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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Light Bow Shooting, False Awakening, Confessing Love to Relative

      by , 12-22-2015 at 10:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Light Bow Shooting In The Skyscraper Building (DILD)


      Itís a rainy environment, and very dark with streetlights as the main source of lighting here. Thereís this green overtone thatís dominating the atmosphere, and has a Matrix-esque vibe to it. I believe Iím wearing a black trench coat, and Iím on my way to reach a huge skyscraper.

      For some reason, I felt the elevator outside was only capable of going down, but I was able to press a button, and wait until I reached whatever floor I intended to go to. I noticed I had the Light Bow akin to Twilight Princess, but Iím sure if I paid more attention to it, there would be more nuances.

      I reach the floor, and the first entity I counter was the Great Fairy Queen from Windwaker just casually power walking her away perpendicular to me. She looks up at me with a smile, and proceeds to go about to wherever, which seems to be the end of the wall.

      I start walking around, and I noticed to the right of me is a base with a desk, computer, and a few office chairs. Itís too quiet, and I felt Iíve been doing this a few times before. I expected guards to come out, and they did wearing your basic agent attire.

      I start aiming my arrows at them, but didnít pay too much attention on the outcome of the light arrow disintegrating their existence with light. Iím getting closer to the base that either has a door behind it, or an elevator. I keep moving while getting these weird vibes surging from the sides of my body and neck for whatís to come the more I venture around.

      I forget what Iím doing next.


      False Awakening Gets Me Again (Non-lucid)


      So I wake up to look at the alarm on my phone, and it states 10 AM, or so. I get up to do stuff, but then dozed off somehow.

      Woke up some other time, and it was around 8 AM.


      Telling Relative I Love Her (DILD)


      I tell her that I love her, and her retort is being shocked, and then smiling.
    2. Alarm Interrupts Experience at XXX Shop, False Awakening, At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm Prevents Me From Trying Out Some Toys (DILD)


      I was actually going to attempt 12 hours of image streaming before thinking that 30, or so minutes of it was more than enough, and that I could always do it on my next day off. Fortunately, the image streaming session beforehand proved to be advantageous in remembering some dreams.

      So Iím doing some grocery shopping, but not sure who for in particular; maybe just myself, but later on in the dream, it probably was for a relative, or even one of the co-workers I was trying to image stream in being with. Whatever the case, I remember that Iím finish with the shopping, and I have a huge paper bag with some vegetables on top; your stereotypical visual cue of produce being bought along with some random items underneath.

      The size of the vegetables were a bit larger than they should be, but I had a one track mind towards something else-finding the near XXX store to buy a sex toy for myself. I eventually stored the paper bag filled with items inside of a car that was probably white, but fairly old (in the 2000s, or even 1998), and proceeded to casually zone around the area. Itís an evening setting, but it really feels like itís 2AM, or something.

      Thereís streetlights around, but theyíre emitting a faded white light, and this misty aura thatís shaped like a cone penetrating the ground. The ground itself-side walk and all, consists of a melange of blue and gray colors, and by looking at that, it has this chalky, semi-realistic vibe to it. I eventually reach a section of the area that looks like it could sell sex toys, but the layout looks weird.

      You get the impression that whoever owns the store is about to move out, or that theyíre sold out, and probably needed to stock for the next day. I go ahead and open the glass door anyway. Inside of the store, the walls are light brown, and the milky, yellow lights make it more caramel. The flooring is a generic white checkered pattern, and to the right of me is a Caucasian male. Heís wearing a gray hoodie with the hoodie resting on his back, some brown pants, and a generic cool colored shirt. He has light, caramel hair, but he could have dirty blonde as well, and based on certain features of his visage, he looks like he could have originated in the East.

      I wanted to feel that his overall clothing scheme would be shady, but honestly, Iím not surprised based on what the shop was in general. I go up to him, and started to get down to business. I first had apprehensions on this people a XXX store, but he clarified things to me in vague ways, almost as if heís trying to have external ears deter away from that probability, I think.

      He turns to the right, and I promptly follow him, and wondered how weíre going to pass through this brown wall that will clearly make him face plant into it. Then, a concealed door opens, and I hear this futuristic Zwooomp sound for a few seconds, and became even more confused. It felt like this guy was over playing it in hiding the real intent of the shop.

      I continue to follow him upstairs for a bit, and thereís this bright, white light above us. When we reached the apex, I noticed this grandiose area thatís covered in white. Thereís some white tables stacked in rows along with some white metal fold-able chairs that are spaced out about two feet from each other. Thereís all sorts of dream characters, but the ones that I can remember at the moment was this Asian female that looks like sheís in hear early thirties thatís wearing a white dress shirt thatís tucked in nicely into a faded black skirt that accentuates the contours of her thighs, and ends a few inches above her knee.

      She looks like Lucy Liu, and she has a hairstyle akin to the one Jady Nguyen had in Hitman: Absolution.

      Sheís handing papers to everyone that seems to be in the building, including me. I look at the paper for a moment, and noticed that thereís nothing of sexual connotations whatsoever. It looks more like complicated math formulas, and some scientific context thrown in there for good measure. Iím confused once more, but I continue to follow the guy around, as this is probably his second layer of hiding the fact that he owns a XXX store. This still seems like heís over-playing it, especially when there shouldnít be anything to hide in this dream.

      I couldíve said that this is only a dream, but I couldnít be bothered with opening Pandoraís Box that comes with the reactivity levels of said dream characters. I had a feeling he was talking to me, but it was filtered out as background noise for a few seconds while I was processing the general layout, and more of the dream characters. I noticed a second dream character looks like one of my co-workers. Sheís of dark complexion, has her black hair tied in a hair bun, and her visage really looks like itís fleshed out with barely any noticeable nuances to it.

