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    1. Padlock Stolen, and Blonde Female at the Mall

      by , 12-28-2012 at 07:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Padlock Stolen (Non-lucid)


      I'm holding on a gray Padlock, and someone to the left of me is doing something with me. I think it's unlocking something, but I just can't recall anything more than that.

      There's a random male wearing a white vest, dark pants, and has a Zoro like mustache. He's hispanic, has a drooped eyebrow structure, and he just comes out of nowhere and gets behind the person I'm waiting for.

      For some reason, I give the guy the Padlock, and he's like,

      "Oh, guess I'm going to steal it."

      I get pissed, I go after him by grabbing his left shoulder and tried to make him give me back the padlock. He's actually making a decent resistance for a dream character, and while I prepare to make another move by getting a weapon out, he gets a knife out as well.

      I tell the person behind me to help me out here, but I can't recall what happens next.


      Blonde female and the Mall (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much other than being with a blonde female and doing something with her in a mall or a building.

    2. Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion??, Okay father....., Ping Pong Balls, Adult stuff on Zune...

      by , 03-30-2012 at 01:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero or Blade Home Invasion?? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Oneironaut zero or Blade Home Invasion?

      The person looked a lot like O, but it could've just been my mind associating something related to him, Blade, or even Morpheus.

      Before this dream, I was listening to the Cowboy Bebop Ending Song. It's been so long since I've listened to it, it really makes me depressed, but the music (especially the full version) is so enticing to me. I guess seeing the images pan over after the other makes me think a lot about how fragile your life can really be, but that's just me, it's hard to explain.

      Just the music and the pictures really makes you feel like you're trapped doing all of these things in life, the basic things, the things that make you vulnerable....

      I don't want to think too much about why I met Spike for a few seconds in a dream I had last night, but the fact that there could be symbolism like a fading star representing someone's death, which is what was apparent at the last episode before showing a picture of Spike at the end of the series, the choir, etc., things that made it look like he was going to die.

      And the quote he says before going to the Red Dragon's lair (an organization) to kill Vicious

      "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive."

      And when the Wikia talked about how he lives like he's in a "dream-state"

      Spike's attitude of living in a "dream-like" existence is displayed by his careless behavior and his nonchalant attitude towards dangerous or outright fatal situations....

      He also is shown to enjoy sleeping, and that may tie into his mantra of 'living a dream.'

      I wonder why Spike appeared in my dream, and then flashed away, like a fading star dying....

      I'm talking to my father about something, and then he tells me that he thinks that I'm annoying for some reason. Something along with how I'm some kind of distraction.

      After a while, I could tell he was just in rage over something else, and was just saying that to me because he was in the heat of the moment, but after he calmed down a bit, he tried to apologize to me indirectly again by trying to be nice to me.

      He asked me,

      "Can I play this game called Runescape?"

      I respond, "No."

      Then he wants to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and at first I wanted to say "No" to that as well, but I just didn't really care what he did at this point, seeing as he's making himself pathetic trying to apologize to me without using direct words.

      He disappears, which doesn't bother me at all, the dream was set for afternoon, maybe around 4-5PM where it's still bright outside.

      I go near the entertainment center of the house (the cabinet center is what I'm talking about), and I see that there's some weird looking Nintendo console in front of me.

      I fiddle around with other things surrounding it, like seeing Zelda collectables. I was pondering if my father was buying this for me to try and suck up to me for being mad at me, but I let the possibility fade away really quick.

      Surprisingly, the vividness of this dream was amazing, seeing how I slept around 3-3.5 hours. I did not do a reality check inside the house unfortunately, perfect chance for me to be lucid, since I'm at my apartment in waking like.

      I open the container that looked like some part of a DVD player eject out a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Disc. It was exactly like the CD (almost), with the gold-ish tint, and the picture of Link holding a sword to where he has it angled towards the ground instead of upwards.

      (Just imagine the image of link on the right being on the CD with a gold-ish color)

      I put back the CD to get something to eat, and it seems I take a quick bite out of something that was probably Fish Cakes.

      It tasted like red salmon, and then I realize I didn't heat it up, because it tasted weird when it was cold. Then I forget to do that altogether since I look outside because the backyard door is opened.

      At first, I see some random DCs, I'm presuming are neighbors, walking their way to their homes as well. For some odd reason, I imagined things like,

      "What if a tiger randomly popped in from the backyard?"
      (that was probably and association where I was watching the AVG tiger toothpick commercial on YouTube....check it out )

      I let the thought fade away, and then for some reason, I immediately drop to the floor on purpose to land prone on the right side of my body extended out.

