before taking a picture of the next target


      I look the photo and uploaded it to Flickre on "private" yesterday. This target now blows me away. It will be revealed in

      4 days.

      (End of post)
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      First muskee

      During the

      Task of the Month for August 2015

      I had a dream ... see post 38
      Of this thread




      After that dream I began remembering
      All my past lives
      All my future lives.

      I know, weird, right.

      And concerning

      "A fucking phoenix"

      A Great Dream Researcher, died
      His beloved wife died a week later.
      My Facebook feed EXPLODED with shock and grief
      Because I got lots of Dream Community Facebook Friend's

      But what blew me away is
      I had put the next
      Dream Remote Viewing Experiment target in the Box
      A day early, photographed it and loaded it to Flicker.

      It was my 2014 crystal necklace of a dragon and Phoenix.

      "Our Dreaming Mind"

      Knew a great man of dreams had died and communicated that to me in a dream to get me to put it in-the-box as the next dream target. More to come in next comment box bellow
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      I must say the woman you said you have never seen, you have seen her sometime in your life period. You cannot dream of strangers, anybody in your dreams are people that you've seen. Even if you just seen them walking down the street, it's someone you've seen some point & time I your life.
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      Creation of a Jurassic Park lol
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      I read Hayley "fucking" Williams and i got excited