      Sheís looking at me, which feels awkward, and she has the demeanor that sheís out for some toys as well, but we just dart our eyes somewhere random in space. I think sheís participating in the pseudo class being set up, when sheís probably trying to get more information on toys in general. I follow the guy, and get a little impatient, and started to ask if he had any toys for sale. He magically pops out like three Flesh-lights-one green, one blue, and a black one. He makes me privy to the function of each one. The blue one seems to have vibrations set up along with some ring that fluctuates horizontally, which seems to imply that it sets certain amounts of pressure if you put your rod in it. The green one seemed to be alien related, I think, and the black one was just your generic Flesh-light. They looked like actual flashlights from the base, and smaller than the actual Flesh-lights.

      I asked him how much each of them would cost, and he starts throwing out figures like $49.95, $59.95, and $XX-95, and he literally just hands me all three of them. I ask him more questions as to why heís handing me them all at once, and he states that I can go ahead and try them out before I buy. Then I started to question if these things were used, and how the packaging for each entailed of Bubble Wrap. Then again, he took it out of a large box, but I was kind of concerned on whether or not there was a metal rod in each of them in the first place.

      Started to reconcile that itís just a dream subconsciously, and thanked the guy. Now, I had to dart out of this place, and then realized that itís fairly late in the night. I look at my phone, and noticed that itís 11:02PM at the moment. I realized I probably would have caused moments of consternation for whoever I was supposed to bring the paper bag of groceries to. So, I utilized my phone, and wanted to text them that Iíll be back soon in about 30 minutes or so. First, it started out with ďBRT in XX minutes,Ē but when I rejected this for something else, the moment I was about to send it to them, the phone in waking life sets off the alarm.



      Typing Tags To Recall Previous Dream (Non-lucid)


      When the alarm rings for the dream before, I believe I woke up in waking life, or so it seems. I think another alarm rang for the actual time, and the dream itself was just a false awakening.

      I can feel myself feeling tired and groggy, and trying to gain mental fortitude to attempt a WBTB seemed so difficult for me inspite of sleeping very early (around 8-9PM). I'm waving my hands over, and realized that my phone should be located on the floor.

      I somehow have a notepad app that I took the liberty of typing down some quick tags for the previous dream I had with the shop in order to remember some of the content, and expound on it later on. Once I finished, I went back to sleep.

      Dang it.


      At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire (DILD)


      Iím inside of a school facility, and it looks like it could be a High School. There was a class that I was in, but I canít recall too much of the events other than seeing a Caucasian female about to sit next to me thatís wearing a gray shirt, and a white hoodie on top along with generic skinny, blue jeans.

      Then the bell rings, and I felt a little apprehensive, and figured there had to be one more period to attend. It turns out, based on the professions of an Asian male that looks exactly like an Asian Jon I used to know in real life, thereís only 7 periods, and the rest is up to the person to revel in extracurricular activities.

      I told him how awesome that is, and I wanted to attend tennis practice, even though I didnít have a racket. I was so caught in the moment that I went to the tennis courts only to see that theyíre occupied at the moment. Some are red courts, and others are green courts, and thereís a mixed race of people. I see an elderly man with a dark complexion wearing a white shirt, cap, and maroon colored sports shorts. Heís wearing sunglasses as well with a small silver necklace. I donít know what heís doing, but it seems like he could be warming up.

      The other people are just people about my age, or in their early teens rallying with each other. I pass through one of the courts, saw that they were looking at me and waiting before they presumed their rallying, and I felt odd being here at the moment in my current attire. I had plans to buy a racket pretty soon, but didnít really think about just fabricating one along with a sports attire.

      Iím in pursuit of a racket, clothes, and shoes to go along with it for the rest of the dream.
    3. Fishburne Gets Framed, Peach's Jet, Gas Station Fiasco, Alarm FA, Long Hair, Jade Fetch Quest, Vests

      by , 05-12-2014 at 04:49 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Laurence Fishburne Gets Framed (DILD)


      Okay, so a random guy wants to frame a man named John Whitman, and Whitman isn't going to put up with this act. So what Whitman does is that he finds where the framer could be, and I'm just watching everything happen, and being played out. He apparently becomes a sniper so he can pick off his framer while he sets up a plan to weed him out.

      Laurence Fishburne unfortunately is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the stranger hears a phone ringing. He picks it up, and John Whitman is wondering if this is the person that he's after that's framing him. The guy lies and states Laurence Fishburne is the guy that's framing him, and the actual framer runs out of the store on his knees.

      Out of reflex, John Whitman shoots the individual, ironically killing the framer without knowing about it. Now he has the idea that he probably killed someone random, and believes Fishburne is the real target.


      Princess Peach Finds a Pink Jet/Airplane (DILD)


      Basically, I catch Princess Peach in the act of lying that she has a Pink Jet/Airplane for others to use for travelling. She feels a bit guilty, and is wondering if she should state to others on her recent finding. This is the Paper Mario version of Princess Peach by the way, and some major differences was her hairstyle. She actually used a hairband to bring her hair back, which seems suitable seeing how the setting of the dream was residing in a desert of some sort.


      Fiasco at the Gas Station (DILD)


      There was a lot going on, so I'll just give a quick overview on what happened.

      [list][*]Jūgo from Naruto Shippuden seems to be one of the individuals that's fighting another dream character[*]I'm basically watching him and others through a spectator perspective[*]The fight is at a gas station, and some areas are pretty dark, even though it was clear the dream setting was during an afternoon[*]I feel as if I'm in the situation, and that I have to get out, but I don't bother


      False Awakening From Not Remembering One of the Alarms Set (Non-lucid)


      I hear the sound of my alarm, and out of reflex, I quickly grabbed where I presume it would be, and itís in the exact area of where I put it in waking life. Forgot to do a reality check for several reasons, the most prevalent is that I had to go to work.

