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    1. Why Dreaming is Progressively Inspiring to Me

      by , 12-21-2014 at 09:16 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Temporary opinion:

      Even though I have sporadic results, skewed interests, and spotty motivations in my dreams, I feel itís a source to keep trying to find ways to connect those experiences together. Or in other words, even if some moments may not hold much value in the life Iím living right now, I feel the more I recall them, and start seeing patterns, and hear certain things that validate why these things are happening in my dreams, it sort of gradually removes my doubting on dreams holding any learning potential.

      I had a few dreams today that were blatantly obvious in how I could associate it with the present. Before, I would be left questioning why things are occurring, and itíll probably be an up and down kind of adventure with meaning and no meaning, but thatís what makes it fun; whatever dream character I interact with, non-lucidly or lucidly, is a chance for me to test my means of apperception, i.e., taking new ideas/knowledge/experiences, and assimilating it to whatever is already in my mental repository.

      It seems like the conquest to know more about myself, and how I assess myself in my life will never stop. It seems to be my source of inspiration, reflecting on things, finding ways to rise to the challenge; finding ways where I canít control something and overcome adversities, but knowing that itís okay; itíll all be alright in the end, because the more I keep my center in any circumstance, dream or this reality, I can persevere and find new outlooks on things. Whether itís finding meaning in life (e.g. existentially, psychologically), how to interact with others, how to appreciate and care about other peopleís lives, itís always there for me to tap into.

      And even if those moments in my dreams are transient, and imaginary, thereís a sense of liberation when realizing that even if thereís potential irrelevance and meaningless in my dreams, and even in life, itís alright; just keep going.
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    2. Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base & A Girl Vomits that Defies Physics

      by , 12-12-2013 at 08:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base (DILD)


      Spoiler for Personal Notes:

      I recall existing inside of a building that seemed to have high-end technology, almost like some kind of government or private organization that associates with several political magistrates. I wasn't sure what I was doing for this dream, I just knew that I was dreaming.

      The outfit I was wearing is a bit difficult to process, but based on how my dream body felt, it was probably some kind of Tac Suit you'd see in Tom Clancy games. This dream had several themes, and the most prevalent were:

      • Espionage
      • Military
      • Anime

      The atmospheric overlay of the dream environment contributed to how it was mostly a colder region for several reasons. The soldiers or guards within the dream all seemed to have a default format from the MGS2/MGS3 soldiers with the black mask covering most of their face except the eyes.

      Spoiler for personal note:

      The weapon that I'm holding was probably just like the default gun you get from MGS2, the American military M9 that's modified to fire tranquilizer darts. Considering how I was using that gun instead of something lethal, I guess there was some ambition to stop killing figments of my imagination, since the last time I tried doing that to try to save dream characters, it ended up biting me later on.

      I see a few soldiers passively patrolling this linear area I'm at, and I quickly shoot them in the head since I was just going for Metal Gear Solid logic here. The area itself seemed to be split off with a black metal rectangular border in the middle.

      And if you looked from afar, there were more guards on patrol as well, and I had to be very careful of the direction they're facing. I had several guards wondering what was occurring in the area I was in, and I had to quickly go to the other side for safety.

      Fortunately they didn't go too far into investigating things and seemed to have pre-fetched sayings and declarations for whenever they're suspicious or presume the area is clear of intruders. As for the bodies of the soldiers that were passed out from the tranquilizers, it seemed I could care less about putting them in safe areas.

      I figured that there wouldn't be some weird system that demanded one to store bodies, or else there would be an alarm of suspicion. The area that was about 40 feet away from me seemed to be the external section where the weather had a lot of snow on the ground, but no snowing in particular.

      The dream shifts to where I'm now inside another base that has a lot more guards, and what seemed to be unarmed individuals that looked as if they're important. I found myself lying down on my stomach near a section to the left. I believe I was probably under a desk, and there were conveniently placed rectangular objects that concealed my position that were at least 9 inches in length.