      I get my right hand out, and aim for outside, and shadowed the form of a gun with it, and then said, "Bang!" as I imitated the recoil of shooting a gun.

      (I know that motion I did just had to be my association with interpreting why Spike from Cowboy Bebop was in my dream yesterday).

      I had a little fun pretending I'm shooting a gun for a while, almost feeling like a kid for a few seconds aiming my fingers and random points outside.

      Eventually, seeing how I was alone in the house, I felt that I might as well close the door, since I didn't really feel like going outside.

      I get back up, quickly dash to the side of the door that was opened and extended to the right.

      For those few seconds, just those few seconds of the quick dash, I see someone trying to come into the house through the SAME door.

      I barely saw their visage to the right of the door window, and saw that they were wearing shades. The person had a dark skin tone, he was Black.

      He wore a gray, white, or silver vest, and it seems they were sleeveless because they were ripped out. The guy had muscular arms from what I saw in the few seconds of looking at him. He wore short pants, maybe blue or Khaki, not too sure on that.

      I almost had the feeling where I'm questioning if this person is Oneironaut Zero, or Blade, but the feelings started to fade because my main mood was to wonder what the heck am I going to do to defend myself.

      I also think I was in denial in it possibly being O or Blade because of how they tried to enter the house by crouching down instead of just coming in casually.

      To describe this mood of mine, imagine having no guns, and knowing that the person trying to come in could be armed, so now you feel so weak because of this, so you try to find anything sharp, and hope that wherever you hide wouldn't be the obvious choice for the invader to investigate.

      Basically, just making anything that's metal and sharp into a potential murder weapon.

      The person couldn't see me because there is a small transparent gray cloth I believe hanging over the window of the door.

      I slammed the door immediately, locked the two silver locks, take one more quick glance at who was outside the backyard.

      The person looks pretty serious, and I assume it's just someone trying invade the house silently, and I still think he thought the door just slammed shut because of the wind or something.

      He tries to fiddle around with the lock from the outside, and I take this time to turn around immediately, and since I'm in the kitchen, I immediately gear my attention to the knives.

      They were conveniently placed 1-2 feet away from me.

      (Another reality check I could've done because I knew in waking life, those knives where set a little bit further from the backyard door, but I guess I wasn't serious about awareness of the environment I'm in, despite me looking around seeing weird things happening).

      I quickly grabbed one knife out of fear, and then decided to get another. With one knife in each hand, I felt a little safer. I started to think about how I would kill the DC that was trying to lock-pick the door and invade the house.

      I decided that I should hide behind the pantry, but that would be stupid, because I was worried that the person would check that first because it was the first thing you could see on your left if you come through the door leading to the backyard.

      I believe I even thought of what would happened if I hid behind the pantry door as well, but at the same time, I felt I was already in the pantry door.

      I was so afraid, despite having two weapons in my hands, and I think I hear the door slightly open.

      I wake up, but my eyes did not open, I could've went into a DEILD and tried to see what happened, but in all honestly, I was afraid because I swore that person looked like Oneironaut Zero or Blade.

      And I opened my eyes, but they wanted to close back, so I opened it again.

      Did that just really happen? I do a RC to make sure it wasn't a FA when I woke up from it.

      And I could've used that fear to try out the Flying Thunder God Technique if I was lucid and was actually trying to be strategic....seeing as this would be a situation where close quarters combat is almost inevitable.

      And if I mastered the technique out of fear, the moment the person blinked their eyes to see I'm hidden in the pantry or whatever, it would already be too late because I would be right behind them.

      Too bad I didn't use my brain for once....


      Dream 2: Okay Father....

      I don't want to recall the details here, but basically, I was in a car I believe with my father and mother, that's weird.....still didn't do a reality check for that...

      I was listening to their ignorance, and it really made me pissed, I insulted my mother, and then my father tells me to apologize to her and calm down.

      "Okay father....." in my attempt to be chilled, still wanting to release rage to the both of them.

      Dream 3: Ping pong balls..

      I can't remember much about this one, except that I was playing tennis with ping pongs that eradicated when you slammed them hard enough. They burst like water balloons.

      Dream 4: Adult stuff...

      Nothing special, just looking at some adult scenes that I never seen before on my Zune HD.

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