      I looked at the phone, and saw the alarm was set to wake me up for 7:30 AM. I dismiss the alarm from finishing its gradual low to high alert process, and then went to sleep again since I knew I had one set for 8:00 AM.

      After waking up around 8:00 AM, I noticed I never had 7:30 AM set in waking life. Dang, missed that subtle chance for easy lucidity. Guess I'll just have to get back into the habit of doing reality checks even if the alarm is blaring.


      My Hair is Long and Elastic (DILD)


      I'm inside a building that resembles the laboratory floors at a University I attended. I can hear the subtle humming of machinery operating (mostly what would be heard from fish tanks, and maybe some of the lights as well), and noticed the lighting seems to be a bit dimmer than usual.

      The flooring consists of a vanilla colored tile layering (the soft tiles), and I find myself walking straight through the hallway to get to an elevator. I gradually noticed that as soon as I'm heading for the elevator, I can feel that my hair feels longer than usual. I noticed that it can conform to any shape that I could imagine, though I didn't really care at all to abuse this.

      Then I slowly felt as if I'm inside a female's body, seeing how the hair was definitely longer than it should be, and I felt lighter than usual, and a little bit shorter as well. Not trying to objectify women, it's just the sensations, and how I felt seem to make me feel that I'm a female in this dream.

      I noticed an Asian dream character that looks like a girl I'll nickname "Ang" in waking life during High School a few years back. Her slightly darker complexion is pretty accurate in this emulation of the waking life version, except her eyes and eyelashes look more refined and sharper; almost as if she had makeup specifically to have others pay more attention to her eyes to make up for her fairly short body composition.

      While I'm inside the elevator, I noticed the insides consist of dark brown walls, and milky yellow flooring, and metal bars to hold on to as well had this color scheme going on.


      Finding Jade Tokens/Plates/Shields (DILD)


      Feels like the dream revolved around a Sonic X theme, which is kind of rare to have. Probably dream day residue of some content I happened to glance over, I guess.

      I'm on an adventure with several dream characters, though most of them aren't really seen for very long. I just imply that they're part of this experience, and that we're going our separate ways. The overall objective was to collect some Jade items ranging from plates (not the plates you eat from) to shields. It seemed more like an annoying fetch quest than anything exciting.

      And actually finding these items was complicated, especially when dream logic makes me wonder if what I'm looking at is really me going through the motions of trying to find these items. After a while, I believe I'm standing on top of a pyramid that seems to have the apex cut off completely.

      This area seems to resemble the level from Super Mario 64 with the huge pyramid, except the environment was more realistic.

      I noticed that a dream character is next to me, and he looks like Chris from Sonic X.

      I think we end up celebrating how we found a lot of jaded items, though I didn't really seem interested in contributing to that celebration with the others.


      Dude in White Vest Claims He Cheats Academically (DILD)


      Iím walking through a few green hills, and Iím far enough to see some of the city landscapes as well. Thereís a lot of dream characters in this area, and the setting seems to be a typical breezy day where the clouds are covering up the sun. It looks like it might rain, but this didnít really happen throughout the dream.

      The grass, the atmosphere, and the dream characters all look very realistic, and I find my awareness ebbing and flowing of the sensation of the wind. I noticed that Iím around an individual that looks Hispanic, and is probably around his early 20s. Heís wearing a white vest shirt, and probably some dull colored shorts. He has a mustache, and spiky hair along with probably wearing a small silver necklace.

      His cheeks seem to be shiny in a few areas, almost as if he put a little too much lotion on his face. He resting on the grass, and is casually rambling on about things, and one that sticks out is that he admitted to cheating academically.

    4. Plastic Bag Humping, Buzzing, Confucius Gives LD Advice, Picking Up a Chick, Kakashi gives LD Advice

      by , 04-13-2014 at 06:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Putting on a Tape Suit & Plastic Bag Carrot Humping (DILD)


      Iím inside a classroom that resembles my biology class at a High School I attended years back (CLHS as an abbreviation for personal reference).

      Iím trying to put on a transparent suit that looks like itís really made out of tape. I ask individuals how to put it on, and when one of them portrays the method to me, it seems more complicated than it seems. How in the world does one put on a tape suit without it sticking to their clothing?

      After a bit, thereís an inflated, and transparent produce bag with a few carrots on the bottom. I put my penis inside, and started humping it. I think there was a competition of who could hump it more, and going for more than ten was more than enough to get by, I guess.

      I think the individuals were cheering me on, talk about ego boosting for inanimate object fornication.

      Kind of reminds me of what I had to do for work today, excluding the humping part and ego boosting, and cheeringÖand my penis inside a bag.


      Buzzing Near the Window (DILD)


      I wake up from my bed, or so it seems, and tried to get back to sleep, seeing how I didnít want to feel too groggy for work, especially with the activities done today. It feels so nice wanting to go back to sleep, back into a state of relaxation and comfort, until something keeps making a buzzing sound thatís extremely annoying.

      I wondered how could something could be so active during the dead of night, seeing how unless it had vision for seeing clearly for night, it would reside somewhere safe until thereís more light apparent. I tried to go to sleep several times, but the buzzing sound keeps pestering me.

      I eventually decided to do a nose plug reality check, pressing my nose with my right index finger and thumb, and was able to breathe just fine. The dream environment seemed to have replicated the house Iím currently residing in to some extent. So, having this in mind, I take the chance to try and go out the usual way to exit the house.