      Since my field of vision is limited in this position, I had to make use of my lateral peripheral vision. I saw a Black male that was wearing a milky light violet colored dress shirt and regular jeans. For some reason, he was looking down right where I was at, though I wasn't sure if he knew I was there.

      He seemed to have made several glances back and forth at me and whoever he's talking to. Seeing how he didn't scream my position, he probably wanted to help me out, or he was just staring at random space to avoid the whole averting eyes awkwardness that occurs in most conversations.

      Whatever the case may be, looking at his visage and how he expressed himself, he seemed to have been involved as a computer guru or something of that nature. After a while, it seems some of the individuals leave to their bases and sections, and I finally get out of the awkward position under the desk.

      Unfortunately, there were still a good amount of guards around the area, and I had to time my shots in a specific pattern so one or two would hear their own men being knocked out with tranquilizer darts. Fortunately, the process was easy and I managed to take down the three guards within this room.

      Then the most absurd thing occurs in this dream. There was another individual that was knocked out that was unarmed. My mental image of this person seemed to be them wearing a white dress shirt and red jeans with some pink to it.

      His whole existence disintegrates, and a 3d model of a female that looks like this
      (it's hard finding an image of her not making lewd facial expressions):

      Spoiler for ...:

      I don't know what the hell was going on, and I was busy trying to process what I'm going to do if she ends up doing some weird demonic things to me. I can't really recall what happened after that though, just her running away.


      Girl Doing the Limbo & Vomiting that Defies Physics (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this short and sweet, no need to be sensory descriptive of someone vomiting in a dream.

      A girl that seems to be 6-8 years of age is walking in a manner as if she's setting herself up to do the limbo without a bar. Then she randomly vomits while in the limbo position, and I'm not sure if the vomit is going in my direction.

      Maybe it's a sign that I'm a pile of vomit, or I'm being aware of certain false pretenses of those who I feel I could relate to. That's not really surprising, though I wonder who it is in particular the dream was trying to inform me on. And I guess the girl doing the limbo is either another symbolic implication of how that certain individual in waking life is still an enigma.

      And considering I had a dream about two children dying yesterday, maybe it's probably that one individual that I feel is another confused woman that just happened to gravitate to my openness to them. Probably a sign that I should go for more stable females than the psychotic ones.

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    3. Me vs. Krauser and a U3 on a Unicycle [Vlog]

      by , 03-01-2013 at 03:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Since I haven't recalled any dreams in over a month, because I'm too lazy, I just made a vlog on two dreams I had months ago.

      Note: I do not love Denver, and my voice is a bit too high, probably because of the recording. Bleh.

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    4. Akashic Records and Deep State Meditation, Itachi Coughs Blood in a Youtube Video

      by , 12-19-2012 at 08:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records and Deep State Meditation (Note)

      Spoiler for Personal notes:

      Itachi Uchiha and Youtube (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm posting a video on YouTube involving Itachi Uchiha coughing up blood as he's using the last ounce of his power to summon this Susanoo.

      It's not the dark orange color like in the anime, it has more red into it, and it looks quite scary as Itachi has blood dripping from his mouth and his eyes completely blank.

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    5. 5/26/12 No dream recall and dream rambling...

      by , 05-26-2012 at 05:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      No dream recall, it wasn't really going to happen, especially leaving a party around 2AM or so, and then doing random things until 4 AM, and only sleeping for 4-5 hours on a random interval.....

      I had a lingering thought in my mind, but it faded. Oh well, nothing too major, since my dreams are boring anyway.

      One thing that amazes me is that anything is possible in dreaming as long as you believe it will become a reality.

      Okay, I might be playing around with a few words there, but every time I see someone saying you can't do this in your dream, and yet they preach that statement in bold, how far are you willing to add exceptions to the point where the statement above becomes diluted and meaningless?

      And exclude the fact that you can't really do the same things in waking like as you can in your dreams (create fireballs out of your hand, etc.)