      I proceed by going through the white door, and trying to open it. However, it seems I have to punch in some kind of code in order to unlock it. The buttons consisted of a light milky green color with a rubbery texture. The material surrounding the buttons is white all around, and is shaped almost like a tooth, without the points at the end of course.

      And out of reflex, I seemed to have entered a random code: 90321 I believe, without knowing if it was the right one or not. Unfortunately, the alarm has a very long and annoying beep sound, and this prompts me to try an escape, because I donít know what could be inside the other bedroom in this dream, especially when itís way too dark inside.

      And wanting to turn on the lights was out of the question, since I felt a bit fearful of something randomly coming out.
      Though most of the time, the places in my lucid dreams are often barren, and not really something where random entities will come about to try and kill me, or something dangerous. I probably shouldíve been aware of this before running as if Iím Michael Scofield from Prison Break, ha-ha.

      I go through the living room, and quickly unlocked the door to get out, and now the dream shifts from night to early morning immediately. Now Iím immersed in a virtual experiential reality that seems to be exactly like waking life at first glance, and with more clarity and realism as well. I marvel at this, my breathing, and just my overall existence within this dreaming state.

      The weather, the sensations on my feet against the cold concrete of what seems to be an area where it rained recently, everything felt so real, and then some. After a few seconds of absorbing this experience, I get an urgency to continue running, even though it doesnít seem like anyone is after me.

      As Iím running, Iím changing perspectives where I look at myself running, and it seems to go by in slow motion, and the motion of running is a bit exaggerated at times; it often looks like Iím floating in the air for a good bit, and making weird leg movements to quickly save my descent.

      After watching this for a while, I wake up in a series of false awakenings for most of the dreams below. Fortunately, the nose plug reality check is going to save me.


      Confucius gives LD advice (DILD)


      Felt as if I woke up, then I reconciled with awareness of the experience being a dream again.

      Iím standing on top of a building, and it seems to be early morning, or an event where it rained previously. I see a dream character that looks like Confucius, and heís lecturing to others on lucid dreaming techniques and advice.

      As for actual declarations to recall from him, I can't remember.


      Picking Up a Black Biker Jacket Wearing Chick & Escaping with Her (DILD)


      I wake up once more, only to reconcile with awareness of this being a dream once more. Maybe this was a DEILD, since I can recall those experiences of transitioning back to waking state with my eyes closed, and seeing imaginary simulations of being awake, or maybe itís just a false awakening altogether.

      Iím inside a theater, and it has the usual settings. You know, red carpet, and other warm colors to mask off all those stains from being apparent at first glance. The putrid smell that is also prevalent in theaters thatís like a mťlange of buttered popcorn, weasels, intense chlorine, air freshener, and other chemicals. I didnít take the time to visualize all the major details of the theater itself, but I do know that in the current location Iím at, thereís many paths you could take from the circular base Iím standing on.

      I see an attractive girl, I think, with long black hair, and sheís wearing a black biker jacket of some sort. Underneath that, sheís wearing some kind of milky vanilla shirt thatís fairly tight, and makes her bosoms eye-candy at this point. For some reason, I had an urgency to pick her up, and hold her back, and the bottom of her knees, and run off with her.

      She seems shocked at first, but then kind of goes with the flow, and Iím going with the flow as well. Then the next moment, Iím using my legs to kick anyone that seems to be in my way, and thereís a slight uproar going on while Iím running with the girl.

      This takes ďchasingĒ women to a whole new extreme.


      Kakashi Gives me Lucid Dreaming Advice (DILD)


      This seems to be the last dream in the false awakening chain of events, or maybe the one before it was.

      Iím sitting down with Kakashi, younger version, and heís giving me lucid dreaming advice. However, the advice seems kind vague, and not really something that could be applicable in all circumstances.

      He states that if you find yourself in two conditions:

      • Where thereís little light
      • Where itís too bright

      That one would most likely be dreaming.

      Your non-sequiturs are what prevented you from saving Rin, Kakashi, just as your vague circumstantial lucid dreaming advice is. And that totally was not a non-sequitur, ba-dum tiss.

      Though, looking back, he could be right, especially since I was in complete darkness in the buzzing insect dream, to being in a hyper-realistic virtual experiential reality the next, and then inside a bright theatre.

      But still, the advice is severely limited.
    5. Katsumi from DOA & Delfino Square, Party & Paper Thin Menus, Blonde at Festival, Guy Shows Up on TV

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Katsumi from DOA and Delfino Square (DILD)


      I'm trying to walk in a linear path that has a close resemblance of Delfino Square, but it's much more detailed than that. Seems I'm walking down an alley or an area with a lot of apartments on both sides.

      I see Katsumi from DOA that's almost wearing this same attire below:

      Spoiler for boobs:

      Things start getting weird where the dream skips a bit, or at least how I try to walk looks skipped and out of sync. First, I would see a backside view of myself wearing a brown leather shirt and dark blue jeans as well.

      I would be slightly midair, almost as if I was materialized a few inches from the ground with the left leg straight, and the right leg bent at an angle preparing for a walk. Then it would skip a frame to me landing, and it would skip a bit more and reset me to the same positions a few more times.

      Then I get the option to teleport by mentally selecting the HUD on the bottom that gives me choices to go to 1 2 3, and I presume these must be sections of the environment I'm in.

      Katsumi is getting closer and closer the more I teleport myself,
      and I can't remember else for that dream.


      Party Over Here & Paper Thin Menus (DILD)


      • Party occurring
      • I grab some cookies
      • Sit next to guy similar to waking life counterpart Rll(roul)
      • Guy to the left of me orders huge meal, I see fried octopus legs and maybe ranch dipping
      • I want to prepare an order as well, and eventually found a menu that was as thin as a paper towel.