      If you're the really idealistic type of person, you could say dreaming in general is a perfect medium for self-fulfilling prophecies.

      A prediction that comes true entirely because people believe it and act on that basis.
      Well that's a self-fulfilling prophecy in a nutshell, that's nothing new, nothing special, but really...this is all dreams are about! I'm still using a little bit of mental filters with practical reasoning of dreaming and it's limits, and with everyone's own unique schemata, sometimes the "anything is possibly in dreaming" mentality that gets preached here but not really taken to full appreciation (by appreciation, just knowing that your mentality and belief in something will eventually cause you to actually obtain whatever it is you seek).

      This probably doesn't even make sense because the concepts are common sense, but how many people use common sense with dreaming? Probably not a lot, and I'm not talking about stabilization, REM cycles, induction techniques, genetic restraint, blahblahblah.....

      If I really wanted to, instead of believing that I'm some kind of representation of some mystical being, I could just say I'm just an ordinary being, and if I strongly believe that, it's going to happen, no questions asked.

      Unless...Deus ex machina.

      Something that comes out of nowhere to solve something that would be deemed as impossible to solve. Whether you believe in deeper and more subjective aspects of dreaming in general like the Astral Plane, higher beings, Shared Dreaming, and more....there has to be something at some point in your dreaming experiences that you cannot believe was going to happen.

      That one variable, but not the only variable, is what makes dream interesting. But, you could use an argument that it was your subconscious that fabricated it, and based on your belief on its efficacy, it can change how you act in your dreams. Common sense right? But does anyone pay attention to something that apparent?

      If I secretly set out false expectations, things I know that could never happen because people will form a consensus, and this is just constraining the "anything is possible in dreaming" to just the dreaming plane, and maybe a few more realms, planes, dimensions beyond that, if I'm really sticking to a certain belief at the time, and if people think it's logical to become a reality in dreaming, it's going to happen.

      What's the point in saying all this? What I'm saying is that dream interpretation, from what I know of it, is just false expectations, things that you want it to declared as a meaning, when it could be something else. The more mental filters you create for dream interpretation, and it's pretty much bound to happen to someone, the harder it is to see the real meaning.

      If anyone is actually following me on this, if you think something as absurd as a piece of rock representing that you're too "stoic" and "dull" in life, how much are you willing to bet that naturally, you're just using homologous variation just to make yourself feel better.

      Things like seeing fire, you could easily associate that with a conclusion that with something like rage, anger, strong intentions, blahblahblah.

      If I'm using homologous variation right, you could say that dreaming really is limited to what your unconscious contains. Which means that meaning in dreams are meaningless because of its subjective nature right? Again, I'm not saying that, or believing it, but things like homologous variation and self-fulfilling prophecy in general, it makes sense to think something like that, right?

      But that brings in another interesting trend, when people tell you or others that you shouldn't over-analyze dreaming.


      That's a perfect excuse to safely guard your beliefs from being shattered. Everyone has a right to believe what they want in their dreams, but man, it's obvious that these aspects, but not only these aspects, makes dreaming something anyone would love to see become true end up being true, as long as they don't let religion, how they were brought up, etc. encroach its subjective nature.


      I can already predict how people might take this,

      "That's absurd!"

      "That doesn't make it fun!"

      wah wah wah.

      Meh. Enough with the Freud mode.

      Happy Dreaming, everyone.

      In my opinion, dream interpretation is just a vehicle for making false realities an actual reality, excluding any kind of incorporation of waking life of course...just dreaming and anything beyond that plane.

      Don't take dream interpretations too seriously, but some people don't really pay attention to that, which was clear in that last ramble I made about that golden eagle nonsense.

      Just proof that as long as I believe I'm a part of that, that it will become a reality in my dreams, but really, does anything really matter anymore to believe in the dreaming plane and beyond?

      Maybe we're all just nothing, just voids, filling a meaning when it isn't really required, just optional...lool.

      But if you go into that mentality that there is essentially no reason to believe something so strongly, it's going to be boring just existing in the dreaming world/plane.

      I just wanted to see how I might think if I believed in only practical reasoning in dreaming in general.

      I'll probably forget this until I look at it again, I shift and experiment with as many mindsets as I can, without fading myself away from a logical and general one.

      So don't think I'm taking the things I've said as absolute law.

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    6. Introspection in regards to dreaming and waking life

      by , 05-18-2012 at 06:08 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Spoiler for This is a lot of st00fs:

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    7. Kaomea....

      by , 04-29-2012 at 08:01 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I hope you have some time to watch this Kaomea, you probably have a sense of what this woman will be saying if you do watch it, but it does make me consider on who I'm interacting in dreams.

      I can see why you want to see future selves of other people. I don't think you're doing it because you want all the spoils, and seeing them at a state that is supposed to be the epitome of their whole being, I think you're digging deeper into trying to eradicate any preconceptions you may have for another person.

      Which leads me to believe that part of you is seeing a part of me in your dreams where my soul is essentially deceit-free, even though I'm not feeling it right now because of my sporadic nature in emotions in waking life lately. Going from passive to stressful, and to even small contemplations of degrading my life to the point where my dreams are the only way for me to have some modicum of hope that this reality is still worth going through.

      You've mentioned that experiences in your dreams are meant to enhance waking life, and from watching the same video, it's clearly obvious omcasey1 sees things in a different light now, and if you do watch it, you'll see she admits to being more considerate, thoughtful, and appreciative of others and the environment around her.

      But the question I have for you, Kaomea, is there a point in your life where you might see things differently to where you see this dimension in another dimension like casey did in the video?

      I would like to believe what casey said, but this is something that has to be done on personal means. But near the end of the video, she is a bit confusing, for me at least.

      It seems she's mentioning she's shifting towards the mentality of Solipsism, but at the same time, it's not believing only she is real, she starts to connect it to how all of us can create this sort of universal collective consciousness.

      Again, it's hard for me to believe this until I experience these things myself, and because I know I still have preconceptions and bias towards dreaming, despite knowing that I found some things about you in your earlier life, it makes me wonder if because we have a liking for each other as friend that we're open the other person entering our realm.

      I don't mean that as invading your minds, just seeing each other in the dreaming plane.

      I can see why AA Michael declared his perspective to you on the person you meet in your dreams is essentially stages of their whole being, sometimes it can be an evolution, or it can be a regressed state.

      I honestly do not think it's unhealthy for you to only search for future selves of myself or anyone else, that is, if you already accept infinite realities into the equation, and infinite you's, and me's....I think I'm starting to understand Michael clearly now. It's making more sense to me.

      But still, because I'm inexperienced compared to you Kaomea, seeing the world based on being accustomed to this reality, it is still difficult for me to full comprehend and feel the type of energy casey in the video must be saying, but that's further proof that I should strongly consider dreaming lucidly.

      I'll just put that as a long-term goal, to see things in a different dimension. To see this world in a different plane, because even though I'm clearly open to this possibility, it's my mentality of this world that constrains the potential for me to understand things clearly.

      Anyway, I wanted to mention that to you, Kaomea.

      When we do meet each other in the dreaming plane, promise me you'll stare at my eyes deeply, and tell me whether or not you still feel the same vibe from other projections/stages/evolutions of myself.

      Because if not, I will ask youeventually.

      Because when I see you in my non-lucid dreams, I see parts of you that are passive, and sometimes I wonder if you do that on purpose to tempt me to take the lead instead of being submissive most of the time.

      What I'm saying is, with someone who is used to astral and etheric experiences, you sure do sustain a type of humbleness that makes me question whether or not I'm experiences patches of who you are.

      Are my eyes set on looking at you in the past, rather than the future? Is this my way of my higher self understanding you quickly because He/she/it wants me to live in the past to understand why you want to see me in the future?