      Female Blonde Child at a Festival? (DILD)


      >Female blonde child at a festival

      >She looked like she could be much older, but her visage is child-like, and I didn't get the chance to analyze her body composition at the time.

      >She seems to be glancing over at me for a few seconds, and then looks away at what seems to be a festival starting

      >The environment seems to be blurred out, and there's higher focus and detail on the girl's face.


      Hey, It's That Guy From That Other Movie! (Non-lucid)


      False awakening

      >Woke up feeling as if I was in waking life. I didn't bother to check if there were any peculiar aspects within the dream simply because it looked like the exact model.

      > Darker setting than usual

      >Looked at the television to find a highly detailed visualization of someone that I recalled glancing over in a movie some relatives were watching the day before

      >When I told them he looks like that same guy, I see one male relative of mine looking at me and slightly smiling a bit, but he doesn't seem to be doing so because of my existence. It seems like he's in slow motion.

      >Things felt awkward and I don't know what happens next
    6. Duo Missionary Sex, Went Through Hell, Video Game Run, False Awakening Level: >9,000 (SDE Day 28)

      by , 09-11-2012 at 01:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Duo Missionary Position (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Went Through Hell (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what's happening here, all I remember is that the environment has different hues of red, orange, and yellow, and there's some weird stuff going on in this room. I could've sworn that I saw Johnny Depp is red Thriller costume, and he's squatting down with his knees together. He has some freaky hairstyle, and he turns his head to the right to look at me.


      Even though he's far away from me, it still irks me, and I believe he has blood dripping out of his mouth while he's smiling at me sinisterly. There's a female, and even though I can't recall how she looked like, I had a feeling she was important in the dream. To me, the female was some kind of gray blur, and as I'm trying to really get into detail on what she could look like, I imagine long dark brown/black hair, kind of like Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R game series

      Whoever it was, she was close to falling into a hole on a ground, and I think someone is trying to trick her into going inside of the hole. She decides to prepare to run and jump into the whole, and I think I started screaming, "NO!" as she's getting closer and closer.

      I forget what happened next....
      Video Game Run (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching someone, or maybe it's me mentally controlling a video game, but whatever it may be, the character in the video game is going through a lot of areas on a level pretty quickly, and without getting any kind of damage (that I can recall) from enemies.

      The game itself was 2D, kind of like playing an older version of Zelda, but I can't recall the character at all, just light green grass everywhere, and there's final part in the game where these two creatures that look like they have tentacles are chasing the character. The person controlling the character seems to be able to escape them with ease, and then there's one part of the area, like, to describe how it's set up, when you go past the borders of that area, it shifts to a new area.

      Anyway, once I get to the final area, and I don't know how I know this, I just do, the two monsters end up catching up to the person running away from them, but by that time, the level was completed.
      False Awakening Level: >9,000 (Non-lucid)


      I wake up naturally, and I get up immediately, but I'm still just at an erect sitting position on the bed. I immediately do a nose plug reality check, and I believe I can't breathe at all.

      I started to count my fingers, but the time I go to my right ring finger to get to the number 4 on my head, I quit counting the rest. I look at my alarm, it looks exactly the same as in waking life. It's black, has red digital font numbers on it, and it the time was 7:xx AM (I can't remember the exact minutes).

      I look back again, and I could've sworn the time shifted to 5:xx AM, but I just take it as me not looking t the time right.


      Everything is dark, and I didn't even bother to realize that it's NEVER THIS DARK if it really was 7:xx AM.

      Nope, I just sit on my bed like an idiot for a few seconds, and I go back to sleep.

      OKAY, I know one thing for sure, like with most false awakenings, they start with me waking up in my apartment, and in some rare cases, at a different bed, be it a hospital bed or something else, but those cases are very rare. In fact, I think it's just only one dream I remember where I woke up next to a lady. sitting down at a chair somewhere.

      And then there's another dream where a blonde in a pink Victoria's Secret panties and bras was right next to me in bed, but I ignore her and probably went back to sleep. Those were from a loooong time.

    7. Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out?

      by , 03-22-2012 at 01:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out? (DILD)


      Dream 1: Parking Lot

      I'm outside, and it's night time, and I'm just going around, but it seems all I'm doing is looking at all of the vehicles in this fairly wide parking lot.

      Dream 2: Principal

      I'm laying still in my bed, with my eyes closed. I notice that lights are on, and I hear some random song playing in the background.

      I asked myself, "Am I Dreaming?" I do a nose plug reality check, and I am. I'm still worried about opening my eyes to quickly, so instead of opening them, I slowly get up by first starting to lifting the top region of my body from the bed.

      And then I slowly moved my legs to the left off from the bed and as I'm getting up completely, my eyes open naturally.

      I'm in a completely different dream environment, I'm not in my apartment at all. It seems I was resting at a room in some type of school building.

      The first person I see to the right of me is a lady sitting on a small sofa chair. She looks like a ginger, with some orange to red hair, and I can tell she's fairly shorter than me.

      I'm smiling that I'm lucid dreaming for once, without caring if I'll wake up, and she's smiling too.

      I try to form words to talk to her, but things are a little bit difficult for me because I find that when I do speak, it's like I'm speaking through a fan, basically, my voice is distorted, and so is the lady sitting down.

      She looks like she is around her 30s or 40s, and she looks like a fairly cheerful person because she's smiling at me most of the time.

      I get closer to her a bit, and I go to the right side from my perspective, which would be her left side. I look down, and I try to talk to her again, and the words are sounding less twisted.