      Tell me, are you sure your seeing my in the future, Kaomea?

      It could all just be expectations you know............of who you want me to be......

      Which relates to how you like as much fun as you can from your dreams, but still having control when DC's get out of hand or get too "subjective" with you.

      Tell me,

      What will you do when I start being too subjective, and things get out of hand?

      Will you constrain me with bolts like you did with Hades?


      If Hades himself, or your projection of him can experience humility from being constrained by bolts, then the possibility of me going out of control is still there.

      Anyway, that's all for now.

      But I'll leave you with this.....

      When I do attempt to dream, people in waking life tend to be insignificant to me. I don't mean your typical "this is a second life" kind of mentality...I literally forget about these people when I do become lucid.

      At least, that happens most of the time when I enter the dream state from a WILD, and not a DILD/MILD.

      When I do become accustomed to lucidity, I'm afraid there might be some parts of myself you won't like. But I just want you to know that when that time comes, acknowledge those dislikes of yours.

      Remember what I said about what it takes to have a long relationship with someone? Even though you have more experience than me, you deemed what I declared as "lovey-dovey" and "cheesy."

      I admit, sometimes when I do exhibit a romantic type of mentality, I feel awkward and think I shouldn't be doing this, because it feels cheesy and not worth it.

      But I think one reason for that is because this world has so many people to the point where romanticism is basically a fairy tale. Anyone with the right words can tempt a woman/man in their arms, and when they realize it's the wrong person they exhibited this "love" towards, it's already too late.

      Which is why I'm still insecure about having relationships in waking life. There's just so many possibilities, so many "What if I met this person instead of that?"

      "What if I met someone more beautiful?"
      "What if I met someone more intelligent?"
      "What if I met someone more sociable?"
      "What if I met someone more fragile?"
      What if I met someone more kind and loving?"
      What if I met someone more thoughtful?"

      It's always more, more, more, more, more.

      I may not understand why you wanted to engage in taboo and irrational relationships in the past, but based on what I'm insecure about with relationships and all, I think I understand why you went down that path before.

      There's always the possibility of meeting someone better than the person you have now.

      When we find a lover in our lives, even though attractive people still spark an interest to the person, that same person will always believe their lover is better.

      But what makes me think that they're saying that is because they have added security, the risk of abandonment is low, and exhibiting effort towards someone who could be better is pointless when they have someone who can satisfy their needs.

      Sometimes I wonder if this is the subjective matter of how our body dilutes our perception of things like the Selfish Gene Theory, where we are only considerate for augmenting the possibility that our genes will be passed on to the future.

      People try to deny and think we're more than just animals who want to pass our genes, but really, who are the ones being fooled here?

      If we're so complex to not have to full believe in that standard that we here to pass on our DNA to the next offspring, what does that say about humans in general?

      Could our minds be declaring this to us to make us feel better, to make us feel that we're not just here being vessels to pass on traits to another vessel?

      Are we really more than just animals? Are we just high and conceited of our own kind, humanity, to be able to think that we're the only ones on this planet, and possibly the universe as a whole to think we can pass on more than just our genes???

      That doesn't even relate to what I'm trying to tell you, I think.......

      Anyway. Good night...or good morning I should say....lol.

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    8. Interesting Thing about Swallowing Reflex for WILD

      by , 04-26-2012 at 12:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I stumbled on this video on youtube, and gizEdwards made a video on the Swallowing Reflex and it relating to WILDS.

      The first segments are generic if you read guides on stopping the swallowing on here, but the last part of using a pillow to prop your mouth to where you don't have conscious effort in keeping it closed is definitely interesting!

      I can't wait to try it out, because I do keep a conscious check on my mouth region after that last lucid where I almost choked to death (from building up saliva)

      It's worth it for all you LDrs who either do WILD or go home, hahaha

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    9. A Sidenote of Eva

      by , 04-24-2012 at 11:28 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

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