      I asked her who she was, and before she starts to speak, things are going a little bit slow at the time. So in my mind, I was thinking to myself some negative things that she could be saying to me, like "Just randomly try to kill to me or something!"

      I don't know why, it's just that I expected something bad to happen, but then I thought, "Nahhh, she's not going to do that to me," because she's obviously happy to see that I'm here.

      The last time I met a ginger, she tried to suck my energy, but I could tell she was a cheerful person, despite her needing my help by letting her suck my energy. This one was a bit more stable.

      I believe she tells me that she's the Principal or something like that, maybe "User Principal," but that's just pushing it a bit too much on presumptions.

      She's walking with me down the hall, and before I pay attention to her (I'm still walking with her, just thinking about something in the meantime), there are glass walls, and you can see what's outside and everything.

      To my left is a mini-pathway with a lot of plants, almost like a mini-garden, but I didn't pay too much attention to it.

      The principal DC was telling me some things, but I can't remember all that she said, I think I had another dream scene split for a few seconds where she said she had sex, all forms of it, but I'm not too sure on that, because I was expecting her to say that.

      I see we're headed for a dark corner in the path we're heading to, but I didn't mind, I'm just focused on the ginger short lady beside me. I see two people outside the glass wall to my left, and it's a boy and a girl.

      The girl has black hair, and the boy, I can't really make out a decent image from him, I didn't pay attention to both of them, just for a few seconds, and then found myself getting closer and closer to the darkness in the hall way.

      Suddenly, I can't freaking breath. Shit is getting crazy, what the fuck is going on!!?!? My chest is being pressed as well.

      I almost fall on my back, but my leg supports me in time, and my hand is near my heart, and I feel liquid coming from my chest to my mouth.
      (Now that I'm awake recalling this, it could've been spit building up from resting on my backside lol, and I was probably choking in my own spit).

      I'm still wondering what the fuck is going on, and while I'm busy trying to breath, I look to my right and see the short lady there by my side still, I thought she was luring me to the darkness to fuck me over or something, but it seems she's supporting my back to make sure I don't collapse.

      I think I turn around to the left to see the couple outside again, then back to the lady, and then I wake up.

      It was another false awakening, but I slept it off to even care. I remember the alarm saying it was 6 AM or so.

      Woke up seeing it was around 5 AM. God, that freaking dream, Kaomea, I swear, that better not have been a demon by my side trying to make me choke indirectly, but but....she was helping me not fall down though. Ugh...I don't know anymore...

      Then again, it's easy for me to presume that it's just spit building up and me choking from it.

      Dream 3: Auron Passes Out?

      I'm riding my bike down a road hill near where I live. I decided to steer left to stop and think about something. I get a flashing news video clip that Auron was a college student who passed out, apparently he used a hammer or something like that.

      I think he even made his own book, and is most likely selling it through the news promotion while admitting he lucid dreams.

    8. Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bullet Bill, Monkey Shirt, You Mad Sasuke, Sinoblak's Dog?? Metal Gear Suitcase, Chat with Alyzarin (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Bullet Bill & Water of Wishing

      I'm riding on a mini-vehicle that looks like a Bullet Bill, and I have to use the pedals on the sides to operate it. I meet at an intersection and I'm waiting for this car to pass, then I find myself going off the road bit near the gas station to the left of me.

      I think I'm headed there to get something to eat, and as I'm getting closer to the gas station, the dream shifts to where I'm in a supermarket, probably Walmart.

      It has white flooring all over the store, and I'm heading in line somewhere I can't remember too much on. I accidentally bump into some little kid who is walking around like he has no brain, and he goes back to his parents.

      I wait in line, and it seems I'm already off the mini-Bullet Bill. A guy comes up to tap me on the shoulder to tell me that I bumped into his son, and that I should be a bit more careful.

      When he told me this, this guy looked like he was going to piss his pants, I swear, if I said something negative in response, he would have his hands up and run like little bitch.

      The reason why I know he's afraid of me is that that he says "Yeah" after telling me I hit his son with the Bullet Bill bike in a silent tone, and his head faced towards the ground a little bit.

      Instead of being angry at him for not being able to pay attention to where his son is walking around, I suppress the urge and then conformed to an innocent demeanor to ask him,

      "Oh, I bumped into your son? I'm so sorry!" I almost said it like I was going to cry.

      The timid father responds, "Yeah, you made a bruise on his leg."

      I looked over to the right of me and see the little kid who apparently is in pain. He is holding one of his legs and is jumping around, it looks like he's crying, but I can't hear him cry.

      I could see this little kid was just being a little pussy and should just suck it up because I wasn't even going that fast in the first place. So I responded to the father in a neutral tone,


      Then I had the sudden urge to find a some kind of dress shirt or sweater in the form of one. So I'm walking around the supermarket, and this definitely looks like Walmart.

      I'm going around random aisles, probably spending some time looking at random items and putting them back. Then I get back to focusing on finding a black dress shirt/sweater. I don't know what exactly happens, but one appears in front of me, or maybe I'm actually wearing one.

      I go to an area of the supermarket where water is being contained in a small area, and I decided to put my hands in it. When I was touching the water, random thoughts started to form in my head wishing for certain objects to appear.

      I think I was imagining keys appearing, and the water instantly creates them and has them floating a little bit. I grab them, and for some reason, I handed them to my mother since she's wondering where her key were.

      After that, I can't remember what I did next.

      Dream 2: Monkey Shirt

      I'm in a supermarket again, but things are a little bit different now. Somebody is asking in a loud voice on who has the most interesting shirt in the store.

      I look at my shirt and see it's red with some random picture on it, and then it alters to an orange shirt with a monkey on it, to be more specific, an orangutan with a finger near its mouth, as if it was in a "HERP DERP" moment.

      So I decided that this shirt I'm wearing looks pretty interesting, and I basically pointed towards myself, hoping the person who asked the question would see me pick myself.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Dream 3: You Mad Sasuke???!?, Wait...Sinoblak's Dog???

      I'm outside near Northgate, and it seems I'm testing myself by closing my eyes, and visualizing the environment in front of me. I'm doing really well, and the environment is vivid.

      It's bright as day, which should've made me do an RC since it's raining at College Station today, and I just rely on being able to replicate the environment around me with my eyes closed.

      I guess this made the non-lucid productive for once, since I'm doing really really well in creating a replica in front of me. After a while, I decided to go back to my apartment.

      On the left and right side of the road that I'm walking on, there's these long bushes extending horizontally towards my location for a little bit, and I see a dog in front of me.

      It didn't look like it was trying to rip my neck off, and I didn't realize this at first in the dream, but it looked a lot like Sinoblak's dog, but it was a bit lighter, almost having a gold-ish fur to it.

      It looked up to me, and it looks sad, but since it came so fast in front of me, as a reflex and out of fear, I started to scream at it.

      I wanted to run away from it, but I decided to scream louder, and it started to move back a bit. There was another dog to my right coming at me, but again, it didn't look like it wanted to bite me.

      I continue screaming at these two dogs, and I slowly advanced forward, trying to do the ignore test
      (in a half-assed manner) to them to see if they disappeared.

      But when I turn back, they were still there, and I was still afraid that they would do a sneak attack on me, but they clearly weren't there for trying to attack me.

      I continue screaming, "NO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" until I finally reached my apartment.

      I go in, lock the door, head towards my bedroom, and I see some kind of fight inside.

      I go inside and find that Sasuke is this close from having his hand on Naruto's neck. Everything is in slow motion, and Naruto just has his mouth opened in shock, which gives him time to dodge Sasuke's attack.

      Then all of suden, Sasuke deactivates his Mangekyou Sharingan to the regular three-dotted Sharigan on each eye, then he started to look sad.

      And he just gets out of my apartment feeling emo, well, I guess it's better than me trying to force him to get out.

      Kakashi is there for a while as well, and he looks sad as well, like he feels that Sasuke just doesn't know what to do anymore.

      Then when everyone leaves, I get closer to the exit, and look at the round table to the right of me and see a wig on top of it. I take it and try to put it on my head, the wig has curly hair.

      It's a pretty crappy wig, since the edges to show that it is a wig were hard to conceal. After a while, I take it off did something, but I can't remember what.

      Dream 4: Naked Snake in a Suitcase

      This is a Metal Gear Solid related dream again, while Snake is busy escaping, I'm in spectator mode and see a crap load of guards outside just waiting for Snake to come out. They have their automatic weapons ready, and they're balancing them to help with accuracy I'm assuming.

      Then a random call comes up, which I believe distracted the guards, and Snake just starts charging to the other side really quickly, because he's in a situation where even he can't make it out alive without some distraction.

      Then he moves forward away from the guards, and then goes left again, and a vehicle shows up.

      The backside of the vehicle lands on the ground for Snake to get on, and I believe a Suitcase is on it, so Snake gets inside of it, and the backside of the vehicle attaches itself again. Then I find I'm Snake because I'm peeking through the backside door.

      Someone is still trying to shoot us, even though we're clearly away from shooting range of the gun she's using. I peek again, and she's still trying, but she gives up and just walks left (from where I'm seeing her).

      All I remember from looking at the girl was that she had black hair, a black shirt, and a really really really short red skirt.

      Dream 5: Windows Live Chat With Alyzarin

      I wake up (False Awakening) and I go on my laptop and find Alyssa is on MSN Chat, or Windows Live Messenger.

      She told me about certain times she woke up I think, and I look at the alarm clock, and see that it's 11:05 AM. She gives me all sorts of times that she wakes up, and I can't remember them exactly.

      I find myself waking up, and it's around 8 AM instead of 11:05 AM.

      DAMN IT!!!

    9. Finding Alyzarin's Garden, False Awakenings, School with setting of a Mall

      by , 03-01-2012 at 01:42 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Finding Alyzarin's Garden, False Awakenings, School with setting of a Mall(WILD)
      I woke up after 3-4 hours of sleep, went on Dream Views to see some things for a while, convinced myself that I will meet the location for me and Alyzarin to interact with one another in our shared dreaming.

      I intended to just do a MILD with a visualization of our location that we picked, but I ended up doing a WILD instead. I was laying in bed for a while, counting in my head, thinking that everything was taking too long, but it all happened within an hour.

      I keep laying down, saying that I will become lucid, and decided to lose consciousness like in Spyguy's guide on retaining consciousness and losing it, while knowing that you already have the awareness, and that you are willing to give it up. So thanks a lot on the tip Spyguy! This really helped! I actually told myself silent that I would lose consciousness for a while, and go back to remembering to do a MILD that ended up being a WILD

      This dream mostly consisted of False Awakenenings, and the last one, I thought was real because I felt I couldn't breathe through my nose when I did an RC, and the ones before, I had to double check.

      Again, I was fooled by my mind because I really thought it was the end lol when I opened my apartment door to check outside. But damn, this thing is getting REALLY easy to do now. After rolling back and forth on the bed for a while to find a good position, I finally got that "pull" sensation in a WILD combined with random images.

      Anyway, I lay down and toss and turn for a while, and after doing that, I leaned my head to the left sleeping, and I started to
      see random images flash, and I see a speedometer that has a green aura to it, and it is rapidly increase, I remain calm and let the images come to me while seeing this speedometer.

      one question. one answer.-speedometerledpics003a.jpg

      Then the vibrations started to stop, and I'm still laying in bed.
      Then I asked if I am dreaming while keeping my eyes closed.

      I do a nose plug RC to check if I can still breathe, and become lucid. I am being very careful at this point, keeping my eyes closed and just feeling myself walk. Then I'm convinced that I'm really dreaming, but I still keep my eyes closed a little bit.

      I tried to put my hands out, in hopes that I could see Alyzarin's energy in front of me. From what I remembered before opening my eyes, I saw a red and orange type of energy, I felt like something was forming, but my eyes opened.

      I do a few nose plug RCs, and then I go near this door in my altered apartment complex. I tell myself that before I open this door, I believe I said that I will meet at the garden that me and Alyzarin planned to meet. I really convince myself that this will happen because of personal reasons that me and Alyzarin have.

      I open the door quickly without hesitation, and I put my feet on some blue painted ground I believe. It looks like it's probably around 10 AM or close to noon in this dream, even though I had this dream around 4AM-5:15 AM or so.

      There's this huge backyard, it is mostly just grass. There are brown fences that border it, and a few plots of plants on the sides of the backyard.

      one question. one answer.-backyard2.jpg

      I'm still quite in a rush here, and then I see someone on the other side of the long and brown picket fence, and it looks like it's an older lady.

      I forgot what exactly I asked her, but she said something related to Alyzarin most likely since my mentality in this dream is shifted towards her, so I just let the feelings operate without question. The words that I could pick up from this older female DC on the other side was talking about Alyzarin's mother and father.

      I believe she said that Alyzarin's father wouldn't mind if me and her met, but her mother would be concerned.

      To me, this was funny, since I usually think that the father would be more overprotective of their daughters and mothers would be overprotective of their sons, but I didn't let the thought linger in my mind for too long, it was just something natural in me that occurred less than a nanosecond.

      I turn my back to the door again, and I swore I saw a black and white cat somewhere looking at me passively, it was just sitting very comfortably with it's legs spread open while leaning on its side somewhere, probably on a table or eye-level since I didn't really look down much in this dream.

      It also looked like it was going to sleep, or maybe it was just being aware of my presence. I think it was just being chilled and everything, and looking at me just to make sure I wouldn't make a sudden move at it.
      (I find that behavior a lot in cats, can't really describe it, it's like they try to look chilled and relax, but are ready to get the heck out when something rapid happens that scares them).

      I'm still barely inside this room when I turn back to the open door again. I think I saw some Rice Krispies on a table somewhere for a while before having the dream fade out on me.

      I'm somewhere, I don't know where the hell I am, but I think I woke up again somewhere, so another false awakening. I do another nose plug RC (lol I'm actually doing RCs frequently for once).

      I knew I was dreaming, but RCing just verified that I can still be free to do what I can do.

      I decided that since I'm lucid again, and that I encountered being in her garden, I figured I used a technique to instantly flash there.
      (I'm not sure if it really was her garden/backyard, but I guess it's up to her to see this and verify if the details I saw relates to her place).

      I'm outside somewhere, it looks like my college, but it's so mixed with so many other things that it feels almost like one of those malls that have that city feel to it.

      I tried doing the Flying Thunder God Technique, since I already made a mental mark of how Alyzarin's Garden might look like. (though I should've used a physical object and place it in a certain spot to actually stay true to the technique...eh oh well).

      This is what I mean by Flying Thunder God Technique:


      Or you could watch this video of it :

      I running really really fast, and I barely feel any kind burden or pain on my legs, and I was glad that I could finally run fast without worrying about stabilizing before I do so.

      I look at the location in front of me, and I try to prepare to do the transport technique by opening and widening my eyes, trying to feel how it would feel like to pop into the garden again.

      But I failed, so instead of worrying about it, I keep up my momentum and run around this compact city that had a mix of my University's brick wall setting along with some elements I wasn't too sure of.

      I believe I did another stabilization technique by rubbing my hands, and telling myself that I am dreaming to prevent becoming non-lucid.

      I see all sorts of DCs, some where familiar, some were not, but I didn't really care since I wanted to find Alyzarin.
      (I remember in a dream she had where she was in a school that had the setting of a mall I believe, and this environment looked almost like that, at least what my perception of what she thinks of it would be).

      I don't know why, but I feel like I'm rushing myself in this dream, but I am having amazing control in stabilizing it despite my abnormal speed and sporadic nature. I was jumping from one point to another, and I believe I jumped on the side of a bus that looks like the ones at my University.

      I think where it was headed, being on the side of it was not a good thing since it was close to the walls of the building, and I didn't want to come in contact and get my body grazed with the brick layering of this environment.

      I think I also saw some random meeting of DCs, and one Caucasian guy told another Black guy a joke on something that had a hint of racism, but not enough to be concerned about since the guy was really just joking. I think I heard the number '89' or something like that.

      I quickly ignore that event, and I forget what I did after that.

      I phased out most likely in the dream.

      I wake up again and find myself near the door to leave my apartment. I check outside to see how the weather would feel like. I did another Nose plug RC, but it didn't work for me, but that was because I didn't try to breath hard enough.

      And instead of doing other RCs, I just assume I'm back in waking life and was disappointed.

      It's morning time outside the area, with the sky still being a little gray. I close the door and after a while, I wake up.

      GOD DANG IT LOL!!! I could've had another lucid if I just breath hard enough with the nose plug RC.

      I hope Alyzarin will see this (she probably will), and I hope that the details I described about your place might be accurate, especially with the cat and the Rice Krispies, and an old lady that lives to the right or left of you (depending on where the backdoor is to your house).

      Now I sound like a creeper, but whatever, we agreed to find each other, so no worries.

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